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  • Published on Jan 17, 2019
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    Hennessey Performance is one of America’s most infamous tuning shops. They’ll build you anything from 1000 HP Camaro’s, 300 MPH Supercars, and 6x6 Ford F-150s. But how did this outrageous shop get its start? Join James as he explores the life and builds of the one and only John Hennessey.
    Hosted by James Pumphrey
    Edited by Colby Mann and Max Maddox
    Animation by Raghav Arumugam
    Written by Bart Bidlingmeyer
    Directed by Jesse Wood
    Executive Producer: Josh Mattingly
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  • Donut Media
    Donut Media  Year ago +825

    What’s your favorite Pumphrey moment this week!? So many to choose, so little time! Drop a time code and we’ll heart our favorite one! 😂

    • Keith
      Keith 17 hours ago


    • Alfathino Fajrian
      Alfathino Fajrian 4 days ago +1

      1. Pretended being shot by Lan Evo's Exhaust

    • R Turner
      R Turner 15 days ago

      Maria Bedoya ur TC

    • DeadeyeKing255 X
      DeadeyeKing255 X 2 months ago +1

      Donut Media can y’all do the Hennessey exorcist plz

    • Mike L
      Mike L 3 months ago

      You guys should start doing build videos. You have the space in the building. Maybe do craigslist specials. Like add a turbo system to pumphreys car or better suspension to the mustang GT. It would be funny watching the installs for sure.

  • Oliver Emsick
    Oliver Emsick 2 hours ago

    Do you like your car being parted out and then never getting on time. John Hennessy is an ahole. Lawsuits for days.

  • Dimitri K
    Dimitri K 9 hours ago

    Technically, the venom gt is also the venom 1:1, it’s hp number is the Same as the number of kg’s

  • 1983 vw Gti Turbo
    1983 vw Gti Turbo 11 hours ago

    # herspers

  • seavseabsean
    seavseabsean 2 days ago

    I really appreciate the shiner bock in the cooler when referencing Texas

  • Mikep 3573
    Mikep 3573 2 days ago

    Lmao the book company and the liquor company are the same company

  • John Strope
    John Strope 2 days ago

    Actually the guiness book company and beer company are the same thing

  • S_Colibri
    S_Colibri 2 days ago

    what is his deal with Post Malone

  • Mr. McFluffers
    Mr. McFluffers 4 days ago

    Is there an #up2speed on engines (2JZ, LS9, etc) I know nothing

  • Jin Kyu Hur
    Jin Kyu Hur 4 days ago

    Are we Hyundai yet?

  • Randy Bell
    Randy Bell 5 days ago +4

    The venom 5 looks like a mcclaren in the back so it’s a modified mcclaren

  • Anthwaine JR
    Anthwaine JR 5 days ago

    Toyota ae 100

  • PapaSmurf UL
    PapaSmurf UL 6 days ago

    Im offended there was no charles brunson. Sigh....

  • Master James
    Master James 6 days ago

    14:33 oh hello there there Post Malone

  • NaturalTrafficLight
    NaturalTrafficLight 7 days ago

    So basically Hennessy is the American RUF...

  • Aaron Wilcox
    Aaron Wilcox 8 days ago

    People from Texas sound like dumbass

  • Brandon Rodriguez
    Brandon Rodriguez 8 days ago

    The Hennessy Venom F5 will have over 1,800 hrspers(horsepower)

  • Jackson Barinowski
    Jackson Barinowski 8 days ago

    4:28 John had the DRIP back in the day

  • Mister Bubbel
    Mister Bubbel 8 days ago +1

    Because of Hennessy my lawnmower now makes 600hp AT THE BLADES

  • JTXP
    JTXP 9 days ago

    Bet i couldnt buy a holden performance package

  • Luca Castricum
    Luca Castricum 9 days ago

    Weeeelll, the Bugatti Chiron Supersport 300+ just hit 304mph

  • Jeremiah Hoffman
    Jeremiah Hoffman 9 days ago

    The only videos I don't watch on 1.75 speed lmao too funny

  • Shawn Jackson
    Shawn Jackson 9 days ago

    His mechanic buddies??!! Lol how about Mike Westwood of Alamo Autosports San Antonio Texas and the Legendary Corky Bell founder of Bell Engineering Group and Cartech Had A LOT to do with the development of the 3000 Gt right down to the special Mitsubishi Heavy Industry upgraded turbos that Mike Westwood found for him and the custom upgraded intercoolers that Corky Bell personally designed and engineered for him and the HKS electronics that were provided by Alamo Autosports because there was NO WAY TO TUNE a Mitsubishi ECU in those days but then again Hennessy never gives credit where credit is due sorry but I worked for a performance company that dealed with him and he was never an innovator just another guy who took hard working tuners and fabricators great ideas put his name on them without giving proper credit

  • Thomas Bidstrup
    Thomas Bidstrup 11 days ago

    "The Mechanic" .... Yes yes ... Good one!

  • Yash kumar
    Yash kumar 11 days ago

    Yeah absolutely anime .....😂😂

  • T B
    T B 14 days ago

    The Guinness beer company is actually the same as the Guinness world records book. ruclip.com/video/9YfovWztFOg/video.html

  • Oskar Kindblad
    Oskar Kindblad 15 days ago

    He forgot that Henny made a 6x6 Ford Raptor for Post Malone

  • Darren Antoine
    Darren Antoine 18 days ago

    Pick any car they Henny touched has more horsies than the last 50 Kentucky derby’s

  • Cosmic Diamond
    Cosmic Diamond 20 days ago

    Did you bring the drink??

  • billkill37
    billkill37 20 days ago

    I'd never imagine that I'd hear a MURICAN with a more annoying and ridiculous accent than today's mumble rappers... But here he is, on my screen, yelling with his stupid mouth and destroying a really good series. And for the fans that may come to his rescue: I bet you're from Alabama and you're screwing your sisters.

  • Micah Potts
    Micah Potts 21 day ago +3

    0:55 Why does he look 30 years older than everyone else in that yearbook?

  • Jorgo Dama
    Jorgo Dama 21 day ago

    The Oldsmobile 442 resambles the sabre on GTA San Andreas

  • Elsie Njane
    Elsie Njane 22 days ago

    That face 😂😂😂😂

  • peice of shit drawings

    This kids is why u don't mix shrooms and acid

    NILOY BARMAN 24 days ago +1

    Worlds worst tuning company
    Real scammer and God of cheating and scam

      NILOY BARMAN 24 days ago +1

      But makes some of the sickest cars

  • martin k
    martin k 26 days ago +1

    Pretty awkward about that supposed 301 top speed bec Bugatti already went past that and the next koenigsegg that's closer to production is set to hit 310

  • Greek noob gaming
    Greek noob gaming 28 days ago

    Bro we want everything you need to know about abarth

  • S Phung
    S Phung Month ago

    Sorry but because of that retarded and cringe as fuck fit this fat idiot had while telling us to hit subscribe in the most idiotic way I have ever seen. Yes I did hit subscribe, which actually caused me to unsubscribe, which I honestly did not want to do. But because of that retarded fit that fat idiot had, I just felt obligated to. That was not funny nor entertaining, so please never let him do that again

  • System.out.println BalBlaBla

    But the book is by the beer

  • Karan
    Karan Month ago

    he talks about a Hennessy, but puts a Volkswagen in the back

  • V12 swapped Renault Twingo

    I'd definetly love to see something similiar to a viper engine in the venom f5

  • migliore 4468
    migliore 4468 Month ago

    12:54 reminds me of the pimp my ride episode

  • Alexander Kousoulas
    Alexander Kousoulas Month ago +1

    The f5 is too late to the 300 mph party

  • GuninGames
    GuninGames Month ago +4

    Who's there after the Bugatti Chiron broke the speed record

  • Heath Northam
    Heath Northam Month ago

    Guinness the book company IS the beer company, or at least it used to be.

  • Clyde Beyrer
    Clyde Beyrer Month ago

    Vaporized that Turkey vulture🤣🤣 I subscribed finally.

  • well that's just prime

    Hennessy has their work cut out since Bugatti is the first street legal car to reach 300 miles per at 304 miles per.

  • Bugattiboivroomvroom


  • bro club
    bro club 2 months ago

    #milespers #hresepers

  • hamaad anjum
    hamaad anjum 2 months ago

    Jason statham friend lol

  • Niels
    Niels 2 months ago

    Where did they find that clip of the F5's exhaust note, i can't find it anywhere ?

  • Pew-Series _
    Pew-Series _ 2 months ago

    Camaro zl1 gets modified by trans am, then Hennessy so then it’s an undead phoenix

  • Lightning Gaming
    Lightning Gaming 2 months ago

    Nevada not nevaHda

  • Tarif The Random Life
    Tarif The Random Life 2 months ago

    One beer company (Guinness) won't recognize the achievements of another beer company (Henessey) lol.

  • Cdog18
    Cdog18 2 months ago

    Imagine Henry and Shelby both working together on a hyper car

  • Benjamins Teixeira
    Benjamins Teixeira 2 months ago

    1:19 they rly hit us w the rdr2 music

  • Obaid Alromathy
    Obaid Alromathy 2 months ago

    من يحب الجمك لايك

  • Nicholas Barnes
    Nicholas Barnes 2 months ago

    Get well pump! Lightning! lightning! lightning! more power baby!

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser 2 months ago

    the venom makes sense, probs has shitty warranty though. Cuz getting that level of speed out of a v8, there has to be some witchcraft in there and a hell of alot of pressure, so blocks probs wont last too long, but then again they did design it, but I doubt he'd leave much performance left in that engine.

    • Pyjus Čůrus
      Pyjus Čůrus 27 days ago

      Well, koenigsegg manages to do that perfectly, no witchcraft. Their 5 l twin-turbo v8 (in jesko) manages to make 1600 HP

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser 2 months ago +1

    People... Buy performance vehicles. Few cars hold up years afterwards and are still desirable, a corolla will never make you money over 20 years, a 3000GT, Skyline or any professional performance packed car will either still be fun enough to keep driving, or it would be an easy sell and degradation over years are alot lower. Not to mention smiles per gallon.

    • Arin B.
      Arin B. 20 days ago

      Plus the company will incest more in developing affordable performance cars because s a l e s