How Zion Williamson's Nike Shoe Might Have Ripped

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • Seconds into Duke’s game against arch-rival the University of North Carolina, star player Zion Williamson went down and his Nike sneaker came apart. The shoe ripped violently, exposing his entire foot and causing the freshman sensation to bow out of the game with a sprained knee in Durham, North Carolina. Williamson is considered one of the best in the nation and is expected to be the No. 1 pick in the forthcoming NBA draft. Williamson was wearing Paul George’s signature Nike PG 2.5 sneaker.

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  • Krista Jones
    Krista Jones 3 days ago

    Looks like Nike is feeling some Karma. Just stand!!!!!

  • Vlogging With Gabe
    Vlogging With Gabe 6 days ago

    Why didn’t you just buy him new ones like it’s that easy

  • iiAnime_Lover xoxo Depression


  • purified sloth
    purified sloth 6 days ago

    I have the same shoes and my friend told me about this

  • Sassy Antelope
    Sassy Antelope 7 days ago

    Wait you need an investigation to see why someones shoe ripped

  • don brassco
    don brassco 8 days ago +1

    Quest NiKes out of run😄

  • Jermaine Johnson
    Jermaine Johnson 10 days ago +1

    Tickets sold for $10,000 each and the players get nothing

  • AnySizePie
    AnySizePie 11 days ago


  • The Boii’s
    The Boii’s 17 days ago

    New flex tape fixer

  • Thunder Sapients
    Thunder Sapients 19 days ago

    Or it happened becuz he’s 285 pounds of beast

  • PB fishing and Boarding

    That’s alot of damage

  • Gel Mir
    Gel Mir 20 days ago

    get woke go broke

  • julian koskinen
    julian koskinen 21 day ago +1

    I was at that game and a duke fan

  • duolingo bird
    duolingo bird 27 days ago


  • Staticbeast
    Staticbeast 27 days ago


  • Carly Incili
    Carly Incili 27 days ago +2

    Where is the flex tape

  • Lil Sin
    Lil Sin Month ago

    it really hurts him like the shoe is part of his body lol

  • Bex Rodriguez
    Bex Rodriguez Month ago

    “Sneaker Expert” these people got experts for everything

  • DU30 DU30
    DU30 DU30 Month ago

    manu wears nike it happened to him as well, so this is not isolated case and im not sure if manu's incident was investigated by nike also. pls correct me if im wrong thanks

  • zxaq
    zxaq Month ago

    Flex tape will do.

  • The Vanimal Show
    The Vanimal Show Month ago

    Yo get crossed

  • Hazard FTR
    Hazard FTR Month ago

    I guess there was a major issue

  • Dylan Derp
    Dylan Derp Month ago

    What's up with all these God damm experts

  • Stmr Greco
    Stmr Greco Month ago

    NIKE - “Just BLEW IT”!!!!!! 😂😂😂
    #nike #nikeExploits #newnike #newnikeshoe

  • Alexander Stewart
    Alexander Stewart Month ago

    I had an Adidas advertisement with my video.

  • Hoyt Sigman
    Hoyt Sigman Month ago

    Someone said he bought those from Dhgate??

  • hsu471
    hsu471 Month ago

    nike fXXk up

  • Wolf Vision
    Wolf Vision Month ago

    This is all set up. This shoe was part of his destiny. In the next year his shoe will be sold the most in history making him billions of dollars and the first nba black player to make a billon plus. #Wolfvision.

  • Nathan Peet
    Nathan Peet Month ago

    Here from tmz?

    TURTLES RULE501 Month ago

    I got a adidas ad at the start

  • Bea Herreman
    Bea Herreman Month ago

    Ok, who cares?

    UNIBRIBRI Month ago

    The shoe didn’t split because of the glue. If you look at the shoe Zion wore the midsole actually ripped/split apart. Sneaker expert my ass.

  • Austin Lewandowski
    Austin Lewandowski 2 months ago

    his shoe broke, he said...

  • bull moose
    bull moose 2 months ago


  • ayden gaines
    ayden gaines 2 months ago

    Bad luck

  • Eddie Smith
    Eddie Smith 2 months ago

    Nike's? They might be, but there probly mikey's

  • John O'Brien
    John O'Brien 2 months ago

    Let’s see 260lbs vs thread..

  • N Hassan
    N Hassan 2 months ago


  • Angel Studios
    Angel Studios 2 months ago

    This is stupid

  • Ollie Oxley
    Ollie Oxley 2 months ago

    big man wearing guard shoes

  • adrift
    adrift 2 months ago

    1 reason: Zion is chonk

  • Painted Wild
    Painted Wild 2 months ago

    “...speedy recovery...” Not the right time to make jokes Nike. 1:34

  • 2 months ago

    Thank g-d akka Snake for sneaker experts

  • Ugly Panda
    Ugly Panda 2 months ago +2

    He exploded in them quicker than my 13 year old self nutting for the first time to the picture of a young Pamela Anderson.

  • S G
    S G 2 months ago

    Like mike!

  • Delgado
    Delgado 2 months ago

    “Might Have”

  • Braden Roush
    Braden Roush 2 months ago

    Umm I have ph 2.5s😂

  • Sharia Barr
    Sharia Barr 2 months ago


  • Nobody Pdx
    Nobody Pdx 2 months ago

    While I was watching this I got an adidas ad

  • srthellcat707
    srthellcat707 2 months ago

    Colin KAEPERDICK for devalue of nike franchise.

  • Alyssa vega
    Alyssa vega 2 months ago +1

    *Nike has left the chat*

  • Ikhsanji Vinsmoke
    Ikhsanji Vinsmoke 2 months ago

    Nike down 1.2 %

  • Avery Lombardo
    Avery Lombardo 2 months ago


  • Slime Lover
    Slime Lover 2 months ago

    Funny thing is before this I got a Nike add

  • Elibobelly Sandoval
    Elibobelly Sandoval 2 months ago

    Wow that really sucks for the nike company worse audience to watch it happen too

  • Meg Maguire
    Meg Maguire 2 months ago

    Lmaoooo I got an Adidas add before this 😂😂

  • Doodle Dino
    Doodle Dino 2 months ago

    Tell me why this is a big deal?

  • t m
    t m 2 months ago +45

    Inside Edition: “We asked a shoe expert what went wrong 😫😫😫”
    Shoe Expert: “It broke”

  • Sanja Lepener
    Sanja Lepener 2 months ago

    It’s just a shoe

  • Fluffy Flove
    Fluffy Flove 2 months ago

    inside edition has an expert for everything

  • k so
    k so 2 months ago

    That is properly a fake shoe

    AMERICAN PATRIOT 2 months ago +1

    How is this news

  • GJQE 420
    GJQE 420 2 months ago

    i left pornhub for this 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • orange bird
    orange bird 2 months ago +2

    inside edition knows experts for everything don't they

  • Danilo Painter
    Danilo Painter 2 months ago

    Nike is phucked! Imagine the ad that Adidas can come out with if Zion signs with them. HOLY CHEAP, CHINESE MADE SHOE, BATMAN!
    I heard $5 million a year from Nike. NAH! If Zion's agent can't get $10 - 15 million per, he should drop him ASAP!

  • GabeTheSneakerHead
    GabeTheSneakerHead 2 months ago +1

    Zion riped though the cushion of the shoe not wear the cloth and midsole meet.

  • cactus
    cactus 2 months ago +1

    Ayyy gotta love that adidas shoe ad

  • O’Kihi Kills Crow
    O’Kihi Kills Crow 2 months ago

    Oof, I got an addidas ad before this

  • Jamal Murray
    Jamal Murray 2 months ago

    Who else got shoe ad before this

  • xxiammirkxx 07
    xxiammirkxx 07 2 months ago

    Who else got a nike ad?

  • HellaHellaHella HEY
    HellaHellaHella HEY 2 months ago

    Get spring blade shoes.

  • Erin Thesystem
    Erin Thesystem 2 months ago

    Maybe this will become a fashion: like those [widely-ridiculed] couture sneakers with the duct tape wrapped around them.. 🙄

  • Alegacy Davis
    Alegacy Davis 2 months ago

    All this just because his shoe broke?????!

  • Xxsdf
    Xxsdf 2 months ago

    I got an Adidas ultra boost ad on this vid

  • Special 23
    Special 23 2 months ago

    Sneaker had to have some flaws to it

  • Adi Sharma
    Adi Sharma 2 months ago

    Zion getting his shoes dhgate tho

  • Hector Quonones
    Hector Quonones 2 months ago

    I hope he sues Nike and they take all that capernick money from them

  • andy zamora
    andy zamora 2 months ago

    Nike forgot to mention this shoe is only made for kneeling.

  • Cosmo Kramer
    Cosmo Kramer 2 months ago

    In case anyone is wondering America is 22 trillion dollas in debt...

  • Sydney Mullin
    Sydney Mullin 2 months ago

    His shoe split and so did he

  • Jana Manuel
    Jana Manuel 2 months ago

    Damage: 40%

  • Kalei Alameida
    Kalei Alameida 2 months ago +1

    Yah now Nike is falling down and I feel bad

  • Biza ller
    Biza ller 2 months ago +1

    i can feel sports science coming now

  • jeremy john
    jeremy john 2 months ago +2

    Made in china ! When you outsource your subcontract manufacturing to China, this is what you get!

  • Ralph Payne
    Ralph Payne 2 months ago

    Inside edition maybe do some research nigga was wearing the same shoe the whole season

  • Ronald Isabel
    Ronald Isabel 2 months ago

    So when is the ncaa going to stop robbing athletes?

  • TidalWave Dan
    TidalWave Dan 2 months ago

    0:25 “tickets sold for up to $10,000” and not one player got paid??? Wtf?

  • ale_ xis
    ale_ xis 2 months ago

    It would’ve been better if Lisa confronted Nike :

    Lisa: do you want to explain this?

  • Houston Crawford
    Houston Crawford 2 months ago

    “Help ive fallen and i cant get up”

  • Noob -Y
    Noob -Y 2 months ago

    That shoe definitely crashed.

  • WillbuyExpiredJello
    WillbuyExpiredJello 2 months ago

    Shoulda worn crocs

  • Peter Apostolakos
    Peter Apostolakos 2 months ago

    glue??? garbage

  • Julius Torre
    Julius Torre 2 months ago

    Time to buy Other Brands. Like Reebok! My favorite 😍

  • randy martinez
    randy martinez 2 months ago

    Yes no question right now

  • Reese Schwab
    Reese Schwab 2 months ago

    That is why the NBA should let players in right after high school

  • nick zee
    nick zee 2 months ago

    Made In China.

  • 1000 subscribers without a video

    *Flex Tape has joined the server*
    Did i hear someone say some flex tape?!!

  • 1000 subscribers without a video

    Use flex tape and it will looks as new and flexibel

  • Luisa Johnston
    Luisa Johnston 2 months ago +1

    Nike have bad footwear anyway! ASICS rule!

  • Vodka Brandon
    Vodka Brandon 2 months ago