PRODUCE 101 & PRODUCE 48 Trainee Similiarity | on First Evaluation #1

  • Published on Jun 20, 2018
  • Fckxxeon is back! 🦄✨
    What do you think about Produce 48?
    If you have any Trainee similiarity just comment below~ and i would make Produce 101 and Produce 48 similiarity again, when produce 48 episodes already end or maybe not/? :3 Haha
    #Part2 coming soon~
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    Yoo~ I hope you like it! Enjoy🤗 I'm sorry for any mistake i had.
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  • fckxxeon
    fckxxeon  9 months ago +601

    IZ*ONE (아이즈원) - 소나기 (DOWNPOUR) FMV

  • Meowgi
    Meowgi 9 hours ago

    The judge with the mint hair is cutee~

  • Monik kerith BFF
    Monik kerith BFF 10 hours ago

    kim CHUNGHAAAAAA........

  • Aiko Adolima
    Aiko Adolima 20 hours ago

    Lee chaeyoung

  • zєρн мl
    zєρн мl 22 hours ago +1

    Lee chae yeon is one of my Bias in IZ*ONe

  • SanaSeohyunSeulgiSinbSomiSakuraShuhuaSaerom Jisoo

    i still don't know why hyewon is too damn weird and shy, but she's still one of my top bias in iz*one 😍😍😍

  • The Blinkie
    The Blinkie Day ago +1

    Me be like:haKdOgggg?!!!!

  • Mochi-ssi Oppa
    Mochi-ssi Oppa Day ago +2

    My boa in Produce 48 is Lee Chaeyeon😍😍😍😍😍

  • merrily salcedo
    merrily salcedo Day ago

    Lee chaeyeon!❤

  • Adriana Montan
    Adriana Montan 2 days ago +2

    I wish for Chaeyeon soooo much to actually become the next Chungha and to go solo after Izone

  • Rolan Rosal
    Rolan Rosal 2 days ago

    Lee chaeyeon

  • Ocean Moon
    Ocean Moon 3 days ago


  • Double B is Life
    Double B is Life 4 days ago

    Chungha's audition is still iconic

  • Natasya Kim
    Natasya Kim 5 days ago +1

    When i first see chaeyeon dancing that's when i know she's my bias

  • Mich ,Gach life history

    Sakura unnie

  • Zoe isabella Dolcemascolo

    Alguien sabe como se llama la canción que baila Lee Chaeyeon?

  • Mohariza Mala
    Mohariza Mala 9 days ago

    If talk about talent
    Leechaeyeon win
    If talk about facial expression
    Chungha win
    But i prefer talent so Chaeyeon win❤❤❤❤ no offence...😂😂😂

  • Pokyimkapa Aier
    Pokyimkapa Aier 9 days ago

    Can you tell something about this???? Please???

  • 박수아
    박수아 9 days ago

    이홍기 웃는거 2:40 개 치인다 ..

  • Tsering Youdon
    Tsering Youdon 10 days ago

    Last one no.5 I totally agreed

  • 『고소한』에뉘감자칩


  • neil_ linec
    neil_ linec 11 days ago

    Chungha and chaeyeon ♡

  • Igor Stan Loona
    Igor Stan Loona 12 days ago

    Chaeyeon and ChungHa queeens

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 13 days ago

    Our Queen and the Princess has the same Personality~

  • PRiKi pRIkI
    PRiKi pRIkI 14 days ago


  • 사또청사랑행
    사또청사랑행 14 days ago +1


  • •MÎKU-PÂN•
    •MÎKU-PÂN• 15 days ago


  • Eunbi Jeon
    Eunbi Jeon 15 days ago

    i still prefer chungha

  • K M
    K M 17 days ago


  • 조유리짱
    조유리짱 17 days ago

    저는 윤서형 님이더좋은듯 왜냐 실수해도 옷고 긍정적으로해서 좋아요.

  • Thuy Ha
    Thuy Ha 18 days ago

    I love chaeyeon

  • Slime N
    Slime N 19 days ago +6

    Chungha - Sexy and seducing dance
    Chaeyeon - Cute and party dance

  • aleia ganzon
    aleia ganzon 21 day ago


  • 뽀옌슬
    뽀옌슬 21 day ago

    박해윤은 내실명..

  • IU _ GIRL
    IU _ GIRL 22 days ago

    0:05 song???

  • 태은TV
    태은TV 22 days ago +1

    채연이,청하 투표한 사람 아주 칭찬해!!(?)

  • Mèo con Miu Miu
    Mèo con Miu Miu 22 days ago

    I like chung ha 😍😍😍😍

    ITZME SYDNEY 22 days ago

    Lee chayoen

  • ***
    *** 23 days ago

    7:41 の頭回すとこが当初鳥肌たった

  • Flowey The Flower
    Flowey The Flower 23 days ago

    My bias is Chaeryeong UwU

  • Inggrid Putri
    Inggrid Putri 24 days ago

    Never get bored seeing chaeyeon

  • Racks AL
    Racks AL 24 days ago

    Still watching Chungha 💓 Chaeyeon cause you are my baby

  • Brah Pendatun
    Brah Pendatun 24 days ago

    Iz one*

  • Jewel Marie Cleavon Ocampo

    Main bias: Lee Chaeyeon
    Bias wreckers: the rest of the members

  • j9heon
    j9heon 26 days ago

    Yeonjung is my wjsn bias ans haeyoon is one of my cherry bullet biases

  • じんりこ
    じんりこ 26 days ago


  • lapijut 24
    lapijut 24 26 days ago

    My bias in izone is yuri..

  • Yan Quiam
    Yan Quiam 27 days ago +1

    I think chungha and chaeyeon have something more similar which is the fact that they got their recognition near the end of the produce 101&48

  • alchemy 248
    alchemy 248 29 days ago

    Hwang soyeon too underate

  • Alexius C R
    Alexius C R Month ago

    Park Haeyoon for some reason reminded me of Somi idk..

  • putri merrytha purwaningsih

    Where is Jeon Somi and Sakura?
    When the people expect so high on them, but after their performance the trainies was like "she's not that good tho", and then they surprice coz they got an A then they questioned and wrote "WHY!!??" on their face...
    And at the end of the show both of them becone the queens of the show!! BOOM!!

  • 안다르심
    안다르심 Month ago

    채연이도 표정이 좋지만 표정은 청하가 좀 더 낫고 춤은 채연이 최고다

  • Mariam- Alaa
    Mariam- Alaa Month ago

    7:10 i got goosebumps..she just killed it

  • Wai Min Tun
    Wai Min Tun Month ago

    Lee Sian is my bias

  • Hahahahha Hahahahahahah

    완전 다른데......

  • fan de momo tu patrona


  • NanisD 24
    NanisD 24 Month ago +1

    Lee Haeun
    Takeuchi Miyu
    Lee Chaeyeon
    Yamada Noe

  • KwaSeolGi-과설기
    KwaSeolGi-과설기 Month ago +2

    Okey, here we have is a video of the SIMILARITY of the trainees NOT THE COMPARATION OF CHUNG HA AND CHAEYEON

  • kolokoy's Channel
    kolokoy's Channel Month ago

    My baby chaeyeon😍

  • Sogol Atefi
    Sogol Atefi Month ago

    lee chaeyeon kim chungha😍