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  • Опубликовано: 9 авг 2018
  • An awesome set of the best riddles for the professional riddle solvers is here! If you want to have a good brain workout, then these cool puzzles are right for you. Try to concentrate while solving these tricky brain games cause discipline helps to deal with tasks faster. So use all your brain power and logic to crack these tricky riddles, and you will come up with the right answers very fast!
    00:14 - Hey, Detective, are you bored? Here is a tricky crime riddle to increase your IQ level and sharpen your logic. Criminals often give themselves away with some small details, so will you notice them? A hard crime riddle with answer for the most experienced detectives!
    01:36 - A difficult picture puzzle to train your eyes and brain and help you become an advanced detective! Tell me in the comments how many mistakes you've found in the last picture!
    02:51 - A tricky riddle that will make you think hard. For some people it's not so easy indeed to say she was guilty for sure. What do you think about this complicated crime case?
    04:12 - A fun logo quiz to test your memory and attentiveness (and your brand loyalty😃)! Challenge your eyes and brain and try to crack each puzzle. If you feel you're running short of time, pause the video, relax and try to imagine what this logo looks like. How many of them have you solved?
    06:52 - A mysterious riddle that will increase your IQ level and boost your strategic thinking! Will you conquer the land or be defeated under the castle walls? It depends only on you!
    08:10 - An intriguing visual puzzle to test your brain power and make you think outside the box! You will have to strain your eyes and tease your brain to find out where the evidences can be left. If you find all of them, then you're and incredibly observant one who isn't easy to trick at all!
    09:15 - I won't believe you if you say you've never wanted to be a superhero (I wanted indeed)! Choose the one you like most of all and find out some interesting facts about yourself. This is a fun personality test with the most popular superheroes of all times!
    10:17 - Test your IQ with this fun and intriguing riddle based on a true story! This will increase your brain power and lighten your mood making you roll on the floor laughing. By the way, the riddle still remains unsolved, so TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what the answer is😉
    11:59 - A fun visual puzzle you will have to find the answer to by yourself. There can be many different opinions, but don't let these small details trick your eyes and distract your😜
    TELL US IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last puzzle game? Who is more stupid?
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  • 7-Second Riddles
    7-Second Riddles  4 месяца назад +67

    12:00 - ABC or D? I mean dogs have low IQ, but knowing that you why would you do the construction work when the dog and the kid are in the room... same with the mom: why did she allow the kid to play with that ball (my mom would kill me!)

  • Archis Marathe
    Archis Marathe 6 часов назад

    pause at 4:07 LOL they really LOVE the 'COMMENTS' thing.

  • Satya Murthy
    Satya Murthy 2 дня назад

    I know what's wrong! the shark in the pond

  • Sugirtha J
    Sugirtha J 4 дня назад

    In the farm area I can see the squirrel flying that is wrong

  • Daniel Cuellar
    Daniel Cuellar 5 дней назад

    I think the dad more stupid

  • Benazir Daudpota
    Benazir Daudpota 5 дней назад

    there is a shark in the water

  • dude chill
    dude chill 6 дней назад

    1. the is a flying beaver
    2. there is a pig on a leash
    3. there is a shark in the pond
    4. there is no one in the tractor but the tractor is moving
    5. there is a cow (or bull, whatever it is) in the mans boat

  • Saira Shahzad
    Saira Shahzad 6 дней назад

    I said not read it

    I have told you

    What are you doing

    To cold

    Much cold













  • Saira Shahzad
    Saira Shahzad 6 дней назад

    Dad is more stupid

  • Tomboy A Great Seeweed
    Tomboy A Great Seeweed 6 дней назад


  • Sujantamang Tamang
    Sujantamang Tamang 6 дней назад

    The kids is stupid

  • Jessica Mattocks
    Jessica Mattocks 7 дней назад

    All of them

  • Ida Bagus Dyllan Carranza
    Ida Bagus Dyllan Carranza 7 дней назад

    Don't click read more

    I told you

    You don't listen










  • Ida Bagus Dyllan Carranza
    Ida Bagus Dyllan Carranza 7 дней назад

    Dad is the stupid

  • TheGoldenBunny
    TheGoldenBunny 7 дней назад

    Lol the flying beaver

  • Ghost -Pixel Gun 3D
    Ghost -Pixel Gun 3D 7 дней назад


  • Ghost -Pixel Gun 3D
    Ghost -Pixel Gun 3D 7 дней назад

    Shark, flying beaver, cow in boat

  • Munira Nadeem
    Munira Nadeem 7 дней назад

    In who is more stupid, I think it’s c, the dad

  • Sophia Nicole delos Reyes
    Sophia Nicole delos Reyes 7 дней назад

    On 2:48 there was a shark in the pond and a flying raccoon in the sky.

  • Gaby Fabianus
    Gaby Fabianus 8 дней назад

    12:00 everyone ABCD is stupid

  • XCVUltraMegaVokeLoko EatingtacoFRICK
    XCVUltraMegaVokeLoko EatingtacoFRICK 9 дней назад

    the squerl was flying Like if you see it

  • Alba Pineda
    Alba Pineda 10 дней назад

    a shark in the pond

  • Mercy D
    Mercy D 10 дней назад

    I would like to be deadpool out of those super heroes

  • 1965ave
    1965ave 11 дней назад

    its a damned flying squirrel

  • sweet cake
    sweet cake 12 дней назад


  • Mass Manan
    Mass Manan 12 дней назад

    The Blue Truck move by itself.

  • Yazmín Sánchez
    Yazmín Sánchez 13 дней назад

    The kid he did it on purpose.leave a like if I'm right

  • Yazmín Sánchez
    Yazmín Sánchez 13 дней назад

    There is a shark in a pond,a beaver is flying,apples growing off pine trees,and there is a cow in a boat. Wouldn't the boat sink? Leave a like if I'm right

  • Sheila I Quinones Munoz
    Sheila I Quinones Munoz 13 дней назад

    12:31: who is more stupid? a, b, c, or d. i choose c. because he didn't install anything to the plug, therefore someone could get electrocuted and die.

  • Akbar Shah
    Akbar Shah 13 дней назад

    And something under in table 8 :44

  • Akbar Shah
    Akbar Shah 13 дней назад

    Tie and vine glasses

  • Akbar Shah
    Akbar Shah 13 дней назад

    1st castle b eacause it's high so we attack

  • Blenda Lekaj
    Blenda Lekaj 13 дней назад

    dislike because of COMENT

  • Bad Grammar
    Bad Grammar 14 дней назад +1

    The one of the women and lawyer one.... I don't get it soo what's the answer
    And I think it's B

  • The krew of monokubs
    The krew of monokubs 14 дней назад

    A fly beaver

  • Gqdis Hsidi
    Gqdis Hsidi 14 дней назад

    No ride the car

  • # invensible style
    # invensible style 14 дней назад

    First mia

  • Tayyaba Fiaz
    Tayyaba Fiaz 15 дней назад

    it's the c, one.

  • Eva Abouelella
    Eva Abouelella 15 дней назад

    The flying bear or beaver and the shark in the pond is wrong. Like if you agree

  • Diane Knight
    Diane Knight 16 дней назад


  • Nawfel Malek Benlamnouar
    Nawfel Malek Benlamnouar 16 дней назад

    squirl flying pig as pet shark in the pond a yuk in the boat with a human

  • Gamer Skittles
    Gamer Skittles 16 дней назад

    Everyone is stupid in the last ridfle

  • Suhaila MrSam
    Suhaila MrSam 16 дней назад


  • Evan
    Evan 16 дней назад


  • Reena Marwaha
    Reena Marwaha 17 дней назад

    One creature in flying over there

  • Geetha Murugesan
    Geetha Murugesan 17 дней назад

    Don't click on read more

    Told you

    You should listen

  • mikhail 005
    mikhail 005 17 дней назад +1

    Oh look!
    A gacha background!


    Ok I stop


    Ok im stopping i dont want to get infected

  • Chloe Maplewatcher
    Chloe Maplewatcher 17 дней назад

    2:47 ALL OF IT
    1. apples on pine tree.
    2. why is he walking a pig.
    3. why is there a shark in the pond.
    4. why is there a cow in the boat, wont it sink.
    5. why is a wagon pulling a tractor.
    6. why is there a flying beaver.

  • emmanuel perkins
    emmanuel perkins 17 дней назад

    pause at 6:51 how the heck are they diffrent

  • Maybelle Diva
    Maybelle Diva 17 дней назад

    Dad is stupid

  • Zoe Polercrest
    Zoe Polercrest 18 дней назад

    Everything is wrong in that farm picture

  • Snow North
    Snow North 18 дней назад

    12:30 is D because it could harm the father and the mother would mad at the dog because it stained the floor. Dog could be trained

  • Snow North
    Snow North 18 дней назад

    4:08 the babysitter should be aware of the children. Babysitter must had a feeling of anxiety

  • Snow North
    Snow North 18 дней назад

    2:48 the beaver is flying as on the sky

  • NicandKili Turuva
    NicandKili Turuva 18 дней назад

    in 2:46 whats wrong the shark is whats wrong because sharks don't go in rivers they go in oceans and beavers don't fly in the sky and the bull will tip the boat over because bulls are heavy and no one is driving the truck and the shark will bite the pig

  • Briley Brunson
    Briley Brunson 18 дней назад

    Shark beaver cow in the boat and the tractor

  • eli dehoyos
    eli dehoyos 19 дней назад


  • Priyanka Shukla
    Priyanka Shukla 19 дней назад


  • The rise of the Freg
    The rise of the Freg 19 дней назад

    Oh look a flying beaver!

  • Samuel tan
    Samuel tan 19 дней назад +3

    2:49 4 mistakes 1.the beaver can’t fly 2.the farmer can’t use the string to hold the pig 3. The bull can’t go on the boat with the man cause the boat might even sink 4. The car can’t be ride by itself without anyone sitting and controlling it

    I like= if you think is correct

  • UnicornLizzie12
    UnicornLizzie12 19 дней назад

    2:28 beaver in the sky, shark in a lake, the tractor is drivings itself, cow in a boat

  • Atharv Shukla
    Atharv Shukla 19 дней назад

    Dad is stupid

  • henry chen
    henry chen 19 дней назад

    Flying bever.

  • Maria Tolo
    Maria Tolo 20 дней назад

    The son

  • WasabiBobby479
    WasabiBobby479 20 дней назад

    Obviously C

  • pat lamoureaux
    pat lamoureaux 20 дней назад

    Who's more stupid is C,the dad,he's plugging nothing in,in dog pee

  • pat lamoureaux
    pat lamoureaux 20 дней назад

    Bull in the boat,shark in the puddle,fling beaver,no one is driving the tractor.
    Answering the what's wrong

  • unicorn pstar 7 smith
    unicorn pstar 7 smith 20 дней назад

    Who is more stupid? Me:all of them

  • unicorn pstar 7 smith
    unicorn pstar 7 smith 20 дней назад

    A flying fuck , a shark, and a motor thing driving backwards ,and some one on a boat with a cow ,and a beaver flying so yeah, GIVE A FLYING Fuck wtf dude!!!

    • unicorn pstar 7 smith
      unicorn pstar 7 smith 20 дней назад

      A shark is in the lake HELL YEAH , I'm irritated with this fucking shit bitch

  • Doughnut Lover
    Doughnut Lover 20 дней назад

    I know why the dog was D for the last one

    Because it’s name starts with a D

  • meiyuexinyi
    meiyuexinyi 20 дней назад

    the flying animal and the vin off the shark.

  • magic world
    magic world 20 дней назад

    B,c,and dare stupid.

  • magic world
    magic world 20 дней назад

    A shark in a small pond and also a wings less animal flying in the air.

  • Adi putranto
    Adi putranto 20 дней назад

    12:00 the answer is.....

    C i mean why did he not smell the dogs pee😝😝😝😝😝 and you have to be careful when you want to strike electricity on the plugs😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  • Nutellamaster Me bruh
    Nutellamaster Me bruh 20 дней назад

    What wrong?
    Me:well um a beaver is flying and a shark is in a pond

  • ramsanga 42
    ramsanga 42 20 дней назад

    I don't


  • ramsanga 42
    ramsanga 42 20 дней назад

    I don't know tell me

  • molly comer
    molly comer 20 дней назад

    Don't press read more

    I told you......

    Don't press show less.....

    there is more to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am no big fat copycat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! syidgsdiugsdi8giyudaosfdfgiseuoedgydigudsfgourehfysgfyesyfuegsufiygeriyfgsuifseifdyshfouirksdfregfysegiewgifyrgyrsiurgyriufsget7gosregt7iusgouydhgyer8gydegyeridgsri7yfisueyfuesihyf7uryfry79rey79ewy79weywe89tyew97tsiufeiusafewsdiuyefiugfsdirfgidsyifuydshfsiygrsuigyiuhsfhiyrdfgyrfgvfiewgydgyfiesdgdyiegfvsafgysgfdoigouiygfaeyfrhsiudsyedgudruosgsydiegorggrshgfyisatfiysgfgsyifyesfyseyiegyewygfsiygyieefygefygiyiiyufsewiygdasugysfduodfiygedfshyfgidesgyufsiuygrygsdftfsdhygdfygfsdgtsefhydfgygdegsigsiygsiusuoyasysdsdygsifgygsdigfuisdsdgfsdiyfsdfihgzdgjdgjfhsgdhjfgsjhgfsjgfyigfiyesgfyigyigeifyggfeiyfgeyifgieysgyifsegfiydfgiyzifsejrrysfiruywrt9wityeuiyoirwuyisdtouweuhgusdxkghvkjkvhusdhvfshgshoeudzoughosufhgushgousugihsiffuosdousdhfhufhozshoufdhufsdhuifihshiyvfgsfghdsdhbzb vcijocdhuhivfijobghnxcdvfgpkonhukpogfhnh fgljgbh vnhgkopxvhncvklobgnh dvkmbnjuvfhoudgijdfhyfhgvucfsdouvfjipbfdhusdvjuvb jipbghusfdhjfvhjvfifdgjosfhurdhigfijofghdesghfdgrjidghugdrhudgfhufrhidrhydgfhudfhfrhysehuisdeseijoseiosefjfsdjifseodrijofgs.

  • Rose Wilson
    Rose Wilson 20 дней назад

    The bad

  • Kellan Jordan
    Kellan Jordan 21 день назад

    It's the dog

  • lilly clohessy
    lilly clohessy 21 день назад

    Farm one shark in lake

  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams 21 день назад

    For the last one it is C

  • anya osman
    anya osman 21 день назад

    everyone is wrong

  • The Dabbing Kyle
    The Dabbing Kyle 21 день назад


  • Angel Dredden
    Angel Dredden 21 день назад

    i hate when it says comments on riddles how many do to?

  • Beck V
    Beck V 21 день назад


  • Beck V
    Beck V 21 день назад

    2:25 that flying squirll thingy

  • Crafting Idea
    Crafting Idea 21 день назад

    2:48 =
    1. A flying beaver
    2. Shark on a mud pond
    3. Road tractor without driver
    4. Apple on spruce
    5. Bull on boat
    12:00 =
    I think dad is more stupid. He does'nt help his child and wife.

  • jannat imran
    jannat imran 21 день назад

    Kid and dog because your not allowed to play ball in the house and DONT PEE ON THE GROUND

  • Cow Say Moo
    Cow Say Moo 22 дня назад

    Don't press read more

    Why did you do that!

    Ha! Thats what you get!

    Why are you STILL here?

    Reached the end?



    Like if you reached the end!

  • Redpixel00 Aj
    Redpixel00 Aj 22 дня назад

    lisa okay, mix up the words and its my name, (Isla) boOm

  • kanecal 1
    kanecal 1 22 дня назад

    12:00 is dad stupit more

  • Sidh Jain
    Sidh Jain 22 дня назад

    c is more stupid

  • Kerry Langstaff
    Kerry Langstaff 22 дня назад


  • auger panwa
    auger panwa 22 дня назад

    Hi I love your videos and your amazing and I wish I can see your face and hear your voice HI RUclip

  • Justin Anderson
    Justin Anderson 22 дня назад

    The dad is more stupid because the dog just peed and the dad is plugging in a cord which is touching the pee, he could at least clean up the pee before plugging in the cord.

  • Jayvier Chua
    Jayvier Chua 22 дня назад +1

    I realized the tractor is backwards 2:28

  • Candy Loveable
    Candy Loveable 22 дня назад

    So there's a flying beaver and a cow in a small canoe, and a shark in the lake, and a pig going on a walk with its owner. But I think apples on a pine tree is wrong.

  • Timofey Shabalin
    Timofey Shabalin 22 дня назад

    I thought the lawyer would answer something because it said that you had to answer but not nesscesarely answer correctly. It seems like a lawyer, too.

  • momay25
    momay25 22 дня назад

    Because he didn't check the cable or switch so he still puts it in *sorry for rong Grammer and sentence