KFC Blocks Our Video

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • Copyright is out of control and the big companies need to be held liable #kfc #kfd
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  • h3h3Productions
    h3h3Productions  2 months ago +6768

    Please enjoy our podcast that Colonel D-bag removed:

    • Simse The Bepis lover
      Simse The Bepis lover 9 days ago


    • TheCityGuy
      TheCityGuy 28 days ago

      Kentucky Fried Dicks

    • Damir
      Damir Month ago

      So youre basically advertising the companies for free. Think about it.... You run ads and earn money and the companies that advertise take that money for themselves having you basically advertise them for free.

    • TimeWarpDrive 77
      TimeWarpDrive 77 Month ago

      Don't shit on colonial sanders, he sold his company and then later regretted who he sold it to!

    • Ksuy A
      Ksuy A Month ago

      no clue what you talked about all i could look at was you're FUCKING awesome hat! you would make a cool hat shop :Æ!!!!!

  • Lynx
    Lynx 5 hours ago +1

    Lol I've never even had KFD

  • FLNK jetski AKA 123wereqas

    6:10 I’m crying 😂😂😂😂

  • George Whittaker
    George Whittaker 20 hours ago

    I love how the comment section isn’t pure tumors

  • dat boijhon
    dat boijhon 20 hours ago


  • Shaggy
    Shaggy Day ago

    H3h3: the hero of youtube

  • Tim O'donnell
    Tim O'donnell Day ago

    These companies are getting more and more fucked up everyday. I initially thought KFC were taking the piss but it seems this was a more serious campaign. The douche they use has almost certainly not eaten KFC in a very long time. People who eat KFC on a regular basis don't look like him.

  • Francisco Polin
    Francisco Polin Day ago

    Church's did it better

  • Giselle Newhall
    Giselle Newhall 2 days ago +1


  • Henk Bais
    Henk Bais 2 days ago


  • Jake Paxton
    Jake Paxton 2 days ago

    When KFC needs to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a pr stunt but they still make garbage fried chicken

  • LordSabo
    LordSabo 3 days ago

    I'll give you 50$ for that Sweater, it's lit

  • rik chatterjee
    rik chatterjee 3 days ago

    Hold up....
    Isn't douchebag sanders markiplier? I remember him tweeting something like that out...
    That's mean, man...
    What did markimoo ever do to you?

  • Joshua Peter
    Joshua Peter 3 days ago +2

    Great video
    Cool shirt
    Thanks , keep up the good work

  • Luke12C
    Luke12C 3 days ago

    Me: *Plays song*
    UMG: *Claims my ears and headphones*

  • Luka Hallissey
    Luka Hallissey 3 days ago

    Hoes mad

  • Luka Hallissey
    Luka Hallissey 3 days ago

    Hoes mad

  • Lee L L Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Leee L L LLeee

    I'm not very fond of gmo chicken anyways.

  • Glitched :/
    Glitched :/ 4 days ago

    Ironically I have never felt less like having KFC 🤔

  • Spazmaster
    Spazmaster 4 days ago

    i mean, i was already boycotting kfc cuz that shit is the worst food ive ever eaten

  • Grammar Police
    Grammar Police 4 days ago +1

    Well everybody else is doing it in the comments so...
    Me: *coughs*
    UMG: Claims my lungs.

  • NoodleShelf
    NoodleShelf 4 days ago

    Kentucky Fried Copyright

  • Peachy Pie
    Peachy Pie 5 days ago

    Thank you for your humor!! In the PC culture of today, no one is allowed to be funny bc someone ALWAYS gets offended! No one struck Jerry Lewis for making fun of Asians and others! How about Red Skelton or Lucille Ball doing the same? Or the Rat pack of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Joey Bishop for using Sammy David Jr. as a prop, Carol Burnett who poked fun at everybody and everything! You just can’t be funny anymore bc you’ll get blocked, struck and demonized for it. People need to just chill and enjoy comedy for what it is. It’s ok to poke fun at any people in my book and believe me, being a redhead I know about the pokes! Keep up the great work!! ❤️ this channel, don’t know how I found it but I’m sticking around

  • Rexxy6
    Rexxy6 5 days ago +1

    Don't worry H3H3, I will go to Popeyes instead.

  • Rosita
    Rosita 5 days ago

    There’s always Bojangles

  • Kris Roberts
    Kris Roberts 5 days ago

    Colonel Sanders more like colonel Blanders... am I right?😕

  • Alpha03664
    Alpha03664 6 days ago


  • Alex Kumar
    Alex Kumar 7 days ago


  • Esketxd
    Esketxd 8 days ago

    I'm surprised that you haven't been claimed by the ancient romans for using the latin alphabet

  • Jeremy Crow
    Jeremy Crow 8 days ago

    Two minutes out of twenty is 10%

  • Bill Nye The Russian Spy


  • Dicey
    Dicey 8 days ago

    6:02 sounds like a turkey LOL

  • Chels Thiruselvam
    Chels Thiruselvam 9 days ago +5

    The background setup for this is really reminiscent of the OG days when they were in Israel.

  • Alex Arthurs
    Alex Arthurs 9 days ago

    "Ultra" "Music" "Fest"

  • OxyPhine
    OxyPhine 9 days ago

    I want his hat please

  • Simse The Bepis lover


  • tatertime
    tatertime 9 days ago

    Thanks colonel douchebag!
    Colonel Sanders ghost: but I like your show!😢

  • Migdalia Beauchamp
    Migdalia Beauchamp 10 days ago

    KFC sucksp

  • Esketxd
    Esketxd 10 days ago +6

    All of you creators should gang up and file a giant lawsuit against UMG

  • tamrix
    tamrix 10 days ago

    I was asked to buy KFC tonight, then I remembered this video and showed my friends. Now we're getting burgers instead! I hope KFC dies.

  • Thoughts Oneout
    Thoughts Oneout 11 days ago

    Problem with the vid u showed the clip of kfc that got them to claim ur podcast now they are going to claim this vid too

  • 1 234
    1 234 11 days ago

    Kfd o yeah yeah

  • psychomaniac189
    psychomaniac189 12 days ago

    wow you are really mad about this.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 13 days ago +1

    Haven’t eaten that slimey shite in years. Made me feel queasy everytime I ate it. Which wasn’t much. Happy to continue to do the same.

  • A TC
    A TC 13 days ago

    The origins of KFC is actually pretty interesting, the 'colonel' was a decent guy who got cut out of his own startup and had his image taken.

  • Jonathan Frakes
    Jonathan Frakes 13 days ago

    You should communicate with @AngryJoeShow about this problem.

  • Max Magyar
    Max Magyar 13 days ago

    Kolonel Fucking Dueschbag

  • Daniel Atkinson
    Daniel Atkinson 14 days ago

    I love this shit head bc he’s so fucking funny and yet so fucking smart

  • Hayden Chalmers
    Hayden Chalmers 14 days ago

    This is one of my favourite H3 videos

  • Chxllx Chxllx
    Chxllx Chxllx 14 days ago

    Tyler Zed sent me.

  • terry harper
    terry harper 14 days ago

    Nobody eats that shit anyway.... It's raisin canes or nothing

  • Eye patch
    Eye patch 14 days ago +1

    I was always a popeyes fan anyway

  • Lord Cultus
    Lord Cultus 14 days ago

    KFD for Kentucky Fried *DICK*

  • Borr Magilicutty
    Borr Magilicutty 14 days ago


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  • Josh Looney
    Josh Looney 16 days ago

    damn that's a dope shirt

  • bill nye
    bill nye 16 days ago

    Bashgag KFD

  • Öl Korv
    Öl Korv 16 days ago

    Holy shit this guy is pissed

  • Kori Harpoon
    Kori Harpoon 16 days ago

    What about the copyright deadlock? Won't that work?

  • Sam The Mediocre 2k Player

    They removed the papa johns in my area 😭👎

  • Rhone Archer
    Rhone Archer 16 days ago

    This is exactly why when I start my corporation, a specific division will have the job of hunting down companies engaging in unlawful and abusive copyright enforcement and then bring them to court, same if RUclip does something similar.

  • Guitar Trucker
    Guitar Trucker 16 days ago

    It's just chickenpox

  • sfkingalpha
    sfkingalpha 16 days ago

    If you ever see this, where'd you get that sweater?

  • Mike Turner
    Mike Turner 17 days ago

    Regardless of whether KFC are a bunch of cocks or not, their food is shit.

  • Ronin eightyeight
    Ronin eightyeight 17 days ago +6

    Me: *doesn't even sing anything*
    UMG: *claims my whole body*
    Me: *commits suicide*
    Me: can't own me now, it's the best way

  • LonerAtWar 47
    LonerAtWar 47 17 days ago

    nothing is gonna be promoted well by youtube now because no one can say anything about companies

  • Cotton Candy
    Cotton Candy 17 days ago

    This guy should be on snl

  • Cotton Candy
    Cotton Candy 17 days ago

    This guy is real

  • The Batsu Bastards
    The Batsu Bastards 17 days ago

    Do flat earthers next.

  • Leonartis77
    Leonartis77 18 days ago

    Can’t boycott the Colonel. In love with the drive thru girl.

  • Pancakes
    Pancakes 18 days ago

    If kernel Sanders was still alive he would be pissed af

  • NormalPeople
    NormalPeople 19 days ago

    - Makes a video about douche bags claiming videos for a 5 second clip
    *gets demonetised for literally explaining how its wrong for channels humming a tune to get demonetised*

  • Urnext PLS
    Urnext PLS 19 days ago

    CDB Colonel Douche Bag

  • 张裕特质三鞭酒
    张裕特质三鞭酒 19 days ago

    His dad looks like colonel sanders

  • Mr. Alien
    Mr. Alien 19 days ago


  • Mahmuda Rahman
    Mahmuda Rahman 19 days ago

    That thumbnail tho.

  • Ryan Mozaffari
    Ryan Mozaffari 20 days ago

    i bet kim k when she takes another photo her managers will claim her ass

  • Chaz Botsman
    Chaz Botsman 20 days ago


  • Ronnie Sousa
    Ronnie Sousa 20 days ago

    No ones eats KFC anymore, so they're just doing whatever cash grab they can. I've never been to a KFC that isn't dingy, gross, and ran by people who don't give a fuck about their jobs. Literally, ever, in all my years.

  • Fearlessnugget
    Fearlessnugget 20 days ago

    I can’t breathe.

  • Ant the Gord
    Ant the Gord 20 days ago

    Just a friendly reminder that the Colonel was a rampant racist and owned slaves. Just thought somebody might learn something new. ;)

  • Colonel Rauch
    Colonel Rauch 20 days ago

    It's finger fuckin' good!

  • Rebby L
    Rebby L 21 day ago

    Their chicken SUCKS go to popeyes instead

  • James Rathbone
    James Rathbone 21 day ago

    # kf ‘ahem’ DDDDDDD

  • Cran
    Cran 22 days ago

    nice hat

  • Luna Moth
    Luna Moth 22 days ago

    Where can I get Ethan’s shirt

  • WBSS S.B.
    WBSS S.B. 22 days ago +1

    it didn't get blocked in my country

  • Lemmy _TV
    Lemmy _TV 22 days ago

    I want that hoodie

  • tactical donkey
    tactical donkey 23 days ago


  • Icekream mobile gaming


  • ThatThottyChalk 2
    ThatThottyChalk 2 23 days ago


  • Switchpoint Productions

    KFC? More like “Killing Funny Content.”

  • Wiffy Wiffy
    Wiffy Wiffy 24 days ago

    We are not for censorship, but there are certain things that you should just not be allowed to utter.

  • Ticking Nuke
    Ticking Nuke 24 days ago

    I’m just going to say it now

    No one eats KFC anyway because it sucks

  • WeHaveToWakeUP
    WeHaveToWakeUP 25 days ago

    ULTRA....more like DULL-tra...

  • Sahrotaar Turi
    Sahrotaar Turi 25 days ago

    KFS is just roasting you, you just don't get that...

  • danky man
    danky man 25 days ago


  • Alberto Brambila
    Alberto Brambila 25 days ago


  • Alberto Brambila
    Alberto Brambila 25 days ago


  • Tyler Alm
    Tyler Alm 26 days ago +7

    I'm actually gonna stop eating KFC from now until the end of eternity.