What's inside a Handgun?

We CUT A Gun in HALF with WATER!?!?! Ever wanted to see the cross section of a gun? Watch this!

This is a 9mm Taurus Handgun that I have owned for 5 years. It is fully functional. Lincoln has never handled it and we recommend you don't play with guns ever unless you are with a trained professional in a controlled legal setting.

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WARNING: We do not recommend you try what we do! Only do things the we do in our videos IF you are assisted by a qualified adult under proper safety measures. Always think ahead, and remember that any project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. Remember our motto "We cut things open so you don't have to." so we do not recommend you try anything we do.

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Автор Claudia Patrick ( назад)
What's inside mini gun

Автор j dan ( назад)
Ducktape it back together and fire it. I bet you will get millions of views

Автор TheOneAndOnly ( назад)
What's inside my son's backpack

Автор Campbell Homer ( назад)
Taurus: when you just can't afford a Beretta (or any other good gun)

Автор Michael Mackenzie ( назад)
cut all the bastard guns in half save lives

Автор Hundi125f ( назад)
Why not just take it apart like a normal person... last I checked normal people don't take guns apart by using a water jet

Автор Stampylongspider 200 the great I'm the best ever ( назад)
The first 4:28 they are just talking

Автор chris 2r2 ( назад)
orrr you can take it appart the proper way

Автор BaddaBigBoom ( назад)
Now you could half kill someone with it!

Автор georgina payne ( назад)

Автор MrCormier123 ( назад)

Автор Brendan McKinney ( назад)
What the heck was that noise at the start of the video

Автор VS Y ( назад)
cut open a grenade, please.

Автор Midwest Mafia ( назад)
what inside the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop?

Автор Tazlikesbacon ( назад)
What's inside a handgun? Ask DemolitionRanch

Автор Elvira Alvatrz ( назад)

Автор Garrett Place ( назад)

Автор Garrett Place ( назад)
what's inside my son's backpack should have been the Nam

Автор KrunchyPotato ( назад)
Use a 1,000 degree knife to open something

Автор Paintballing Nation ( назад)
I voted for linkin!

Автор Synthya Penaloza ( назад)

Автор mbgaming0113 ( назад)
a barrel

Автор Branson Tube ( назад)
That is so cool!!!!

Автор Eitan Kaminetzky ( назад)

Автор Deep Butler ( назад)

Автор Camya Pryor ( назад)

Автор atahar adil ( назад)
what inside bullet??

Автор Will Y ( назад)
what's inside

Автор Charles Stratton ( назад)
yes 😲😲😲

Автор Bill Marcy ( назад)
A 4 year old doesn't understand the idea of high pressure physics. I am shocked, what are our schools doing?

Автор games760 ( назад)
sub to games760

Автор Luca world ( назад)
where's the police

Автор Raphael Colon ( назад)
Should have name this video "What's inside my sons backpack?"

Автор SD Customs ( назад)
That looks very similar to a Beretta 92 fs...

Автор I equals Eye ( назад)
What about a saw at the bottom and you drop something off it

Автор Mr_Quack1246 ( назад)
what's inside Lincoln

Автор Joever Orillosa ( назад)
Whats inside my sons backpack

Автор Mini Nuke ( назад)
use a laser

Автор Skullkillr19 ( назад)
the title should of been "What's inside my son's backpack"

Автор Aidan Ohnesorge ( назад)
heck yeah

Автор EwanTube HD ( назад)

Автор Ian ( назад)
whats inside a missle

Автор Kacper Taraszkiewicz ( назад)
that was EPIK

Автор Hajrah Issani ( назад)

Автор Dozz Buzz ( назад)
omfg, gun safety! handling cocked pistol is not good idea, father.

Автор BrotatoWedges ( назад)
A lot of police Taurus weapons now do they

Автор Lancelot Bowden ( назад)
whats inside bullet blender

Автор TheSilentGamer // TSG ( назад)
What's inside a tv 📺

Автор Hudson Hardin ( назад)
preparation for this video
what is a gun
goes to wikipedia article

Автор Marsha Roybal ( назад)
cut a jaw breaker

Автор andre jauregui ( назад)
What's inside my son's backpack?

Автор griffin yearout ( назад)
What's inside my son's backpack?

Автор Cole Michael ( назад)
Water jet channel did it first posers

Автор M W ( назад)
the water diffusion panel / object holding shizzle looks like a bunch of drinking straws

Автор Sir Saw wright ( назад)
What's inside Area 51

Автор Sir Saw wright ( назад)

Автор Beau Schwegmann ( назад)
wow I am impressed

Автор 5318008 ( назад)
Do a what's inside Lincoln

Автор Kaeden Greenfield (student) ( назад)

Автор David Perez ( назад)
or you could disassemble the gun...

Автор Rebel Rhymes ( назад)
Rifling improves accuracy not power and range.

Автор Samir xalxo ( назад)
read my whole comment

Автор Samir xalxo ( назад)
A GUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$$$$$$$$$$ JOKING $$$$$$$$$$
HA HA HA HE HE HE HAaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!


Автор Samir xalxo ( назад)
you could have just disassemble it
whats the use of cutting it in half??

Автор Subhan Anwar ( назад)
Whats inside a jet engine

Автор Stunty Gaming ( назад)
Whats Inside should be called Cut Every Damn Thing

Автор Mike Elmore ( назад)

Автор Cole Thompson ( назад)
cop use glokes

Автор Cole Thompson ( назад)
gun are fun so dont cut it in half

Автор Rodney Smith ( назад)
what's inside a padlock

Автор Joey Claire ( назад)
The Gamzee Gun

Автор slimdog71 ( назад)
Rifling is for accuracy, not to make the bullet go faster!

Автор Dissatisfaction_09 ( назад)
i got my first gun at 7 (BB) and my "real" gun (.243) at 10 now im 18 and mostly hunt with 30-30 and im "NOT" a professional

Автор mac Millan ( назад)

Автор miguel daniel ( назад)
do a video of what s inside a galaxy s7 edge

Автор Mitchell Nelson ( назад)
Cut more stuff with water-jets.😀

Автор MadForNerf ( назад)

Автор Sloth Twiisteee ( назад)
When I saw the thumbnail I thought the title was "What's inside my sons bag?"

Автор Logan Ware ( назад)
Beretta m9

Автор Reagan Luis ( назад)
cut open a nao robot

Автор Drechen Lard ( назад)
make a "whats inside angela merkel" video please!!!

Автор Daniel Carrillo ( назад)
what's in side a shotgun

Автор Dan ( назад)
Here from what's inside my sons backpack meme 😂😂😂

Автор John Sheridan ( назад)

Автор Jon i like it Neill ( назад)
they will die soon

Автор The Holy Crusader ( назад)
whats inside my sons backpack

Автор TheViewFromUpHere ( назад)
The water contains carbide grit to do the cutting.

Автор Zabrion Fowler ( назад)
whats inside a hand gun 'bullets'

Автор Redacted Redacted ( назад)
You monsters.
Also, I love how they leave the hammer cocked when they cut it

Автор Ryan Wagnon ( назад)
the hammer hits the fireing pin the fireing pin hits the prymer the prymer pops like a pop gun

Автор Samuel Robert ( назад)

Автор Diminykas Tarasovas ( назад)

Автор Maksim Khomyak ( назад)
Its only a tarus thank god it wasn't a berretta

Автор Danh Le ( назад)
you could just use you're head and take it apart. like when you clean your gun out.

Автор Yesica Basaldua ( назад)
and i mean a gun

Автор BlackBerry Q10 ( назад)
0:21 what's inside lincolns backpack

Автор Yesica Basaldua ( назад)
can i have one

Автор Beast Baller ( назад)
The grooves are called rifling.

Автор fun toys to play ( назад)
he just want to hold the gun

Автор fun toys to play ( назад)
what's in side a ps3 or 4

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