I'm not mad, just disappointed... - Galaxy S10/S10+ Review

  • Published on Mar 27, 2019
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Comments • 10 751

  • Tony W
    Tony W 10 hours ago

    Greatest thumbnail of all time

  • lordraptor11
    lordraptor11 20 hours ago

    you know why linus is being negative about the S10+? easy he had to pay for it, you can bet if he got it free like he gets his PC hardware free he wouldn't have any complaints. that is how linus and ltt/lmg are.

  • Mustafa Lafta
    Mustafa Lafta Day ago +1

    7:42 i saw that stop it there you going blind !!!

  • Toffy
    Toffy Day ago

    I like this review because you have been showed me sum littytiddy skins fho ma S10+


  • Mimi Chiedu
    Mimi Chiedu Day ago +2

    iPhone xs ain't better than the s10 plus

  • NeutralGuyDoubleZero

    So wait, the phone resets itself upon putting an sd card in? Or was that just because he bought an unlocked version? What if I'm getting a deal on an s10+ from my current provider? Would I encounter the same problem? Could that reset happen after I transfer my data from my previous phone?

  • Nepgear Memes
    Nepgear Memes 2 days ago

    Samsung s10 good

  • RadegasTCZ
    RadegasTCZ 2 days ago

    IP67 on 2014 Sony Xperia z1 compact that I had... Really more work? 😂

  • Eon Drache
    Eon Drache 2 days ago

    I hate the carrier lock thing because when I go to trade my phone in sometimes they think its a straight up verizon phone. I have to explain its unlocked and I always buy it from them. Ive started to legit take the receipt from a year ago in for the trade in. This time 2 years because Im skipping the s11.

  • horndog jr
    horndog jr 2 days ago

    I got the s10+ a few weeks ago and imo it's the best galaxy phone to date, I actually enjoy the holepunch, it makes the phone stand out extremely. The display is absolutely fantastic, battery lasts me all day while at work and all the way to the bedroom to sleep. This phone also has the best built in audio I have ever heard from a stereo format device, its incredible...

  • Marty terrebonne
    Marty terrebonne 3 days ago

    The pricing on these phones have just gotten outrageous.

  • HCkiler 50
    HCkiler 50 3 days ago

    To be honest the samsung galaxy s10 already uses alot of its space so adding a mechanism to hide or remove the front facing camera would be hard. Those other phones mostly focus on removing the rear facing camera ir replace it.

  • Luc M
    Luc M 3 days ago

    I absolutely hate the selfie camera. Get rid of it all together and use the finger print scanner built within the screen!

  • Ethan Grainger
    Ethan Grainger 3 days ago

    Probably an unpopular opinion, but he seems to think everything he says is factual but rather an opinion, this is in most of his videos too, the punch hole camera is actually very innovative and everyone that has had the phone has told me that they love it and actually forget it's there, definitely unsubscribing.

  • Suzana L
    Suzana L 4 days ago

    Ooh whiney B. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Guilherme Luppi
    Guilherme Luppi 4 days ago

    As a former owner of a S10e, I also was disapointed with the phone. The first days I was excited, my first flagship. Then the problems started, like the awful battery life, the extreme battery consumption of the Exnyos chip, either on idle, either om lte. The constant wifi connections issues, the bad selfie camera at night, and some sporadical heating issues. I saw this as a common thing with the owners here in Brazil. It was my 1st samsung since the S3, and it made me miss my zenfone 3. Now I got a P30 Pro, and its has been and awesome experience so far

    • Guilherme Luppi
      Guilherme Luppi 4 days ago

      @vintage vvs samsung doesnt offer the SD variant in Brazil, they only sell with this piece of shit called Exnyos 9820. Thank god I got rid of it. If I had the SD maybe I would have still have it. Not to mention the gigantic loss in value. The S10+ launched at 6500 reais (about 1500 dollars). We had fathers day and you could get one for 3.3 or 4k reais (800 to 1000 dollars), the price of a XR. I lost 250 dollars on my s10e with me owning it for less than 3 months.

    • vintage vvs
      vintage vvs 4 days ago +2

      You had bad experience because it is the exynos version. Snapdragon delivers the most

  • Zycorax
    Zycorax 4 days ago +13

    He *protecc.*
    He *attacc.*
    But most importantly, he got a *HEADPHONE JACC.*

  • ꧁꧂
    ꧁꧂ 4 days ago

    I'm waching this on my new s10 and i love it !
    Thanks for this aspect ratio btw !

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee 5 days ago

    I'm not mad, just disapponited... - Linus Tech Tips Review

  • Milica Mihajlovic
    Milica Mihajlovic 5 days ago

    Grow a pair 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Maxanish
    Maxanish 5 days ago

    this is guy is definitely a apple fanboy.

  • LizradLoL
    LizradLoL 5 days ago

    The reason there are multiple settings for the camera is so you can pick which ever one fits YOUR style, if there was only one setting for the camera zoom you would complain why there isn't more, so why are you judging it when there is MULTIPLE camera settings?

  • Farhan Ahmed
    Farhan Ahmed 5 days ago

    He actually denied all the facts of the phone . He is trying to say that samsung shouldnt have invented such device..
    Forgod sake stfu Linus. samsung is a world wide Company they better know how to invent next generation phone .. The problem is in you you dont know how to use and walk with such invention.

  • Long Haired Thrillbilly

    To whomever has been mixing the audio here...do you understand compression? The peaks are like knives in my ears...

  • Ferby Arisaka
    Ferby Arisaka 5 days ago

    Well i just switched from iphone to S10+
    I think it has better camera 📷

  • Tom
    Tom 6 days ago +1

    dislike and go asap

  • Herr Wallace
    Herr Wallace 6 days ago

    Linus is a sore Apple preferring loser.

    • Herr Wallace
      Herr Wallace 2 days ago

      @Definitely flusha I'm just saying this because He is only saying bad stuff about the s10+ which is the best phone out right now

    • Definitely flusha
      Definitely flusha 3 days ago

      Herr Wallace seems like you haven’t watched his xs and x review lmao

  • Dwc 4life
    Dwc 4life 6 days ago

    7:26 u kinda of sus and a massive Winny lil bitch about everything go to camera settings before bugging out

  • Elechain
    Elechain 6 days ago

    6:30 *just press the back button*

  • kpopRC
    kpopRC 6 days ago

    it's not a tv dude, it's a phone.

  • PS4 Gamer GG
    PS4 Gamer GG 7 days ago

    The quality of the camera is like that because ur bad at taking pics that phone is amazing all of the reviews I’ve seen were positive this is the first one that I’ve seen negative

  • Thomas Lang
    Thomas Lang 7 days ago +3

    If you are having trouble with the fingerprint sensor thats provly because you either took off or added a screen protector after you set your print

  • Brett Braswell
    Brett Braswell 8 days ago

    Umpf, unsubscribing. I'm tired of you kiddos that has made a good living on these RUclip videos. Your content has gotten to be crap. Its less about specs and more about what YOU think about it. Guess what, nobody cares what you think. Present the specs. What's disappointing you? No boy, after the first 500 videos of you ranting about what you want in a smartphone I think I'm good without hearing you compare whats in front of you to what you can imagine and not build. Present the tech. Actual pros and cons of that tech. Don't go on about what it don't have, that's unhelpful. What's in front you? Keep it simple stupid. And don't be so arrogant to think that everyone cares what YOU want in a smartphone.

  • Tap 2Depression
    Tap 2Depression 8 days ago

    Is dis dude a apple fanboy????

  • pro player
    pro player 8 days ago

    I dont want to hold a brick on my hands

  • Stovall's Garage
    Stovall's Garage 8 days ago

    I don't know why I care about the opinion of a man who wears flip flops and sandles

  • Nebulosis
    Nebulosis 8 days ago

    Linus, until 4K becomes mainstream, you won't have to worry about your content "having a bite taken out of it". You don't need to zoom it in if you want to.

  • PrestigeGaming
    PrestigeGaming 8 days ago

    This kid cant just move on

  • Elvis Sanchez
    Elvis Sanchez 8 days ago

    I never, so extensively thought about a phone like I am this year. I am getting overwhelmed and confused but after doing my homework I will say that I will adopt the oneplus 7 pro with 12 gigabytes of RAM. =)

  • TheUltimateKek
    TheUltimateKek 9 days ago

    g e n e s

  • Menthol20h
    Menthol20h 9 days ago

    Samsung: Haha! Iphone has a notch!
    Also Samsung: Lemme just put this camera in the middle of the screen! No one will notice!

    • Menthol20h
      Menthol20h 8 days ago

      @Ege Demirbolat Stupid apple fanboy? I have an iPhone X and a Galaxy s9 plus. No phone is perfect. But i'd rather have the notch in the edge rather than where s10 has it. But..yeah...you Samsung people are the smart ones. Especially you...

    • Ege Demirbolat
      Ege Demirbolat 8 days ago

      Haha what a Stupid apple fanboy,Punch hole is way better than having that ugly notch

  • Marcus Rowan
    Marcus Rowan 9 days ago

    The solution to the notch are mechanical moving pieces? what? HOW is that a solution when it adds soooo many other problems and potential issues?
    This pretty much made me disregard the entire rest of your video.

    • Kog Block
      Kog Block 7 days ago

      Marcus Rowan the solution is to remove the selfie camera altogether

  • Oscar Castro
    Oscar Castro 9 days ago

    6:21 how to solve this issue

    Use a case Linus, just like 99% of people that got this phone has done

    • Ege Demirbolat
      Ege Demirbolat 8 days ago

      You're right but still it happens occasionally

  • Tom
    Tom 9 days ago

    The s10 is the best phone on the market!

  • Merque de Lyon
    Merque de Lyon 9 days ago

    If I were to commit full heresy and say that I couldn't give less of a shit about my smartphone's camera(s), most reviews would be reduced to 5% of their content.

  • Uncrowned
    Uncrowned 10 days ago

    ultrasonic is much better than optical...

    Its like saying you like face unlock better than FaceID because its faster...tf?

  • Leaf Type
    Leaf Type 10 days ago

    THANK YOU!!! YOUR THE ONLY VIDEO CALLING SAMSUNG OUT ON THERE SHIT!!!! is the reason i bought the lg v50.

  • Mitchell Kmatz
    Mitchell Kmatz 10 days ago

    I find the "notch" really cool, especially when being barely noticable but contrast well when I use the dropdown menu. I understand everyone has their own tastes but I really like this!

  • Nikolas Wollenberg
    Nikolas Wollenberg 10 days ago

    I dont have this Problem with the finger Sensor

  • Hyper0xide
    Hyper0xide 11 days ago +1

    So many dislikes, Samsung fans can't accept that their awful phones are getting worse, lmao.

  • 200K
    200K 11 days ago +1

    What about the red tone since the S8?

  • Sayori
    Sayori 11 days ago

    This is much better than the idea that they soon plan on releasing a new jackless phone.

  • RedMage Gaming
    RedMage Gaming 11 days ago

    I actually liked that segway, more than the holepunch in the s10 line screens.

  • Thomas 1
    Thomas 1 11 days ago +1

    P30 pro vs s10 plus?
    Which phone has a better camera?better battery?better screen resolution?and better audio?
    Hope you can help me pick one

    • Emre Ercan
      Emre Ercan 11 days ago

      Better camera p30- pro just because 5x zoom... And dark mode is better too but you can use gcam... otherwise similar cameras.. personal preference
      Better battery - they are almost identical 5 percent better maybe p30 pro but you aren't gonna notice it
      Screen - samsung but p30 pro also so good
      Audio i think s10 plus
      Performance definitely s10 because of gpu even more if its snapdragon version
      And other things personal preference

  • Ali Bajwa
    Ali Bajwa 11 days ago

    Fuck u bitch...... You are definitely a hater......

  • Julian Herak
    Julian Herak 11 days ago

    Name of headphones he said at: 10:00

  • Son Of Arabia
    Son Of Arabia 11 days ago

    The front camera is the same as my S6 edge phone.. lol

  • Richard Lew
    Richard Lew 11 days ago +2

    Did you make sure to activate the camera's features?

  • BeastlyPanda
    BeastlyPanda 12 days ago

    Everyone I see using the finger sensor keeps pressing it like that will make it work better, it works using sound DONT PRESS IT SO HARD.

  • Justas N
    Justas N 12 days ago

    When you do a phone review you always say this phone is shit and behind when its awsome

  • Gabe_N
    Gabe_N 12 days ago

    Yeah the camera cut out looks stupid , but just like cars , it’s just more part to worry about breaking

  • Christopher Fortineux
    Christopher Fortineux 12 days ago

    I have no idea why but the front facing camera is ten times better than this is letting off. It is so clear you can see every pore on your face etc. Chances are at release the software was exaggerating it's correction etc. Also, for the love of god people change the camera defaults for video and pictures. the S10+ is the same size as the s9+ just an fyi physically speaking but the slim bezels makes the screen itself larger. Most of the weird kinds have been worked out. The s10+ comes with a plastic cheap screen protector on it messing with the finger print reader also. But even with it it reads your finger almost always now. You can turn off bixby also. Just do what I did. Set the button for the camera.

  • Seth Shaffer
    Seth Shaffer 12 days ago

    Review the note 10

  • Knight Rev
    Knight Rev 12 days ago +1

    He is never satisfied with anything.

  • MAV Computer Bike Run
    MAV Computer Bike Run 12 days ago

    Dbrand is came out as a hacker risk site

  • Commando Master
    Commando Master 12 days ago +2

    S10+ is $1400 CAD. Like WTF.

  • blake montenegro
    blake montenegro 13 days ago

    He's right about the cameras though on the front they could've widened the apeture added a few more megapixels and imcreased the sensor size after all its an expensive phone.
    Ps the notches that i dont like are the ones like the iphone or the stupid teardrop notch it looks fucking ridiculous.

  • Lavishlyfat
    Lavishlyfat 13 days ago +1

    Around the 7:40 mark. Was that guy about to do a five knuckle shuffle 😬😬😬

  • Malicious Asshole
    Malicious Asshole 13 days ago


  • DauntingKitty
    DauntingKitty 13 days ago

    Moving parts in phones just arent good. You cant change my mind

  • Clt.Princee
    Clt.Princee 13 days ago

    so we just gonna ignore that picture of thanks butt ass naked and bent over?? LMFAOOO

  • Clt.Princee
    Clt.Princee 13 days ago +3

    when he said "are you seriously telling me, is this the best you could do?" that shit sent me LMFAOOOOOO!!!

  • king Slayer Savage
    king Slayer Savage 13 days ago

    This guy is annoying

  • scottparkinsin 12345abcd

    Jesus christ u hate every phone what else do u need

  • Perhaps
    Perhaps 14 days ago

    Of course the s10+ is a disappointment. Just get the s10 5G. Larger battery. Larger screen, more cameras, more sensors, UFS 3.0 etc etc.

    • Christopher Fortineux
      Christopher Fortineux 12 days ago

      You realistically can get 2-3 days off a charge on the s10+... the camera is no where near what he showed it is actually a million times better than this. I have no idea the software was just bad when they got review phones or what but the front facing camera is no where near that bad infact it is near what most phones have for rear facing cameras quality speaking.