Who Am I? ‘The Real’ DNA Results, Part 2

  • Опубликовано: 23 фев 2016
  • The ladies of “The Real” took DNA tests to find out their ethnic identities, and the results are in. Take this journey with them on the road to discovery.
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  • D. F Johnson
    D. F Johnson 13 часов назад

    Why doesn't anyone explain to these stupid people that having these other DNA signatures are just being carried by you. It doesn't mean that this DNA has anything to do with their physical composition

  • D. F Johnson
    D. F Johnson 13 часов назад

    This DNA stuff is so stupid. And these women are even stupider. And the so-called Latin girl is a complete idiot

  • D. F Johnson
    D. F Johnson 13 часов назад

    This DNA stuff has gotten to be an annoying fashion trend. And the little Asian lady in this clip has no swag whatsoever. People find out that they have .03% black in them and all of a sudden they think they can go out and play basketball and dunk. Absolutely hilarious

  • Reasoning wid Rema
    Reasoning wid Rema День назад

    "Im white?" Funniest i have seen Adrianne

  • Sherly
    Sherly День назад

    I think she forgot to realize that there is history behind those results so IGNORANT 😂

  • Hhudu Sulaiti
    Hhudu Sulaiti День назад

    Am white hahahaaaaa

  • Chris
    Chris День назад

    Fake News
    Any scientist will tell and prove to you , race is not biological .. So it's impossible to show up in DNA test😂😂😂
    Just google who Invented race and the 2 German scientist names will pop up

  • Omniscient 1
    Omniscient 1 2 дня назад

    Let’s see if we can divide us by identity even further!!

  • #imvulover Kendrick
    #imvulover Kendrick 2 дня назад

    Jeannie is mixed with my favorite chickfila sauce 🤗😋😆🖤

  • grecia hernandez
    grecia hernandez 2 дня назад

    Most Latinos latinas are native Americans it’s pretty cool but we Latinos are everything lol

  • Sarah McWhirter
    Sarah McWhirter 3 дня назад

    they all looked disappointed to figure out that they had white in them..im sorry but i cant help but take this somewhat personal because they make it seem like being white is so bad

  • Yesica Alejandra
    Yesica Alejandra 4 дня назад

    It’s so shocking that Latin American people don’t know why their DNA is made up of Native American, Iberian, African and Middle Eastern. A 5 minutes google will show you Spain was taken over by Arabs for 1000’s of years and then Spain took over South America and the islands, and brought African slaves over as well. Hence different DNA from around the globe.

  • Jiggahata1
    Jiggahata1 4 дня назад

    That 7% is North East and West Africa 🙌 Nice! My Somali sister

  • Sammy Sweet
    Sammy Sweet 4 дня назад

    Tamera: 53% European
    Adrienne: 57% European
    So Adrienne has more white than Tamera 😂😂😂

  • tmp123451000
    tmp123451000 4 дня назад

    Why is it everytime i watch videos like this its like when someone finds out they are white its a bad thing....maybe Hitler was right

  • Jaqueen13
    Jaqueen13 4 дня назад

    Tamera's was actually just a little more diverse than Adrienne's. Counting the little colored bullets

  • 《PattiRose》
    《PattiRose》 5 дней назад

    I've heard that the lowest percentage is your first ethnicity/ ancestor (if that makes sense)

  • rachel icequin
    rachel icequin 5 дней назад

    Hehehehhe so they are wishing to be africans and yet we do the other way round

  • Pantera Onca
    Pantera Onca 7 дней назад

    Dna is fraudulent.

  • Bree Jones
    Bree Jones 8 дней назад

    She couldn't wait to be told she had a lil black in her lmao. Their reactions 3:28 an wheres the rest of their DNA results

  • Sharon Jones
    Sharon Jones 8 дней назад

    Spanish is White

  • Elisabetta Epiney
    Elisabetta Epiney 10 дней назад

    Wow ... she’s Asian ?

  • Richard Lam
    Richard Lam 10 дней назад

    I wonder if Jeannie related to Jackie Chan right

  • Kim Lopez
    Kim Lopez 10 дней назад +1

    Adrienne reminded me of the girls that be on Maury screaming “I knew it!!”

  • silver garcia
    silver garcia 10 дней назад

    The way she got up and said "I knew it!" Made me feel like I was watching Maury lmaooo

  • diosaazteca5
    diosaazteca5 10 дней назад

    Its so annoying how ppl till this day are ignorant about race and nationality. Everybody is mixed! Obviously the latinos are white from colonization when the Spanish came. And then a lot of ppl from all over europe and pretty much from everywhere came to the Americas. Spanish brought African and asian slaves and the native american part from the native inhabitants of the land. Ppl think native american means native americans from the US only. Ugh come on ppl get it fucken together already!!

  • giadalu
    giadalu 11 дней назад +1

    Well her dad is from Ecuador that’s where she gets the Native American .. aka indigenous DNA from

  • pabowie
    pabowie 11 дней назад

    Loni's laugh at 3:12 😂😂😂

  • kiki lopez
    kiki lopez 11 дней назад

    Adrienne you are white!! Puerto Rican are a mixed batch of genes.. ughh the slave route. Americans are so ignorant.

  • Keyona Richardson
    Keyona Richardson 12 дней назад +1

    3:30 she got up like HE WAS IN FACT THE FATHER “ I KNEW IT”😂😂😂

  • Toni Cannella
    Toni Cannella 12 дней назад

    “ i’m white?” Im dyingggg😂😂😂😂

  • Carolina Artavia
    Carolina Artavia 13 дней назад +1

    I don’t understand why Adrienne was so surprised about being white and Native American. Latin American people are usually a combination of Native American and European (mostly from Spain). Like what she was specting them to say, Hispanic?

  • Patrik Kronholm
    Patrik Kronholm 13 дней назад

    White is a skin color it has very little to do with ethnicity. USA is one of the last western countries to hold fast to the idea of race. Most moved one after the 2ww. We are one race with different ethnicity's.

  • Bang Bang FAME!
    Bang Bang FAME! 15 дней назад


  • jeff Beau
    jeff Beau 15 дней назад

    What a bunch of racist idiots!

  • rcplayer1
    rcplayer1 15 дней назад +1

    Im Hispanic but the Asian girl saying "you are saying a lot of white stuff" is non called for.nothing wrong being white. and jumping around because you 5 per cent African shows that you are dumb, cause percentage terms, you really are Portuguese/Spanish, probably with berber blood.

  • jhonny Entertaiment
    jhonny Entertaiment 15 дней назад

    addrienne is the example of all majority hispanics cubans, puerto ricans, ecuadorians, dominicans, colombians, mexicans and ect. we are majority multi racial hispanics that is why we have our own community and box to check wherever we fill out any documents anywhere.

  • jhonny Entertaiment
    jhonny Entertaiment 15 дней назад

    addrienne is the example of all majority hispanics cubans, puerto ricans, ecuadorians, dominicans, colombians, mexicans and ect. we are majority multi racial hispanics that is why we have our own community and box to check wherever we fill out any documents anywhere.

  • jhonny Entertaiment
    jhonny Entertaiment 15 дней назад

    addrienne is the example of all majority hispanics cubans, puerto ricans, ecuadorians, dominicans, colombians, mexicans and ect. we are majority multi racial hispanics that is why we have our own community and box to check wherever we fill out any documents anywhere.

  • jhonny Entertaiment
    jhonny Entertaiment 15 дней назад

    addrienne is the example of all majority hispanics cubans, puerto ricans, ecuadorians, dominicans, colombians, mexicans and ect. we are majority multi racial hispanics that is why we have our own community and box to check wherever we fill out any documents anywhere.

  • Sophia Rose
    Sophia Rose 16 дней назад

    At the end tamera said “you can’t pick on me anymore Adrienne” (about being white) why would you pick on someone for being white tho?

  • darkangel
    darkangel 16 дней назад

    Let her effin finish already!

  • Mikki M
    Mikki M 16 дней назад

    2:17 I died

  • Classic
    Classic 17 дней назад

    Welcome to the Moana life, Jeannie 😂

  • Classic
    Classic 17 дней назад

    Lol, I'm glad Jeannie was happy about having some Poly blood running through her veins 🌺🌴🌹🐚🌊

  • Zinhle Rasmen
    Zinhle Rasmen 17 дней назад

    Adrienne does give off native american vibes.......... her features and facial structure

  • nenaj1
    nenaj1 18 дней назад

    Us Latinos are mutts

  • Dionysia Dinius
    Dionysia Dinius 19 дней назад

    Damn. Calm down. Let them have their moment of laughter. Youre ruining the moment

  • Shaquita Fanning
    Shaquita Fanning 19 дней назад

    Adrienne and George Lopez are killing me. He was excited about being black too#

  • Shannon Cleveland
    Shannon Cleveland 20 дней назад

    The only P.I. that I know is a Private Investigators?! Yu make me say hmmm?! Xoxo ladies!!!

  • CrazyGiirl
    CrazyGiirl 20 дней назад

    I'm not surprised with Adrienne 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Latinos are a DNA mess!

  • Bella Cappellieri
    Bella Cappellieri 21 день назад

    Woohoo Adrienne’s Italian , shes repping for us all

  • Cherpy LaTina
    Cherpy LaTina 21 день назад

    Puerto Ricans have lots of Native Blood

  • Jamaican Queen86
    Jamaican Queen86 21 день назад

    Cell phone coverage I dead. Yup!

  • GreatRhyno
    GreatRhyno 22 дня назад

    Adrienne more white than anything

  • E. D.
    E. D. 22 дня назад

    You are a buffet of a person! 😂😂😂 Loni killed it with that line!

  • Nip arri
    Nip arri 22 дня назад


  • Devin Kelly
    Devin Kelly 22 дня назад

    What did she link Latina meant?

  • Anissa Barr
    Anissa Barr 23 дня назад

    3:28 ...Calm down "Whoa Vicky"

  • Ja'Mel Brewster
    Ja'Mel Brewster 23 дня назад

    Latinos are a mix of everything lol learned that in 10th grade but I would be shocked af too doe

  • Ja'Mel Brewster
    Ja'Mel Brewster 23 дня назад

    She knows Spain is in Europe right and the Spanish went to south American

  • tobin2517
    tobin2517 23 дня назад

    It doesn't matter. We all came from Africa and then mutated. www.sciencemag.org/news/2015/04/how-europeans-evolved-white-skin
    These difference are so trivial. A lot has to do with colors of eyes, hair, skin. It's just visual and doesn't change physiology. You know when you really look at it, it's just variations of the same theme. We all started out black and then their was a mutation that caused white skin and blue eyes. It's so crazy to think, you have more melanin so you go over there and stand with those people, your hair is blond so you stand over there with those people. These are such trivial things. We are the human species and we have so much more in common than different. These things that are different are so small when you really look at it. White skin, less melanin, black skin, more melanin. Still skin. Works exactly the same. Melanin is the only difference. It is said that all human beings are 99.9 percent identical in their genetic makeup. We are all related. The mutations that have made us outwardly look different from one another are mainly aesthetic and don't change us physically. No third arms or super powers just different colors of skin, hair, eyes, facial features. Nothing really that extraordinary yet we make such a big deal out of these things. We need to look at the big picture. We are all related. We are all part of the same species. We have the same origin. Stop trying to separate and classify the worlds people. There is no your kind or my kind. We are all just people. Human beings.

  • QOP13
    QOP13 25 дней назад

    Most of the dna results I seen lot of latino are everything. It interesting.

  • Jennifer Shelley
    Jennifer Shelley 26 дней назад

    Iberian Peninsula is in EUROPE! Spain and Portugal and in Europe. Look at a map damnit.

  • Aylin Alba
    Aylin Alba 27 дней назад

    "Yo I know im black ya'll" I died.😂😫

  • Sarah James
    Sarah James 27 дней назад

    People need to understand you might consider yourself to be ‘Latina’ or ‘Hispanic’ but the majority of ancestors could still come from Europe making yourself white. The Native American genealogy is what makes people of Central/South American descent. The same goes for Hispanics.

    At the same time embrace all aspects of your genealogy learn you history and have fun.

  • Zina Cria
    Zina Cria 27 дней назад

    This clip always makes me cringe. Adrienne pulling a Rachel Dolezal over here. Adrienne sista, please. You knew you would be getting majority "white" results.

  • Katka Andrews
    Katka Andrews 28 дней назад

    Im sorry these women are so loud and obnoxious. .. no class in their mannerism. .. i wonder where that came from silly cows

  • Reginald Dorsey
    Reginald Dorsey 28 дней назад

    I'm shocked that people graduate school without knowing what the Iberian Peninsula is.

  • Princess Uluwehi Ortega-Sanchez
    Princess Uluwehi Ortega-Sanchez 28 дней назад

    Jeanie it’s poly not PI

  • Nadine's Chaos
    Nadine's Chaos 29 дней назад

    I don't why people get so confused with DNA. IT GOES DOWN TO SEVERAL GENERATIONS AND YOUR GRANDPARENTS, GREAT GRANDPARENTS HAD PARENTS AND THAT MIGHT BE WERE ALL IT COMES FROM. It's not that hard to get it also please read a history book if you´re that lost because some of that DNA has to do with history too.

  • Mi
    Mi 29 дней назад +1

    Most latina/latinos are white, how can you know so little

    HEADS TAILS 29 дней назад

    Cellphone coverage
    .that was funny..

    HEADS TAILS 29 дней назад

    She so wanted to be black,poor brainwashed puppet..

  • Tiffany dfskajflkjansdf
    Tiffany dfskajflkjansdf Месяц назад

    i ToLD yALL i WAs BlaCk!!!

  • Anthony Celestin
    Anthony Celestin Месяц назад

    How she only 7% African, she got to be more

  • Therealmlw
    Therealmlw Месяц назад

    I'm dying at Adrienne!

  • Phoenix G
    Phoenix G Месяц назад +2

    YUP YUP YUP. You can’t pick on me anymore Adrienne. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zuny M Reyes
    Zuny M Reyes Месяц назад +1

    Its obvious adrienne has african, european and indias since shes part puerto rican and puerto ricans are a mix of all those 3.

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez Месяц назад

    So fuckin fake.

  • Wil liam
    Wil liam Месяц назад +1

    African doesnt mean "black". And at end they even show so. She has North African (Arab, Mozabite)

  • Wil liam
    Wil liam Месяц назад

    European doesnt mean "White"

  • Wil liam
    Wil liam Месяц назад

    How is she suprised shes that much Asian??? She looks it

  • Esther Martinez
    Esther Martinez Месяц назад

    I love being Latina! Its unfortunate the history of how we get to so fabulous but we can celebrate how beautifully universal we are.

  • Paris Roam
    Paris Roam Месяц назад

    Adrienne is mostly white. Im dead, but somehow not surprised.

  • oyinbo peppe
    oyinbo peppe Месяц назад

    In Britain the Left loves to accuse/ curse the British People as "Mongrels", belittle them, yet would never call these clearly very mixed people "Mongrels". The Left is so fucking gutless, cheap, and hatefilled amything denigrate and weaken Whyte People.

  • oyinbo peppe
    oyinbo peppe Месяц назад

    Polynesians are a type of Oriental Mogoloid people, but, because of geographic isolation hav very distinct specific Genes, unique undiluted Genes.

  • oyinbo peppe
    oyinbo peppe Месяц назад

    Asian? Asia is a Continent, not a Race

  • Mal Matue
    Mal Matue Месяц назад

    Omg Jennie i knew you had some poly in you, the story is so relatable to us Poly girls.

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones Месяц назад

    Spanish could be considered European so.....

  • Stale Frenk
    Stale Frenk Месяц назад

    How can anyone be this idiot

  • salome taito
    salome taito Месяц назад

    Jeannie we’re cousins 😂😂😂

  • Kaylee Lunsford
    Kaylee Lunsford Месяц назад

    Okay, what people don’t understand is that most of the Central /South American race is mestizo (mixed) which happened when the European colonizers hooked up with the native Americans. It all makes sense.

  • Lissette Davila
    Lissette Davila Месяц назад

    Late but, I’m surprised Adrienne is surprised. I mean, she’ got puerto rican in her. Puerto Ricans blood-line have Spaniards (europe), Native American Indians (taínos) and African American because when the Spaniards invaded Puerto Rico, the Taino native americans where already there and the Spaniards brought the African Americans with them as slaves. That’s why there’s so many shades of puerto ricans. I’m white with blue eyes but I have all of the above in my blood.

  • Julianna Ortega
    Julianna Ortega Месяц назад

    Adrianne your stupid hello most latinos are a mixture of european and native american. Like come on conquistadores

  • ManPursueExcellence
    ManPursueExcellence Месяц назад

    0:22 I love that face 😂

  • Lenai Wallace
    Lenai Wallace Месяц назад

    Watching these videos it seems like Hispanics don’t get that they are made up of Native, African and Caucasian esp Spain and Portugal... I’m so confused....

  • Milah A
    Milah A Месяц назад +1

    Loni laughing when she mentioned middle east is so pathetic, what an idiot! Beauty is in the middle east, go learn!

  • Eden OMGFamsSargent
    Eden OMGFamsSargent Месяц назад

    Well now, she swag like me... Poly sistah! Lol!

    CANDIE'S CANDLES Месяц назад +1

    2:05 "Wait!? I'm white?" Really? I never really noticed. That bitch is white. I can tell that. She is white as hell. 7℅ African doesn't make you black.