Minecraft FNAF Hotel - TOY FREDDY! #5 S2 (Minecraft Roleplay)

  • Published on Jul 26, 2016
  • Minecraft FNAF Hotel Roleplay is a series based in the FNAF HOTEL! TheFamousFilms visits the FNAF hotel for his birthday weekend which then takes a turn into a nightmare, and has to go down each several floors and fight the FNAF character of that floor to get back down to the lobby, TheFamousFilms has no choice but to fight back. What will he do to survive this crazy adventure?
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Comments • 175

  • fajarmandirijaya mj
    fajarmandirijaya mj 2 months ago

    thats spring bonnie

  • Stephanie sutherland
    Stephanie sutherland 5 months ago

    Its springBonny is Godle Bear...

  • donte who
    donte who 6 months ago +1

    Love dat music thought

  • Kitten123 Plays/13Sami
    Kitten123 Plays/13Sami 7 months ago +4

    *Last Episode*
    That necklace is not mine, so I cannot take it!
    *This Episode*
    **Proceeds to steal phone**

  • Matthew Burger
    Matthew Burger 7 months ago +2

    When they hit the elevator button did you hear the funtime freddy or molten fredd

  • Shannon Lasserre-Cortez

    Spewing bonny

  • Gacha GamerGirl
    Gacha GamerGirl 8 months ago +3

    Yeah that sure is a nice picture of *_-GOLDEN FREDDY-_* In there wasn't it

  • Scrap Baby
    Scrap Baby 8 months ago +4

    Cody: What's suprising to me is that all the lockers are unlocked..... I mean
    Me: I'll finish his sentince for him! *Clears throught* I mean there not called lockers for nothing!!

  • Angel Gamer
    Angel Gamer 10 months ago


  • spring-trap gamer
    spring-trap gamer 11 months ago +1

    It's spring Bonnie

  • Bun bon
    Bun bon Year ago

    whats the name of the song in the end of the video if i may ask? 13:45

  • sans gamer
    sans gamer Year ago +1

    that intro though

  • Fazebear pruductshing

    That entry though dang cody

  • Anikin Lev
    Anikin Lev Year ago +1

    That picture next to the stage of Golden Freddy is really Golden Bonnie also known as Spring-Bonnie and Future Spring-Trap. That is the spring-lock suit that Purple Guy/ Willam Afton wears.

  • Fredbear Fusion
    Fredbear Fusion Year ago



    The Golden Freddy Portrait is Actually SpringBonnie with a black bow tie and a mic

  • Aiden Moran
    Aiden Moran Year ago +1


  • John Fan
    John Fan Year ago +1

    12:14 that's not G.F that springbonnie

  • River Frost
    River Frost Year ago

    ''Look, its Golden Freddy'' Fnaf fans: TRIGGERED its Springbonnie ;-;

  • Damir Markovic
    Damir Markovic Year ago +1

    you monster you killd mangle ;[

  • ליאור קייני ו דתרבה


  • John John
    John John Year ago

    Ennred why

  • Spry Da Boss
    Spry Da Boss Year ago

    That's mangle and that's spring bonnie

  • zoella doodles
    zoella doodles Year ago +1

    The painting with blood:But it was mangle how os it funtime foxy cause thats in a future video..-2018

  • zoella doodles
    zoella doodles Year ago +1

    The video before you said that it was funtime foxy and i was like what but then you said mangle and i was like ok but in this video you said toy foxy like..what?MAKE UP YOUR MIND sorry good series-2018 4th time watching the whole series

  • nope not me
    nope not me Year ago

    I thought he ran out of bullets

  • Clipso the Bear
    Clipso the Bear Year ago +6

    Also In the Toy Freddy stage That Portrait THAT U Said is Golden Freddy That Is Not Golden Freddy that is SpringBonnie

  • Roger Hill
    Roger Hill Year ago

    no mangle

  • Roger Hill
    Roger Hill Year ago


  • Roger Hill
    Roger Hill Year ago

    it shows the people you killed

  • MiRaCLe _
    MiRaCLe _ Year ago

    She is a traitor just like in the crafting dead

  • Pokediger1
    Pokediger1 Year ago +1


  • Skyhigh Galaxy
    Skyhigh Galaxy 2 years ago +1

    mangl no

  • Hyper Fox
    Hyper Fox 2 years ago +1

    That picture is not golden Freddy that is spring bonnie

  • Conrad Barnes
    Conrad Barnes 2 years ago

    The marionette said it's raping time

    • Rocky Raccoon
      Rocky Raccoon Year ago

      Conrad Barnes The Marionette never said that

  • Bode isAwesome
    Bode isAwesome 2 years ago

    Misty was bad in crafting dead she shall not be trusted

  • MoNsT3R1987
    MoNsT3R1987 2 years ago +1

    Stop yelling cote

  • Kirito The black swords man

    Brian is the main character

  • funtime foxy
    funtime foxy 2 years ago +1

    isint that goolden Bonnie

  • Delta
    Delta 2 years ago

    How come this hotel has NO STAIRS. A normal hotel has more than emergency stairs...

  • _ShadøwWølf _
    _ShadøwWølf _ 2 years ago

    Its name isn't toy foxy it's mangle

  • Aliman Ampuan
    Aliman Ampuan 2 years ago


  • Aliman Ampuan
    Aliman Ampuan 2 years ago


  • Kathryn Cox
    Kathryn Cox 2 years ago +1

    not golden freddy it's spring bonnie.

  • Chara
    Chara 2 years ago +2

    Thats Golden Bonnie(Springtrap)!

  • OvertGrain 6837
    OvertGrain 6837 2 years ago


  • BlueSun
    BlueSun 2 years ago +5

    Bryan: *looks at Spring Bonnie picture on wall* that doesn't look like Freddy, it lookes like GOLDEN Freddy!
    *bruh track in background*
    Me: Boi, that a rabbit not a bear

  • MrTurbo
    MrTurbo 2 years ago

    Who know what can be in the vent maybe me!

  • Crank
    Crank 2 years ago +3


    • Crank
      Crank 2 years ago +1

      No its at 11:56

  • Blueengine123 Productions
    Blueengine123 Productions 2 years ago +22

    No that's not golden Freddy that's spring bonnie

    • Doom Slayer
      Doom Slayer Year ago +1

      Your right wasn’t golden Freddy that was spring Bonnie and season 3 it springtrap and he’s my favorite fanf character to and I can’t kill and I know I am the doom slayer and all but I’m fighting best 2 robots and my other favorite is nightmare foxy!!!

    • ElectroPlayz
      ElectroPlayz Year ago +1


    • pink Demon
      pink Demon Year ago

      Colleen McCandless i was about to say that

  • adrian rosario
    adrian rosario 2 years ago +2

    famousfilms did 180 scope on cody XD

  • TheGodlySnek
    TheGodlySnek 2 years ago +2

    I thought Cody fractured his leg

  • Gloria Arredondo
    Gloria Arredondo 2 years ago +1


  • sprngtrap helper vilot
    sprngtrap helper vilot 2 years ago +10

    springbonnie not golden Freddy

    • Karlie The Fox
      Karlie The Fox Year ago


  • Luke 123 master gamer12341m

    I thought he was dead

  • foxyandgaming foxyandgaming

    ERNALD him it's him

    • Scrap Baby
      Scrap Baby 8 months ago +1


    • musicalgeek
      musicalgeek 2 years ago +1

      foxyandgaming foxyandgaming enard from sister location

  • Killer Lover
    Killer Lover 2 years ago +6

    But it shows Brian more than Cody so I think Brian is the main character

  • Panda might 457 457
    Panda might 457 457 2 years ago +2

    Dat gold bonnie

  • Panda might 457 457
    Panda might 457 457 2 years ago +5

    Even if there are a no reseption u can call9-1-1

  • Normie-San
    Normie-San 2 years ago +22

    You hit me with a flashlight light light with flash light light yeah... 😂 you hit him

    • The Berg's
      The Berg's 8 months ago

      I read that just after he said that