vivid sydney 2018 - Opera house - LIGHTING OF THE SAILS: METAMATHEMAGICAL

  • Published on Jun 16, 2018
  • For the 10th Anniversary of Vivid Sydney, celebrated Australian Artist Jonathan Zawada will create a site-specific artwork that transforms the Sydney Opera House sails into a series of kinetic digital sculptures.
    Jonathan Zawada’s concept for the installation explores metaphysical themes using imagery inspired by the Australian environment. “I really wanted to take a big picture view of both what Vivid is about, but more importantly, how I feel about Australia as this kind of elemental, timeless place that is also completely new and full of energy," said Zawada.
    Jonathan Zawada will create a series of digital sculptures and compositions that will distort and mutate in continuous motion. The artist will construct various scenes that evolve and dissolve as objects are introduced, removed or undergo metamorphosis. Within these scenes, everyday objects and natural specimens will appear as hyperreal representations and fantastical reimaginings. Jonathan has also reflected on the canon of Australian art and will appropriate the work of some famous and lesser known Australian artists in his artwork.
    Jonathan Zawada’s unique and highly-influential aesthetic style is characterised by his bold use of neon colour and striking geometric designs. The award-winning artist has exhibited extensively in Australia and overseas, including in Paris, London, Los Angeles, Beijing and Tokyo. He has worked in collaboration with numerous Australian and international artists, including Flume, The Presets, Mark Pritchard, Moses Sumney and Romance Was Born. Jonathan Zawada’s approach to the Lighting of the Sails in 2018 encourages audiences of all ages and backgrounds to participate by identifying various recognisable Australian motifs across science, nature and culture.
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