24 Million Could Lose Healthcare Under Pres. Trump's Plan: CBO Report | The View

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Автор Ken Jeter ( назад)
To Zaprude,i agree.

Автор Jose Puerta ( назад)
Someone give Jedediah a macroeconomics class please.

Автор Salma Amin ( назад)
This is my favourite group of co-hosts. They all bring different things to the table.

Автор flora quint ( назад)
America needs to adopt Canada's health care system, period. The "free market" healthcare thing is completely stupid. It makes no fucking sense.

Автор Derrick Larson Barychovac ( назад)
Jed and Paula fileted it!

Автор Vanessa V ( назад)
STOPPPP ur hurting my brain

Автор Ch3 j0 ( назад)
Car insurance isnt the same i can choose to not have a car and i would never get charged a penatly!!! it would be the same if americans got a penalty for not having a car to get insurance

Автор Paulina Malek ( назад)
Jed is a stupid closeted Trump supporter who tries blame everything on Obama.

Автор Who Dat ( назад)
The U.S. is NOT a SUPERPOWER, without a socialized healthcare system, as in Germany, Sweden, U.K., France and almost all industrialized countries, the U.S. is a STUPID POWER!

Автор Essex123 456 ( назад)
The notion that the free market will solve the problem with healthcare is simply naive. Capitalism operates on the profit motive it has no means or desire to value morality and decency. Look at the current cost of the epi-pen and breast cancer medication if you think that freemarket would be beneficial for the most vulnerable in society.

Автор Mina Melgar ( назад)
I can't stand Jedediah!!!!! Every single show.....i hate her on the same level as Tomi Lahren and Ivanka Trump. Lord bring me patience with these crazy human beings.

Автор katiePetsy ( назад)
I feel so sorry for Americans. I've been lucky enough not to need medical care but I have had routine check ups on the NHS. My dad had cancer a few years ago and we didn't have to deal with insurance companies or have a massive medical bill. The focus was on getting better

Автор Ashley Andrade ( назад)
Hey jed that's what was happening before and it didn't work you idiot.

Автор L M Falaschetti Falaschetti ( назад)
then give it to us free, kick the insurance companies out they r needless middle men, costing the country MORE to support our citizens

Автор Diana H ( назад)
where is Whoopi?

Автор NikoKun ( назад)
What is she talking about? There's no "free market" for something like healthcare.
What a load of distracting BS. There are no federal restrictions that block insurance companies from selling cross state lines. Either the States have blocked it themselves, or the insurance companies just don't want to do that, even when it's allowed. Trying to change that won't solve any problems..
The only option that's actually going to save America money is a Single-Payer healthcare system. The rest of the world has proven that for us.

Автор Henry Jeter ( назад)
A single payer system resolves everything. What you do is give everyone "free" health insurance and then companies can instead of paying into health insurance give folks more money. If your company family plan costs you 600 a month and your company contributes 400 that is a 12,000 dollars. If the gov't covers you and your company gives you that 400 in cash. That and what you pay allows you to gross 12k more a years that gov't can tax to pay for your coverage. Even at a 40% tax rate you will have a additional 7200 dollars a year to spend. Look. Health care resolved.

Автор Ken Smith ( назад)
Nobody that matters will lose their health coverage. Those 24 Million are not rich so they don't matter.

Автор Hannah Louise ( назад)
I don't understand why the US still has so much trouble accepting the idea of universal healthcare. People's health shouldn't be within the remits of a free market.

Автор Steve Winter ( назад)
Jed sticking her tounge out at 44 seconds. I like that side of her. ;) Not really the speaking side.

Автор Mikhail369 ( назад)
The government is supposed to be the common force, to do only what the individual forces have a natural and lawful right to do to. that is to protect persons, liberties, and properties to maintain the right of each, and to cause justice to work for us all. If our nation would just stick to what we were founded on, it seems to me that order would prevail among the people, in thought as well as in action. It seems to me that such a nation would have the most simple, easy to accept, economical, limited, nonoppressive, Just, and enduring government imaginable.. Orange pants is Right. Under such an administration, everyone would understand that he possessed all the privileges as well as all the responsibilities of his existence. No one would have any argument with government, provided that his person was respected, his work was free, and the earnings of his labor were protected against all unjust attack. People would not have to thank the state for their success. And, if unsuccessful, people would not think of blaming the state for their misfortune anymore then a farmer would blame the state because of rains and floods. The state would be felt only by the valuable protection of safety provided by this concept of government. Can people handle freedom? We can not be free and unfree at the same time. The sources of our existence are made uncertain and precarious by these state-created displacements. And, these acts burden the government with increased responsibilities.

Автор Lopez Ortega ( назад)
wow that girl is so stupid ..only woppi can shut her up

Автор simon H ( назад)
why would ever want people to chooose not to have health insurence? if ur co-worker get sick and cant pay for the help... you might get sick aswell

free market religion is pathetic

Автор joe smith ( назад)
i love jedidiah! she is so smart and courageous standing up to these hysterical loons.

Автор AFair ( назад)
Everyone needs health insurance. Your age shouldn't matter, you never know what life will throw at you.

Автор Randy Boisa ( назад)
You are owed health care by the government! The government owes you a house, owes you food. Pphhht

Автор Philip Mclaughlin ( назад)
I made the right decision moving to France.

Автор g br ( назад)
Jesus Christ this is a fucking nightmare. I can't believe this is actually happening. We have Nazi generals in power voting for fucking Phillip Morris not Americans.

Автор Ladygothii12 ( назад)
there are a few things that should not have a profit motive: health care, education, criminal justice to name a few

Автор C Mendoza ( назад)
Oh it's called the view because they rarely discuss facts. Sounds good.

Автор Justine Floria ( назад)
Hey View ladies.. How many people today are without Health Insurance? And for those that do have Health Insurance DUE TO THE MANDATE.. how many of those ever get past the deductible for their insurance to kick in... HOW ABOUT THOSE NUMBERS?? Yeah, No you wouldn't want to talk about that because then you would have to face the fact that Obamacare is NOT HEALTHCARE, it is simply a mandate to purchase Health Insurance that you cannot even use... GEESH!!! Liberals are so short sighted...

Автор Patsy Sadowski ( назад)
The misinformation is insane. You replace facts with anecdotal stories. You spend a third of health costs on admin. You are a danger to others without healthcare, infectious diseases for one. Vaccinations are important. Free market does not work in healthcare because they are profit driven.

Автор Inspiration ( назад)
ISIS just announced that Trump and his administrations pledged a lesion to Isis and they promised to kill many more people with their “Healthcare Plan”.

happy whoopi is not there

Автор Addison Clarke ( назад)
"Car insurance exists because they don't want you to be a liability to someone else." I understand that cars aren't mandatory to own, but for those who own them, we impose insurance on them. Health care is something that everyone needs at some point in their lives. Just like we vaccinate children so that they're not a liability to someone else, y'all should mandate health insurance so that you're not a liability to people who pay taxes to fund emergency rooms and poor family members who have to mortgage their homes to make sure you don't die. How is that difficult to comprehend?

Автор HuggieBear39 ( назад)
Free Market Health Care has not worked yet, what make her think it will work now? Just because drumpf and Lying Ryan say it will?

Автор Necodelord .Necodelord ( назад)
I worked in healthcare for 8 yrs and was over the Obamacare division when it was introduced. The plans barely covered anything and thats not to mention the countless practices taking advantage of ppl by not offering what the plan offered at that rate or amount of their plan. The dumbest thing is that u need insurance for being ill.we live for m a very rich nation. If the government put more money in these hospitals we would be ok.

Автор Creative Minds Homeschool ( назад)
LESS GOVERNMENT!!!!! Obamacare negatively impacted my health insurance. Higher costs, less coverage. Yuck!!

Автор leandro campos ( назад)
ok if you know Doctors are Angeles they don't mind money they save lives

Автор marie williams ( назад)
I will never understand why Americans are scared of universal healthcare. I live in Canada, ours is no where close to perfect, but I am truly thankful, that if I need help healthcare wise I can get it. I can go to the doctors and not have to bring my check book with me...I can have a child, and not leave the hospital with a bill. Again, ours need an improvement in areas, but I would never switch.

Автор Liah Ford ( назад)
Is this man not doing everything he not only condemned President Obama for, but vowed he'd never would? From golfing to raising taxes.

Автор Kelvin Waters ( назад)
"...but if you have a free market system" Yeah that free market system gave us; pre-existing conditions, life-time maximums, corporate healthcare formulary denials, ...

Автор Alisha C ( назад)
I partially agree with Jed. I don't believe you should be penalized if you choose not to buy healthcare. There are people that are not provided healthcare by their workplace and they have not gotten sick enough to go to the hospital all year, but they have to pay a thousand dollar or more penalty a year for choosing Not to buy healthcare. And these are people just below the poverty line. So shelling out a thousand or more a year in addition to taxes being taken out every check is a great financial burden on them.

Автор Trish House ( назад)
Now in America there is no housing for the homeless. It doesn't matter how you get there, if the medical industry strips you of everything, if you lose your job and have no means to support yourself or your kids, or whether you are a drug addict the government will abandon you. In Los Angeles there is a 10,000 person waiting list for housing assistance, in San Diego there is an 8-10 year wait. In Arizona the support has been closed for years, they are not taking new applications and there is no prediction of when it might open again, Florida is shut down, North Carolina opened up for the second time in 14 years and got 10,000 applicants almost overnight. As I research state by state the same story is coming up. Washington state is closed. New York has 45,000 homeless children -that's about the same population as the town of Niagara Falls. Imagine that, a town full of children, with no homes, nowhere to sleep at night, no fridge to put their milk in, nowhere to take a bath, no stove with which to cook their food. And that is what America does for the homeland security of its children!!!! Children can spend decades living in storm drains...

We pay the federal government $3 trillion a year for their services and we get this kind of horror instead, and we get VERY rich politicians and government workers with their security assured. It is time to stop paying these people for bad service and laws they make that harm us. Let's keep those funds in our own communities and provide each other with real homeland security that has meaning to us. Let's provide all our community with affordable housing no matter what, let's provide healthcare that doesn't bankrupt sick people but helps them, let's provide meaningful education, let's create co-operative businesses that share profits with the staff that makes them. And let's create fair justice, ethical policing, and local government that is fierce and protects us. In one decade we would have pumped into our communities and into our economies $30 trillion dollars. That should lift all boats except for those full of people who are the predator class.

Автор 1988vikable ( назад)
Why can't we just have a HEALTH INSURANCE STSTEM ? Is it really that hard to give a plan to cover the ridiculous extremist costs people are being charged for by the medical industry??? That women in purple is right people have insurance but they still can't afford to go to the doctor. It's absolutely insane!! People are going to die if they can't get proper medical care they will end up in the emergency room and it will be too late.

Автор robo9876 ( назад)
let free market do it's job and it will work she must be some kind of special this free market is sending jobs to China and replacing people with robots every which way you look at this there will be a problem

Автор tracy melanie ( назад)
Im just glad im Canadian✌🏽

Автор AnnaJuist ( назад)
The woman on the far right is the only smart one on that panel.

Автор SuperSasha1969 ( назад)
I work in Healthcare and my patients are great full for the ACÁ

Автор SuperSasha1969 ( назад)
Please!!!!! Stop calling it Obamacare!!!!!! It's The Affordable Care Act!!!!! I say we all get the Medical Insurance Congress gets and they get what they're planning to change

Автор Diva Wuan ( назад)
This was an interesting twist in politics. Sunny came off more conservative on the isdud, and Juliadiah came off a lot more liberal than usual, the irony.

Автор MIMI88998899 ( назад)
Free markets work that's why the car insurance is so high. Yeah we all know about the free markets SMH.

Автор KLM Hooked Moore ( назад)
Notice how Jedediah fails to mention that the ones who would benefit the most with Trumpcare will be the already rich and the insurance companies. And who's complaining the most about Obamacare being taken away? Middle America White Rethuglicans. Be careful what you wish for haters.

Автор LilianO ( назад)

Автор David Fiedler ( назад)
Sunny!! Where do you get your #s are you in sane 100 dlrs a month health care your crazy try 700 for one person ( Middle Class )

Автор David Fiedler ( назад)
Shut up Joy! I think you should move to Canada!!

Автор Oscar Calixto ( назад)
Yup crazy the republicans say go to the emergency room wtf I went their once and I got a deep cut and they charge me 300 just for a band aide wtf

Автор TheNessa284 ( назад)
jed is always more brave, when whoopy is gone.

Автор DDports ( назад)
Glad we in the UK have free health coverage even through we don't appreciate it

Автор Tracy Thornton ( назад)

Автор Imani Jenkins ( назад)
See that clilp was a great example of sensible people debating conservative and liberal sections of a topic with facts. Why is that sooo hard today?

Автор Rata 4 U ( назад)
WHO CARES!!? Many are senior citizens who voted for Trump. They knew he was going to trash the Affordable Care Act. So why are they complaining? I don't understand these people at all.

Автор Lady Freedom ( назад)
By mandating that everyone get health insurance, then the total cost for each drops. Because 1/3 won't need it most of the time, 1/3 will need it part of the time, while the remaining 1/3 (mostly elderly and those who have disabilities and things like cancer), will need it more. So the total cost levels out for everyone. Insurance companies make money, people have health care and it makes things easier.

Those who don't want health care, I have the perfect idea. If you don't want health care, opt out. Then you would be moved to a list that any and all medical care you get at a hospital, is 100% on you. The hospital just would make you pay for the services upfront. Leaving everyone else's taxes alone. If you can't pay for health care, and you opted out, tough.

That's totally on you. You don't want health care, fine, you don't get health care. Enjoy your own death.

That's how you solve that problem without screwing up everyone else's health care.

Автор g cecg ( назад)
If you want to know how well the free-market model works, just look a few years back before the ACA. The fact that SO many people didn't have insurance when the insurers were left to their own devices is exactly why the ACA was needed!

Автор Friday Jones ( назад)
I disagree with Jed, because as leader of free world, people should have government subsidised universal health care that has the highest world standard. I reapect Jed conservative free market approach, but medical care is the one thing that should not be part of capitalist system, because your care will be reflective of what you can afford, not care you need.

Автор seeeteee ( назад)
Name one free-market health insurance system that worked. Name one from anywhere on the planet.

Автор Maria Paalbie ( назад)
The American health system is so absurd. Paying money every fucking month just IN CASE you get sick? Its the biggest scam ever. Im Norwegian living in the US and nothing infuriates me more. You dont even get your money back if you never got sick that year, so whats it good for? Just to keep pumping your funds to the insurance companies?? America needs to take some serious lessons from Europe.

Автор adriene stephens ( назад)
Jed comes with facts. I don't always agree with what she says but I value her view on this show because she looks at the topics objectively.

Автор El Boliviano (^-^) ( назад)
free market? I guess we forgot about sweatshops and monopolies :v
give the companies too much power and they will take advantage.

Автор cara.arac ( назад)
Jed is an idiot.

Автор AFair ( назад)
Request an itemized list of costs if you ever have to stay in the hospital. I was charged $46.86 for a box of tissues
$12.00 for a pair of earplugs
4 Tylenol $16.00.
I won't get into the expensive stuff. The hospital charges outrageous amounts to the insured people to offset the cost of people who cannot afford to pay. If Trumpcare is passed, the ER will go back to being a lot of uninsured, or underinsured people's only healthcare, and costs will skyrocket. If you think Obamacare is bad, you are in for a very rude awakening.

Автор Nrocinu777 ( назад)
libertarianism will never stop being the dumbest political ideology ever from some stupid fictional book called atlas shrugged written by a selfish author that in the end even died alone. sad!

Автор DarkEpyon123 ( назад)
oh Jed...

people are going to look back on this as history and see how much of a wretched person you are.

Автор Pierre schulle ( назад)
I love Jed......

Автор Karin van den Berg ( назад)
I am thankful to live in a country with mandated insurance. I may be healthy now but you never know what might happen and I don't want to be sick/hurt as well as bankrupt, thank you very much.

Автор G hrvyck ( назад)
How many Americans would have health care when Obamacare self-destructed?  It was doomed to fail since day one. Nowhere, in the US Constitution, is it stated that the government must provide healthcare for anybody. Before Obamacare, employed people usually had access to affordable healthcare plans. Putting fines on people for not signing on for a government run "Obamacare" program is so wrong in so many ways.

Автор Supertartie ( назад)
Healthcare is not a commodity for the market. It is not a couch. If you don't save, if you don't have the money you still get the care.

Автор R Navs ( назад)
Thank you, Jed! She made so much sense here! Thankfully Whoopi wasn't there to say something with no justification.

Автор John Jacob ( назад)
Whoopi cries about fake news.....the very next day she is back at it, spreading fake news. Wtf is wrong with her head?

Автор Lola Acosta ( назад)
I luv the view good info and explanation 👌

Автор H Menin ( назад)
Sarah hit the nail on the head. The outrageous costs for services is the real problem. Cost Controls were supposed to be part of the bill for Obamacare. But I believe it was taken out before it was passed. Any healthcare bill that is passed without any mechanism for cost control will fail.

Автор John Prescott ( назад)
paula ferret...paula ferret return to your zoo...wont watch when you are b.s.-ing!!

Автор Breanna Northrup ( назад)
The problem is every subset of the market is in cahoots with each other. They can all decide to charge one person roughly $500 a month for insurance. Same things with car insurance, phones. Everything. They all charge a ridiculous amount of money and there isn't competition. They all win and the American people lose.

Автор Y Sekander ( назад)
Free market means phram companies can keep their prices high as will insurance companies. If there are no regulations and the market controls everything. It's a loss for the individual American. Single payer system or follow European standards. Is the way to go so all can get covered. We especially need regulations on phram companies and allow. Medication from Canada and other countries to be sold in the US at the cost of those particular countries.

Автор ERAUPRCWA ( назад)
The free market only works with oversight. Case and point, Martin Skerelly... Pharma Bro who raised cancer medicine by 900%... Like Sunny said, because the insurance companies are gonna be good standup citizens who cares about people over profit. It's always great when rich people talk about how easy the system is...

Автор jaysenior88ify ( назад)
Um it didn't work before the aca what makes you think it'll work now conservatives????

Автор Kris Mmm ( назад)
I don't think Jed has ever studied economics, unfortunately like many people all she does is repeat unfounded radio talk show commentary!

Автор Nina Travis ( назад)
If you skip out on your hospital bill, you are a liability to EVERYONE else.

Автор re2dance ( назад)
These insurance companies don't care. They'll band together and set a high price that the majority of Americans cannot afford. I definitely don't trust the insurance companies!

Автор Taya ( назад)
Hope one day I see our neighbours to the south get universal health care...Peace from Canada

Автор aymarius ( назад)
How is it that the US can not provide free healthcare to all citizens when countries like Canada, UK, France, Germany, etc... are able to??? Taxes pay for services like roads, education and healthcare but it seems the very rich in the US get huge tax breaks and the poor get no services. Talk about American Exceptionalism and American Dream! I would rather live in another country that respects me as a citizen and works for me.

Автор Jackie wignall ( назад)
thank you joy using the car insurance example. they way billing works is a mess. I used to work as a insurance biller for a dentist office and is ridiculous if people really knew how it all really works they would finally fight for universal health care. Jed if you actually have insurance from birth most people will actually get preventative care major illnesses will get caught earlier as thus cost will go down. Also if you believe in the free market tighten allow drugs in from Canada. a lot of their drugs are made in the US as yet they're not considered safe. standardize how much hospitals can charge for things, just cause they are businesses mashes no sense that tons of them charge 300-500 times the actual cost of services just cause they can and they of course have a fiduciary function to seek profits. or Jed talk to an actual doctor, nurse, or just a medical biller to see how it really works

Автор Tony Droid ( назад)
Unfortunately there will never be a solution. Thank God I depend on my Lord Savior Jesus Christ for my Health Care.

Автор Lt.Gabe ( назад)
Obama care fucked up my insurance so I hope it goes away. If 24million people can't get a fucking job to get insurance rather then having the government to pay for it then it's those losers problems.

Автор Deleted Mail ( назад)
Why don't we let free market take care of everything including social security, medicaid, medicare, education, road networks. Let everyone build their own roads, etc. RepubliKKKants are crazy.

Автор safa saleh ( назад)
Did Jed forget what how American was before Obamacare , We had the free market plan and millions of people were denied of insurance , because the insurance companies chose not to give them that's why we had limit the states power.

Автор Derek Vickers ( назад)
Ewe!!! Did you see that spit come out of Trump's lip corner?!!! Looked like a rabid dog.

Автор ubwaterman ( назад)
If the free market system is the answer. Why were the health insurance cost increasing 20 to 25% per year before the Affordable Car Act (Obamcare)? Those increases are the reason for the ACA!

Автор Lioness Arising ( назад)
Sonny ACA sucks!

Автор Katarina D ( назад)
https://justicedemocrats.com/platform and https://brandnewcongress.org/plan

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