The GOPHINATOR Gopher Trap. - Mousetrap Monday.

  • Testing Out The GOPHINATOR Gopher Trap. - Mousetrap Monday.
    Check out my video on how to tell if you have moles, voles. or gophers digging up your yard.

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  • Shawn Woods
    Shawn Woods  Year ago +66

    See how to Cook & Eat Gopher on The Wooded Beardsman's Channel:

    • Jim Bo
      Jim Bo 10 months ago +1

      @Heemie The 6 god he is just big boned.

    • Jim Bo
      Jim Bo 10 months ago

      @• Aesthetic Playz • win.

    • Texas Roast
      Texas Roast Year ago

      Have you ever tried to use mink? Mink could be really effective at getting rid of your gopher problem!

    • Heemie The 6 god
      Heemie The 6 god Year ago +1

      That gopher was fat

    • LAIT
      LAIT Year ago

      I was just gonna say....

  • Jeffrey Worthen
    Jeffrey Worthen 4 days ago

    Yeah that is one healthy "Caddyshack" sized gopher.

  • Space step
    Space step 6 days ago

    I'd like to see live catch gopher trap. That's a tough one. ???

  • Space step
    Space step 6 days ago

    Poor Lil guy doesn't even know the damage he's doin

  • Thomas Walton II
    Thomas Walton II 8 days ago

    Golfers are people. If you kill golfers, they're going to lock you up and throw away the key.

  • Drew Boucher
    Drew Boucher 14 days ago

    How do u have so many mice and rats in the country ?

  • Murada
    Murada Month ago

    Where's Dan Akroyd when you need him.

  • 108tna
    108tna Month ago

    Is this good for rats as well?

  • Neotoxo54
    Neotoxo54 Month ago

    I’ve use the smaller version for moles...and sharpened the prongs for a more efficient kill...they work very well.

  • []
    [] 3 months ago

    “Every time I mow the grass”
    Holy sh.t, this guy has the riding lawn mower. I want one... (somehow they looked so fun as a kid...)

  • Coacervate Droplet
    Coacervate Droplet 3 months ago

    I don't blame you. I really like gophers but they just do so much damage they must be controlled. I would be a little more wary of reaching in there but your the expert. Good demo of that trap thanks

  • Volcano -currency and more-

    love the videos

  • tvtime1
    tvtime1 3 months ago

    Is it edible?

  • Paul Morissette
    Paul Morissette 3 months ago

    Gophers keep the soil turned.

  • Hawk eye
    Hawk eye 3 months ago

    Shawn can you eat gopher?

  • Chobaca
    Chobaca 3 months ago

    That grass do not look alive enough to merit mowing.

  • Andrew Murphy
    Andrew Murphy 3 months ago

    My friend owns a dairy farm in Texas and he invites me to go "Varmit Exploding" every few months.

  • Paul Gorman
    Paul Gorman 3 months ago

    Dr. Doofenshmirtz would love this new INATOR

  • Coach
    Coach 4 months ago

    I went from nerf guns to mouse traps...

  • Kenny TheLegend
    Kenny TheLegend 4 months ago

    I've seen gophers the size of cats! That is not a "huge" gopher.

  • Professor Meme
    Professor Meme 4 months ago

    I hope that bite gets better

  • Kevin Grisler
    Kevin Grisler 4 months ago

    When I was little my baseball field was infested with gophers. I was stuck in right field and I was bored out of my mind, so I spent a lot of games trying to sneak over to a gopher hole to see its dumb little face poke out at me. I wanted to reach down and grab one someday but I guess that was never possible lol

  • John Di Francisco
    John Di Francisco 4 months ago

    Great idea with the flag to hold it in place. I never thought about the gopher taking the trap in deeper.

  • nismo armada
    nismo armada 5 months ago

    So technically they are family like beavers and meerkats ?

  • Suzy Green
    Suzy Green 6 months ago

    Dude, you should wear a respirator if you're going to be tractoring in dirt like that. The dirt is bad for your lungs and there's the risk of rodent-carried pathogens. Also, if you live in the west, there's the risk of valley fever, which is a serious lung fungus infection.

    • Suzy Green
      Suzy Green 6 months ago

      (but otherwise, great video!)

  • Donald Barnett
    Donald Barnett 6 months ago

    He didn't invent nothing this is only a variation on a much older type of scissors trap used for gophers and moles for about a hundred years. There are about a dozen variations of this same design.

  • Kevin2382
    Kevin2382 6 months ago

    Sweeney’s ( the green ones) are the best.

  • Corny The Corn
    Corny The Corn 7 months ago


  • Blue Dude
    Blue Dude 7 months ago

    You've been targeted for GOPHINATION

  • Lalisa Manoban
    Lalisa Manoban 7 months ago +1

    Your a great successful youtuber and I know people only write this to make you feel better but I really mean it! When you upload i click heck fast!! I love your channel keep up the the good work. Also I know you may have stress by comments saying " stop censoring the part where they die" , or "drown! RUclip does not like that content so they demonitize your videos. Then you start losing subs. See? People need to understand that Shawn tries to upload what people came to see! Shawn, I know you may not read this but your content is great! I know what your going through. I share this channel with my friends and try to make you gain subs. I try my hardest. Thank you for the great content. P.S. Your daughter, Clementine is so adorable!!

  • Sleeping Vortex
    Sleeping Vortex 7 months ago

    Ghophinator...... sounds like it needs a 3000 at the end.

  • Carl Bell
    Carl Bell 7 months ago

    the best gopher trap is cinch!!!

  • Eat your cereal
    Eat your cereal 7 months ago +1

    I’m selling funny bits of vids for like

  • Troy Adams
    Troy Adams 7 months ago

    2:18 he is a next hybrid gopher. Congrats viewers we discovered this mysterious creature

  • Nikki Kvalnes
    Nikki Kvalnes 7 months ago

    I dont know what place you live in but that looks like a ground hog

  • xBRuT4LxJOHNx
    xBRuT4LxJOHNx 7 months ago

    You should do a video on the verminator

  • KaibaCorp HQ
    KaibaCorp HQ 7 months ago

    Seems like Bill Murray could've used this thing in caddyshack, it would've made their life so much easier.

  • Veryl Sayos
    Veryl Sayos 7 months ago +1

    Pls people no more bullying shawn wood or i report you to police

  • Ariel Romero
    Ariel Romero 8 months ago

    The gowpher hawk is less messy

  • ImpendingJoker
    ImpendingJoker 8 months ago

    Just to add to some of the advice, just keep the traps with you as you mow and when you uncover a tunnel stop a moment set the trap in the tunnel with your flag and carry on with mowing, that way when they come plug the hole, you have them and don't have to dig.

  • coady 4570
    coady 4570 8 months ago

    those gophers look nothing like Alberta ones. ours come out of there hole more too. never trapped them but have done propane and lit the hole on fire lots. now i put a 200 gallon tank in the back of the truck full of water and fill the holes. the jack russell terrier loves it.

  • Donald Barnett
    Donald Barnett 9 months ago

    These gopher traps with only slight variation in design are over a hundred years old. They are based on one simple fact that you should know about gophers thy have an uncontrollable instinct to backfill there holes and can not leave a tunnel open to the air. This instinct is probably a protection against predators such as snakes and wessels. whit in a vary short time of you uncovering the hole to one of their tunnels they will come and back fill it with dirt. This is their weakness and the traps are based on this instinct. The trigger of the trap is closest to the tunnel opening and the right length to go off when the plug of dirt he is pushing hit the trigger his body in in the progs. Always tie the trap to a strong stake or he will pull your trap underground.

  • Ruby Gray
    Ruby Gray 9 months ago

    This almost makes me wish we had gophers in Autralia so I could use one of these!

  • NoteMiner
    NoteMiner 9 months ago

    With all them rodents, I'm sure there's a good amount of snakes around. This is a lot to ask, but could you take a shot at designing and making a video of a snake trap? Thanks!!

  • wenjingsaf
    wenjingsaf 9 months ago

    Peter Pettigrew~!

  • MemesAreBad
    MemesAreBad 10 months ago +1

    Rats *EXISTS*
    Shawn woods: im bout to end this mans whole career

  • Stephen Albano
    Stephen Albano 10 months ago

    Nice Video, Shawn. Thanks for featuring out trap on your youtube video!

  • Linda Hiorns
    Linda Hiorns 10 months ago

    EWWWW you made me click on a gophers private parts to subscribe lol

  • Jim Bo
    Jim Bo 10 months ago

    You got all kinds of rodents

  • Type 251 df wbx
    Type 251 df wbx 10 months ago

    They are cute

    • Activo
      Activo 9 months ago

      @Type 251 df wbx it doesn't matter on how they look like.

    • Type 251 df wbx
      Type 251 df wbx 9 months ago

      NoDepth rats are disgusting but these are cuuuteee

    • Type 251 df wbx
      Type 251 df wbx 9 months ago

      NoDepth keep them as pets

    • Activo
      Activo 9 months ago

      So what?

  • matermark
    matermark 11 months ago

    Wow, them gophers are small out your way, here in the middle of a city (Buffalo) I had one about beaver size. Are we talking 2 different critters?

  • isettech
    isettech 11 months ago

    Having lived in pocket gopher country in Central Oregon, gopers were a problem. The best trap was the CO-Z traps. With a stick find the run between mounds. Dig a trench crossing the run. Set the trap cross the run. Make mud from the dirt removed and pour the mud into the trench. Gopers prefer to dig in soft soil. They quickly return to repair the damage. As they push soil up into the trigger, they set it off. Very high success rate with this method. Someone told me to wash hands as they smell the human. Found in making the mud, this is false. Use your hands on the trap and making the mud and packing the trench and trap. They will be back to clear the tunnel right away.

  • Permian Based
    Permian Based 11 months ago

    Phuck that Gopher

  • nicu vlog's
    nicu vlog's 11 months ago

    Blast them with amonium nitrate and gas

  • Js Js
    Js Js 11 months ago

    How dose this man still have pest problems

  • Tsukiko Furude
    Tsukiko Furude 11 months ago

    Gophers sure are incredibly ugly little critters

  • Scotty Douglass
    Scotty Douglass 11 months ago

    Give 'em a flip

  • John Benedict Alejo
    John Benedict Alejo 11 months ago

    3:53 Thank me later dudes

  • Morgan Brown
    Morgan Brown Year ago

    Mad Max mowing

  • Larry Hale
    Larry Hale Year ago

    No-flip Gopher poison pellets take the fun out of it, but it's quicker with less effort than this method and quickly gets rid of my gopher problems.

  • Angie Kelley
    Angie Kelley Year ago

    You need to leave the corpses out somewhere so other animals and bugs can eat it. That's the only way to justify these creators deaths.

    • Angie Kelley
      Angie Kelley 11 months ago

      @Tsukiko Furude thanks for telling me.

    • Tsukiko Furude
      Tsukiko Furude 11 months ago

      He actually does that, he even started to capture the moment when the wild animals eat these pests

  • ChristianPuppy64
    ChristianPuppy64 Year ago

    There is so many give it a little flip comment and I geuss I’m now one of them,

  • Dave Pawson
    Dave Pawson Year ago

    I use a nine iron for annoying golfers.

  • James Archer
    James Archer Year ago

    So RUclip is against you showing dead mice, but ok with dead gophers.

  • Rabbit Delight
    Rabbit Delight Year ago

    3:35 thank me later

    RED FUK Year ago

    Holy that's a big lad

  • Young Blood
    Young Blood Year ago

    Go with Flow or in this case Go with Bro's in the comment section "Give it a little flip" if you do make the T-shirts can it be shipped in India...

  • Luke Luzardo
    Luke Luzardo Year ago


  • baby Maharaja
    baby Maharaja Year ago +1

    They're ugly. Not cute like gerbils or hamsters.

  • tangerine BETA
    tangerine BETA Year ago +1

    bro, that gopher is tiny! here in canada they r 2 or 3 times bigger!

  • Exotic Ants
    Exotic Ants Year ago

    *_give it a lil flip_*

  • Disciple8923
    Disciple8923 Year ago

    Why blur a mouse and rat carcass but show the Gophers? When and why did you start blurring out the carcasses?

  • RandomMusicMan
    RandomMusicMan Year ago

    Can u ever do a lizard trap?

  • Titantube
    Titantube Year ago

    Laugh out loud I love the name! 😂😂😂 the gophanator

  • Quentin Neal
    Quentin Neal Year ago

    You should have put him on the beaver damn for the hawk lol

  • Mason S
    Mason S Year ago

    In his spare time he catches people

  • #YourIQDoesn'tMeanShitToMe

    Bruh clean your nails...

  • Jaden N. Hernandez

    Dramatic gopher is S H O O K....oh wait, he always is. lol
    remember that meme?


    Looks just like me

  • Air dawg Animations

    After you kill a rat,mole,gopher or give it a little flip!