Zhanna Friske - Gde-to Letom (Live @ RTR Planet)

  • Published on Sep 24, 2006
  • Zhanna Friske - Gde-to Letom
    Live performance at RTR Planet
    Jeanna Vladimirovna Friske, born Jeanna Vladimirovna Kopylova 8 July 1974, in Moscow. Better known by the stage name Zhanna Friske, was a Russian actress, singer, model and beau-monde media personality. She was a member of the girl group Blestyashchiye.
    On 20 January 2014, her husband, Dmitry Shepelev, announced via Friske's website that Friske had been diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately her cancer worsened, and, on 15 June 2015, she died at age 40. May her soul Rest in peace.
    Lovely song!
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  • Juris Baumanis
    Juris Baumanis Month ago

    Super tikai zel ka viss beidzas ta!!!

  • Галия Умирбаева

    Нет она живаааа

  • Марс Керимов
    Марс Керимов 3 months ago +9

    Она была замечательной. У нее все болело тогда, но она терпела. Царство ей небесной.

  • Jose Ribero
    Jose Ribero 7 months ago

    Me encanta como canta esta Rusa...

  • bahar khan
    bahar khan 10 months ago

    I like your voice so beautiful 😍 love 💕 you from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  • rihardsnolaukiem
    rihardsnolaukiem 8 years ago +3

    ljublju tebja zhanna!

  • Minecraft RedX
    Minecraft RedX 8 years ago +1

    ładna ładna

  • eric Rotenteufel
    eric Rotenteufel 9 years ago

    @richardcameronwood they are exotic :) and they are so much fun to be around!

  • Antonio Leon
    Antonio Leon 9 years ago

    @paargu Youuu right !!!

  • Marius Enea
    Marius Enea 9 years ago +1


  • Antonio Leon
    Antonio Leon 9 years ago

    Quien me puede traducir esta Cancion a Español O a Ingles Please, Please meee

  • Damian Danuś
    Damian Danuś 9 years ago

    russian women ?? no for you

  • Damian Danuś
    Damian Danuś 9 years ago

    wstrietilim sie w Polsze?

  • kaspaaro
    kaspaaro 10 years ago

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    RIFF0RAFF 10 years ago

    sweet girl, but black hair suits her better.

  • eimis
    eimis 11 years ago

    i didn't ask for ur opinion u freak xDD

  • eimis
    eimis 11 years ago

    xDDDD omg usuck alot ;D nevermind still video is gd and song is nice aswell

  • katelilit
    katelilit 11 years ago

    shit in you ass! chill out

  • katelilit
    katelilit 11 years ago

    very true!

  • eimis
    eimis 11 years ago

    xDD look whos talkin u little shit ;D im not under age and im not in school u moran hahaha
    i dont care if it says (live @ RTR)its still live and acctually i dont give a shit if shes lip singing i just like the song xDD

  • eimis
    eimis 11 years ago

    cz the video is from her LIVE SHOW u dum fuck xDD

  • katelilit
    katelilit 11 years ago

    why it says live, when its not!!!????

  • Sławomir Skrzypczak
    Sławomir Skrzypczak 11 years ago

    jest suka papu;)

  • Girl-In-Florida
    Girl-In-Florida 11 years ago

    more like a singer hahah. we russian chicks just look really good.

  • Hannah Golanski
    Hannah Golanski 11 years ago

    russian singers never sing live
    rip offs

  • Beach01
    Beach01 11 years ago +1

    hahah i know. zhannah i so much better than kylie

  • picaflor7
    picaflor7 12 years ago

    I think she is so beautifull, I wish I can get in touch with her

  • 1981721
    1981721 12 years ago +1

    Sex - Nuclear bomb !

  • KaHaYo
    KaHaYo 12 years ago

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  • TommyBoy
    TommyBoy 12 years ago

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  • Jay Khwaja
    Jay Khwaja 13 years ago