Building secret underground swimming pool's house by digging cliff

  • Published on Feb 24, 2019
  • Building secret underground swimming pool's house by digging cliff
    Have great to hear this new from us "Brave Wilderness Life" This video want to show you how live the real wilderness life to lives for and builds the old ancient. All my videos, we will include the technique & Technology to build different kind of houses and any things ales. Furthermore, we will show you about how to survive into the forest and how to use some primitive tools as well as. Finally, we would like to thank you so much for always to support us. Your support is our motivation!
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  • StanleySimmons REACTIONS

    That's a bathtub not a swimming poll lol

  • segurança s
    segurança s 7 days ago +2

    a criatividade é imprecionante, essa pessoa sobrevive em qualquer lugar do planeta. the creativity is imprecise, this person survives anywhere on the planet.

  • xXBlizzard The DragonXx

    I love the mud sounds it's weird it good but it weird

  • Francisca Mancilla
    Francisca Mancilla 12 days ago +1

    Consulta que tipo de "tierra" es???

  • Aurel F
    Aurel F 22 days ago +2

    The sound of the nature is gorgeous

  • Cihat Bingölbali
    Cihat Bingölbali 28 days ago

    her sey bir gunde olmaz ama bır gun olur 😁🤞😍r👍

  • عبدالله النعيمي

    ماشاء الله تبارك وتعالى عمل ممتاز ورااااائع

  • Filipe Dias
    Filipe Dias Month ago +1

    Minecraft real life kkkkoo

  • Water Man
    Water Man Month ago +1

    At this rate I should build a whole mansion under ground. Put some rugs down, doors, heaters, lighting, tv, plumbing, bed, couch, owe nothing to the government

  • Joice Santos
    Joice Santos Month ago +1

    His ready for a war

  • Sonia Teixera
    Sonia Teixera Month ago +1

    Muito lindo

  • idk
    idk Month ago +3

    Why is everyone building swiming pools... like wtf

  • Vincent cautillo
    Vincent cautillo Month ago +4

    After he baths in all these tubs he builds how does he drain it ? And then 2000 trips everyday to fill it They’re gonna find him dead one day from smoke inhalation in his tub. Lol

  • Vincent cautillo
    Vincent cautillo Month ago

    I wonder what local labor unions think about this guy ? Lol

  • з Блогер
    з Блогер Month ago

    Кто заметил что у него жора в глине ставь лайк

  • bagusbugstea
    bagusbugstea Month ago +4

    And... He got the click bait from this content

  • Aleksander Wielki
    Aleksander Wielki Month ago

    Jakby dać mu wkrętarkę... Czy jesteście w stanie to sobie wyobrazić? :D

  • Julio Bitencort
    Julio Bitencort Month ago +1

    É a primeira laje que vejo alguém bater sozinho.

  • Shamsudheen P
    Shamsudheen P Month ago


  • anonimni posmatrač

    What hapen if Raining?
    Undergrount Water....🤔

  • Ник
    Ник Month ago +1


  • Taurg
    Taurg Month ago +5

    с вероятностью в 95% дышать там через полчаса будет тупо нечем.

    • art_fish
      art_fish Month ago +1

      и та груда глины над бассейном с вероятностью 100 процентов упадет ему на голову через несколько дней.

  • erdi halıcıoğlu
    erdi halıcıoğlu Month ago +1

    anlatacak söz bulamıyorum helal olsun çok zeki bir insan o şartlarda inşaat işclerine dudak ısırtırır

  • پرنده آزاد

    انته إنسان بمعنه الكلمه موبدع

  • DE TUDU UM POUCO santos


  • Олег Клык
    Олег Клык Month ago

    Он без бассейнов вообще может?

  • Kazi
    Kazi Month ago

    Who's gonna drain the tub water ? His Cameraman?

  • Alessandro Ferreira
    Alessandro Ferreira Month ago +1

    Eu adoro esses vedeos

  • Шохбоз Мамиров

    Эта видео так залипает

  • Jayanta Khatoniar
    Jayanta Khatoniar Month ago +1

    Last time at the end he was smoking a cigarette, but this time OMG his whole house is smoking, but hats off all the efforts💪💪💪💪

  • Rod Eccles
    Rod Eccles Month ago +1

    Is it wrong of me to find it relaxing watching someone else work up a sweat working his butt off? BTW, a little bit smokey inside. Probably not good for long life.

    TIAGO S Month ago +1


  • VetonMakeAFun
    VetonMakeAFun Month ago

    Where you building

  • Regina Tafoya
    Regina Tafoya Month ago

    Do they build family homes to just for two people

  • Cheryl A
    Cheryl A Month ago

    Love the chimney! Kind of ruins the hidden part of the house, but who cares!

  • Nooby PixelWorlds
    Nooby PixelWorlds Month ago +1

    Wow so beautiful

  • Владимир Марценюк

    В каждом видео есть бассейн или ванная, вопрос зачем?

    • Mr_climb
      Mr_climb Month ago +1

      Видимо по меркам их климата...
      вода - основной источник свежести, чистоты, терморегуляции и комфорта)
      правда через пару дней комары наверно заселят такой дом)

  • John Vergel Lalata
    John Vergel Lalata Month ago +2


  • Marya Kipti
    Marya Kipti Month ago +1

    Smart guys

  • Munib Fatkhurrohman
    Munib Fatkhurrohman Month ago +1

    Lek ambrol piye wi Ngko ya ya

  • Leandro Cazarin
    Leandro Cazarin Month ago +1

    João de baro

  • Marc Rafanan
    Marc Rafanan Month ago +1

    Carbon dioxide suffocation wohooo

  • Puja shit
    Puja shit Month ago +1

    Aisee log army ke liye secret house bans skate hai

  • fk salz
    fk salz Month ago +1


  • Jack Le Ripper
    Jack Le Ripper Month ago

    The chimney gives it away you flucking bell end 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Билл Голдберг

    В конце лег и умер.

  • Sophronia Blau
    Sophronia Blau Month ago

    Plátanos con agua caliente? Te va a dar chorro! Mejor enséñanos a hacer esas antorchas geniales!

  • Жанибек Костанай


  • 檸檬
    檸檬 2 months ago


  • josako tarrako
    josako tarrako 2 months ago +1

    The boss the only free man

  • Tatiane neves da costa Silva


  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 2 months ago +1

    Wow what a beautiful oven for humans

  • Besos a tu alma
    Besos a tu alma 2 months ago +1

    Genial. Pero esa agua que puso para bañarse, con el tiempo se pudre y todo un tema para sacarla. Esta bien, pero yo no pondría agua.

  • Del Boy
    Del Boy 2 months ago +1

    Somebody send this guy a JCB

  • ادريس ناصر
    ادريس ناصر 2 months ago


  • Luzia Rodrigues
    Luzia Rodrigues 2 months ago

    QUERO UMA CASINHA Dessas 🤩🤩🤩

  • josy silva
    josy silva 2 months ago

    É lindo o trabalho dele ... Mais eu me imagino sufocando com toda essa fumaça em um lugar fechado

  • Richard Doomns
    Richard Doomns 2 months ago

    nuclear bunker :O

  • kemal u
    kemal u 2 months ago

    Adam dededen zengin istediği yere ev yapıyo

  • Alex Bailey
    Alex Bailey 2 months ago

    Женщину себе забыл слепить из навоза этого)

  • ilyas madaev
    ilyas madaev 2 months ago

    В конце только понял что саунну себе сварганил

  • Quốc Truyền
    Quốc Truyền 2 months ago

    hello everyone i'm a vietnamese can you sign up to help me please thank you

  • Tiago Tavares
    Tiago Tavares 2 months ago

    Ficou bem secreto a casinha com a chaminé .!

  • Дмитрий Евтушенко

    У них мазолей наверное пиздец

  • Zapadniy Patriot
    Zapadniy Patriot 2 months ago

    Good aborigin! Super. Master klas.

    NUR LUZ 2 months ago +1

    Better than the DIY craft videos

  • Aregawi Brhanu
    Aregawi Brhanu 2 months ago

    Its so amazing i think you are one of the ancient ethiopian people b/c ethiopans known by such activities . I respect you! you are so brilliant

  • Nala Mc
    Nala Mc 2 months ago

    This would be so cute to build little things like this for animals awww 😩🦊🐰🐖

  • Nala Mc
    Nala Mc 2 months ago

    3:47 cute swimming pool 😂

  • Vitor Fregnan
    Vitor Fregnan 2 months ago

    Its gonna be hard to change the water of jacuzzi kkkkkk

  • Vitor Fregnan
    Vitor Fregnan 2 months ago +2

    Pra trocar a água da banheira vai ser foda hein kkkkkkkkk

  • Dina Vieira
    Dina Vieira 2 months ago

    Muito bonito esse lugar que ele construiu

  • Tony Cummings
    Tony Cummings 2 months ago

    How do you keep snakes out of these places ?

  • Tony Cummings
    Tony Cummings 2 months ago

    Geees, wander what he would charge to bild me a din ? !!

  • Mônica
    Mônica 2 months ago

    Legal o a habilidade deles, mas tenho me perguntado se vivem em todos esses lugares ao mesmo tempo... Será que só eles vivem nessa imensidão onde eles cavam e cavam e cavam?

  • Ananda Nanda
    Ananda Nanda 2 months ago

    Siapa yang ajari kamu buat itu pasti nanda

  • Douglas Magalhães
    Douglas Magalhães 2 months ago

    Esse kara podia ir pro largados e pelados.

  • أندرويد _ REDA
    أندرويد _ REDA 2 months ago +2

    هل من عربي غيري هنا خخخ 😂

  • JBS %
    JBS % 2 months ago


  • Claudiane Denise
    Claudiane Denise 2 months ago

    Só gostaria de saber, se ele faz isso tudo em um dia? Eu acho que sim! Meu esposo acha que não! Simplesmente extraordinário👏👏👏

  • Sandra Eli
    Sandra Eli 2 months ago

    They make it look so damned easy!!!

  • Leonora Johnson
    Leonora Johnson 2 months ago +14

    🇧🇷 adeus aluguel vou procurar um barranco pra morar ! 💁🏻‍♀️👍

  • Joseph Dwyer,Sr.
    Joseph Dwyer,Sr. 2 months ago

    I'm only 3 min in....can't imagine any American kid working that hard.Is this some sort of religious practice?

  • 杨晨
    杨晨 2 months ago

    1 like for the man who works hard.

  • Spirit Of Soul
    Spirit Of Soul 2 months ago

    These videos are just to show 101 ways of taking baths!!!
    But kudos to the Great creativity.

  • Akira Ahkmad
    Akira Ahkmad 2 months ago

    Lets build hanging garden babylonia

  • Falando Sobre
    Falando Sobre 2 months ago

    Homem pre Histórico evoluído.

  • Chudu Somu
    Chudu Somu 2 months ago


  • Chudu Somu
    Chudu Somu 2 months ago


  • Александр Бондаренко

    Смотрю не первые кадры, как они жилище в землянках строят- молодцы. ( Правдо прискорбно ), но война с американцами им на пользу пошла. Сейчас нашего заставь такое соорудить- А где эсковатор, а где ломы с лопатой, а где бетономешалка ?

  • Küçük Gitarist ONUR
    Küçük Gitarist ONUR 2 months ago

    Please watch

    ALL IN ONE UPADHYAY 2 months ago +4

    In which place u are built this house or swimming pools

  • Рюрик XIII
    Рюрик XIII 2 months ago

    Столько заморочек, чтобы ополоснуться... Упорный парняга :)

  • Cassie D
    Cassie D 2 months ago

    This is amazing but why? Do they have other houses where they stay? And what happens when it rains? I saw the other videos where they built a underground house and swimming pool.

  • Rian bastos
    Rian bastos 2 months ago

    Imagina o calor ai debaixo

  • Ahmad duka
    Ahmad duka 2 months ago

    the bast king

  • Дунаев Сергей

    Идет себе чувак под нос насвистывает, а тут херак посреди непролазных джунглей экскаватор чего-то случайно яму выкопал. А дай ка я тута баню на халяву построю

  • Phantom_ 1145
    Phantom_ 1145 2 months ago +7

    My question , you build that for what...??

    • Daniel Elias
      Daniel Elias 2 months ago

      @miss mash yeap
      I think because the soil is arid and red. South American soil is brown.

    • miss mash
      miss mash 2 months ago +1

      @Daniel Elias oh ok that's good to know, i really thought he was from there.i also doubt that he is from the southern part of africa cuz i'm from there

    • Daniel Elias
      Daniel Elias 2 months ago

      @miss mash he's not brazilian. Probably from south of africa. Here in Brazil it's so different the lifestyle and natural environments ;)

    • miss mash
      miss mash 2 months ago

      I don't think he understands english , i think he is brazilian so he just likes the comments only

  • pequeweque
    pequeweque 2 months ago

    Yo alucino cómo replantean las escaleras estos tíos. Incluso para dejarlos a medio cuadrar, es complicado a ojo. Lo cual desde el primer día me demostró que hay más tongo que en un garito de trileros.

  • Samet Orhan
    Samet Orhan 2 months ago

    eyvallahta öyle su ve toprak nerede