GoT S0805: Dany going mad, full fix (Re-Edit (to the best of my ability)) Game of Thrones

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • Do something nice, consider donating on the behalf of Emilia Clark. The issues I have with the show are strictly narrative, cast and crew did nothing wrong and I'm proud of everyone:
    1. It's not perfect, I tried my best. I had to invent creative ways to insert Rhaegal. Yeah, that's right. I moved his death from episode 4 to episode 5. It'll make sense.
    2. Dany, Drogon AND Rhageal ambush from the sky. Dany and Drogon race for the back of King's Landing to sack the city, destroying the walls. Rhaegal stays behind and lays havoc on Euron's fleet.
    3. Jon isn't riding Rhaegal because tbh, I ain't got footage of that in this climate, but more importantly, it's because Dany doesn't trust Jon anymore. They had a fight earlier in the episode. You can be assured, she's not letting him ride her, or her dragons anytime soon. Tbh, Jon's lucky he's not dead.
    4. Because of Rhaegal's existence, I had to reconstruct almost the entire battle to make it work. But we get to the bells just fine. The Lannister troops lay down their weapons and they surrender. Dany perches up on the wall, overlooking King's Landing. She's won...
    5. We hear in the distance, Rhaegal screeching in pain. We see Euron has landed a fatal blow on Rhaegal. Rhaegal dies, just like in episode 4.
    6. A devested Dany, on the other side of King's Landing, can't do anything to help her Dragon. As soon as the bells ring, people begin to cheer. To the people in King's Landing, they only saw ONE dragon, and that was Dany/Drogon. The civilians are cheering the death of a Dragon, they are cheering because they think they've killed Dany. If I had some fun shots of people cheering, I would have included them. If I had audio that said "We've killed the fucking dragon" or "the bitch is dead", I would have included it.
    7. And now, it all makes sense. She goes mad because she just lost one of her Dragons and two, she goes mad because the people she's trying to rule see her as an evil conqueror, and they cheer and hope for her death. With everything else that's happened this season, this makes perfect sense.
    8. I included the song "Winter is Here" when she burns the city to the ground because winter has come to King's Landing. We thought it was going to be snow, but it's ashes instead. Dany turned out to be the evil the Lord of Light wanted to vanquish. She kills just about a million innocent people with her Dragon. She's done more evil than the Night King has. Once you commit genocide, you can't go back. Which is why Jon, will have to kill her next episode fulfilling the Azor Ahai prophecy (the prince who was promised in the show). The Night King, was a red herring all this time. I think it's poetic to have this song play, as Dany can't ever go back to being Dany. In many ways, this is the Death of her character. Which is why we don't see her for the remainder of the episode. She's become evil incarnate, unleashing hell on the world. I debated leaving the song out, but kept it in anyways. The edit already had a lot of silent tension, and loud badass music. This felt right. It's also the moment, we as an audience realize everything I characters did to prevent death and destruction, has ultimately invited it in. It's a failure for all our characters, and it's a failure on our humanity.
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  • Ryan MacFarlane
    Ryan MacFarlane 12 days ago +54

    The way you cut this made the scene far more believable and far more impactful than the original. For Rhaegal's death to be the immediate and direct cause of Dany's mental break, and for the unsullied to attack an unarmed force as an extension of that mental break: this sequencing of events was far more meaningful, and made the fate of King's Landing that much more tragic.
    The music selection, too -- it really brought home how our lofty hopes for the peaceful, prosperous reign of a just and fair Queen fell to tatters in a single instant, and it created a sense of utter dread for what comes next.
    This is a great piece of work here, and you should be proud. Bravo.

  • it is what it is

    Anybody peep rheagal at 8:56

  • Domenick Rafter
    Domenick Rafter Day ago

    Oh wow, this would have actually been a good version. Have Euron kill Rheagal as the city surrenders and let that be what makes Dany snap.

  • gozde345
    gozde345 4 days ago +1

    this is not danny going mad, this is David&Dan going mad!!!

  • Irshad Sher
    Irshad Sher 4 days ago

    At 4.27 there are 2 dragons.....

    • Damn Unicorn
      Damn Unicorn 2 days ago

      Irshad Sher Jeez, that’s the point🤦🏼‍♀️ Did people forget how to read?

  • bAKON
    bAKON 4 days ago

    The amount of idiots who can't read and are complaining about seeing 2 dragons .......

  • Jordan Pardi
    Jordan Pardi 5 days ago

    Probably also would have been a good idea to edit out Harry Strickland's stupid death by just cutting 6:03 - 6:33 completely.

  • Michelle-Ann
    Michelle-Ann 5 days ago

    12:48, checkmate bitch!!

  • Michelle-Ann
    Michelle-Ann 5 days ago

    After all her helpfulness, all she got was resistance and fear and zero respect. The last straw would have been my best friend head getting chopped off in front of me. Everybody gettin it. Who wouldn’t go crazy?

  • unum quod agat
    unum quod agat 6 days ago

    As someone who actually enjoyed the Bells episode, this was really dope to watch. I almost feel like if Rheagal’s death came *after* the bells started ringing, that would’ve made Dany’s eventual madness even more powerful. My favorite part is the inclusion of the Winter Is Here track over the final part. Amazing work man!

  • Ahmed Hekal
    Ahmed Hekal 6 days ago

    نريد ترجمة هذه الأفلام الى اللغه العربيه

  • Vincent V
    Vincent V 6 days ago

    You got giant crossbows that blast away ships. Why not blast away your enemies army.....

  • Abo Mohamed
    Abo Mohamed 6 days ago

    Can I know which period was the story
    Also place or country
    Regards from Egypt

  • Wados Jezierski
    Wados Jezierski 7 days ago +1

    4:26 two dragons? what?

  • Legends of Thrones
    Legends of Thrones 7 days ago

    This is what happens when some dumbass think they are actually better than professionals at creating things. This version is far more devoid of logic than the original one. What's the consequence of Rhaegal dying in this episode? Is that a way to make Daenerys' massacre legitimate? Oh, wait that's already what they did by killing him during episode 4. What you're trying to do is make us think there's a difference between losing someone that you're attached to 2 minutes ago and losing it 3 days ago. Do you really think she would have had time enough to grieve the death of what is meant to be her child? Do you really think it would have prevented her from killing thousands of innocents? NO because the timing just doesn't matter. What really matters is the fact that Rhaegal dies and that's only one reason why she did that. If you had listened more carefully you would have noticed that Daenerys' claim to the throne is questioned since Jon's roots were revealed. So people would be likely to want Jon on the throne to the detriment of Daenerys. Now as you may know Daenerys thinks she is to some extent "the chosen one" that would free the whole world of tyranny which means that to her mind, it's not a matter of her sitting of the throne because she wants it but only a matter of her sitting on the iron throne because it's her destiny and has to ensure the common good. And what's the best way to keep the power when people think you're not rightful? You try to inspire fear and that's what she is trying to do by turning a whole city to ashes. So yeah that's surely not what had to be done and that's horrible but that's the reason why she acted this way.

  • Anderson Klein
    Anderson Klein 7 days ago

    She's just a girl and she's on fire 🎵🎵🎵🎵

  • Rowley Jefferson
    Rowley Jefferson 7 days ago

    No matter how ridiculous this was and how unearned, watching this shocked me to my core it was insane i was shaking for 20 minutes.

  • Widya Kangko
    Widya Kangko 7 days ago

    Yang dari Indonesia like cuyy

  • Abo khaled kkhaled
    Abo khaled kkhaled 8 days ago +1

    Min 4.27
    There are 2 Dragons

  • unknown
    unknown 8 days ago

    this is way more better than d&d shitty script:(

  • Rubens Nobre
    Rubens Nobre 8 days ago

    A trilha que ele colocou no momento que a Daenarys retoma o voo ficou muito boa. Só me pergunto se ela é originalmente de GOT.

  • shubhrant k
    shubhrant k 8 days ago +7

    After decades of waiting finally a worthy child fulfills her fathers wish
    And what was it
    Burn 🔥them ALLLLLL

  • مهدي البري
    مهدي البري 8 days ago

    Fuak to gon snoe bastrad why san the betsh kell her..
    I like to her to matsh i waint Fukeher 30 yers

  • Clément de Sagazan
    Clément de Sagazan 9 days ago

    So you added music.

  • Radoslav
    Radoslav 9 days ago

    Seriously this would be much better rheagal shot from the sky at kings landing would be more probable for Dany to snap not this bullshit we got from Dumb and Dumber. Or this season was wrote by children ffs.

  • Fabiano Sousa
    Fabiano Sousa 9 days ago

    Nessa cena aparecem dois dragões, só que o outro ja tinha sido morto em pedra do dragão. Erro grave.

  • stevenw28
    stevenw28 9 days ago +1

    Wow. Way better. Good work. Simple edit makes you feel emotion. Music choice was also on point especially the ending.

  • hamxa ameer
    hamxa ameer 9 days ago

    That drogon is more destructive then entire nato fighter jets 🙄🙄🙄 please don’t show jokes at the end 🙄🙄🙄

  • Jessica Lopez
    Jessica Lopez 10 days ago +1

    It would make more sense if they included the deaths of Missandei and Jorah in addition to Rhaegal

  • cON hA
    cON hA 10 days ago +3

    The death od rheagal should of been after the bells rang, In my opinion.

  • Daniel Hjelvik
    Daniel Hjelvik 10 days ago +2

    Daenerys Targaryen wasn't the queen we thought she was after all. She was the mad queen.

  • Shaik Mahammadrafi
    Shaik Mahammadrafi 10 days ago

    Good video

  • Lucas Reid
    Lucas Reid 10 days ago

    I hate jon snow, look at what daenery been through, why he kill the rightful queen.

  • Kathy Parker
    Kathy Parker 10 days ago +1

    To the writers of the final season...dracarys!

  • Ricky- C.88
    Ricky- C.88 11 days ago +1

    That was a awesome edit still hurts to see the dragon go out like that Greyworm head to the dark side with Dany on that

  • عراقي تعبان
    عراقي تعبان 11 days ago

    واوووو قتل الناس والاطفال والنساء مسلسل ما بيه رحمه لا تعليق

  • Elmanın dünyası
    Elmanın dünyası 11 days ago

    4:27 see.2 dragon

  • Daniel Smallman
    Daniel Smallman 11 days ago

    sorry but this was a fuckin waste of time to watch

  • Arron Patterson
    Arron Patterson 12 days ago

    I just don't see any other way other than to rush it!
    Do you want more episodes, you can have more episodes Lol

  • Bender Bending Rodriguez

    Good thing Jorah died earlier and didn't have to witness this...

  • Michael Stark
    Michael Stark 12 days ago +1

    Long live the QUEEN. Forever Danny fan here. Valla molgulis!

  • Дракарис
    Дракарис 12 days ago


  • rodolfo zambrano zambrano

    en dos escenas hay dos dragones

  • rodolfo zambrano zambrano

    hay dos dragones como si solo quedaba drogonerror de escena

  • Degrad21
    Degrad21 13 days ago

    you showed why danny going mad was not the problem. just the way the show tried to tell her inner conflict was shit. She was mad since season three if you rewatch, but the way the show told it was so weak in S8. I think her going mad was the best way of finishing her storyline, but it was poorly shown in the episode itself

  • darthen856
    darthen856 13 days ago

    Good edit. This at least gives a bit more motivation. I think D&D were sadly in a hurry to end the story and needed a quick-fix: a way to show everyone in an instant that Dany turned evil. Even if it doesn't make sense. They should have dragged it out. In this scene, only the Lannisters and golden company should have been slaughtered despite having surrendered. That would have been horrifying enough. Dany would only unleash the dragon on the city in a later episode, after people rose up in rebellion against her. That would also mirror her father, who faced revolt in much the same way.

  • Hasan caycı
    Hasan caycı 13 days ago

    vengeance does not target 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  • yashuiro
    yashuiro 13 days ago

    at 13:50 i know john would kill dany for peace.. She is so Mad and so full of hate, she will never be the same...

  • Rhys Mcintyre
    Rhys Mcintyre 13 days ago

    Insane editing 10/10

  • Conor KirkhamSwain
    Conor KirkhamSwain 14 days ago

    Honestly where the fuck were the rest of the golden company. So stupid

  • Eva Delay
    Eva Delay 14 days ago

    Like others saying, leaving the music on the end adds emotion, tragedy to what happened to Danerys. It's Shakeperian. The tragedy of not just what happened to Kings landing but to a soul of a favorite character. This remix highlights all those points really well. I like it.

  • junior lopes
    junior lopes 14 days ago +4

    Two dragons ?????
    No início, logo quando Eron olha para o céu aparece Daenerys montada em drogon e outro dragão ao lado

    • Caro Esposito
      Caro Esposito 5 days ago +1


    • Isabella Araújo
      Isabella Araújo 14 days ago +1

      Meu pensei a mesma coisa,viserion foi morto pelo rei da noite,e o ragon pela tropa de ferro,quem era aquela dragão

  • Dem1se
    Dem1se 14 days ago

    Way more convincing and beautifull than the pile of shit we got.

  • Njoroge
    Njoroge 14 days ago

    She went mad like his grand father the mad king.

  • Gustavo Cardoza
    Gustavo Cardoza 14 days ago

    Movieron el 2 dragón en laesena jjjjjjj

  • Varric
    Varric 14 days ago

    Daenerys showing her true face.

  • kolakani vinay
    kolakani vinay 14 days ago

    Any body watch 2 dragons

  • Sodiumreactor
    Sodiumreactor 15 days ago

    She did not go crazy. She got revenge for them killing her dragon and chopping off her best friends head. Series had a shit ending.

    • Sodiumreactor
      Sodiumreactor 13 days ago

      @AnthonyScott A million Innocent people?? They were not innocent. Except for the children. They were a casualty of war. She never went "crazy". She just got pissed. And rightfully so.

    • AnthonyScott
      AnthonyScott  14 days ago +1

      Normally I don't respond to comments anymore, but you're flat out wrong. She went crazy. Besides the fact she killed nearly a million innocent people that had nothing to do with the death of Missandai or Rhaegal, the very next episode she believes she "LIBERATED" them by burning them alive, and how she plans on going city to city across the fucking world to "LIBERATE" them, including the North. It wasn't a fan misinterpretation. If that's not enough, DnD explicitly said in their behind the scenes she went mad. Her going crazy actually happened. It wasn't revenge. She had already won the war. She literally went mad queen and completely lost all sense of awareness in the finale. She turned into Hitler.

  • BlazingDragon1337
    BlazingDragon1337 15 days ago +22

    Aerys II. Targaryen( Mad King ): BURN THEM ALL!!!
    Daenerys Targaryen: Your wish is my command, Father.

  • pkrisnin
    pkrisnin 15 days ago

    that was one bad ending reminds me of lost ending did they have the same writers ?

  • victor pineda
    victor pineda 15 days ago

    From clip 4:25 i can see 2 dragons . Guess no one saw that they were using old clips from previous scenes

    • AnthonyScott
      AnthonyScott  15 days ago +1

      Yeah, it's annoying. 99% of comments are about the 2 dragons, without realizing the context behind the video. They think this is a direct upload of this scene from episode 5, but it's not. The entire 16 minutes is a complete re-edit. Shots are cut, shots are completely re-organized and shots are invented with old clips. I wrote a detailed description of the changes and why I made them and like, nobody read it. Which is fine I suppose, but it can get old when most people are like "2 dragons wtf?". I just wanted to make an alternate reality version where Dany going mad, made a little more sense. Obviously in this version, Rhaegal doesn't die in episode 4, which I think is a better choice. If he dies in episode 5, and the people of king's landing cheer for the death of her dragons (they see her as an invader) that might be enough to push Dany over the edge. She wants to "liberate" these people, but that false perception really honestly should have been shattered. She sacrificed so much to get to this point... I'm not opposed to her going mad, really I'm not. I just didn't buy that character change. She had already won and she held no grudge or hatred to the citizens. It didn't make sense. But she might if those people she wants to lover her, hate her and would love nothing more to see the death of her children and herself... The edit still could have been better, but if 99% think this is a direct upload, that means I did a good job convincing people this was official.

  • voolgo vuctor
    voolgo vuctor 15 days ago +3

    4:26 two dragons

  • Yousif Aliraqi
    Yousif Aliraqi 15 days ago

    😭😭😭😭 why dany ? 😭😭😭

  • Makhmutov Productions
    Makhmutov Productions 15 days ago

    4.27 there are two dragons but how???????

  • Anajine
    Anajine 15 days ago

    I think many went mad beacuse Dany was so beautiful. If she wasent as beautiful no one would cry 💁

    • Anajine
      Anajine 11 days ago +1

      @G. Coleman Agree 👍

    • G. Coleman
      G. Coleman 12 days ago

      turns out she WASENT that beautiful after all

  • Mr. Bigglesworth
    Mr. Bigglesworth 15 days ago

    No re-edit can save this dumpster fire. They clearly moved on and gave up on story-telling leaving the real A+ film team high and dry...oh and the audience. Pathetic.

  • Jasmin
    Jasmin 15 days ago +12

    I would do the same though.. why would I be mercy after my dragon being killed and my loyal friend.

    • Jasmin
      Jasmin 14 days ago

      @halo2player3 xharooot lang ang peg. Seryoso kaayo murag pd mao

    • halo2player3
      halo2player3 14 days ago +1

      the difference between a ruler that could gain the support of the commoners and someone who would understand that losses will happen when you try to rule a kingdom. your friends are friends, but when you take it to this level, you will never rule over anyone.

  • Nickii Brenton
    Nickii Brenton 15 days ago

    So they kill her baby, so she burn the place down?!

  • Kevin Grenouiller
    Kevin Grenouiller 16 days ago

    im glad its finish i feel free from this awful writing

  • Krotitelj Kurvi
    Krotitelj Kurvi 16 days ago +3

    Drogon get on fire my apartmans,just I no see ROOMS SOBE ZIMER sing an air condition,its Dubrovnik on fire...Like 1992. then bosnian bombing Dubrovnik with MLRS..

  • Lohit Bisen
    Lohit Bisen 16 days ago +2

    4:26 WTH. 2 Dragons!!!

  • satish chavhan
    satish chavhan 16 days ago

    There is 2 dragons how ,when dragon come form sky

    • SASenglish
      SASenglish 15 days ago

      read the title... This is a edit ffs.

  • Shawn 2890
    Shawn 2890 16 days ago

    I for one believe she wasn't mad at all.
    From the beginning she promised to do this and all the GoT fans cheered her on. Seeing it though just shows the pussies out in the world. Those calling her Mad or Evil. She's the Targaryen Queen. That's it and simple. Her death was a disgrace.
    All hail the Dragon.

  • Marabe699
    Marabe699 16 days ago +2

    Tbh, I’m glad the Lannister army got slaughtered. Lol having hated the lannisters continuously win every season. Then now seeing them helpless.

    • Josef Weisleitner
      Josef Weisleitner 14 days ago

      @Marabe699 plenty of them were, like in every other city. did you see the stark's soldiers slaughter women and children? in war there is no good and bad side. only bad

    • Marabe699
      Marabe699 15 days ago

      Hiram Ojeda San Inocencio lives*. Were the lives in King’s Landing innocent? #BurnEmAll

    • Hiram Ojeda San Inocencio
      Hiram Ojeda San Inocencio 16 days ago +1

      Yeah follow by a million of innocents lifes

  • Illisil
    Illisil 17 days ago

    This edit was lovely!

  • Rye P
    Rye P 17 days ago +3

    Such a leftist over simplified interpretation of events. Daenerys did not go mad. She did what had to be done to destroy her enemies and to win the war. Daenerys' actions here are no more reprehensible than Cersei destroying a cathedral filled with worshippers. This is war!

    • Rye P
      Rye P 16 days ago

      @Asura Strike Art is open to different interpretations Hier Fuhrer. My interpretation is neither stupid nor wrong just different than perhaps your interpretation of Daenerys' story arch.

    • Asura Strike
      Asura Strike 16 days ago +1

      either trolling or stupid af

  • s k
    s k 17 days ago +12

    Seems like cerci was the heroine. Even in death, she was with the man she loved, in his arms!!!
    And Dany, look at her face before she got stabbed. We can see how much she loved him. And she was betrayed by Jon, the queen slayer. Compared to cerci's cruelties, Danny didn't do anything. Plus sansa, she always want to be the queen. For me, Danny's death is painful than the red wedding. 😡

    • Ziva
      Ziva 14 days ago

      been #teamCersei since day one

  • redplague
    redplague 17 days ago

    There's a problem with this though. If Rhageal hadn't of died in episode 4 then Missandei wouldn't have died so the original plan to conduct a siege instead of attacking outright would have stood. Nice try but this creates narrative errors.

  • Mario Gallego
    Mario Gallego 17 days ago

    I think the super gdeil that the city was burned down! I would have done it too!

  • TheLahna -87
    TheLahna -87 17 days ago

    i am so happy that crazy bitch targaryen died, she was annoying from the beginning and in the end, she was sooo intolerable imo. hate me if you want because of that, but she didn't deserve the throne..

  • Josh
    Josh 17 days ago

    Yea but then they couldn't have surprised us the viewers the episode before by killing Rhaegal and killing more unsullied to even the odds even though it didn't matter at all because apparently all it take sis one dragon and a respanwed army to win anyways. Jesus Christ they gave up so hard trying to write anything that made sense just for the shock value. It's been said a million times, shocking with a consequence is not the same as shocking for the sake of shocking which is just stupid.

  • sly07
    sly07 17 days ago +3

    4:27 why 2 dragon ?

  • Stefano Rocha
    Stefano Rocha 17 days ago

    2 dragons?

  • Кайрат Берешов


  • Divyansh Bohra
    Divyansh Bohra 17 days ago

    Did I see two dragons at 4:26 ?

  • Al Qaex
    Al Qaex 18 days ago +135

    What also would nmake sense is Dany KILLING Arya (by accident of course, in the fire), which could explain a motive in Jon Snow to kill her. Arya's endgame is useless anyways. Sailing to the edges of the map, come on lol

    • Al Qaex
      Al Qaex 14 days ago +2

      @Dr S LOL TRUE THAT. Even more stupid of an endgame then.

    • Viktor Krum
      Viktor Krum 14 days ago +7

      and she failed to kill most of her list anyway. she only got meryn trant, walder frey, and the bald guy who took needle. and maybe the tickler but she had jaqen kill him instead of killing him herself. she failed elsewhere

    • LordNeo [LORD OF WISDOM]
      LordNeo [LORD OF WISDOM] 15 days ago +7

      @Dr S lol excactly

    • Dr S
      Dr S 15 days ago +11

      She could just ask Bran what's there

  • صابر سلام صبري

    بس كانووو كان في ٢تنانيت مووو مو واحد اول ما هجمووو

  • Joe B
    Joe B 18 days ago +3

    You need to put the dragons death after they ring the bells. That would make a lot more sense, and be timed better.

  • salman al3nzi
    salman al3nzi 18 days ago

    4:25 who 2 dargun !?

  • Antonio granados
    Antonio granados 18 days ago

    OMFG this was just epic! How such minor changes make something so great! This season had such potential and D&D stuck it to us and have us shit after 7 great seasons. HBO did their best and offered money and time but they didn’t want it. I don’t think we can unsee what we saw... instead of a pre show maybe continue it to explain all the things they told us and never closed. The games after sort to speak... honestly this is how I could have seen “The bells episode ending”

  • Gloxxify
    Gloxxify 19 days ago

    Makes more sense than Dany suddenly developing severe autism and getting annoyed that the bells are out of rhythm and deciding to burn everything

  • Dan Peterson
    Dan Peterson 19 days ago

    I thought the point of the re-edit was changing the ending to where she accepts the surrender of the city without destroying it, which would have made more sense to 99% of the viewing audience. She simply flys to the Red Keep to finish off the Lannisters. She wins the 'Game of Thrones' and probably marries Jon, and certainly not murdered by him. Having two dragons there made much more sense as it would have been impossible to hit Rhaegel firing from a rocking ship, not to mention it would have been impossible for Dany and the dragons to NOT see the enemy fleet long before their catapults came into range. This was quite possibly the stupidest of the many stupid things the D&D team did. They would have simply avoided the fleet, landed on Dragonstone, picked up boulders, and keeping out of range of the catapults, sunk the fleet by dropping rocks on them, or since the can swim, attack from underwater and blast them at point blank range below the firing range of the catapults. Killing Rhaegal at King's Landing was nearly as stupid too. Dany would have simply attacked the city on a dark night when it would be impossible for the catapult crews to see their targets. It is amazing to think Dany would have risked her dragons at all when they could defeat the Lannisters without taking ANY risks whatsoever as I have just shown. The writers were morons with no sense of military tactics whatsoever. It is exactly why Westeros was previously conquered with no loss of dragons.

  • Andre Montoya
    Andre Montoya 19 days ago

    My ideal battle of king's landing would've been against the NK after he wins at Winterfell and the remaining protagonists retreat South. Too bad they wasted him in ep3. Still, this edit makes more sense than what the show gave us.

  • Beebop Shaboogie
    Beebop Shaboogie 19 days ago

    Wish I had a dragon .....

  • Zain Ul Abideen
    Zain Ul Abideen 19 days ago

    4:26 whose the second dragon?

    • Personal Personal
      Personal Personal 17 days ago

      The other dragon who then died at the battle though that makes her see red when continuing the war .

  • نادر بن حرب
    نادر بن حرب 19 days ago


  • RS sohail
    RS sohail 19 days ago

    What does that ringing bell indicates. Any one who knows here

    • saucygyro
      saucygyro 17 days ago

      It means The city surrenders

  • kush dubey
    kush dubey 20 days ago +54

    Man bad ending of such an awesome charactor
    I just have one thing to say
    Dany burn those who wrote this end burn them all

    • subhojit mitra
      subhojit mitra 13 days ago

      shut the fuck up you cuck. Go watch the series again and pay attention. You are a dumb bitch if you think dany was always good.

    • TheTournesoul
      TheTournesoul 14 days ago

      maybe it would be a little better explanation if missandei was killed at that moment. causing her to snap.

  • Antel Antel
    Antel Antel 20 days ago

    That's only because she has two dragons 😂