19 Costumes That Take Cosplay To The Next Level

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
  • Cosplayers might dress up elaborately for Halloween or Comic Con, and there are so many amazing costumes out there. Some have built towering costumes like Hulkbuster from the "Avengers" movies and Reinhardt from "Overwatch." A dad turned his kids into convincing Transformers. Meanwhile, a man from Indiana made a terrifying Demogorgon from "Stranger Things" costume with a face that opens. Here are some of the best cosplays taking playing dress up to serious new heights.
    Here are all the cosplayers featured:
    1. Pixelated Video Game Characters
    2. Demogorgon from "Stranger Things"
    3. Rafiki on Pride Rock from "The Lion King"
    4. Hulkbuster from the "Avengers" movies
    5. Bumblebee from "Transformers"
    6. Reinhardt from "Overwatch"
    7. Spider-Man
    8. Doomfist from "Overwatch"
    9. Kid Transformers
    10. Alexis Noriega's mechanical wings
    11. Iron Man (Wayne Berendhuysen)
    12. Wonder Woman
    13. Kids turned into "Star Wars" characters
    14. Blair Ondrla's hoof shoes
    15. LEGO characters
    16. Melissa Irwin's four-legged spirit
    17. Designer Daddy's transforming princess gowns
    18. Gray Fox from "Metal Gear Solid"
    19. Iron Man (Dan Lexie)
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    19 Costumes That Take Cosplay To The Next Level
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  • Pangeran Pedang
    Pangeran Pedang 5 hours ago

    That Black Widow cosplayer at 1:05 is hot

  • Coronel Wilhelm Klink
    Coronel Wilhelm Klink 6 hours ago

    Where is adam savage??

  • Fujiwara No Mokou
    Fujiwara No Mokou 13 hours ago

    This video knows well how to be cringy

  • Seigh OFFICIAL
    Seigh OFFICIAL 23 hours ago +1

    Guyss pls help me to grow my yt channel thankss😊

  • keswa nor
    keswa nor 2 days ago +1

    even if you make your own iron man mask it will take 560 hours like me

  • Eric Gravely
    Eric Gravely 2 days ago

    Some of these are good and others...not really next level. Using photoshop to enhance images of kids I dont consider next level. Now a good Mysterio where his face is hidden in a fish bowl type helmet with actual mist hiding his face...next level.

  • Violeta Sinsano
    Violeta Sinsano 3 days ago +1

    Amazing build!!!

  • patrick Star
    patrick Star 4 days ago

    Last year i become my self

  • Evelyn X
    Evelyn X 4 days ago

    I wish I was creative enough to do cosplay

  • thunder cracker
    thunder cracker 8 days ago

    4:17 i saw that costume in person
    Theres a house that goes all out on halloween im talking a dj fog machines a killer clown they even brought a steel prop van for the clown and smeared fake blood on it

  • Daily Dose Of TJ
    Daily Dose Of TJ 8 days ago

    Imagine having the megatron universal studios costume

  • さらキャン
    さらキャン 9 days ago


  • SevPool
    SevPool 12 days ago

    Let me just tell you all that moving lenses for a Spiderman suit isn’t anything special AT ALL 🤣
    They’re expensive and loud as hell, it’s a waste of money

  • Yunawatie wonata
    Yunawatie wonata 14 days ago


  • Adam ZEG
    Adam ZEG 16 days ago

    i like the iron man hulk buster

  • Rocket & Groot
    Rocket & Groot 18 days ago

    *Those Transformer Kids really hooked Me!!*

  • nathan patrick
    nathan patrick 21 day ago

    I like grey fox suit from metal gear solid

  • Dewa Made adi
    Dewa Made adi 21 day ago

    1:38 That guy holding the robot look like yannick cinecom

  • Rama Salah
    Rama Salah 22 days ago +1

    When i'm in ironman outfit , i just thinking "how can i go to pee?"

  • Jacob Soliman
    Jacob Soliman 22 days ago +1

    The guy in the Demogorgon costumes used bike cables? Pretty ironic if you ask me...

  • ゆっくり早雲
    ゆっくり早雲 23 days ago

    4:52 metal gear?

  • WorsterMandarin CZ
    WorsterMandarin CZ 23 days ago

    I like those transformers Kid costumes

  • Stick!!
    Stick!! 24 days ago

    Subscribe to me if ur watching

  • Misty Garros
    Misty Garros 24 days ago +1

    This is making me cry it's so beautiful the overwatch hits me in the heart. Love cosplay so much..

  • Valent Febryan
    Valent Febryan 24 days ago

    99% of people come here just to see Ironman

  • Kenneth Branche'
    Kenneth Branche' 25 days ago

    They just keep getting better .

  • DatuMereck Rasam
    DatuMereck Rasam 26 days ago

    They're brilliant

  • Garga
    Garga 26 days ago +1

    what a bunch of nerd losers

  • Kit Cat
    Kit Cat 26 days ago

    Just imagine a person cosplays siren head

  • 楊過
    楊過 27 days ago


  • Yash Agnihotri
    Yash Agnihotri 28 days ago +1

    He spent more than 330 hours just to make his mask move and for the suit to show some LEDS.....

  • Sole_ thunder
    Sole_ thunder 28 days ago

    I hate life

  • Mr Irrelevant
    Mr Irrelevant 28 days ago +2

    For the iron man u could do a lightsaber like that

  • Lewd Mabel
    Lewd Mabel 29 days ago


    LOL DRAGON666 29 days ago

    Hacksmith: am i a joke to you?

  • Snazzy Quizzes
    Snazzy Quizzes Month ago

    Brilliant effort, people.

  • ornstein
    ornstein Month ago

    Imagine all the creep looks the girla got

  • Marc Boutin
    Marc Boutin Month ago

    That lady with the four stilts needs to make a version with a wolf head and a spider body. I believe the show was called Defiance.

  • Mr Cheezy
    Mr Cheezy Month ago +1

    No. 16 Soggy Nugget??

  • Thtkid Fire
    Thtkid Fire Month ago

    The kid Transformers one was cute ngl 😭

  • hani badji
    hani badji Month ago

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  • BJ Playz
    BJ Playz Month ago

    I like both iron man

  • Christopher Cole
    Christopher Cole Month ago

    No Imperial Space Marines from Warhammer 40,000? This is Heresy sought out by the Inquisition!

  • Yvan Maneclang
    Yvan Maneclang Month ago

    this from hacksmith
    1 captain americas vibrainium shield completely moveable and bullet proof
    2 zaryas particle canon from overwatch
    3 mjolnir thors hammer
    4 stormbreaker
    5 A nearly completed iron man suit that is very close to flying
    6 the umbrella gun from kingsman
    And more

  • Yim Blacksmith
    Yim Blacksmith Month ago

    And now just waiting for someone to do naruto’s sexy jutsu.

  • Sumer La papa
    Sumer La papa Month ago +1

    You know that an Spanish network copy this video with the same cosplays just that they translated as their video

  • puki ning iney
    puki ning iney Month ago


  • Ettore Zigliotti Year 7

    I was naruto for comic con

  • PY^3
    PY^3 Month ago

    Wait... *real feathers?*

  • ВиЛкОй_ В _гЛаЗ

    You copied this video on Russian RUclip. On the channel Mood Workshop. Dislike you.

  • MC LD
    MC LD Month ago +1

    “Real feathers”

    • Mercurio
      Mercurio Month ago +1

      I wonder what animal has such big feathers 🤔

  • López Gutiérrez José Juan

    Is there Goku,Freezer and Piccolo cosplays???

  • EndermanYT12345
    EndermanYT12345 Month ago

    What if the hacksmith made a iron man suit that can fly like the most closer thing to a iron man suit

  • diamond player
    diamond player Month ago

    I actually saw that Reinhardt cosplay like that once at a anime con i don't know if its this guy or not but he was huge and the best part was when i saw him go into a elevater and just he had to duck just to fit in to it

  • Next_ Monday
    Next_ Monday Month ago

    I wonder if those wings could actually work

  • come get
    come get Month ago +2

    Some people have a lot of creative talent. Others just choose to do drugs or waste life on some other useless activity.

  • Baron Doom
    Baron Doom Month ago

    It’s not cosplay if it’s a edited image

  • Bill Wiese
    Bill Wiese Month ago

    stop using music from 2016

    • Bill Wiese
      Bill Wiese Month ago

      @urbaphil8 hell no. Maybe look in some bright side videos, old ones

    • urbaphil8
      urbaphil8 Month ago

      @Bill Wiese Yes, but do you know the names of these songs or videos where they are played in?

    • Bill Wiese
      Bill Wiese Month ago

      @urbaphil8 they're the same songs used in terrible RUclip videos from 2016

    • urbaphil8
      urbaphil8 Month ago

      Bill Wiese What songs are in the video? I search them.

  • asrul sani ariesandy

    Next level? Lowcost cosplay is always the god level.