Master of Tides - Lindsey Stirling

My new album Shatter Me featuring "Master of Tides" is available now!
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Special thanks to UE BOOM for making this experience possible.

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Автор Gaust 1234 ( назад)

Автор michael eze ( назад)
wow! very beautiful

Автор akerman jess ( назад)
love music

Автор Bella Floriana Bautista ( назад)
orale que padre

Автор Lacy Bird ( назад)
Hey Lindsey my name is lacy Bird and I'm from West Virginia and I play violin at my school we are the Milton middle panthers orchestra and I just want u to know that I really look up to u and that I want to do just what u do when I get older

Автор Alisson Dias ( назад)

Автор Kaylynn Clasing ( назад)
Is this the viola? or the Violin?
Anybody know?

Автор michal mieciu ( назад)
one of the best

Автор Cicca Caccio ( назад)

Автор Mansur Abdullaev ( назад)

Автор Missa Casillas ( назад)
Astroverga!!! 😀👌

Автор Itzel Posadas ( назад)

Автор Julie Lane ( назад)

Автор JanneAirDotCom ( назад)
Just think how awesome it's gonna be, when they place a mic on that violin! Now they enjoyed it acoustically with that backing track and they loved it!

Автор Valeria Torres ( назад)
I 💜 love

Автор Razvedka ( назад)
Lindsey your music made me cry!

Автор Isabelle Ait ( назад)
Don't forget the best ones ( this is one of them ).

Автор Game player Youtuber ( назад)
Hi i'm Julian, i have 7 years old,. I like your music:)

Автор Winx Club Really Winx ( назад)
wow so cool

Автор Soubhadra Maiti ( назад)
wahhhhh..... noice 👍

Автор Katru Arrieta ( назад)
Es uno de las mejores melodía y precisión de técnica

Автор OffenderBender - ( назад)
It realy starts at 0:40

Автор Dulce Leal ( назад)
que hermoso me encanto

Автор yeni efsaneler Oğuz ( назад)
YAV hehe

Автор chess747 ( назад)
Lol she's Lord of the Dance 😂😂 I love her music and different video clips of great productions.

Автор Matt Scallon ( назад)
You can see the joy in her face when she's playing its so cool and beautiful

Автор axel santiago ( назад)

Автор Lukasz Kasprzak ( назад)
This is world class music !!! Power in power !!!

Автор Annamarie Armitage ( назад)
love love love this

Автор Cleiton Haney ( назад)
que da hora

Автор Cleiton Haney ( назад)

Автор Cleiton Haney ( назад)
Jesus Cristo é lindo

Автор Mateus araújo ( назад)
I not believe that some people not liked this vídeo! It's serious this?!
Incredible vídeo, i loved!

Автор Hurley Yu ( назад)
what brand of violin is the best for acoustic?

Автор Geena Friedrich ( назад)
Perfect ...

Автор Noorjahan OT ( назад)
master of tides,huh?? Lemme call jack sparrow

Автор Noorjahan OT ( назад)
who else wished you were there to see Lindsey on the spot..

Автор Cooper Blackwell ( назад)
If you would kindly do rising sun (shinsuke nakamuras theme) I would be super appreciative!

Автор Cleiton Haney ( назад)

Автор # TheUltimateWaffle # ( назад)
No fair! When I jump around in a puddle and play, people think I have OCD! ;-;

Автор Nya Vaness ( назад)

Автор afrika sudan ( назад)
görsel showları çok iyi

Автор toyama3307 ( назад)
I really fall in love with your music and will never change my mind <3

Автор Jay Cox ( назад)

Автор Doxa Flame ( назад)
She should make music for Geometry Dash. Thats a compliment.

Автор aya milhem ( назад)
love lindsey😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Автор Cleiton Haney ( назад)
que legal...

Автор ȺŁÌ Ⱥl_ƘÌƞǥ ( назад)
1:00 wooow wooow woow

Автор jared fox ( назад)
your so cool

Автор Lina cathurricane ( назад)
Mega coool

Автор Александр Краматорскович ( назад)
Линдси ты прелесть!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор as71691 ( назад)
Just a question... Why doesn't Lindsey sing? I mean, I have been a fan of her's for a while, but I never understood why she doesn't sing in her videos.

Автор Cleiton Haney ( назад)
que legal

Автор Trailermaker Wattpad ( назад)
How she does not fall?!?! After the first tone I would fall in this pool. Face first.

Автор default gameing ( назад)

Автор Ronald Kelling ( назад)
I love your music keep playing

Автор Travis Nguyen ( назад)
At first that worker was like "Oh don't mind me I am only another everyday worker." But next thing he comes out takes of his working outfit and is like "Not! Hahaha!Tricked y'all all!" (Flips and spins sword). Crowd "Knew it...."

Автор Ace the Protector ( назад)
Why are there 6k dislikes? Who could dislike this? Its amazing!

Автор TitaniumZ ( назад)
Saw this on TV

Автор Alexandre Laparra ( назад)
u live in usa?

Автор Cleiton Haney ( назад)
Jesus Cristo é lindo

Автор Cleiton Haney ( назад)

Автор Aleli Alvarado de Cabrera ( назад)
Just AMAZING! Really love her.

Автор Chayenne Oosterveld ( назад)
This is Great,how can you play the Violin so Well?!I can hardly play one song!😂

Автор Dylan Choy ( назад)
she's good

Автор Tina Björklund ( назад)
WOW .....that is what you can call a show....!!!

Автор Ryszard Jankowski ( назад)
Jest ewenementem..wspaniala.

Автор smith roy ( назад)
You are a girl with all the gifts .. very amazing

Автор MemeQueen3000 ( назад)
This One The Best

Автор Katsuna Hadaki ( назад)
She kicked him away xD

Автор Olivia Teitelbaum ( назад)
Lindsey I play violin too and u r my inspiration I love u so much ur amazing!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Автор Bella Comparato ( назад)
People put thumbs down to this????? This was the first song that I ever heard made by Lindsey, introduced to me from my Science teacher, who is also a big fan. This song was so great, that as soon as I got home, I started listening to more of Lindsey's song.

Автор Friendship of Magic ( назад)
I love the story about the Master of the Tides

Автор Cleiton Haney ( назад)

Автор Cleiton Haney ( назад)
que legal. ..super

Автор Cleiton Haney ( назад)
que lindo

Автор iuna solar ( назад)
The performance was fantastic!! I loved the fountain, the performers, LIndsey, the song... All!
I don't know why somebody could give thumbs down to this song...

Автор Cleiton Haney ( назад)

Автор Chirag Goswami ( назад)
come india perform here pleeasee!!

Автор Ariel Burgos ( назад)
bella señorita que toca el violín me gusta como toca soy Eliana Burgos y ella y ella es y a la moda

Автор Evryra Midnight ( назад)

Автор Jé Kk ( назад)
So so big..... it s you the master 😉😍👍👏👏😘😘💜💚💙💝

Автор marcelino filho ( назад)
This is true

Автор Stefano Rondoni ( назад)
But why don't you take off the violin and strip?

Автор Daphne Riversong ( назад)
I, um, uh, I killed my replay button, does anyone have spares?

Автор Daniel Bonner ( назад)
Happy Easter Lindsey Stirling & Family !!!! Love Dad & Family 101

Автор Daniel Brandam ( назад)
j'adore 💖💖💖

Автор Drew Blanton ( назад)
I'm a musician who's in a band. We're called the Special Orchestra of New Mexico, and we trade instruments. I also sing.

Автор LuisB Vermudezg ( назад)
I've seen this video like seventy eight times and I won't get bored xD

Автор yahraever ( назад)

Автор Iscy Gamer and drawer ( назад)
I love to play to the water but love your music

Автор Sergiy Shkurenko ( назад)
I like your optimism as you play Successes to you in hard work! How do you do it?

Автор 1971 08 ( назад)
Tant de talent ! Waouh ! Énorme, j'adore

Автор Mike Tayon ( назад)
Just Spectacular.... no, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Those children have just witnessed "magic", and a whole new level of euphoria! Awesome production you guys!! BRAVO!!!!! :)

Автор MrCHEEEEKY ( назад)
a real lady, finally!

Автор MrCHEEEEKY ( назад)
roll it

Автор Ty Jo ( назад)
i love it

Автор Dat Girlgames ( назад)
I really love the outfits (if only I could get it for cosplaying xD) and the theme of it. Great work Lindsey ;D

Автор Mizpah Mizziel Sauce ( назад)
thumbs up for this! 🤚🤚I really like it!
and I'm so in love with the musical instruments.

Автор Mizpah Mizziel Sauce ( назад)
thumbs up for this! 🤚🤚I really like it!
and I'm so in love with the musical instruments.

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