Rematch: 2003 Cobra Vs. Dodge Stealth RT Turbo

  • Published on Jan 7, 2011
  • Here is a video of a BPU 03 Cobra vs a modded Dodge Stealth Turbo.
    This is a rematch from a race the previous year.
    This video was originally posted by the Stealth Owner but then taken down. I reposted it because people kept asking for it.
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Comments • 193

  • Alex Gunn
    Alex Gunn 2 months ago

    The stealth needs a different driver, someone who knows how to drive!

  • William Parker
    William Parker 3 months ago

    He doesn't know how to drive that stealth

  • Oh, It Burns
    Oh, It Burns 4 months ago

    Stealths are such pieces of shit, but I still love them. Lmao.

  • RMB Offroading
    RMB Offroading 4 months ago

    Cars seem pretty well matched, close races

  • Rex Lor
    Rex Lor 10 months ago

    Nice song 👌

  • Responsitrilitrance Quiltrilitrance

    I’ll bang your mom

  • Responsitrilitrance Quiltrilitrance

    Mustang guy can bang gears

  • William Sain
    William Sain Year ago

    Lol, handled that piece of s*** Dodge from a dig pretty damn well

  • Vun Lee
    Vun Lee Year ago +5

    That was good race for both cars. Superchargers aren’t bad, but I still like the yellow 96 dodge stealth RT TT. Not hating on mustang cobra, true is I like Mitsubishi 3000GT...

    • Roob Hav
      Roob Hav Year ago +2

      At least your being real to yourself about cars that you like...

  • fastfordman1965
    fastfordman1965 Year ago +1

    I figure these engines are around 400 rwhp? Maybe the Stealth a little less? This video is one of the best drag racing videos On RUclip. Great vid! Great cars!

  • Edward Christian
    Edward Christian Year ago

    A stealth beating a cobra really? Maybe a SuperSport.

  • Resilient
    Resilient Year ago

    You have been Terminated..

  • Ayman Abdusadek
    Ayman Abdusadek 2 years ago

    That was what so called " TURBO LAG"

  • Pastor Park
    Pastor Park 2 years ago +6

    My dad had a stealth rt tt and would crush his friends cobra so this video can't be trusted. The driver makes a big difference so why should I believe this. No hate.

  • woodyfive0
    woodyfive0 2 years ago

    Fuck the new 5.0, I'm hunting me down a Cobra..... Sexiest Mustang ever built!!!

  • Jesse Hasch
    Jesse Hasch 2 years ago

    I'm totally not surprised that a ford beat a dodge. It's no secret that out of the big three, fords have the least problems, and dodges have the most. This video speaks the truth. Fucking Over Rebuilt Dodges. It definitely did, and I'm not surprised, at all. Fords rule, and dodges are nothing but problems. I'm happy to own a mustang with a bullitt performance package, and wouldn't have anything else.

  • David Crabtree
    David Crabtree 2 years ago

    Fuck yeah mustangs rule all!!

  • DigitalEyesStudios
    DigitalEyesStudios 2 years ago +2

    Didn't the Stealth lose all? I own a 92 RT/TT so not hating on the Stealth...just what it looked like on my screen.

  • David Hale
    David Hale 3 years ago +2

    the turbo lag is real

  • shnoopy doopy
    shnoopy doopy 3 years ago +2

    That was the dickest launch i've ever seen from a vr4. Wtf bro really you're ganna talk smack then get smacked from a launch.

    • 96stealth
      96stealth 2 years ago

      shnoopy doopy stock clutch

    • Another Mike
      Another Mike 2 years ago

      The lightweight flywheel is a big factor. It helps with shifting and keeping parts from breaking but sucks on a launch.

    • shnoopy doopy
      shnoopy doopy 3 years ago

      Bogged the fuck out of it.

  • Gun Runner
    Gun Runner 3 years ago

    and I'll smoke all in a stock 06 350z

  • ovenman2004
    ovenman2004 3 years ago +4

    All these butthurt fanboys. Both are cool cars.

  • wpas pas
    wpas pas 3 years ago

    I laughed so hard at the end it cuts to just the cobra and the part of the song plays "your fucking nightmare " haha

  • Jay A.
    Jay A. 3 years ago

    stealth weighs 3800lbs

  • David Martin
    David Martin 4 years ago

    I guess for the mods the stealth has, it runs pretty good. is this a twin turbo?

  • MIke Fecht
    MIke Fecht 4 years ago

    Stupid for the stealth to even do a 5 mph roll..... No boost built. supercharger has boost instantly. How about a dig lol

  • Brenden Moore
    Brenden Moore 4 years ago +2

    No way in hell that shit mustang can beat that stealth. It has a turbo and WAY MORE HORSEPOWER. Plus the ratio for the overdrive kicks in faster. I'm talking stock if they raced.

    • Roob Hav
      Roob Hav Year ago

      stock vs stock, yes the Cobra would win 380Hp vs 320Hp Stealth come on now lol... Beside the SVT Cobra was made in 2003 and "that" Dodge Stealth was back in 1996. Both of these car ran well.

    • Joey P
      Joey P 3 years ago

      Brenden Moore lolololol!

    • Brenden Moore
      Brenden Moore 3 years ago +2

      My mom says I'm special ed but idk who ed is :)

    • Joey P
      Joey P 3 years ago

      Brenden Moore lmao are you fucking retarded? That's a Cobra...380rwhp car bone stock.

    • Nameless anomaly
      Nameless anomaly 4 years ago +1

      the dodge had 320ish hp that Terminator cobra supercharged 390hp from the factory.

  • JisINSANE3
    JisINSANE3 5 years ago +1

    not even fair, but that stealth held its own quite well

  • Hype Tempo
    Hype Tempo 5 years ago

    Its amazing that the stealth lugs around awd and aws and weighs the same as a rwd car lol

  • Vang Yang
    Vang Yang 5 years ago +2

    I have own 3000gt non-turbo I have kill a mustang cobra 3 times race. 3000gt are fast in high speed it was built for. Idk what he did to his 3000gt but that race was not true.

    • Tesla Carver
      Tesla Carver Year ago

      Vang Yang i did a little research on the stealth because I'm looking to get one and I found that modifying certain parts of the car, turn it into a money pit. So a lot of people recommend buying the base version of the car, and only modifying what is safe to modify without causing any problems with the car.

    • Rafa_ 4Barca
      Rafa_ 4Barca 3 years ago +1

      Bullshit lol

    • Nameless anomaly
      Nameless anomaly 4 years ago

      your lieing. a non turbo 3000gt has 220hp and to be honest there dogs unless there tt. early cobras have 320 hp and later cobras have 390. hardly a match for either cobra. Stop dreaming.

    • Jarrett Joslyn
      Jarrett Joslyn 4 years ago +1

      it isn't what he did or did not do to the car, they just have no racing experience. they could be driving a gt-r and still lose due to no experience

  • JON H
    JON H 5 years ago +5

    sorry but cobras are fucking shit. stupid whiny supercharger.

  • TallhandsomeD
    TallhandsomeD 5 years ago

    People want the easy way out so they buy a car that already has some power. Well tuners customize and that's what racing is about not going a buying a car because, "it's fast" both car's drive amazing I own a stealth my self, but it's about tuning to make it yours. So stop comparing ricers …...

  • Danny Johnson
    Danny Johnson 5 years ago

    Nice Kills by the Cobra

  • sindof
    sindof 5 years ago

    You have to keep in mind the stealth was most likely produced 5-10years before the cobra

  • utopia vanished
    utopia vanished 5 years ago

    @summeronthechain And what is your crap rice mobile?

  • corey mink
    corey mink 5 years ago

    @summeronthechain-Oh, really...please tell us the modifications of your Civic?

  • CruisingHD
    CruisingHD 5 years ago +1

    ridiculous stealth owner sucks shit at driving

  • CDP kawaii
    CDP kawaii 5 years ago

    ill take the dodge

  • Tomas Richards
    Tomas Richards 5 years ago +23

    moral of the story mustangs are still gay :)

  • smiley00341
    smiley00341 5 years ago +5

    Pretty good race considering the 3000GT weights 4000lbs lol

    • MoparProud
      MoparProud 2 years ago +1

      They're the exact same car mate. Only difference is Active Aero on the 3000GT VR4, and styling. Engine/trans/interior are identical.

    • Josh King-Wilks
      Josh King-Wilks 4 years ago

      +Fallen Wolf Your stealth must not be the R/T TT then.

    • Fallen Wolf
      Fallen Wolf 4 years ago +2

      Actually, coming from a stealth owner, my stealth weighs 2900 lbs

    • summeronthechain
      summeronthechain  5 years ago +2

      Yes, because there were significant changes that started in 2003 including the supercharged engine and Independent rear suspension. A 2001 Cobra is really not comparable at all to a 2003/04.

    • smiley00341
      smiley00341 5 years ago

      different years weight different, if you look up a 2001 cobra it will be less, the later years say it is more around 3700 or more

  • jrskyline96
    jrskyline96 5 years ago

    Awd can't even help that heavy ass stealth.

    • Keelan RC
      Keelan RC 4 years ago

      @jrskyline96 LOL Skylines are like 200 pounds lighter and when they first both were released the r34 and gto mr were nearly exact on pick up.

  • corey mink
    corey mink 5 years ago

    Cobra FTW

  • Bobby Walker
    Bobby Walker 5 years ago +30

    Stealth needs a driver mod

  • Calvin Scott
    Calvin Scott 5 years ago +1

    HAHAHAHAHA Rookie!!!! lol lookin at the RPM Gauge. Love both cars though

  • summeronthechain
    summeronthechain  5 years ago +1

    Sweet Avenger!

    • Fallen Wolf
      Fallen Wolf 4 years ago +1

      To be honest, neither driver really looked like they knew what to do. The Mustang would win due to sheer power, but a properly launched Stealth R/T Turbo would pull ahead quickly off a dead stop just due to the fact that it is AWD even if the Mustang did overcome it later.

    • saabsly1
      saabsly1 4 years ago +1

      Lol GAYEST comment ever... Wow, the way you're showing everyone one how much jealous and frustrated you are... What are you driving? An all rusted 81 civic? lol. Anyway, don't even bother to reply, no one cares about what idiots like you have to say.

  • chad hinz
    chad hinz 5 years ago +10

    that was the gayest race ever both your cars suck but if i had to choose id get the stealth just cause mustangs are tampons with wheels

    • Cody Cordill
      Cody Cordill 11 months ago

      chad hinz you sound like a bitch

  • Javier Caldera
    Javier Caldera 5 years ago +2

    Didn't you lose the first race in the first try? Yeah thought so, both cars weigh almost the same and the Cobra is making 450+ plus, i bet you even warmed the tires as well, you did take this win but I doubt with a stealth making 450 hp it would burn that stang

    • Javier Caldera
      Javier Caldera 2 years ago

      Yeah. This was when I thought all Stealth's were fast lol. Making same power the Cobra would still win. Stealth is a fat car. It would need 500 awhp to compete

    • Kyle Severin
      Kyle Severin 2 years ago

      David Crabtree I love Cobras ... I have a 2001 Mustang GT I love mustangs ... That post up there was over 2 yrs ago anyways

    • David Crabtree
      David Crabtree 2 years ago

      summeronthechain these people just can't stand that cobra beating this stealth,kinda funny

    • Kyle Severin
      Kyle Severin 5 years ago

      Alright summeronthedick I said 420-430 tops, An 20-30 hp is 20-30 hp dumbass its a big difference even 4%..Every bit of hp makes a difference.. An wow bro was that calculus?? That was so hard math here let me try?? 20/450=0.044 repeating so 4.4% wow i did it let me try another bro.. ok umm 30/450=0.066 repeating so 6.6% damn we so smart

    • summeronthechain
      summeronthechain  5 years ago

      @Kyle Severin You said 430 tops. 450-430 is 20 hp. 20/450=.044 also known as 4%, bro.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 5 years ago

    Your fuckin' nightmare! and the Cobra Terminator comes into screen.
    Fuck that was awesome! Nice kill.

  • Spoolin DSM
    Spoolin DSM 6 years ago

    The fact that you have Avenged Sevenfold in this video makes it that much better :D

  • moomarkel
    moomarkel 6 years ago

    pretty decent runs. its fun to see close pulls. i think the 92 stealth is one of the coolest looking cars ever made. and i owned one not a bad car all around. lots of little things can go wrong with them but a cool piece of history and yeah really heavy lag car. but man in 92 for the price they were really awesome.

  • BloodstainedSinner
    BloodstainedSinner 6 years ago

    If the Stealth was an R/T TT, it weighs just over 3,800lbs@ 320hp

  • Joey P
    Joey P 6 years ago

    Cobra= about 3700lbs....

  • Владимир Бурцев

    а голос как из параши!

  • noobanator26
    noobanator26 6 years ago +1

    the stealth had soooo much less power and was heaver than that cobra. fact of the matter is that the stealth is capable of much much much more. and the driver of the stealth needs a slap in the face for trying to race....cause he sucks

  • LiicKeTyy Gaming
    LiicKeTyy Gaming 6 years ago

    So much for an automatic lose......

  • Joshua Stanley
    Joshua Stanley 6 years ago

    If you look around you can find one with decent mileage (40-60k) for around $18k-$20k. Spend like $1500 on pulley, intake, exhaust, and tune, you'll have a 450whp 485wtq car. And that's with the car not even breaking a sweat. You can make 800-900 whp without doing anything to the engine.

  • OGkush69
    OGkush69 6 years ago

    yep and cobras dont go for 25k as of now oh wait they do so 25k plus "100 bucks" witch i call bullshit u cant even get a tune for that and i wonder how much is the heat exchanger and and intake and cutback? according to u all for 100 bucks right?? fkn hate youtube clowns always bending the numbers in there favor grow the fuck up it is what it is any car can be modded with cash so stock is the bench mark! and cobras bench is impressive 12.7 1/4 mile bone stocok but for 25k bucks i dont know!

  • Nastynork
    Nastynork 6 years ago

    rly good video. i love that cobra.

  • JMR World
    JMR World 6 years ago

    But some bass in your voice

  • GTR G C7 Z06
    GTR G C7 Z06 6 years ago

    Que mamada 123