• Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • The 2019 Winter Wonderland event is finally live, and these are all the skins and items!
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Comments • 669

  • argella1300
    argella1300 3 days ago

    6:27 dude Lucio's obviously drinking mulled wine

  • Kenneth Taylor
    Kenneth Taylor 4 days ago

    It's a viking you dumbass

  • Stan Maas
    Stan Maas 13 days ago

    What sigma Sigma was dutch

  • Eagle Sight
    Eagle Sight 14 days ago

    Sorry there were 666 comments so had to change it

  • No wun likes you Kid
    No wun likes you Kid 19 days ago

    Need to get reaper and doom fist

  • Andre White
    Andre White 22 days ago

    I was pooping when he got to the intro for mai and I pushed harder

  • Connor Folsom
    Connor Folsom 24 days ago

    I bet next is frozen

  • TheOther1
    TheOther1 27 days ago

    What Lúcio is drinking is what I believe to be Mexican fruit punch. It is supposed to be heated up for some reason. Not a fan

  • Google’s Gay
    Google’s Gay 27 days ago

    I got zero things I wanted in my loot boxes so I uninstalled this shit lol

  • Alexander Moon
    Alexander Moon Month ago

    do you not know what norse mythology is

  • Evan Lazo
    Evan Lazo Month ago

    Bro diva never gets anything

  • I'mgonnashitinyacheerios

    I never seen somebody gets so happy at the sight of Christmas lights 😂😂

    VHSJOON ً Month ago

    No dva skin :(

  • Tracy Cook
    Tracy Cook Month ago

    The Rat King and the Nutcracker fight in the classic Nutcracker Play.

  • redmotive
    redmotive Month ago +1

    Lay off the soy lattes champ.

  • Thach Nguyen
    Thach Nguyen Month ago

    Mercy's skin looks like Elsa XD
    But in a good way
    And Moira's skin looks like a female version of the Joker and in a good way

  • JuicciMelonz
    JuicciMelonz Month ago

    When he can’t say jötuun *triggered destiny fans have entered the chat*

  • Hooded Fluff
    Hooded Fluff Month ago

    these skins yelled “fOrTnItE sEaSoN sEvEn”

  • alex968 t
    alex968 t Month ago

    dude, please do not ever talk in a video again

  • Elaina Williams
    Elaina Williams Month ago


  • Solid - Snake
    Solid - Snake Month ago

    Jotunn is Norse for one from Jotunheimr. Its the land of the giants.

  • Jashon Lowry
    Jashon Lowry Month ago

    Dang Winston back at it again with the floss

  • T0X1CF3NGM1N
    T0X1CF3NGM1N Month ago

    Rly overwatch take a weapon name from destiny 2 Jötunn
    Edit: btw it’s pronounced yoten for future videos

  • Pretty Baez Vlogs
    Pretty Baez Vlogs Month ago

    I’m a mercy main and ehhhh I don’t really like the new skin :/

  • Spaghet With tomato sauce

    Yes, that’s dutch!

  • Genji 1.420
    Genji 1.420 Month ago

    Still waiting for a Lara Croft skin

  • Kermit E frog Frog
    Kermit E frog Frog Month ago

    They should make a santa reaper where he says "ho ho ho" woth death blossom

  • SK960
    SK960 Month ago

    I want to get over watch for Christmas but I don’t know if it’s fun or if it’s just sweaty please help

    Sweet as is like a New Zealand thing

    NYAN DOG Month ago

    Mary Christmas🎄

  • slas4er
    slas4er Month ago

    fuck you

  • Blackbeard The great

    Lich King would have been a way better name for sigma skin, it looks almost just like Arthas from Warcraft

  • desti stone
    desti stone Month ago

    miyeo cet

  • Louis De Beuckleaer

    Yes you are correct, I speak Dutch and that is the language that sigma speeks

  • why are u reading this

    6:52 he turned into winston

  • mom_ skully
    mom_ skully Month ago

    The jotuun and rat king are both two guns from destiny 2

  • Dued12341
    Dued12341 Month ago

    "The wife's grinch..."

  • Ernesto Muro Ortiz
    Ernesto Muro Ortiz Month ago

    9:08 she looks like Elsa from Frozen. lol

  • David Moody
    David Moody Month ago

    Jöttun is pronounced Yo-Tun

  • I Refuse I
    I Refuse I Month ago

    This is my first and last overwatch video I will watch I am scared for life over that hammond reaction

  • Annabelle Ruark
    Annabelle Ruark Month ago

    Open all ya loot boxes😂

  • Phoenix McShannon
    Phoenix McShannon Month ago +1

    You're infuriating to listen to

  • Lud Watch
    Lud Watch Month ago

    Come onnnnnnnn where the heck is Genji skin

  • Miette Clearman
    Miette Clearman Month ago

    It's mulled wine that lucios drinking

  • Green Tea
    Green Tea Month ago

    every one play complaining about dva

    Genji mains:

  • Kiruradasu Kunimitsu2nd

    Since synemtra is Indian I actually also drink the chai u can drink this from Indian oven

  • Jack Garland
    Jack Garland Month ago

    5:45 and what’s cool is that he actually spoke sign language.
    Translation, my name is (inaudible)

  • Bikelife54
    Bikelife54 Month ago

    If you play destiny 2 then u can see the ripoff on these legendary skin names i mean like realy blizzard, Jotunn is a exotic wepon !, mountain man is relly close to moutain top, and rat king is also a exotic wepon like bruh

  • L. B
    L. B Month ago

    6:39 what do gays have to do whit this skin

  • bymsers
    bymsers Month ago

    7:53 that's actually dutch. he also speaks dutch when he does his ultimate

  • TJ Matthews
    TJ Matthews Month ago

    Happy holidays 2019-2020 great videos lol

  • 「Weed Yoda」
    「Weed Yoda」 Month ago

    Only good thing was the doomfist skin

  • unknown user
    unknown user Month ago

    I still wanted the Hammond ornament skin or Hammond snow globe

  • Yasin Gence
    Yasin Gence Month ago

    Bro you wack: is thst from skyrim
    Me watching him from norway seeing jotun skin for doomifist: its from norrøn mytologi its from skandinavia

  • Supercrossern 06
    Supercrossern 06 Month ago

    The doomfist skin name is from a god from Norway when it was Vikings, or it was a place, i dont reemember

  • CitrusMorphious234
    CitrusMorphious234 Month ago

    Me wearing headphones jumps after he yells OH MY GOD
    Wondering what he found and it’s just satan putting up some goddam CHRISTMAS LIGHTS

  • Ezekiel Chavez
    Ezekiel Chavez Month ago

    Omfg!!!! I stumbled upon your channel because of this vid and I fell IN LOVE with your personality!❤️

  • Mercy-Bot77
    Mercy-Bot77 Month ago

    As a Mercy main i do like the Mercy skin heh

  • spaceartist 89
    spaceartist 89 Month ago

    Mercy and McCree 27 and 28 skins DvA Genji 16 and 15 ... poor event

  • Vanessa Tham
    Vanessa Tham Month ago

    That is dutch jeh i came of the neterlands and we speak dutch

  • Allison Fields
    Allison Fields Month ago +2

    "The gays are gonna go crazy for this"
    Me, a gay: god dammit don't call me out like this