Trump blasts court ruling blocking revised travel order

rump Breaking News Network -Trump blasts court ruling blocking revised travel order

President Trump on Wednesday slammed a court ruling blocking his revised travel ban as “an unprecedented judicial overreach.”

Speaking at a rally in Nashville, Tenn., Trump called the ruling “terrible” and pledged to take the legal fight all the way to the nation’s highest court.

"We're going to take our case as far as it needs to go, including all the way up to the Supreme Court,” Trump said.

“We're going to win,” he continued. “The danger is clear. The law is clear. The need for my executive order is clear."

The comments came just hours after a federal judge in Hawaii dealt Trump a major blow by placing a nationwide hold on the new travel ban, which was set to go into effect at midnight.

Trump appeared angered by the ruling, suggesting it was made for “political reasons” and “makes us look weak” in the fight against terrorism.

He vented his frustration at the block because he said the new order was “tailored to the dictates of the flawed ruling” that halted his first travel ban.



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Автор Jon Grover ( назад)
President Trump needs to have these anti American, USELESSLY WORTHLESS, "judges" are disbarred and arrested as the absolute 100% TRAITORS that they ARE!!!!! Enough BS!!! Anyone else that pulled the horseshit these obama ass sucking "judges" have pulled, would be locked up in Guantanamo and NEVER heard from or seen again, and so should these sorry assed sons of bitches too!!!!!!! The problem with our country is, EVERYONE in our government has LOST THEIR BALLS!!! Wrong is frigging WRONG, no matter WHO is guilty, and it's high time someone grew a damned SET and put these treasonous traitors behind bars, NO MATTER WHAT the butt hurt leftists, or the corrupt democrats, or anyone else has to frigging say about it PERIOD!!!!!!

Автор Cj Bixby ( назад)
just stop all immigration for 90days there problem solved no is getting"discrimated" against

Автор Jhang Ma ( назад)
Muslims hate America WHY are shits coming here then , send them to Canada pretty boy will take them.

Автор Irvin Wittmeier ( назад)
oboma put a muslim in every aspect of the government or at least a sympathizer they need to go

Автор Travis Rush ( назад)
until u drain the swamp Mr.Trump u will have this crap going on so u know what u have to do

Автор Paul Plourde ( назад)
We should immediately arrest these judges for not upholding to the Constitution of the United States! We need to all start calling the senators and Congressmen to say this is unacceptable and we will not tolerate another country getting the same rights of the American Citizens to come over here and kill fellow Americans!! This is freaking insane!! We have to protest this!!

Автор Immaculate Heart ( назад)
LAW IS A LAW FOR EVERYONE. If he has problem to comply with the Law, then just go and handcuff him to jail. Throw the key away. I don't give a damn if he lives or dies in prison.

Автор Karen Irwin ( назад)
First one Obama judges decision it will be 1 judge here, then another Obama judge over there it's just a ploy to try and hold down Trump Train. Judges and Democrats need to get onboard or get out and stop trying to undermine our President.

Автор john gray ( назад)
Yeah US needs all the free loaders who have every problem you can think off,Michelle an Hillary have plenty off room,let them look after them.

Автор Thomas Shaw ( назад)
Who's in charge of the Country ? and Who has the Final say ?

Автор Larry Taylor ( назад)
Mr Trump Needs ICE at the entry points to check all immigrants coming in.

Автор King Ofpain ( назад)
The Blood will be on their hands, but that won't help the many who will definitely lose their lives to terrorists in AMERICA.

Автор jopisano67 ( назад)
This is Obama's shadow gov't Fu**** up our security and Constitution so Obama still has his way regarding the nonstop influx of refugees coming in

Автор ron dill ( назад)
Fuck that judge in Hawaii and up hold the Ban Anyway...... BoyCott Hawaii !!

Автор richard mitchell ( назад)
the Supreme Court will pass it. it is the presidents right to ban people that are no good from entering the us.

Автор heesil77 ( назад)
Go all the way trump trump trump trump trump trump

Автор heesil77 ( назад)
our constitution doe not reach non citizens overseas

Автор winstonIpresume ( назад)
If you remember, the DOJ Lawyer for the original EO, was asked by one of the three Ninth Circus Judges, "Is it your argument that this Executive Order is Unreviewable?"The lawyer responded "Yes". And I agree with that assessment. The Judiciary has NO AUTHORITY to rule on this, as this is STRICTLY within the purview of the Executive Branch, and this Immigration Law can be utilized by ANY President, AT ANY TIME, FOR ANY DURATION, and FOR ANY REASON. We need Federal Judges to follow the LAW, not Liberal Progressive BS...

Автор HASSEH EL BEY TM ( назад)
It's time for The People to file charges against thoses that are given aid and comfort to enemies on our soil. Thoses judges needs to be charge with Capital felony Treason.🔔

Автор ctwatcher ( назад)
I blast back at Trump for allowing the planes to keep spraying us and earth. Downright evil allowing it to continue.

Автор ge45ge Called ( назад)
go all the way president Trump, teach them a lesson

Автор 1pooltub ( назад)
These so called refugees and immigrants are nothing more than enemy invaders and combatants and should be treated accordingly! The Judge in Hawaii should be investigated for his political affiliations. This kind of Tom Foolery only serves to embolden BrokeBarrackMountain Obama and the absolute horrors of human beings who flatter themselves with ominous names like the deep state, or deep sheite, aluminum naughty, stoned masons, tools and stoners, etc. The real question here is, WHY haven't BrokeBarrackMountain and Free Hilly already been arrested? Why the delay? If someone is waiting for more proof, fire 'em, there is a mountain of proof and evidence already available to ice these modern day turncoat Bonnie and Clyde wanna be's. the longer it takes to remove these two pieces of swamp scum the more emboldened the cadre of traitors becomes. This isn't rocket science Boys and Girls, it's treachery and treason that should be dealt with swiftly and with EXTREME PREJUDICE! If you agree, please share and wake a few slackers up! The very real threat did not end with the election!

Автор S C ( назад)
the Sedition by these traitors must be stopped ! we the people must stop it ! ! we must unelect anyone in any corporation that has ties to the New World Order ! picket ,if you are close to them, fight for our country !! thank you president Trump for taking this job and you do it all for free you take no money ,we love you and our first family we are your army ! ! ! ♡ ♡ ♡

Автор eric rhodes ( назад)
Fuck them Muslims an judges. Send them all packing. Don't like what president does. You can leave

Автор Baird's Bikes ( назад)
Forget blocking the muslims for a short time. Make it for good! No more muslims in our country. They hate Americans.

Автор President Trump 8 Years ( назад)
he is the President of the United States ...these judges are delusional

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