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  • Published on Jan 17, 2019
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    Hennessey Performance is one of America’s most infamous tuning shops. They’ll build you anything from 1000 HP Camaro’s, 300 MPH Supercars, and 6x6 Ford F-150s. But how did this outrageous shop get its start? Join James as he explores the life and builds of the one and only John Hennessey.
    Hosted by James Pumphrey
    Edited by Colby Mann and Max Maddox
    Animation by Raghav Arumugam
    Written by Bart Bidlingmeyer
    Directed by Jesse Wood
    Executive Producer: Josh Mattingly
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  • Donut Media
    Donut Media  6 months ago +656

    What’s your favorite Pumphrey moment this week!? So many to choose, so little time! Drop a time code and we’ll heart our favorite one! 😂

  • Nina Mirzoyan
    Nina Mirzoyan 3 hours ago


  • Gredo 352
    Gredo 352 3 hours ago

    Bitte übertreibe nicht immer so sehr... es ist einfach nicht unterhaltsam und fängt nach einiger Zeit an zu nerven, sonst aber sehr informativ

  • j-1
    j-1 Day ago

    I want hennessey tune my air conditioner

  • Skull Reaper
    Skull Reaper 2 days ago

    More horse power baby

  • Kurt Rayner
    Kurt Rayner 2 days ago

    Your very annoying

  • Lance
    Lance 3 days ago

    10:25 he totally scraped the front bumper pulling out of that lot... you can even see some paint chip off.

  • Daniel Chapman
    Daniel Chapman 4 days ago

    James!! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do an episode on the Lotus!

  • Isaiah Pruitt
    Isaiah Pruitt 6 days ago +1

    You forgot to say do you like having a car named after an adult beverage

  • Cameron Gallagher
    Cameron Gallagher 6 days ago

    I got to sit in a venom GT no joke

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 6 days ago

    Kind of lost some respect for Donut for glorifying a thief.

    • Ryan Smith
      Ryan Smith 4 days ago

      @Tuffenough4u Bro, fuck off. You're the one that's obviously getting butthurt about the whole thing. The guy is a thief and a liar and doesn't deserve any video dedicated to his "contributions to the industry" when he made them off of money he stole from people that trusted him. Read all the other comments on this video. No car enthusiast respects John Hennessey.

    • Tuffenough4u
      Tuffenough4u 4 days ago

      Its a freaking car channel for F sake. They didn't glorify anyone, just stated the facts about the cars that where produced from the guy and regardless of what you think of him or his practices, his cars and mods will always hold a place in the industry as some of the fastest ever produced in their era. You can't just eradicate the facts because your feeling got hurt.

  • Shubham Narawade
    Shubham Narawade 7 days ago

    Using VPN is not illegal ?

  • Freash FW
    Freash FW 8 days ago


  • Matthew Hill
    Matthew Hill 10 days ago

    Just dudes probably retarded and drives a Ford Focus

  • how 2 do stuff
    how 2 do stuff 10 days ago

    Please do the Toyota corolla

  • R 8
    R 8 11 days ago

    The guy is full of shiiiiiit

  • Sequoyah Lomax
    Sequoyah Lomax 12 days ago

    I think by 2050 all cars will have a base 1000 horsepower

  • Grey Man
    Grey Man 12 days ago

    I want that 🧢

  • BanYourBoss
    BanYourBoss 13 days ago

    They will have to beat the Jesko

  • AClass
    AClass 13 days ago


  • john blake
    john blake 15 days ago

    If I Were A Millionaire I would buy a Venom F5 black when it came out and have the Venom Spider-Man logo on the car.

  • D D
    D D 15 days ago +1

    subscribed because of the snakebite thing.....lol thank you for that,,

  • Thomas farquhar
    Thomas farquhar 17 days ago

    The venom GT is a long lotus

  • Brian Cruz
    Brian Cruz 18 days ago +5

    OK, I admit it… I am addicted to 🍩 media!

  • JeBentMislukt
    JeBentMislukt 21 day ago

    You guys use actual relevant footage 99%of the time. (Im guessing) which is f'in awesome

  • Francisco Rey Crespo
    Francisco Rey Crespo 22 days ago

    This show is the shiznit MO POWA 💥 BAIBY!!!!!!!!

  • Vino_ Valentino_
    Vino_ Valentino_ 22 days ago +1

    Can Hennessy mod my Prius?

  • memes deader than my soul

    lmao why was the background to marrying windows xp

  • Lucas olsen
    Lucas olsen 24 days ago

    Am I wrong or is the 7,4 L V8 Twin Turbo just a 7,4 L racing V8?

  • Jason Douglas
    Jason Douglas 25 days ago

    This video is hilarious

  • Sage Meester
    Sage Meester 26 days ago

    I grew up across the street from the Honda Proving Center in California, interesting to learn of the vehicles that ran the track. Always wondered that.

  • Dustin Young
    Dustin Young 26 days ago

    Vaporized that turkey vulture

  • Goofy Fruit
    Goofy Fruit 27 days ago

    15:59 I was drinking juice and i heard that the juice came through my nose the beast needs to relax

  • _Shane_Anigans_
    _Shane_Anigans_ 27 days ago

    My current car makes a third the speed in the same time lmao

  • Kaveen Wickramasinghe
    Kaveen Wickramasinghe 28 days ago

    "I vaporized that turkey vulture"

  • Triscuit
    Triscuit 28 days ago

    0:40 lol

  • theworldisnotenough
    theworldisnotenough 28 days ago

    I'm moving my mom to Florida packing up her dishes in my old bedroom. While I'm watching this series she walks in, at 11PM and says"What is going on in here?!" LOL.

  • Vassili Slavovich
    Vassili Slavovich Month ago +1

    6:23 😂

  • Ryan Money
    Ryan Money Month ago

    0 to 60 in less than 2 seconds? So... Slower than a liter bike?

    • Troy Tumbaga
      Troy Tumbaga 23 days ago

      what liter bike can do 0 to 60 in less then 2 seconds?

  • Dustin Webb
    Dustin Webb Month ago +1

    i appreciate the cooler full of Shiner

  • Moose
    Moose Month ago

    Hey dude, most of us watching this are adults. Maybe you should talk to us like one instead of sounding like a child. I thought the history lesson would be neat, but I can't finish this because of the way you talk and try to "joke".

    • Moose
      Moose Month ago

      @Oval Millions of people voted for Hillary, doesn't mean they were right. I'm all for jokes, but this guy is trying too hard and it makes me cringe.

    • Oval
      Oval Month ago

      This channel isn’t for your then. 2 million subscribers and the like/dislike ratio of their videos also say that the overwhelming majority like this dude. There’s plenty of comments about him being funny or having lots of energy as well.
      In fact, this channel wouldn’t be as big if it wasn’t for this dude’s style.

  • Rocio Garcia
    Rocio Garcia Month ago

    Cod you clab with Betsey.

  • Darrian Weathington
    Darrian Weathington Month ago +2

    Imagine Hennessy juicing a Bugatti. Or a koenigsegg ...it might as well be a space ship at that point... Hell, somebody call NASA and tell them to let Hennessy tune up a ship. Thats the real 30 seconds to mars.

  • Bimer catracho
    Bimer catracho Month ago

    Unsubscribe, I'm in h town an hennessey will get murdered soon word on the street. Up to date!

  • nachos_70firebird
    nachos_70firebird Month ago

    I'm a Technician and I hate screwing customers. Yeah they won't come back and tell everyone you're crook

  • Revhead Corrado
    Revhead Corrado Month ago

    The venom
    Before Koenigsegg

  • Tiger Masters
    Tiger Masters Month ago

    You need an award just for your editing

  • Abraham Vazquez
    Abraham Vazquez Month ago

    This was as informational as entertaining!!! Loved this sooo much I'm sharing!!! Cus sharing is caring!!! Lmao!!! Dudes are hilarious!!!

  • Hannah Ip
    Hannah Ip Month ago

    Can Henny make a R34 faster?

  • Andrew Renner
    Andrew Renner Month ago

    As much as I would love to see Hennessy achieve the first 300 mph road car record, I believe Koenigsegg will be first with the Jesko.

  • Shaurya
    Shaurya Month ago

    Bro you are stretching the Donuts . Clich

  • mule mwene
    mule mwene Month ago

    I just love how he says 'pers' 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • StetLan
    StetLan Month ago

    This series is awesome. The only thing that sucks is how obnoxious this guy is. If he's a kentuckian he must be from Louisville. But honestly he seems like he's from Cincinnati. Kentuckians will understand.

  • Hunter Doucette
    Hunter Doucette Month ago +1

    I was born in Las Vegas Nevada, and, bud, you mispronounced "Nevada". The "a" isn't pronounced like an "ah" like the word mop. It's pronounced like the "a" in apple. I never not hear you mispronounce "Nevada" again. Jesus Christ, it's not hard to learn how to properly pronounce words, people 😑😑😑

  • Hunter Doucette
    Hunter Doucette Month ago +1

    The Hennessy Venom F5 will have quad turbos. Quad fucking turbos. Think about it. That's a lot of fucking power this beast will have 😎😎😎😎

  • Vulpes 666
    Vulpes 666 Month ago

    This dude gets 380 hrsprs in his first car and it's "not enough". Meanwhile I'm driving my 70hp shit ox. Talk about entitlement smh

  • faster then u
    faster then u Month ago +1

    An you make a video on Callaway please!!:D

  • Jace Garza
    Jace Garza Month ago

    I also live there

  • Alexander Gutierrez

    What about the devel sixteen

  • Alex Arroyo
    Alex Arroyo Month ago +3

    Hennessey f5 I’m the fastest car in existence
    Tesla roadster 2.0: hold my beer

    • Seal
      Seal 17 days ago

      @Alex Arroyo Haha, Nah. There are no winners, it's not a contest or a conflict.

    • Alex Arroyo
      Alex Arroyo 18 days ago +1

      Seal to lazy to respond you win

    • Seal
      Seal 18 days ago

      ​@Alex Arroyo True, although a prototype is being manufactured currently. All data the company has so far (engine test results, weight, etc.) has been compiled into a program and calculated and that is where the projected figures stem from rather than a random baseless guess. The completed production level models are on track to be delivered in early 2020, around the same time as the Tesla roadster. Regardless of this, what your original comment implied (that the new Tesla Roadster will be the fastest production car) is likely false. The Tesla Roadster has a claimed top speed of ~250MPH which is slower than the Koenigsegg Agera RS top tested speed of 284MPH (277.9 Average/Official Speed), the Bugatti Chiron's 261MPH limited top speed, the Bugatti Veyron's 267MPH speed, and theoretically the Koenigsegg Jesko as well (with a claimed top speed of ~300mph although not yet tested and the production cars are set to be delivered in 2020). The tesla roadster will certainly be fast if the claims hold up but not quite the fastest.

    • Alex Arroyo
      Alex Arroyo 18 days ago

      Seal but the f5 is still a shell car it hasn’t even driven around but the Tesla roadster has

    • Seal
      Seal Month ago

      @Alex Arroyo I know, but the f5 is also unfinished and set to be released in 2020.

  • Shayne Coffey
    Shayne Coffey Month ago

    YES!! Jason Statham as The Mechanic !

  • 50K FPV
    50K FPV Month ago

    i would love to know who his target audience is

  • Will Alexander
    Will Alexander Month ago

    should i leak addy?

    DAVID GEERLING Month ago

    Anyone notice that the catholic priest's voice, was someone imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice ??

    DAVID GEERLING Month ago

    My old friends '72 442, was an automatic...Did Olds just keep the name ??

  • Lathanos Leroy Jordan

    That’s not a real car company

  • Kel Raphiel
    Kel Raphiel Month ago

    hennessy so bad ass but never featured on 1320

  • Stephen
    Stephen Month ago

    Please do *Bentley Arnage!*

  • ChefGiovanni
    ChefGiovanni Month ago

    Will it go even faster on Super High Octane gas ?

  • Fred Fred
    Fred Fred Month ago +1

    Do one on AMS Performance and UnderGround Racing 👌👌👌

  • 永田利ょ他
    永田利ょ他 Month ago +16

    I'm already subscribed you & you say to smash the button again??


  • shereen Taha
    shereen Taha Month ago

    Those Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter Transitions though

  • MikeVonDoom
    MikeVonDoom Month ago

    the exor cyst!!!

  • MikeVonDoom
    MikeVonDoom Month ago

    0:22 SANDRA BULLET!!!

  • Luke Heironimus
    Luke Heironimus Month ago

    Hmm... Cute. Ever heard of the Jesko? Look it up, and get back to me.

  • Sander Gjertsen Østvold

    6:33 The one who chose the wing placement on that car should be thrown into jail

  • Jägeroo
    Jägeroo Month ago +5

    Why does the F5 (16:00) sound like someone aggressively blowing their nose?

  • Jägeroo
    Jägeroo Month ago

    14:35 is that Post Malone?

  • Jacob McCarty
    Jacob McCarty Month ago

    As a lot of people have said.....don't trust this fella... he has 24 lawsuits against him currently.
    As recent as 2013 my brother was unfortunately one of the people who got screwed by him. We ordered a hpe600 challenger... the only one in Australia.... we paid for parts he didn't even fit, a 4000 dollar exhaust being one of those things, the tune on the car was horrible and the parts fitted were sub par. He was banking on the fact that my brother isn't really a car guy....problem is we are and Esspeically me I'm right into the scene. Being Australia I had not heard of Hennessey apart from his produced videos. Big mistake and taught me a huge lesson about researching the shop you choose.
    My brother emailed them and asked about the missing parts and the tune and the world wide warranty he supposedly had. Hennessey accidently included him in an internal email where the man himself said he "won't warrant the work and what are they going to do from australia? "
    So shows you the business man he is dodgey. His company survives on the back of his customers yet he still operates like a dodgey asshole. First and last Hennessey car we will ever consider. We eventually fixed it ourselves at huge cost being an American rhd converted import. But we sold it to a new owner who loved it... Being the only hpe600 in the country you'd think he's want it to represent his work. I guess it did lol dodgey as fuck. We flip cars every few years and he lost out on ongoing business because he was a prick. Not that he cares but I've heard so many similar stories since.

  • Abdihafid Moh
    Abdihafid Moh Month ago

    Who is post-malone? Your father?!

  • gagan deep
    gagan deep Month ago

    I won't smash that subscribe button 😏😏

  • jebadiah fyefye
    jebadiah fyefye Month ago

    You got me
    Donut. With the “smash the subscribe button. Smash it smash it
    Smash the subscribe button”. I had to it was too fun y

  • Anthony Russell
    Anthony Russell Month ago

    I think James has an uncomfortable and unhealthy obsession with Post Malone.

  • argo117007
    argo117007 Month ago

    I watch for car knowledge, which is interesting. However you are really fucking annoying with the obnoxious outtakes

  • MDDeGrande1994
    MDDeGrande1994 Month ago

    The intro tho 😂 I'm done.

  • Byser
    Byser Month ago

    lol pretty sure they used to be pretty bad ass up to the point when they started stealing from customers and not completing projects.

  • beastmaster415
    beastmaster415 Month ago

    I don't subscribe to many channels but when I do I...
    Donut Media

  • Yankee Doodle
    Yankee Doodle 2 months ago

    Y’all should do one on Roush and Saleen now! Lms if you agree👌🏻💯

  • B-Change
    B-Change 2 months ago

    How did the 3000GT have an estimated 450 hp when they did a dyno on it?

  • Takumi Fujiwara
    Takumi Fujiwara 2 months ago

    So the 650r was the one to one before the one to one

  • Devin Loo
    Devin Loo 2 months ago


  • mlem
    mlem 2 months ago +1

    C'mon guys, these allegations against him are old, he has changed! Just give him a chance!

  • Storethis
    Storethis 2 months ago

    11:33 actually it is the same company

  • Nguyễn Lê Đức Dương

    Can we have a Toyota Starlet video ?

  • Pliant Impala785
    Pliant Impala785 2 months ago

    Man, John Hennessy is a fucking scumbag. What a piece of shit

  • Gabe Castaneda
    Gabe Castaneda 2 months ago


  • Fu Sensei
    Fu Sensei 2 months ago

    Wonder if Henny watches Scotty Kilmer's car show back then?

  • A Duck
    A Duck 2 months ago

    The f5 is probably gonna have a limiter limiting it to 280 mph. But without it it’s 301 mph.

  • Sam Shim
    Sam Shim 2 months ago

    6:00 So that's where babies come from.....

  • jaymanz72584
    jaymanz72584 2 months ago +1

    Could you do Callaway??? Thanks in advanced 🍩 and keep up the great work!!....✊😎👊