FaZe Clan vs. Escape Room - Challenge

  • Published on Oct 23, 2019
  • Locked in a room, counting on Adapt's brain to escape...
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Comments • 1 867

  • DyV 321
    DyV 321 16 hours ago

    What if Alex was there alone lmao

  • Cooper Sieb
    Cooper Sieb 3 days ago

    Conan went to this escape room

  • Tomato __ Teapot
    Tomato __ Teapot 15 days ago

    Who else thinks the man city jersey should be a Liverpool Jersey

  • Uncle drapez
    Uncle drapez 15 days ago

    Cizzors is good

  • Conaire M
    Conaire M 18 days ago

    Team work makes the dream work faze the Fuck up baby

  • LaughterSlayer
    LaughterSlayer 18 days ago

    Adapt being as useful as Switzerland in WWII

  • Alexis Sanchez
    Alexis Sanchez 19 days ago +2

    Faze temper was like a ghost in this vid. Like I barely heard him

  • Sai Oleti
    Sai Oleti 21 day ago

    this is the same place and secretary as the one in the conan video from 4 years ago

  • jessica castro
    jessica castro 24 days ago

    Yes Faze clan did it

  • jessica castro
    jessica castro 24 days ago

    Hi everyone from Faze

  • beyblade kid123
    beyblade kid123 24 days ago

    Where's apex

  • Artsbyag
    Artsbyag 24 days ago

    Why banks never there

  • IchBinSingle
    IchBinSingle 27 days ago

    Cool Bro

  • Clipz Gaming
    Clipz Gaming 28 days ago +2

    You guys need to make a video of who’s the fastest faze member

    • ِ
      ِ 26 days ago

      Clipz Gaming I’d love to see it happen

  • Ian Jordan's vlogs
    Ian Jordan's vlogs 28 days ago

    Tommy didn't do anything

    Adapt:We played rock paper cizzorz

  • The troller bro Bro
    The troller bro Bro 29 days ago

    That is the same place off of Conan

  • Aïto 97.3
    Aïto 97.3 Month ago

    Cheater 🖕

  • Don Lashaun
    Don Lashaun Month ago

    Nobody in the world:
    FaZe Adapt: It’s like a it’s like a it it it it’s like a puzzle

  • Game Time Gang
    Game Time Gang Month ago +1

    Sub to my RUclip channel the first vid is called THE NEXT FAZE CLAN...NOT

  • KenjoThe3rd
    KenjoThe3rd Month ago

    if brian was there he would've got tall out there easily bc that kid has severe nerdneck

  • Leo The K-9
    Leo The K-9 Month ago +1

    Were faze Rug at that means he's not in faze clan

  • SMK星形撞击
    SMK星形撞击 Month ago

    This clan has become from winning tournaments and having the best players to a clan of fools that make doo doo content. What a shame

  • Spring Tv
    Spring Tv Month ago

    This is absolutely hilarious not so sure i would like to be in a escape room would feel claustrophobic

  • Chacha Soewongso
    Chacha Soewongso Month ago

    Bruh Cizzorz so attractive here with all his smart ass

  • L3O_ DUDE25
    L3O_ DUDE25 Month ago

    all of adapts friend

  • HosleyBAY
    HosleyBAY Month ago +1

    This is the same escape room Conan went to

  • Agnes Sz
    Agnes Sz Month ago +1

    my name is stash

  • paigepv
    paigepv Month ago


  • CRAZze_JAI
    CRAZze_JAI Month ago

    Did any1 see wut happened to Faze banks ina hotel room

  • xel domi
    xel domi Month ago

    Subscribe to my channal

  • X Knight
    X Knight Month ago +1

    can I join faze

  • Adam Reby
    Adam Reby Month ago

    Please faze Clan 1v1

  • Jbeasty King
    Jbeasty King Month ago

    Hey can you add me on Fortnite I want to join faze clan i’m good enough my name is jayjaygamer35 also I have very old skin don’t judge me pls

  • PACE2018 Goats
    PACE2018 Goats Month ago

    How do you show pictures

  • Jakes Vlogs
    Jakes Vlogs Month ago +1

    I looked at the thumbnail and saw Jarvis and Kay I instantly said thats video is going to be insane

  • Young Bull
    Young Bull Month ago

    Bruh I came back to check on faze being a 2015 faze fan. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!

  • Cozy
    Cozy Month ago

    Too many dumb people and only one smart one to be doing an escape room lmao 😂

  • sheden Woldemichael


  • Wakeful
    Wakeful Month ago

    Yo, wheres Apex cant find him again ?

  • Joshua Woods
    Joshua Woods Month ago

    Do some cod gameplay

  • Kasra XD
    Kasra XD Month ago

    Just look at adapt’s face throughout the vid😂

  • Mighty Striker8
    Mighty Striker8 Month ago +1

    Do a Halloween addition

  • Quinn O ́Brien
    Quinn O ́Brien Month ago +1

    You should recruit machi he currently is in parallel he’s insane and he’s down to join faze

  • SkiN PXL
    SkiN PXL Month ago

    New cod came out. Stop doing this shit and go playing it

  • vapourfn.
    vapourfn. Month ago

    who else came here cuz they saw the fortnite guys video abt the leader???

  • Bartool _2019
    Bartool _2019 Month ago

    There going sweety

  • Dylan Hill
    Dylan Hill Month ago

    Whats up guys .when u gonna add rug to ur videos ?

  • we love javis
    we love javis Month ago +1

    Hi faze clan I was looking at cracked fortnite players and found this person called soar cricket I think u should add him to faze

  • 百鬼丸[Knightoftheroundtable]

    Is this the same room conan was in?

  • royalJrock
    royalJrock Month ago

    Any one notice where banks went

  • pedrosoldier 76
    pedrosoldier 76 Month ago +1

    hello clan members faze well my birthday is coming and I want to buy one of your official shirts but I have a question can they come to mexico orders thank you ❤❤❤

  • KAI MING JEN 任凱名

    Recruit MKlaf and MKsokker to faze,(Building is better than sway)

  • La boi Mygistic _Yt

    hey faze clan check out Dodoeu

  • Benjamin Wrobel
    Benjamin Wrobel Month ago

    Do nerf hide and seek

  • 3NameChangesEvery90Days

    Keep Rain safe.

  • Sara Binning Solicitors

    Where is is faze rug

  • Spud xD
    Spud xD Month ago

    Sign up jack he’s goatrd

  • Arize Sinz
    Arize Sinz Month ago

    Alex gotta be stoned

  • Jr
    Jr Month ago

    This so funny ther smarter then me

  • RaiinV Trillix
    RaiinV Trillix Month ago +1

    FaZe plz let my Friend Tv.abed join FaZe