Minecraft UHC but there are a lot of HOLES...

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Comments • 80

  • ep zEze
    ep zEze 3 hours ago

    This is my first UHC video but I got anxious at how slow they were moving

  • Aryn Beasley
    Aryn Beasley 5 hours ago


  • Tun Mifzal
    Tun Mifzal 8 hours ago

    I am suprised if someone with trypophobia wins this uhc

  • Davi Sampaio
    Davi Sampaio 23 hours ago


  • Lucy Hickerson
    Lucy Hickerson Day ago

    this video had stellar vibes

  • Jdhdb Hdhdbdn
    Jdhdb Hdhdbdn Day ago

    I think I’m the only one that watched about 20 of these and still don’t line what uhh stands for😂💀

  • SJ McKibbin
    SJ McKibbin Day ago

    WTF "Get your conola oil" what does that supposed to mean!!!!!?

  • Water Bucket
    Water Bucket 3 days ago

    Get some snacks😁
    Get some water😃
    Get some....

    C a n o l a O i l

  • MaMainMan
    MaMainMan 3 days ago

    I thought you said theres so many ho in the world

  • ÆRO YT
    ÆRO YT 4 days ago

    Luckly nothing gross is filling that holes

  • wubboxghaztalotl
    wubboxghaztalotl 4 days ago

    The holes are bigger than my butthole

  • Jason Kian Ibanez
    Jason Kian Ibanez 4 days ago +1


  • Harvey vega
    Harvey vega 4 days ago

    Nice real name, much am pleased

  • Spanish or vanish
    Spanish or vanish 4 days ago

    i dont like the thumbnail

  • Wolf 3100
    Wolf 3100 5 days ago

    Great, now my trypophobia is acting up

  • Resevl2b2t Emp
    Resevl2b2t Emp 5 days ago

    Minecraft UHC but everyone has XRAY

  • kingreyplays
    kingreyplays 5 days ago

    What if i only have olive oil?

  • Shade Fazbear
    Shade Fazbear 5 days ago

    so basically uhc but the world is a human

  • Zeke Polaris
    Zeke Polaris 6 days ago

    Be very Mine Full. XD

  • Dan
    Dan 6 days ago

    This video should have been called:
    “Minecraft UHC but there are a lot of CRATERS...”

  • Seth Chaffin
    Seth Chaffin 6 days ago

    Minecraft UHC. But it's in the twilight forest mod

  • Amalia Ladas
    Amalia Ladas 7 days ago

    tapL : there are so many holes!
    me: thats what she said

  • Amalia Ladas
    Amalia Ladas 7 days ago

    i read the title and in my head i said thats what she said

  • Evan Bernal
    Evan Bernal 7 days ago

    I would be that one guy in this UHC who justs go to the middle of the circle and break the bridge as I go

  • Focus
    Focus 8 days ago

    I had trypophobia so please stop making hole thing

  • Cloraphoba
    Cloraphoba 8 days ago +1

    "There are so many holes!!!"
    There are two.

  • kento
    kento 9 days ago

    I think he meant 100 blocks in diameter instead of radius because of radius means half of a circle/sphere.

  • Gamez playZ
    Gamez playZ 9 days ago

    This video is for the people that have Trypophobia

  • Komopot2008 /
    Komopot2008 / 10 days ago

    Virgil loves it

  • TGA-TheGaming Ant
    TGA-TheGaming Ant 10 days ago

    **insert hole joke**

  • H. Pärn
    H. Pärn 10 days ago

    Me the entire video: "that's what she said"

  • Artsyravenclaw
    Artsyravenclaw 11 days ago

    Boys when they realise girls dont pee out of their vaginas

  • That_One_Potato/Toaster?
    That_One_Potato/Toaster? 11 days ago +1

    Trypophobia more like trypo-how-bout-no-bia

  • Cheps
    Cheps 11 days ago

    What kind of gay minecraft is this?

  • Rohacks3716
    Rohacks3716 11 days ago

    "I added so many holes"
    Some hooker: put it in

  • just some lesbian crap

    **trypophobia intensifies**

    Btw, for anyone who doesn't know, trypophobia is the fear of holes.

  • Wilbur’s Guitar
    Wilbur’s Guitar 12 days ago

    My trypophobia😩

  • musleh algarni
    musleh algarni 12 days ago


  • swati vinay
    swati vinay 14 days ago

    Every time you hit someone a random person takes half a health bar damage

  • Praxina TheVitta
    Praxina TheVitta 14 days ago

    When Ondres died, every man on earth shed a tear.

  • That Guy In A Godzilla Suit

    Dayum did Dr. Manhattan visit Minecraft???? 😂

  • Seanlol092
    Seanlol092 17 days ago

    Who laughs at the first 30 seconds of the video?

  • juicy tangerine
    juicy tangerine 17 days ago

    uhc but no armor

  • Cloudy*teårs
    Cloudy*teårs 17 days ago

    Your trying to kill the tryphobia peeps aren’t you

  • Piotr B
    Piotr B 19 days ago


  • Linsy Moreno
    Linsy Moreno 19 days ago

    Tryphobia people left the chat.

  • No I don't
    No I don't 19 days ago

    This was fun to watch.

  • Shred Gaming
    Shred Gaming 19 days ago

    Holy crust

  • Samlands
    Samlands 19 days ago

    Minecraft Uhc but every minute, the player with the highest food bar gets killed

  • Andrew Ashton
    Andrew Ashton 20 days ago


  • dark_lord_real َ
    dark_lord_real َ 20 days ago

    tapl:get some snacks some water
    me eating breakfast at 2 am:ok

  • Andrew Ashton
    Andrew Ashton 20 days ago

    Poor Frankie Haywood at 4:00! 😂
    Love how that film has literally disgusted everybody including minecrafters!

  • sameer Ahmed
    sameer Ahmed 20 days ago

    Give this world to popularmmos than see how many time dose jen falls into the holes meaby 1000 times

  • k4mpleng_Blox
    k4mpleng_Blox 21 day ago

    Not a single soul:
    One of the players: *falls into a hole for some reason*

  • neko
    neko 21 day ago

    am i the only one who's scared of the black hole thingy

  • T. Van der kooij
    T. Van der kooij 21 day ago

    *tripophobia intensifies*

  • WavenFPV
    WavenFPV 21 day ago

    5:05 is that the Charleston?

  • Light_ Bergz
    Light_ Bergz 21 day ago

    Everyone: trypophobia
    Me, an intellectual: c o r o n a v i r u s

  • Leo Smith
    Leo Smith 22 days ago

    This guys mine craft UHC server every three blocks:
    Iggy imma head out

  • Gürsu Topuz
    Gürsu Topuz 22 days ago

    Don't tell me this map came from pornhub

    UNLEVELED 22 days ago

    It's like if Johnny Sins had a phobia after career "SO MANY HOLES IS SO MANY HOLES

  • Saltoon
    Saltoon 23 days ago

    Minecraft UHC but the air blocks and solid blocks are swapped

  • whatever u want to call me

    should be called minecraft but i have trypophopia

  • Joshua Nessler
    Joshua Nessler 23 days ago

    5:55 Diamond sword...

  • __________________________

    Maybe give a warning for those with serious Trypophobia out there lmao, cause I've seen people with the Phobia have bad reactions to the smallest things so that thumbnail would shock some lol

  • F.B.I spy William
    F.B.I spy William 24 days ago

    Jens paradise

  • Creeper 900
    Creeper 900 24 days ago

    😏how many holes!

  • Caleb Tomisser
    Caleb Tomisser 25 days ago

    You should have called this "Minecraft UHC but the world is Swiss cheese"

  • Dank Citrus
    Dank Citrus 26 days ago

    thats what he said

  • JThompify
    JThompify 26 days ago

    Alternate title: *Minecraft UHC but it triggers your tryptophobia.*

  • Baron Black Dragon
    Baron Black Dragon 26 days ago

    This looks like a nice hole 😳🌈

  • Chase Ramos
    Chase Ramos 27 days ago

    If you had just stayed put everyone would have left

  • Cassie
    Cassie 27 days ago

    Does this guy ever stop talking

  • Joseph petrikov
    Joseph petrikov 27 days ago

    Made in abyss season 2 looks kinda wack

  • sketchi
    sketchi 27 days ago

    uhc but skywars

  • L A
    L A 28 days ago

    You are cool

  • Tomondre Rock
    Tomondre Rock 28 days ago

    You kepted killing people with Enchanted diamond sword. And he kept the same I am sort

  • George Garski
    George Garski 29 days ago

    Make a black hole UHC

  • Enderlynx Willoze
    Enderlynx Willoze 29 days ago

    Minecraft but you have to burn down the jungle 😔

  • Hassan Haider
    Hassan Haider 29 days ago

    Is it me who is only witnessing this 0:34