NHL Highlights | Canucks vs. Rangers - Oct. 20, 2019

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • The Canucks jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first and held on to beat the Rangers 3-2 in New York City.
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  • Willy Benn
    Willy Benn 22 days ago

    Revenge From 1994

  • Барсик Котофеев

    N.Y.Rangers!!! Гоните дырку шведа из ворот!!!

  • Болат Алишев

    А мне кажется, что Панарин не стоит своих денег, хотя я болею за него лично!

  • Arte Mon
    Arte Mon Month ago

    Tanev ?? Что за российские корни?

  • Толян фокус

    Лунквиста на песнсию он уже устал!

  • sgthulka 76
    sgthulka 76 Month ago

    Rangers need to call up Shestyorkin

  • Metalguru81
    Metalguru81 Month ago

    Man did Henrietta Lundqueen ever suck tonight. If they'd play with a beachball he might be able to actually stop some shots, guy's a joke.

  • JoeyWoodcroft
    JoeyWoodcroft Month ago +2

    The replay really didn’t show the downfall of the canucks defence and how markstrom saved the day

  • Sergey Bazylnikov
    Sergey Bazylnikov Month ago

    Тёма держись ! Всё придёт ! Болеем за тебя! Челяба с тобой !

  • Fredric
    Fredric Month ago +1

    Lundqvist should really consider hanging it up.. He's no good anymore.

    • Metalguru81
      Metalguru81 Month ago +1

      He has never been good. In Boston we call him the cupless queen.

    • Alex Lucian
      Alex Lucian Month ago +1

      Fredric His contract is up after next season. Until then, he helps the tank.

  • Sanjay Bakshi
    Sanjay Bakshi Month ago +1

    Kakko bust

    • DerpyWaffle
      DerpyWaffle Month ago

      @Alex Lucian two towers wasnt enough clearly

    • Alex Lucian
      Alex Lucian Month ago

      Hey Habib, go wash that towel you put on your head.

    • Mel S
      Mel S Month ago

      Lol, what?

  • Armaan The Gamer
    Armaan The Gamer Month ago +11

    Turn this blue if you want the Canucks to win the Cup

  • Афанасий Мамонтов

    Ну что ПанЭрин?, помогают тебе твои "ляхи" 😁 😁 😁

  • Julico Gaming
    Julico Gaming Month ago +1


  • Carl Greger Hjortkloe
    Carl Greger Hjortkloe Month ago +1

    Jeez... 6M AAV for bad puck control and only pucks outs (Tyler Myers)

  • Elias P
    Elias P Month ago +1

    how did i get 1st star marky should have got it

  • vvbcom vvbcom
    vvbcom vvbcom Month ago

    did miss won’t kiss

  • vvbcom vvbcom
    vvbcom vvbcom Month ago

    Придётся Панарину бабосы отдавать

  • Andrea toby
    Andrea toby Month ago

    As a rangers fan I’m disappointed about the way we conducted ourselves at the garden and I wish it could’ve been better. This is not acceptable.

  • martin kelly
    martin kelly Month ago +3

    is it just me or does the rangers coach look like benedict cumberbatch

    • pwc1021
      pwc1021 Month ago

      Didn't know that he acted in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

  • TrumpTrain2020
    TrumpTrain2020 Month ago +1

    Holy %%%% Canucks learn how to flip the puck out of your zone!

  • CSX Detroit & Saginaw Subdivision Productions

    Lundqvist isn’t himself

  • New York Rangers
    New York Rangers Month ago +1

    Как они задолбали... Две победы и всё как всегда

  • Sean Reid
    Sean Reid Month ago +1


  • Jessy
    Jessy Month ago +3

    Is it just me or is Lundqvist way past his prime? I feel hes letting easy goals in each game.

    • haednu87
      haednu87 Month ago

      @Jessy the problem for Rangers is the defence

    • nils4545
      nils4545 Month ago

      @Jessy Rangers has 2 wins and 4 losses, it's Rangers and Ottawa at the end of the list. But Rangers played extremely well in the 3rd period, so they definitely have the potential.

    • Jessy
      Jessy Month ago

      @nils4545 Unfortunatley i don't have the time nor luxury to watch the full games right now, so im only exposed to the limited information that highlights give. But i was under the assumption that the Rangers had a pretty good squad this year no?

    • nils4545
      nils4545 Month ago +1

      He's actually very good Lundqvist, actually one of the best this season, and that's no joke. The problem is that Lundqvist have been playing with a bad team for years now. I haven't seen a goalie that has to save so many pucks as Lundqvist. I suggest people to watch full games with the Rangers, he's getting hammered, and saves a lot. Canucks had more then 20 shots the first period!

    • NYRGaming30
      NYRGaming30 Month ago

      Jessy guy made 40 saves.

    CANT THINK OF A NAME Month ago +2

    Rangers made the Canucks look like a Timbit team in the third

    • Eric S.
      Eric S. Month ago +1

      @Matthew Wu haha avs rekt the flames too lol imagine being 2nd best team in the nhl and going out by a team who made the playoffs by wild card 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Matthew Wu
      Matthew Wu Month ago +7

      Kings made the flames look like a timbit team for the whole game yesterday

  • Pixelated Blue
    Pixelated Blue Month ago +14

    Imagine the memes if the canucks had let that lead slip all the way

    • Ray Chow
      Ray Chow Month ago

      Pixelated Blue thank god that didn't happen

  • gumby
    gumby Month ago +10

    Rangers attacking in the offensive zone for 7 minutes of 8 minutes without a whistle in the 3rd period. Nucks barely survive but Markstrom made some insane saves.

    • Mel S
      Mel S Month ago

      That's why he's paid the big bucks.

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Miss the sedins helping the O 🏒🍴🎟

  • Sunil Sahota
    Sunil Sahota Month ago +39

    1:56 I didn't know the Rangers hired Dr. Strange as their Head Coach.

  • The Man with a Plan
    The Man with a Plan Month ago +4

    Talk about barely holding on. Thank goodness for Markstrom!

  • рауль сидешев

    Лунквиста в ворота ставят похоже только за былые заслуги и уважения имхо, а так Георгиев на данный момент лучше будет!!!

    • Xandr81
      Xandr81 Month ago

      Он уже в прошлом году был лучше и сыграли они примерно поровну. Думаю и в этом году такой же сценарий будет, а там еще глядишь и Шестёркин подтянется к середине сезона.

  • jake 8888
    jake 8888 Month ago +32

    Sportsnet not using their own feed?

    • Brendan Hoffman
      Brendan Hoffman Month ago

      Maybe if Sportsnet used their own feed, viewers would have been aware that that was Bo's 100th goal!

  • Christapher Miele
    Christapher Miele Month ago +10

    1:57 Benedict Cumberbatch

    • Ray Chow
      Ray Chow Month ago

      Dormammu I've come to bargain! 😂😂😂

      CHEEKOSBACKx2 Month ago

      Christapher Miele yeah he kinda does look like him
      thats adam quinn btw

    • pwc1021
      pwc1021 Month ago

      Thought the same.🤣

    • Glass Eye Gaming
      Glass Eye Gaming Month ago

      Christapher Miele also known as: Benny Batch

  • WhatShouldiNameThis ?
    WhatShouldiNameThis ? Month ago +3

    Why isn't kakko playing in first line ffs

    • DerpyWaffle
      DerpyWaffle Month ago

      Kakko admitted his game sucked ass a while ago. So thats why

    • Pancouver venguins
      Pancouver venguins Month ago

      @Anton Beni yeah that's last time, has nothing to do with this game and what happened. It's a fact they put him on third line because they said he looked tired and slow..... sorry but you can't change the facts.

    • Anton Beni
      Anton Beni Month ago

      Last game he played in second line and first pp

    • Pancouver venguins
      Pancouver venguins Month ago

      Lmao they put him on the third line because they said he looked tired and too slow.

  • Loui Eriksson
    Loui Eriksson Month ago +22

    Nah we dont choke like the leafs

    • CanucksFTW
      CanucksFTW Month ago +2

      @TheBlackLeafs9 Yeah at least we have made it to the second round in the past 16 years

    • TheBlackLeafs9
      TheBlackLeafs9 Month ago +4

      @Flying Tiger to much druggy buddy

    • Loui Eriksson
      Loui Eriksson Month ago

      @Flying Tiger LOL

    • Flying Tiger
      Flying Tiger Month ago

      @Loui Eriksson yep that’s what’s wrong with professional sports you guys get way too much for sometimes doing way too little. I get that it’s your career but there are a lot of people all over the world who could use that money but will never see it. There are even players who are no longer playing that are still under contract such as Rick DiPietro or Roberto Luongo. A lot of you are getting that money but you are not earning it. There is a difference.

  • actual90
    actual90 Month ago +2

    Lundqvist washed up.

    • DerpyWaffle
      DerpyWaffle Month ago

      @Alex Lucian aka useful for still losing

    • Alex Lucian
      Alex Lucian Month ago

      Calm down, fuckhead. He’s useful for the tank.

    • Eric S.
      Eric S. Month ago

      Time for him to hang it up he probably knows it too sucks he won't get a cup

    • NYRGaming30
      NYRGaming30 Month ago +4

      actual90 you clearly didn’t watch the game

    • Wolfiii
      Wolfiii Month ago +4

      actual90 Yet he made 40 saves

  • LorenzKamo
    LorenzKamo Month ago

    Rangers suck

  • iPermanently
    iPermanently Month ago +25

    This win was such a grind

  • herbbearingseed
    herbbearingseed Month ago +2

    They are not struggling, just trying to be fancy and not shooting.

  • Eric S.
    Eric S. Month ago +7


  • Evan Barton
    Evan Barton Month ago +1

    Let’s go canucks

  • wolf310765
    wolf310765 Month ago +6

    ...barely staved off defeat this time boys.

  • conor wreckoner
    conor wreckoner Month ago

    Feel so bad for NY fans..

  • goodstuffohhyeah
    goodstuffohhyeah Month ago +20

    I get protecting the lead...but come on Canucks that was wayyyy too close

    • Rev201287
      Rev201287 Month ago


      CHEEKOSBACKx2 Month ago

      Pone Chop ok

    • Pone Chop
      Pone Chop Month ago

      It would have been perfect if we scored the empty netter as a little "F you!" to the Rangers haha

    • Flying Tiger
      Flying Tiger Month ago

      @Loui Eriksson actually it’s both. The Canucks have very much improved this season though I will give you that, but it is still early.

    • Loui Eriksson
      Loui Eriksson Month ago +4

      @Flying Tiger wrong team , thats the choker leafs

  • Vincent Davos
    Vincent Davos Month ago +7

    У Canucks между играми было 20 часов и всеравно они е@ут Rangers дома, но Панарин снова отмазался.

    • jenyarya07
      jenyarya07 Month ago

      @Niclsonzev какие акулы?

    • Niclsonzev
      Niclsonzev Month ago +1

      О, аналитика российского быдлана подъехала. С типичным лексиконом - "Ебут", "отмазался". Как вообще понять "отмазался"? Ты хоть понял, что ты написал? Дебилоид из интернета.
      Что касается игры, весь третий период Рейнджерс давили, показав отличный хоккей. Акулы можно сказать еле унесли ноги. Сложного понять, почему нельзя было так действовать всю игру. Ну а Панарин забил прекрасный гол. Третий период в исполнении Рейнджерс внушает оптимизм.

  • PumaTomten
    PumaTomten Month ago +10

    For gods sake trade Lundqvist to Edm so he can win.. This NYR defense is one of the sloppiest I have ever seen

    • Pancouver venguins
      Pancouver venguins Month ago +1

      @Jesse Edmonton's record is better lol, for such a bad defense they sure keep winning.

    • TheBlackLeafs9
      TheBlackLeafs9 Month ago

      @PumaTomten For gods sake trade karlsson and jones to buffalo so they can win game and not choke on the playoff you dumb 😂😂😂

    • Elvis Ma
      Elvis Ma Month ago

      Loooool no way in hell lungfish would waive his NMC to Edmonton... Of all places

    • Club Shay Shay
      Club Shay Shay Month ago

      They've been sloppy for over a decade this team would have never won a series if it wasn't for Lundqvist it's sad to watch

    • PumaTomten
      PumaTomten Month ago +6

      @Jesse No but they can at least score for the goalie in Edm

  • Gautamiyer2
    Gautamiyer2 Month ago +18

    this was one of the most frustrating games to watch. I had to turn it off halfway through the 3rd to salvage whatever sanity i had left. We dominated them through 2 and then we almost let it slip away. Glad we got the W, but that was a tough watch.

    • Gautamiyer2
      Gautamiyer2 Month ago

      @Brandon Goetz Yeah, it's unfortunate. I like the early games, as a fan, because I wake up, and don't need to wait for hockey. It also doesn't interfere with my evening plans. But, statistically, we've consistently done poorly, so there's no denying that it's not good for the team.

    • Brandon Goetz
      Brandon Goetz Month ago +10

      Gautamiyer2 back to back games at 10 AM will do that to a team. Just think this is a 1PM game for the eastern teams.

  • whiteninja 267
    whiteninja 267 Month ago +31

    Markstrom is the 🐐