Who Am I? ‘The Real’ DNA Results, Part 2

The ladies of “The Real” took DNA tests to find out their ethnic identities, and the results are in. Take this journey with them on the road to discovery.

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Автор jimin is ma man, u aint gon touch him ( назад)
that girl so happy to be 7% African. that's gr8

Автор starchy abyss ( назад)
ya see this chick is mostly white but doest look it. im mostly indian and german but i look white as hell.

Автор Chris Harper ( назад)
'I'm white'!! - her stock price just went up 😊

Автор Derek Wolly ( назад)
so sad they didnt talk about the north african part
we are people and we exist we are not arabs or middle easternes we are native north african

Автор الخود ( назад)
the map shows that she is 15% Arab so, she is actually not black :)
north African people are white

Автор Adil Bensediq ( назад)
Her 7% African is North African (caucasian) according to that map. Not black African.

Автор crippling autism ( назад)
disgusting anti-white bigots. I love how anything brown is cool, trendy, and celebrated, but there's awkward silence and disappointment at any whiteness. racist scum.

Автор Conor Rooney ( назад)
where's the diversity ? a white woman

Автор Ruth's Rants ( назад)
u look like cell phone coverage lmao!!!

Автор cupcake ( назад)
You look like a cell phone coverage!Hahaha!

Автор Coco dan ( назад)
Jeannie is hilarious!

Автор Chelsea Martins ( назад)
Iberian Peninsula is both Spanish AND Portuguese

Автор Sara Azcona Arraiza ( назад)
As far as I have seen the map, that 7 % of african is north african, which means moor or berber but not black. Black is sub saharian african.

Автор Jacob H ( назад)
Han Chinese DNA is supposed to be closely linked to the Pacific Islanders

Автор Bonbon Bonbon ( назад)
I really wished ppl would educate themselves more. Hispanic/Latino aren't races.

Автор yana212 ( назад)
cell phone coverage

Автор Raquel Castillo ( назад)
I took this test ..."im Puerto Rican btw..my results came back 70% European, 20% Native American, and 10 % North Africa which is Egyptian

Автор Banana Anna ( назад)
When she found out she was part African she jumped out of her seat like she was on the jerry springer show.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Автор natures kisses ( назад)
am i as white as Tamera is?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Marady Mon ( назад)
@ 1:01 As an Asian American, I always wanted to dig into my family history. I think about that show Finding Your Roots.

Автор Jose Seijo ( назад)
How stupid is she! I'm black! She has 7% and thinks she's black!

Автор La tripa ( назад)
im mexican with 74 % native american woth genes from south west usa and mexico genes tribes which they all same type of natives genes fam the sun klan people the natives with the genes made for sun areas south west, south east usa to mexico. (--- and the cold gened natives are from north east to canda . and we mexicans not that mix as yall paint us to be and not much mix to be calling us latinos or hispanics when our mayoralty of our people are native american even being mix they still have more native then european in mexico 70 % are more native american and in the usa the mexican loose more of there native american because they mix with them mexicans that been mixing with more european mexican or with other races as white,asian or black. but mexico is working like a big native reservation we highering our genes and blood down there. but usa mexicans they more around there 30-40-50 % but still have alot of 60 -70-80 % and full bloods down in the south west .

Автор Hattan Alwaleed ( назад)
Hell yeah. The Arabs wandered the world and fucked every girl they came across. lol. I did mine 100% no other fraction. Im pure race.

Автор kallista calderon ( назад)
puertoriquens are native mixed with african mixed with travelers. its basic pr history

Автор Thug Harmony ( назад)
I swear I just laughed through this whole thing... they're so cute/funny! XD I love how diverse this cast is, but still cousins from not so far back. The world is a beautiful place and we truly are all one people when it really comes down to it :)

Автор stereosnuttan ( назад)
Mexicans and alot of south americans don´t seem to realize that they are native americans, wtf are you stupid

Автор Holly Vanderhouck ( назад)
Wow that's the most diverse one I seen!

Автор Tyrone Brooks ( назад)
This is what's wrong with the world today it's ok to b racist to whites in 2017 for some reason this bitch Adriana is some ignorant bitch she jumped up and dwn wen she fount out she Was 6% African but yet she was upset tht she was half European does this stupid bitch no tht Latinos r descended from Europeans ??? Spain and Portugal is in Europe !!!

Автор Klemly Baez ( назад)
Native Americans have ancestry from East Asia mainly from Mongolia who migrated here from the Bering Land Bridge. If you check out the ancestry test by many people who have Native ancestry they always include a percentage of East Asia due to the traces of genetics ya still have.

Автор Lori Wolfcat ( назад)
She does Look white, but yeah, White, Asian, and Mexican are the dominant ones. I thought the feistiness came from Italy. Italian and Sicilian women are dangerous basically.

Also, IS NO ONE SHOCKED THAT, wait for it, being white DOESN'T mean you're American!! 🙀🙀😒 Yet the lies continue.

Автор Sezz Roo ( назад)

Автор SilverPulp ( назад)
so happy to have 7% African....

Автор D Wils ( назад)
um latino is not a race lol she acts like europe dont have spain or italy either

Автор Ivan Chang ( назад)
okay, nobody talks about Jeannies DNA coz Asian blood looks kinda boring to you all. Hey, Jeannie!! one of your parents may come from Taiwan. more than 70% of Taiwanese has PI blood which comes from native Taiwan islanders. native Taiwanese is found closely related to the PI in terms of genes.

Автор The Real Ronaldo ( назад)
Why is she happy to be infected with black?

Автор Halima Alidrissi ( назад)
shes like "im black". hate to break it to you but the map showed north africa = arab

Автор Shima Amiri ( назад)
I died when Jeannie said you look like a cellphone coverage hahhahah

Автор Victoria Bentley ( назад)
Awww I loved when Tamar was there!!

Автор Huitzilli ( назад)
Native American and blacks where slaves to white people.. sad.. even Polynesias have a dark pass with the USA KILLING 95% so everyone in this group has been touched by this.. Love those ladies strong!

Автор Mercedes Bermudez ( назад)
I can't believe that Latinos don't know why their DNA says European. Hello!!! Latin America was colonized by Spain, an European country!!! Unlike the English, they mixed with the natives, therefore a great majority of Latinos will have traces of American Indian and European.

Автор Jessica Rodriguez ( назад)
I love Tamera

Автор Aishoo 1234 ( назад)
0:23 Dat face tho

Автор we are spartan's ( назад)
(╭☞ ͡ ͡°͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)╭☞ 1:52 mom spaghetti

Автор rose De Gracia ( назад)
adrianne have curly hair, so that tells the african part

Автор Maria Rodriguez ( назад)
my hope is that i can see them together again :)

Автор Tom Gavin ( назад)
thank god im not african. people cant even get into asian counrties.everywhere except america people dying to be white. ancient minoans greeks and romans were caucasokd or white. developed the west as we know it. hip hop and rap and slavery is what these woman arenproud to have or ' swag'.your not going to celebrate something already proven to be great. but the underdog race blacks people feel the need to cheer them kn because of slavery and their little contributions to the world.its like when a retard shoots a basket everyone cheers .but when larry bird dunks a basket ii is normal

Автор maccajoe ( назад)
Native American AKA Natives of America so if you are of latino heritage probaly refers to native of latin america and NOT nativies of northern america.

Автор Shayna Dorsey ( назад)
I have a little bit of everything that Adrienne has except for the Middle East and NA, I have 1% of South and East Asia

Автор meriem mimi ( назад)
Latino or Hispano is not a race come on! I don't know what they teach them in the US. This is abvious that if she is "latino" she will have some european in her (spain, portugal, Italia...) and of course some north african roots and middle east Algeria, Liban, Cyprus, Egypt...I mean that is the story have they heard about the "Almoravid", "Omeyad" disnaty?

Автор R Bell ( назад)
Adrienne & her Maury reaction has me dropped

Автор Nikita White ( назад)
My results are like Adriennes but replace the Native American with Jewish, and I'm more African (17%)

Автор thechocolatebae ( назад)
Adrienne acting like they just confirmed that some in denial f**kboy is the father of her baby lol. 😝😝😝

Автор Theopais Xristianos ( назад)
Anti-white haters 👎🏼

Автор Ana D ( назад)
Adriennes 27% Native American could well be indigenous people from North America like mayan or aztec. and her 57% European could be Spanish because of the conquest they did on indigenous people. and 37% Iberian again spanish.

Автор Angel Saldadaa ( назад)
lonis laughter is soo funny

Автор ElandoLife ( назад)
Adrienne is a white girl speaking spanish straight up..

Автор I need SLEEP ( назад)
I'm one percent "pi"

Автор Dana Lynnette ( назад)
This was stinking hilarious!! I have to watch the other parts too. 😂😂

Автор Esteban Aguirre ( назад)
The celts, the romans, the moors, the Silk Road, slavery and the conquest of the new world. Adrienne needs a history book lol

Автор The Queen ( назад)
"Am I as white as Tamera is??" 😂😂😂

Автор Mikiyah Yisrayl ( назад)
Adrienne;im white

Автор Mercy D ( назад)
I just think it's really weird that latinos don't know they're white. Like duh where do you think you ancestors came from ?? Mainly Spain and Portugal. Thats being white.

Автор Matti Skovbaek ( назад)
Why so happy of being black?

Автор blahblahlurk ( назад)
You have to be really stupid to be surprised when a Hispanic person has Native American and European ancestry.

Автор Tzyrtzy Maya ( назад)
hispanic are mix with blacks and europeans

Автор Reza Tavangar ( назад)
I swear she went over 100%

Автор Marialee Guzman ( назад)
We puertoricans are Taino European and African well our blood native Americans are taínos sorta

Автор Raven Warner ( назад)
she isn't black what so ever

Автор Raven Warner ( назад)
I was so off when she said Adrienne is African

Автор Brianca Stoutingberg ( назад)
All spanish are Black

Автор Abigial Rosser ( назад)
I've never seen someone so happy to be black that's not necessarily black lol...I guess times have changed then

Автор Sofia Manila Jan ( назад)
This is the most best show ever!!! Goodbye Ellen and Meredith veira😂😂😂😂

What DNA company did they use? Some DNA test companies compare fewer countries than others.

Автор Manny Manny ( назад)
What's wrong w being white, embrace all, why does white get to be sooooo bad. It's like omg, I'm white, this is awful!

Автор D.MYST ( назад)
I don't understand how a Latina doesn't know her own ethnicities basic history??? Hello you're Latin American so you will have ancestors from Spain which is in Europe! Hello you're Latina so you will have family native to the americas!

Автор youtubewatcher2116 ( назад)
Adrienne is a real taina she doesn't know that native Indian

Автор Aubrielle Robinson ( назад)
" your like a buffet of a person" - Loni is SOOO FUNNY😂😂 " am I as white as Tamera is?" - Adrienne is omg❗️😩💀

Автор Michael Roberto ( назад)
Not to be racist or anything But if a Black person takes the dna test is'nt it almost impossible then to not Come from africa? No offence But i Think you all know What i mean

Автор Pheezy ( назад)
Who else got hype when they said Adrienne was 7% black? 😭😭😭

Автор gerrixx ( назад)
Shouldn't this be called stupid people get DNA results

Автор Danny Johnson ( назад)
I love genie she is so cute

Автор Ashton Ragin ( назад)
She said " Wait I'm white!!" 😂😂😂😂

Автор mamoahina ( назад)
Too bad as always, there is no real explanation about WHY those of Southeast Asian background will get small percentages of PACIFIC ISLANDER (Polynesia). Even those at Ancestry cannot explain it.

Автор Taupe Shell ( назад)
The way Adrienne reacted to her DNA results was very....unintelligent to say the least. I'm very pleased to see that the women take pride in being who they are in terms of discovering the more "ethnic background" they possess. But ladies having european blood ain't nothing to be ashamed of okayy!!? Lol...

Автор Courage ( назад)
Two things - firstly, I hated how they didn't break down Jeannie's results more specifically into the different countries.

Secondly, I hate to rain on Adrienne's parade but she probably has little/no black in her as the map showed non-sub-Saharan Africa highlighted which is more likely to be Arab/North African peoples e.g. the berbers in morocco. We mustn't also forget that Spain - especially southern Spain - had Arabic/Moorish influences - mainly people there are technically not purely 'white' - and her European part came up as mostly Iberian peninsula - which means that she probably isn't as white as Tamera is lol.

Seriously, know your geography/anthropology....sorry Adrienne but you aren't black lol.

I've just sent my DNA sample off - can't wait - I understand Adrienne's desire to have some black in her (much like the Kardashians) as I'd love to have some in me to feel more connected to people 🙂 but guess I'll find out in a few weeks time!!

Автор George Maddox ( назад)
People like not forget SPAIN is in Europe... that could be why she has an higher percentage from that area! All Latinos aren't from South America

Автор klassicalmuzik ( назад)
I did this test and my DNA results consists predominantly of Irish and British. Other trace regions in my ethnic make up consist of Finland/Northwest Russia, Europe West, Iberian Peninsula, Italy/Greece, and Scandinavia. It's a little weird because my Grandmother on my dads side was Native American and French Canadian. I was a little surprised that Native American or French Canadian didn't show up on the results and not to mention that me, my dad, and his mom have/had that famous black full abundant hair that Native Americans have. My dad and I hear it all the time that we have hair like Grandma had.

Автор Laughuntilyoucry Cryuntilyoulaugh ( назад)
I think I hate this.

Автор Kylie Sarpong ( назад)
Tamera's laugh at 2:35 just kills me😂😂😂😂

Автор Debbie Akano ( назад)
3:28 Adrienne just had a "you are the father" moment.

Автор Iván Estrada ( назад)
These Latinas need to know our history. We have European, African, and Native American in us. Damn it ain't that hard.

Автор Danyell Dixon ( назад)
"She said thats alot of white stuff"

Автор Sienna Jang ( назад)
um... do they not know... Latino/Latinas are just mix of native american, European, and others... Latino is not an ethnicity. .......... its a Race...

Автор The Planet Saturn ( назад)
I'm Black and my Puertorican friend reacted the same way as Adrienne when he found out he was part black (17% to be exact). Nobody wanted to be white 😂😂💯💯

Автор J. E. ( назад)
Adrienne's reaction to being black had me crying laughing 😂❤

Автор Oh yeah ( назад)
Makes you realize how stupid you are when you put labels on yourself. Most people in America are part European.

Автор Gerald Frederick ( назад)
Y'all so angry in these comments lmao it's never that serious....lighten up

Автор Maajet Imsong ( назад)
Wait I'm white? ??..killed me😂😂😂

Автор Poopoo Head ( назад)
If anyone is thinking of buying this test, use this link for $10 off!  http://refer.dna.ancestry.com/s/cfcc5
Wish someone told me about it!

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