Value in Becoming A Born-Again Virgin? | The View

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Автор Andrea Kae ( назад)
I hate the argument that it is the most sacred thing that you can give somebody. I get that it can be special but I think the most sacred thing you can give somebody is trust, and sharing your vulnerabilities and your deepest secrets and fears and dreams. And letting somebody get to know the person you really are and decide whether they want to be with you knowing all of that. To me that is much more sacred than a physical act.

Автор Lauren Avant ( назад)
I think yoy needa test drive before you buy.🚗

Автор janis artist ( назад)
just because you take something into consideration doesnt mean you are elevating it

Автор 1988vikable ( назад)
I think what they mean by being a "born again virgin" is not necessarily being a REAL virgin again but more of a symbolical meaning, that if you wait you are honoring and treasuring the unity of the two until that special day. which would mean a lot more because it was a test of your love for each other.

Автор applejuicyjuice ( назад)
If you wanna abstain from sex great. If you wanna bang every guy on the first date... do you boo boo.

Автор Boadsy ( назад)
It works with some, it's not for others; what exactly is the discussion here?

Oh, I see why men hate this show, now. Wow.

Автор agt24 ( назад)

Автор Courtney Nazaire ( назад)
This segment was interesting to watch lol. I personally am waiting for marriage. It is a faith based decision, but also something that just makes sense. Sex is more than just physical. It's one of the most intimate acts you can partake in with someone. In my opinion only one person is deserving of that. That person will see me in my purest form and I don't want to hand that out to just anyone.
As far as being afraid of not having sexual chemistry, I believe in 2 things (1) If you are with the right person, it can happen naturally or (2) that's something you two can work on! The beauty of saving each other for marriage is that you get the opportunity to explore each other's bodies and learn likes/dislikes.
Anyhow, this is my opinion and I'd like to think it's a pretty good one!

Автор Jasmine Rochester ( назад)
What's with people and virginity? It's nothing special. Nothing to be admired for. Have sex if you like. Abstain if you like. Being a virgin doesn't make you clean or clever. It just makes you a virgin.

Автор 29Prolife ( назад)
Baby when youve popped your cherry...

Автор Luthor Bratt ( назад)
"Born-again virgin" lol

Автор pris walters ( назад)
so weird that I've been considering this!

I know its controversial, but just interested in learning more.

Автор Michael Robinson ( назад)
Stupidest thing ever!! Once you've been penetrated you can NOT be UN-penetrated!! Waiting to have sex with someone new is not being a born again VIRGIN, its called WAITING TO HAVE TO SEX because you're tired of giving it up so easily and then it not lasting with that person. My opinion is if I am going to be with someone for the rest of my life I want to make sure they can satisfy me completely so we're having sex, living together, sharing responsibilities (NOT HAVING KIDS THOUGH) before we put a ring on it and I am stuck with it forever!

Автор Yair Celis ( назад)
so, any single ladies between the ages of 18 and 25 want to have sex before we start dating? you know... for compatibility and stuff...

Автор Hachi Osman ( назад)
For people or this case women who would defend to the death about pro choice and lecture everyone that people have the right over their bodies . They sure forget easy what they preach 😒. And last time I checked doesn't born again Christian/virgin meant you're going back to believing sex before is a sin and thus wait until marriage 🤔?

Автор AsSheLikesIt ( назад)
There are few things in life for which lack of experience in a benefit. Marriage is no exception.

Автор Laura L. Parr ( назад)
Yes Sarah slay!

Автор One Brokegirl ( назад)
you have to test drive the car before you buy it

Автор Firstname Lastname ( назад)
Speaking of virgins, imagine your virginity being stolen from you as a child! Near Washington DC? Help bring attention to sexual child abuse and trafficking: PLEASE, Join citizens on March 25th at 11am: INVESTIGATE PIZZAGATE/ Pedogate, A PEACEFUL Demonstration in DC at The White House/ Lafayette Park.

Автор ermasing ( назад)
I'm a BAV. I haven't had sex since August 2014!!!

Автор ExpectTheRevolution ( назад)
this group is way better without Whoopi

Автор DeAnna Mayes ( назад)
Coming from a faith based standpoint, I've been with my now fiancé for three years and we will be having sex for the first time on our wedding night. Has it been hard to say no??? Heck yea!!!!! But in the Bible the reason virginity is so sacred is because once the hymen is broken and there is blood, the blood signifies a blood covenant between you, your husband and God. I get that many people have different beliefs but for me, it's important to give myself to just one person and have that be special for me and for him.

Автор Brandon Watson ( назад)
And Jesus was a bisexual polygamist.

Автор Flawa 1 ( назад)
You are not "born-again" anything. Once you lost your virginity, you are not a virgin. You can abstain from sex with your next partner until you get married.

Автор tangled55 ( назад)
Jedidiah been fuckin'?

Автор Susannah Rose ( назад)
I had parents like Sunny and believe me those kids are going to go crazy in college.

Автор Patrick P ( назад)
Why does Sara tell Paula twice thank you ?

Автор Asriana Ariffin ( назад)
Jed's hair is on point today. For real....

Автор CSpan1993 ( назад)
does sarah put blush on her chin?

Автор bmc ( назад)
Joy Behar is all B! Old woman with the big dirty mouth!

Автор luke smith ( назад)
so weird how much I agree with Jed outside of politics...alot more than say sunny but once they get into politics based conversation its completely different

Автор thatkidd jennifer ( назад)
Watch out for these born-again virgins they're usually hoes in disguise, and their body count is probably over 20

Автор Zyrah Orihara ( назад)
lol like they said once you take a bite of fruit it doesn't matter what it won't change. But just cuz your not a virgin is fine its 2017 just take care.

Автор selbyfan2305 ( назад)
"I'm a fruit girl." I love Sarah so much!!!

Автор Francis ( назад)
Sarah really needs her own daytime chat show, she's so funny, personable and has a great spirit!

Автор blabla bla ( назад)
To Jedediah's boyfriend: don't do it man.

Автор Sara Gonzalez ( назад)
It's not that hard ladies... I've tasted many apples, oranges, bananas etc and while it isn't easy it is absolutely possible.
Jed the good thing about waiting for sex is if it doesn't work the first time you have your whole life together to get it right

Автор R Navs ( назад)
these women talking over each other gives me a headache.

Автор Lo Oo ( назад)
It's a PEACH, Joy

Автор swiperboy sb ( назад)
lol hoes just wanna do-over

Автор rachel1120ify ( назад)
I'm not a born again virgin, I just haven't had sex since 2008. Once you lose your virginity, you can't get it back.

Автор Blagen ( назад)
Sarah looks beautiful today.

Автор Penny Author ( назад)
Omg the energy is so light without Whoopie interrupting and yelling at everyone! It now seems like other talk shows where people treat each other with some respect and not one person dominates.

Автор jerimiah johnston ( назад)
no such fucking thing

Автор Andeavor ( назад)
Thank God I'm an atheist, I don't have to deal with nonsense like this.

Автор Kyle Herbz ( назад)
Waiting till marriage to have sex is the worst idea ever- cuz if the sex turns out to be horrible, that's gonna have a terrible impact on the marriage 👎

Автор runrockwater ( назад)
haha its a way to pick out the good apples after a series of bad ones

Автор Sevipants19 ( назад)
You can only be a virgin again in your heart.

Автор StingingwithqueenC ( назад)
I agree with Jed completely. Sex and living together before marriage is important.

Автор padillalili ( назад)
I find it really crazy how much I agree with Jed on many aspects of life and then as soon as policy enters the picture I cannot relate. It's like we were walking and talking from point A to B and then C comes and she spits on me. 😑

Автор Francesca ( назад)
Virginity doesn't exist.

Автор Francesca ( назад)
Please comment on this if you can see it? I don't think my comments are posting .

Автор I'm Always Right ( назад)
Sarah looks so cute

Автор cristina solano ( назад)
Whatever! But they shouldn't share their intimacy. No body cares!

Автор R A ( назад)
Paula is so boring

Автор Elaine Marie ( назад)
"Not to change food groups..."
"Vegetables are nasty."
DEAD 😂😂😂

Автор Jonathan Michael ( назад)
Thank you for posting this, The View! 😀

Автор 4daluvofnikki ( назад)
I really think they need to stop calling it a Second Virginity or Born Again Virgin. You can only be a virgin once. What this is really should be called is abstaining from Sex until Marriage.
You can test drive the relationship live together before marriage and still end up divorced. Since when has that ever been a predictor of marital success.? There is nothing wrong with making sure the person you are marrying is compatible in all facets of life outside of sex before you marry. I truly believe if you love the person you can learn how to please one another sexually.

Автор JTyme08 ( назад)
Haha I love Sarah... just something about her that seems happy all the time. I like those kind of people.

Автор Claire Knight ( назад)
Virginity is a construct created by men to control women's sexual behavior

Автор rodney1279 ( назад)
For starters there is not such thing as born-again virgin. Being a virgin means you have done anything sexual with anyone yet. However, there is a such thing as being celibate meaning that you have had sex but you are now choosing to abstain from it until you are Married. I was celibate for 3 years before I married my wife and now we have been happily married for 11 years.

Автор Claire Knight ( назад)
People who call themselves "born-again" anything are always the most hypocritical people out there always trying to come up with ways to try and excuse their behavior and still appear self-righteous in front of everyone

Автор jonathan lopez ( назад)
if Joy and Whoopy go the panel will be crazy.

Автор SuperBullaMan ( назад)
Once your Hymen is broken ,you're no Virgin!!

Автор Your Dad ( назад)
My Hymen Repairing Business is going to explode!

Автор marlon harrison ( назад)
I wanting in marriage and people think I'm weird for that.

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