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Robert's got a quick hand
He'll look around the room
He won't tell you his plan
He's got a rolled cigarette
Hanging out his mouth
He's a cowboy kid

Yeah he found a six-shooter gun
In his dad's closet, in the box of fun things
I don't even know what
But he's coming for you, yeah he'scoming for you

[Chorus x2:]
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You better run, better run, outrun my gun
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You better run, better run, faster than my bullet

Daddy works a long day
He be cominghome late, and he's coming home late
And he's bringing me a surprise
'Cause dinner's in the kitchen and it's packed in ice

I've waited for a long time
Yeah the sleight of my hand is now a quick-pull trigger
I reason with my cigarette
Then say, "Your hair's on fire, you must've lost your wits, yeah?"

[Chorus x2:]
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You better run, better run, outrun my gun
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You better run, better run, faster than my bullet

Run, run, run, run, ru-ru-ru-run, run, run
Ru-ru-ru-run, run, run, run
Ru-ru-ru-run, run, run, run, run, run

[Chorus x4:]
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You better run, better run, outrun my gun
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You better run, better run, faster than my bullet

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Автор OneQTwoTen ( назад)
I am writhing at short story while listening to this song, damn the story is getting dark.

Автор Robert's Animations ( назад)
Fuck this song!!!!!


Автор blowdog ( назад)
90% of columbine comments
10% of comments related to the song
1% of this comments

Автор Fliick ( назад)
Now everyone will know that roblox is a good game

Автор SirHawk ( назад)
alguien sabe quien es la chica del minuto 0:16 que sale bailando ? creo que me enamore / Does anyone know who the 0:16 minute girl who comes out dancing is? I think I fell in love

Автор Alex Hernandez ( назад)
Como que el video no tiene nada que ver con la letra

Автор Gavyn Nayandra ( назад)
**When somebody lost your pen at school**

Автор El Nato ( назад)
Ironicamente estuve viendo documentales y peliculas basadas de columbine toda la noche y para cerrar con broche de oro, me pase por aqui a escuchar esa hermosa melodia. uwu ❤

Автор Calista Diener ( назад)
This came out in 2011. It feels like it came out in like 2004-2006

Автор James Bacon ( назад)
It's just not funny they were children who died

Автор Equuary ( назад)
When you lose a game of Kahoot

Автор Spartan Cat ( назад)
Boii this was Memed so hard the memes turned dank

Автор mlgscoper mlgscoper360 ( назад)
when you teacher doesn't pick you when you wanna say it so bad "grabs SMG you better
run boi!!!!!!

Автор Dilyana Todorova ( назад)

Автор The Evil Troll ( назад)
"When a Eugene reaches into his backpack, you know its time to run." -Birdman

Автор JawlessStig ( назад)
When those fuckers at school say I look like I've got cancer because of  my haircut....

Автор JawlessStig ( назад)
This song makes me feel anxious, help.

Автор CrimsonKai ( назад)
*when* *you* *lose* *a* *game* *of* *Kahoot*

I'm also here for the comments

Автор reyna ruiz ( назад)
Me alegra esta canción

Автор James Angelo Castro Hernando ( назад)
When you put the speed at 0:75 it's like a catchy sad song

Автор ScaredHero ( назад)
when I did not know what this song ment I was singing it next to my cousin and his friend s they were just looking at me with a scared look

Автор Trap Lourd ( назад)
someone threatened to shoot up the school on Friday so we had to go under lock down... during that time I could only think of this song omg

Автор Russell Jenna ( назад)
When someone breaks your pencil in class

Автор jafet vidal villa olguin ( назад)
madre miaaa ,ya estoy listo para el tiroteo en la escuela ,por fin ,todos me caían de la verga

Автор Russell Jenna ( назад)
Roses are red
Violets are blue
When the beat dropped
12 kids did too🔫🚬

Автор Alejandra Zapata ( назад)

Автор Bryand. C.Gallardo ( назад)
nunca había visto tantos jotos en un video

Автор Danny Noby ( назад)
who else came here for GuitarHeroStyles?

Автор Montse Álvarez ( назад)

Автор PokeGamerPlays Games ( назад)
So there's this thing my teacher does: she sets up a radio system. I whistled this in school and now everybody respects me and doesn't what are those me...

Автор Spencer O'Keefe ( назад)
What's with all the recent comments having hundreds of likes? Did this song have a resurgence or something?

Автор Roasted Hard ( назад)
Is it weird that this is one of my favs?

Автор Bob Smith ( назад)
so does the lead singer play guitar or the keyboard? or is he really just after pumped up kicks?

Автор UNDEAD DRAGON09 ( назад)
TBH I like the music, just wish the words were different so ppl didn't think I was school shooter when I hmm it

Автор Samara Barros ( назад)
Br comenta aqui

Автор Ricardo Perez Moralez ( назад)
is the music + pro brother

Автор Sergio Pacheco ( назад)
kill me see what happen hahhah i go and kill u. in he'll

Автор Foxy The Pirate Fox ( назад)
I want to see a R6 recruit rush with LMG using this song

Автор sora Kingdom hearts ( назад)
"kill enough people become a meme"-the internet

Автор ItzMikeyYT ( назад)
this is what you get for suspending me!!!

Автор Adrian OMG ( назад)
200 like dale

Автор Adrian OMG ( назад)
like si lo vez asta que te aburra

Автор Adrian OMG ( назад)
me emociona esta cancion boy aser una masacre en colonbai jajaja

Автор TERR Gaming ( назад)
school shooters listen to this

Автор Adrian OMG ( назад)
dale LIKE

Автор Superhornet 18 ( назад)
when the kid starts humming,

You better start running

Автор Sebastian Sidar ( назад)
me encanta la canción la cantaría pero esta en ingles😢

Автор ahuertas69 ( назад)
out run my gun guys

Автор Quartzin ( назад)
America:The land of opportunity
Reality:The land of constant gravestones

Автор ERYN MCCARTHY ( назад)
just tap this⬇

Автор Kichu L ( назад)
I almost feel bad for liking this song for the bass

But then again I'm not a lonely white dude who stares at people for a little too long so I guess I'm in the clear

Автор the moderatly good channel so watch it ( назад)
this is one of the greatest songs ever

Автор Jose David Villagomes Jimenes ( назад)

Автор Kelly Murphy ( назад)
rad as fuck.

Автор Destiny Sosa ( назад)
The comments are making me laugh so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Noelia Uchiha ( назад)
Tengo un serio problema con esta canción creo que me hice adicta.

Автор Maria Elisa Guzman Galindo ( назад)
¿Es malo que haya amado esta canción? :'v

Автор Silver Leøpard4 ( назад)
Is it just me or does one of them look like leafy at a certain angle

Автор jose Miguel ajanel Chiguil ( назад)

Автор Vault Boy ( назад)
My teachers at my high school gave me all A pluses and I'm friends with all the ppl at my school when I bump this up lol wonder why they're scared of me plus I'm white lol what do they think? I'm going to shoot up the school or something ? Lol

Автор Max Bensly ( назад)
the sad thing is that I was listening to this and then I looked on the tv and saw the Orlando nightclub news...

Автор Max Bensly ( назад)
am I the only one that actually likes this song

Автор PEPPALOKO o ( назад)
alguém aki veio por causa do Sam?

Автор Joshua Ryan ( назад)
*when someone shuts ur locker while your still using it*

Автор B Lopez ( назад)
this song makes me want to shoot up my school

Автор Yo Soy Amaya ( назад)
hare una masacre, ya tengo la AK-47 y la musica lista.. Like para el descenlace prros xdxdxd

Автор Val C ( назад)
i loke the song its very Goodwood and musicaly Foster the people!!!!!! yeah 😋😎😍😄

Автор Don T ( назад)
UwU #HailCI UwU

Автор ReyReDragon ( назад)
meme pumped up kids and shootings stars

Автор Noah_Da _Cracker ( назад)
When that one kid in your class hacks your Minecraft account ._.

Автор TheBoiNamedXela ( назад)
Why do people find columbine funny like seriously I hate edgy 15 year old retards

Автор Matrix ( назад)
Essa música me da um ódio no peito, mas é um ódio bom.

Автор whats happening ( назад)
Im.. *triggered*
Get it?

Автор Soraka é Tipo JESUS ( назад)
letra forte pra caralho

Автор indalivern ( назад)
que wen momo la dvd

Автор Hey*Its*Princess* ( назад)
all these school shooter joke make wanna shoot up a walmart

Автор João Davi ( назад)
Andreza só to ouvindo isso porque essa música me faz lembrar de você.....

Автор Meme M8 ( назад)
what kind of punch takes out 20 5-12 year olds

a sandy hook

Автор Starfox236v6 AJ ( назад)
the dropped kicks

Автор Kai Melo ( назад)

Автор Kawaii Hitler ( назад)
I unironically liked this song


Автор juan 56/FAILDASH ( назад)

Автор bRandon ( назад)
*"I used to listen to this because i liked the song, now I listen to it because I'm depressed and have a plan"*

Автор Axel Perez ( назад)
when estás robando Internet en la dirección de la skul y apagan el módem :'v

Автор ElieltonPH ( назад)
#vim pelo humor do interior

Автор VitusVindictuS ( назад)
i wanted this to play at one of the dances before i learned the lyrics, holy fuck i would have been dead lmao

Автор ProxtarGame :3 ( назад)
Like si vienes por los MOMOS

Автор VitusVindictuS ( назад)
Roses are red
Violets are blue
My pistol is silenced
Now you are too

voy a hacer una masacre quien me ayuda okno
bromeaba jajajajaja me encanta esta canción

Автор Macho Man Savage ( назад)
When the teacher roasts you but she don't know you got an m9 in your backpack

Автор Macho Man Savage ( назад)
Nice meme

Автор biggzcod gaming ( назад)
all normies go fucking kill yourselfs if u get triggerd by memes you are a retard

Автор Ando ( назад)
Is this bad if I think it's lit 🔥

Автор ItzDerpy ( назад)
I'm scot free there is barely anyone who listens to this song. But I wish it would happend so I can get an excuse from Spanish class

Автор YungLenno ( назад)
To be honest, we all have thought about shooting our school up.
Who didn't have that thought´.. lol-

Автор xhoneyagb edits ( назад)
This sounds dumb I'm sorry but what's with the columbine thing ?? I don't even know what happened someone pls explain

Автор No name ( назад)
Yes because school shootings are funny

Автор Myckael Lima ( назад)
pumped up kicks

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