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  • Опубликовано: 19 фев 2019
  • Leaving Neverland is a two-part documentary exploring the separate but parallel experiences of two young boys, James Safechuck, at age ten, and Wade Robson, at age seven, both of whom were befriended by Michael Jackson. Through gut-wrenching interviews with Safechuck, now 40, and Robson, now 36, as well as their mothers, wives and siblings, the film crafts a portrait of sustained abuse, exploring the complicated feelings that led both men to confront their experiences after both had a young son of his own. Directed by Dan Reed. Leaving Neverland premieres March 3 on HBO.
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Комментарии • 19 731

  • Zen
    Zen 13 минут назад

    after watching this disgusting film, i realized that Wade would probably sell his mother for money. disgraced human being.

  • bernhard stork
    bernhard stork Час назад

    They slept in the bed of MJ...and that made them rich, who cares if MJ slept on the floor. The parents of that victims were interested in money not in truth, so be happy with your bloody money and shut up.

  • Mario Nikolaev
    Mario Nikolaev 3 часа назад +1

    Don't watch this bullshit ... It's all lies ! Let the man have his peace .... This is a sick manipulation for money !

  • Marina Krsmanovic
    Marina Krsmanovic 3 часа назад

    Hi all, I'm from Serbia and I was young when MJ was popular. When I got older I was more into punk music than pop.So, I'm saying this because I'm not much of a fan but I respect and love MJ. And this is why. He was on the news all the time even here in Serbia. So there are many rumors going around, like he bleached his skin, his nose fell off and stuff like that. I was 8 when he was accused the first time.When I rewind my film back I never really think that he is capable to do something like that. I was sexualy abused by my grandpa when I was 5. Whith that age child is capable to understand that thats wrong. The reason why I think MJ didn't molested those boys is that, he was so popular, he worked so hard to get that popularity,he sacrificed his childhood, so why on erth he would risk all that and go to jail? In a past few weeks, I have been watching, researching about him a lot, and I don't know why, but I did.. And I totally see myself in him. I am so like him and I guess that's the reason why I had such a desire to learn about him and his life.. He was misunderstood, like I am, He was better in communication with kids than with adults, like I am, thats why I work in nursing school,he was shy, he was childish, he was a good soul..I'm sad to see that he was a victim of a cruel world. I wish his family to read this and see that there are people like me, who are not fans of MJ and who defend him anyway. I love him because who he was, unique, and good soul full of love for everyone. And what he's got for return?! Hate, and lies. Dear Jackson's family, there are people all over the world, who are defending Michael even today, who love him and suport him. Dear Michael's kids, your dad was the best human being on erth. Be proud of him. And, haters let this man rest in peace. This is why he died.. Peace

  • Joey Tastic
    Joey Tastic 3 часа назад +2

    This documentary is one sided propaganda! Many people don’t know that their stories come from a fictional pedophilia book called “Michael Jackson Was Not My Lover” by Victor Guitterez, a real pedophile.

  • Go_Ranger_Go!
    Go_Ranger_Go! 4 часа назад +1

    HERE some things to consider: Where's the doc about Harvey Weinstein? Why did Wiki leeks release the fbi investigation reports about Michael after this doc came out?

  • Go_Ranger_Go!
    Go_Ranger_Go! 4 часа назад

    HERE some things to consider: Where's the doc about Harvey Weinstein? Why did Wiki leeks release the fbi investigation reports about Michael after this doc came out?

  • LewdGenwyn
    LewdGenwyn 4 часа назад +3

    Dig him up, we need Money!

  • archer65
    archer65 5 часов назад +4

    just asking... how much money did they got from HBO?

  • Oded Fried-Gaon
    Oded Fried-Gaon 6 часов назад

    I'm devastated. This was difficult to watch. Loved his music, but it will never sound the same, and with it the many memories of my youth. Some things are unforgivable, this is one of them, and i find that i turn off his music or switch the station when i hear it. Very sad for all involved, and i supremely commend the people who came out with this painful truth.
    #OdedMusic #OdedFriedGaon
    #OdedInformation #Audioded

  • Eddie badass Davis
    Eddie badass Davis 6 часов назад

    This nigga gives me nightmares and aids

  • Silvia Luna, the girl who loves spiders
    Silvia Luna, the girl who loves spiders 6 часов назад +2

    Don't watch this bullcrap!

  • Jai Ganesh
    Jai Ganesh 7 часов назад +3

    Jimmy Safe fuck 😂😂😂🖕

  • Xenia
    Xenia 7 часов назад +1

    IF this would be true there wouldn't be so much backlash!!Also there is no proof that he is guilty!

  • Divya S
    Divya S 8 часов назад +2


    please watch this before coming to a conclusion. FBI has investigated mj for 10 yrs and found nothing on him. These 2 guys are liars and out for money.

  • adcrack10
    adcrack10 8 часов назад +1

    Putos illuminati pensaron que nos habiamos olvidado de michael nunca nos olvidaremos del rey del pop asi manchen su nombre

  • adcrack10
    adcrack10 8 часов назад +1

    Haber putos quiero verlos cuando los sobrinos de michael los demanden hdp

  • love Angel
    love Angel 9 часов назад

    These guys think that they are brave exposing a dead man. I call it cowardly. They should try feelimg some compassion for a person who has gone. Find some peace of mind.

  • Thomas Simmons
    Thomas Simmons 9 часов назад

    I have just watched both parts of Leaving Neverland on HBO. I'm a gay man in my late 50's who started having sex with adult men when I was 15. No man forced himself on me, I was aware of being gay and I pursued these men, they didn't abuse me. Michael Jackson was effed up about sex, we can all agree on that. His biggest mistake was going for boys, not adult men. He selected boys who were not gay, and that effed them up. I knew I was gay at 15 and the men I hooked up with at 15-18 could tell I was gay, so nobody got effed up. These guys made this documentary for attention and for money, shame on them for assaulting a dead man who can't defend himself. So Michael Jackson tried to help you develop a career and he wanted to eff you. Big deal. I feel sorry for Michael Jackson. His religious fanatic mother and abusive father effed him up. May he rest in peace, he gave us some fantastic entertainment.

    • Islam Africa
      Islam Africa 2 часа назад

      Proof it atleast name a man he shared with gay relationship.
      All people knew him said he was straight man.

  • Jason Unsell
    Jason Unsell 9 часов назад

    I wonder why Jackson prefered little boys over little girls?

  • Igor Henrique
    Igor Henrique 10 часов назад +6

    Beyoncé please break your contract with HBO and sign with Netflix for your next visual album release, thank u

  • nethra G
    nethra G 10 часов назад

    I myself has been a doctor and have seen many children been abused sexually... many of them do not come up because, they don't know or confused whether they are touched inappropriately or not... sometimes it becomes very difficult to treat them when they emotionally relate with the abuser or the abuser is really friendly mild in approach and not violent..
    anyways one thing is sure abuser is "dangerous manipulator" and they are not to be entertained at any cost.. because the most dangerous thing in the world is manipulator not nuclear weapons, climate change,
    deadly beasts... because they blind one's rationality and make them to take decisions based on emotions.
    P.S : I am not judging Michael Jackson whether he has done it or not.. because he will always be in my heart for the state of the art tracks , spectacular moonwalk he created... I myself had been a crazy fan with his posters since 9yrs of my life... but I am open to any credible information that feeds my rationality..
    even if it gets proved he will always be remembered for his amazing work and I will have a place for his music and dance in my heart.

    ԼƲƇƖƊ ƊƦЄƛMЄƦ 10 часов назад

    Pagaran caro x esto malditos

  • Dovestar of Auroraclan
    Dovestar of Auroraclan 11 часов назад

    This bullshit again after the allegations before were problem false? Wow. How fuckin pathetic. I mean idk if it's true or not but he's DEAD! What good will it to? If proven true ok but still he's dead. I am not following this so I honestly can't say much other than the others being proven false. If it's proven true ok but again he is dead no good will come out of it. Let him rest. Look I am not trying to stir a pot here. Just saying let him rest.

  • Jen
    Jen 11 часов назад +2

    This be some BULLSHIT. Why wait till the man is dead and a documentary offered to “speak up”?

  • Michael Simons
    Michael Simons 12 часов назад

    i love all of the people defending michael because he is considered one of the greatest singers of our time. I know its stupid that its just coming out. But i am almost positive that all of the people critizing the rape victims dont understand what its like to come out with your story and have no one believe it. And yes i do think them getting money for doing the interview is why theyre coming out. But theyre still coming out with their story. And michael is still a child molester.

    • Michael Simons
      Michael Simons 9 часов назад +1

      +Abraham 1 The man literally said to a 12 year old "if u love me, you will get into bed with me" if that inst convincing enough then you are retarded

    • Abraham 1
      Abraham 1 11 часов назад +1

      how is he a child molester? this accusations aren't new, they being saying this shit since 2011, and don't forget the people in 2005 who were proven lairs, they just want his money the man was literally still making more than an average pop singer after being dead.

  • Cesar Mantilla
    Cesar Mantilla 12 часов назад

    This documentary talks about how fragile human beings are. From all points of view.

  • Ariana Apolo
    Ariana Apolo 13 часов назад +1

    this is more fake than the girls frío my school

  • WndrWmn72 A
    WndrWmn72 A 13 часов назад +1

    I watched the documentary and the only thing it proves is that the parents were idiots and it was all about money for them!!!

  • Aleyna Sahin
    Aleyna Sahin 14 часов назад

    Il raconte n'importe qoi sur Michael Jackson ils invente des truc aller vous faire foutre

  • Animation Studios
    Animation Studios 14 часов назад +2

    ALSO why did you just now decide to speak up once you were offered a documentary? I dont think Michael Jackson did anything wrong.

  • Animation Studios
    Animation Studios 14 часов назад +2

    I dont think michael would go anything like that, I believe these people just want attention

  • Pamela Balanza
    Pamela Balanza 14 часов назад

    No me parece en lo absoluto, son muchas cosas q no cuadran.

  • Vitali Silitski
    Vitali Silitski 14 часов назад

    Just watched the documentary and I believed every word. I feel really sorry for all kids abused by Jackson. I don't care the guy is dead. He was a pedophile, that's it.

    • Abraham 1
      Abraham 1 41 минуту назад

      +Vitali Silitski they have been told what to say and how to act that makes them actors look up the first interviews about wade talking of this matter the man didn't know how to lie but now after somebody told them how to act then there you go people like you will eat the dish full of shit

    • Vitali Silitski
      Vitali Silitski 3 часа назад

      +Abraham 1 Actors? The only actor in the whole documentary is Macaulay Culkin

    • Abraham 1
      Abraham 1 11 часов назад +1

      good job that's what an actor does, they make you feel emotions and that's what they do in this documentary they will show emotions instead of evidence.

    • Joey Tastic
      Joey Tastic 14 часов назад +1

      Ummm, can you please look at the other side? The claims in the documentary come from a fictional NAMBLA book by Victor Guitterez, the documentary was made to make him look guilty. Here is a video of someone WHO WATCHED IT and debunks it: ruclip.com/video/zYx0vLfpRYY/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE.html
      Also go on www.mjinnocent.com
      You need to look at the history of Wade and James. Brandi Jackson, who dated Wade for 7 years, doesn’t believe him. And people who worked with Wade knew him as a liar himself.

  • Karen Moshi
    Karen Moshi 14 часов назад

    There is no way to cover the truth. Guilty Moster!!!

    • Abraham 1
      Abraham 1 11 часов назад +1

      what truth? how is this any different than the accusations against him in 1993 or 2005 in which he won the court case and the family were proven liars.

  • RMSnemesis
    RMSnemesis 15 часов назад +1

    لا تأسفن على غدر الزمان لطالما,
    رقصت على جثث الأسود كلاب,
    لاتحسبن برقصها تعلو على أسيادها,
    تبقى الأسود أسوداً والكلاب كلاب.
    It translates to "don't be saddened by the Treachery of time, when lions die dogs start to dance on their dead bodies, don't think that by dancing on them they would become superior to their superiors, after all lions will remain lions and dogs will remain dogs"

  • Johnson Body
    Johnson Body 15 часов назад +3

    Wade 👎👊🏿

  • mkrnkv
    mkrnkv 15 часов назад

    People, watch his real interview, listen to what he's saying about, ask yourself what you feel and make your personal critical opinion. What did this man want to give to the world? What we're his values? Think. Feel. He was saying about love.

  • YU YO
    YU YO 16 часов назад


  • Patricia Angel
    Patricia Angel 16 часов назад

    The question is why so far They say everything?

  • Queen Recensioni Fan
    Queen Recensioni Fan 17 часов назад


    KIPRIANOS78 17 часов назад +3

    I just saw this documentary and it's totally garbage and pure propaganda everything seems so fake and those to abused kids are paid leprechauns totally BS on another level

    • Abraham 1
      Abraham 1 11 часов назад

      facts is just BS

  • Maria 2612
    Maria 2612 17 часов назад +2

    How LOW you have to be to throw with shit in someone who is dead?
    How can you lie like that just for money?
    You know what, I'm actually happy for Michael. He did not fit in here and I'm 100% sure he is in a wonderful place right now, away from this shitty world. We got a loving, caring, innocent, kind-hearted human being who did NOTHING but helped us, saved us and enjoyed us with his unique talent and we didn't appreciate that as much as we should. Now we don't have him anymore and look, this is the proof of how worst the world is

  • leeminyoung98
    leeminyoung98 17 часов назад +2

    I'm so glad this has so many dislikes

  • Andreia Costa
    Andreia Costa 18 часов назад +4

    It's really sad that these two decided to "tell the truth" 10 years after MJ death and, of course, after HBO gave them money to "finally speak about what really happened there" 🙄🙄🙄

  • openskies11
    openskies11 19 часов назад

    God, the people defending Michael Jackson. You're a bunch of pedophile lovers.

    • Abraham 1
      Abraham 1 11 часов назад +2

      I'd say the 90% of people defending him have done some research about the subject to clearly be smart enough to know it's all lies

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller 15 часов назад +2

      you are the idiot.. very clueless.. it's sad and disgusting! It's been proven they are lying 100%.. You clearly are not very familiar with what they are alleging.. It is literally impossible. It would require time travel..

  • tiana t
    tiana t 19 часов назад

    very nice fairytale👍

  • Rukfas Faruk
    Rukfas Faruk 19 часов назад +2

    illuminati doing this too Michael Jackson cause he leaved the illuminati thats why they killed him, and then accused him for pedhophile, evil hollywood and all the satan worshiper who sold their soul for fame and richness.

  • Thomas Benoit
    Thomas Benoit 20 часов назад +5

    4 hours of cheap talking, 0 proof.. (Wade has sadly thrown the only proof he could have brought, his blood stained panties.. Too Bad!..) Sorry for spoiling !..

    • Abraham 1
      Abraham 1 11 часов назад +2

      +GTS yeah I watched it was hilariously disgusting but that's how they want people to believe them by giving every detail to make it more realistic

    • GTS
      GTS 15 часов назад

      Blood stained underpants? Oh my god. Didn't know the documentary goes that far. I heard about the wedding vows but this is something else.

  • Monica Menchaca
    Monica Menchaca 21 час назад

    Debemos tener un poco de respeto hacia los muertos 😠 Ahora que Michael Jackson no se puede defender hablan estúpideses de él, hace tiempo ya se aclaró todo dijeron que Jackson era y es inocente, aparte los hombres que proyectaron el documental. en el juicio los dos testificaron a fabor de Michael y ahora que vengan con esta tontería por que mrd no hablaron en su devido momento no es una respuesta decir "es que eran niños" 🙄o que "tenían miedo".No..........
    Se ve que lo que quieren es ganar fama y dinero con lo que dicen en contra de Michael.
    Como un canal como HBO se pudo prestar a estas estupidezes y creer lo que Disen🖕🏻
    Lo único que están logrando es perfudicar a su familia y arruinar la imagen de Michael Jackson
    Porfavor basta con todo esto MICHAEL JACKSON ES INOSENTE no crean todo lo que dicen, no es REAL 😠😠😠😠

  • kata.tabanyi
    kata.tabanyi 21 час назад +13

    Lying for money. Hope you 2 get what you deserve and it's not 1,5 billion dollars.

  • Martin Dybala
    Martin Dybala 21 час назад +4

    Safechuck's mother stated in the movie that he danced when MJ died cause he could not hurt any kid anymore, but he only „realized“ he had been molested in 2014.
    Safechuck says that Michael Jackson cut contact with him after puberty. See 19:59. Safechuck is the one holding MJ´s umbrella.
    Michael Jackson supposedly gave his victim Indiana Jones' bull whip even though it was donated to the Institute of Archaeology in London in 1990 and the Thriller jacket he was also supposedly given was sold in auction.
    Michael Jackson allegedly took Safechuck to Euro Disney on a 'honeymoon' in 1988.Euro Disney wasn't even opened until 1992.
    Here´s another piece of manipulated footage used in Leaving Neverland. The Curious Case Of The Birthday Video
    They claim MJ would dump boys when they were too old and moved onto a younger one. Like Wade Robson and Macaulay Culkin, Brett Barnes testified in the criminal trial in 2005 in Michael Jackson's defense. Like Robson and Culkin, Barnes continued to see Michael Jackson well into adulthood and knew Michael Jackson's children personally. Brett Barnes is a very private person and does not like the public spotlight. He's also sued HBO in the last few days.
    Here´s a proof of Wade´s wife caught lying about being molested herself.

  • Dalmita Vidal
    Dalmita Vidal 21 час назад +4


  • Christian Joy Lim
    Christian Joy Lim 22 часа назад +1

    why not make a tribute to the legacy of michael jackson just like the movie bohemian rhapsody which is a tribute to freddie or queen's legacy . Stupid people dont know how to respect a universal treasure like MJ !

    • Abraham 1
      Abraham 1 11 часов назад +1

      because they want to destroy his legacy, right now no company is going to step up to defend him, some will turn their backs or some won't give any personal opinion, if any company is interested in making a movie like bohemian rhapsody about him they will wait at least 5 years after everybody is not talking about this no more.

  • Justin Miller
    Justin Miller 22 часа назад +2

    Why now? You mother fuckers are money hungery

  • SparkeyNotes
    SparkeyNotes 23 часа назад

    It's disgusting the amount of people sticking up for this monster. Actually watch the documentary, there are so many red-flags and photo evidence. It's not a coincidence that he just liked spending all his time with young boys. The truth is ugly, accept it.

    • Abraham 1
      Abraham 1 46 минут назад

      +SparkeyNotes so if something is not normal then it's wrong? It that cass homosexuality would of still illegal if they had that mentality

    • SparkeyNotes
      SparkeyNotes 5 часов назад

      +Abraham 1 you're just another brainwashed fan who refuses to see the truth. Your analogy makes no sense because it's normal to spend time with dogs but it isn't normal to spend so much time with someone else's children

    • Abraham 1
      Abraham 1 11 часов назад

      what photo evidence are you talking about? just because they say things doesn't mean they are not lying, so your whole evidence is that "it's not a coincidence that he just liked spending all his time with young boys" correction since it wasn't just boys tho, it was boys and girls, if you would only watch videos there is literally like 50 boys and 40 girls but anyways what you're saying is like saying just because that person likes to spend a lot of time with dogs does that mean that person likes to fuck dogs? if that is your way of thinking you must get some help.

    • Joey Tastic
      Joey Tastic 14 часов назад +1

      I can laugh so hard at this.. I watched the doc and it looked scripted. I did my research, everything is bogus. There are many lies in it, you just refuse to do factual research. Here is a man who watched the whole thing and DEBUNKS it, you will be mindblown.

    • SparkeyNotes
      SparkeyNotes 14 часов назад

      +Truth Teller your ignorance is disgusting, shame on you for victim blaming.

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan 23 часа назад

    You guys all sound brainwashed not even open to the idea that a HUMAN, not a god, could do any wrong. Really weird

    • Dirty Dan
      Dirty Dan 20 часов назад

      Truth Teller no hate I'll open my mind

    • Dirty Dan
      Dirty Dan 20 часов назад

      Truth Teller may you send non bias links truth teller

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller 22 часа назад +2

      you are brainwashed Dan... You are not open to the facts that their timelines that they allege literally are impossible.. that is 100% FACT! do some research dude.

  • Kevin Mendoza
    Kevin Mendoza 23 часа назад +2

    I cancelled my hbo because of this bullshit documentary stepping on Michael's grave

    • Abraham 1
      Abraham 1 11 часов назад +1

      same, I wanted to watch game of thrones but rather watch it in a pirate page

  • selig7
    selig7 23 часа назад

    If people actually watched it instead of guessing and denying the fact that a grown man who slept with children on a nightly basis wasn’t innocent then you will see the truth. These guys aren’t lying about it. Watch and you can tell.

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller 2 часа назад

      +selig7 what does the biology of his kids have anything to do with anything? There are millions of kids that live in a home that don't share the biology of their parents..
      You twist everything into a 'twisted' thing. smh

    • Abraham 1
      Abraham 1 9 часов назад

      +selig7 I hate when people runs their mouth without evidence and just by looks do you even know how genetics work? You can't say they aren't his biological kids and be 100% sure at making that statment, and no MJ was not the father of the other kids but they saw him as a friend and as a fathernal figure since a lot of them kids where already famous like the kid of home alone he didn't even had a father, he saw MJ as a best friend, as a father, and as an adivcer he would tell them to not to make the same mistakes he did (to not to trust people)

    • selig7
      selig7 9 часов назад

      Abraham 1 is Michael Jackson the father of any of the children he slept with? Michael Jackson isn’t even the biological father of his own kids.

    • Abraham 1
      Abraham 1 11 часов назад

      he didn't sleep with children every single night of his life, but still that doesn't mean he did any inappropriate shit to them it doesn't sound good but that doesn't mean it's bad, is just like if you tell your friends I slept with my dad last night, it sounds weird but most people have once slept with their dad for some reason.

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller 22 часа назад +2

      people that are talking shit about the doc.. saw the doc and actually looked into the legal proceedings.. You obviously are behind, it's 100% fact they are lying.. legal docs prove it!

  • Anastasia M
    Anastasia M 23 часа назад +1

    Dear FRIENDS AND FANS OF MICHAEL !!!! Yesterday I wrote a song about all of that ... and about Michael himself . I’ll be so glad if you will support and go to my channel and support Michael !

  • black Panther
    black Panther День назад +6

    Hmm this is a professional liar..look at his eyes

  • Hisan Yusuff
    Hisan Yusuff День назад +2

    What absolute bullshit. I hope they rot in hell whoever decided it's okay to do this.

  • wisewitch1
    wisewitch1 День назад +40

    Safechuck's mother: i was so happy in 2009 that MJ died and can't harm any other child. I danced.
    Safechuck: i did not realized untill 2013 that i was abused. I got therapy and realized it and then told my mom about it.
    Wadson: burns MJs gloves at end of documentary
    Facts: He sold MJs glove at 2011 julien's auctions
    Safechuck: MJ took me to Euro disney in 1988 for our honeymoon.
    Facts: Euro disney was not open untill 1992.
    Safechuck : I spent thanksgiving at MJs home with MJ in 1987 and he abused me that night too.
    Facts : MJ was performing at a tour in Australia at thanksgiving in 1987.
    Fans have found many conflicts in this documentary that every time a conflict is indicated, it gets cut from doc. New version released in UK was 45 minutes cut from original one. Its full of lies and so don't believe everything , do some research.

    • ultravioletgaia
      ultravioletgaia 7 часов назад +1

      Jesus Christ. Thank you. Someone make a video of this! These liars are trying to gain sympathy by portraying as victims. Democracy can be abused all too well, don't forget.

  • Wut?? ಠ_ಠ
    Wut?? ಠ_ಠ День назад

    Recent screen shots have been made of pro Jackson posts that were liked by Joy Robson, Wade Robson's mother, posted AFTER her son sued the estate and first went public with his allegations.

    • Abraham 1
      Abraham 1 11 часов назад

      what screen shots? could you send me links please



  • BlazingDave
    BlazingDave День назад

    The media can’t even talk about mj have they won 6 rings and 2 3peats

  • BlazingDave
    BlazingDave День назад

    Michael jordon is innocent. Very mean of the media people spreading lies.

    • BlazingDave
      BlazingDave 18 часов назад

      Opus YTP Michael jordon the realy great goat of basket. I can’t believe they would spread lies about him 😡

    • Opus YTP
      Opus YTP 20 часов назад


  • Halo UP
    Halo UP День назад +3

    Motherfuckers!!! this isn't true!

  • I eat Ass
    I eat Ass День назад

    They do not deserve to do this to him

  • Zbigniew
    Zbigniew День назад

    DAMN, nigga lost his n word pass

  • Shankar 0203
    Shankar 0203 День назад +3

    Fuck HBO

  • Bryan Carol
    Bryan Carol День назад

    *All the dislike are hardcore fan who can't accept the fact than Michael Jackson was probably a abuser and a pedophile...*

    • Abraham 1
      Abraham 1 11 часов назад

      the dislikes are from non-lazy ass people who can do simple research to know for a fact that this two men are lying

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller День назад +2

      actually they are individuals that know how to use the internet... it is 100% fact they are lying! it's proven in court documents.. sorry to burst your bubble!

  • You Are pleb
    You Are pleb День назад +31

    What are people doing for money..
    🙄. 100% lies..

    • You Are pleb
      You Are pleb 8 часов назад

      @Abraham 1 ikr

    • Abraham 1
      Abraham 1 11 часов назад

      it's really sad brother

    • oskrrr92
      oskrrr92 20 часов назад

      Is pretty obvious something wrong happened in neverland...what kind of grow man sleeps with children?

  • Lisa G
    Lisa G День назад +1

    Wade, specifically his resume as a choreographer. N*Sync, Britney Spears, mentored by Michael Jackson, television credits (Fox, MTV), movie credits. For a guy in his mid-30s, that resume is strong enough to have an incredible career moving forward. He may have missed out on a Vegas show or two, but do you really think young dancers around the globe wouldn't die for an opportunity to train under Wade considering all the shit he's done?
    The negative consequences of coming forward are clear. People who might have stood by him now don't want to work with him because they believe Michael. He'll be hounded by fans his entire life, potentially putting his family in danger if a truly psychotic MJ fan gets sick ideas in their head. His name, until the day he dies, will always be associated with the guy who was molested by MJ. That one fact is written in blood over all the TV credits, movie credits, Britney, NSync. He abandoned being a semi-God in this particular dance community subset to instead be a pariah, a suspicious figure who millions doubt.
    So, for what purpose is the lie? Money? Releasing this documentary essentially renders it impossible to reach any type of settlement because the MJ Estate has no reason to settle, what else does Wade have left to say? The only recourse, after the case being thrown out the first time, is a long and complicated civil trial with zero hard evidence because the accused pedophile died in 2009.
    Wade's entire career, all his success is a result of Michael "befriending" him at a young age. To turn on your mentor, if he didn't ever molest you but gave you the connections to become a dominant force in the dance industry, for what? A longshot-at-best chance of getting some money in civil court, knowing you'll face top lawyers with little evidence? You'd be willing to defame your mentor, potentially destroy a choreography career that would keep you rich your whole life for that longshot-at-best chance of getting a multi-million cash settlement?

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller День назад +2

      he burnt bridges.. people were pulling away from him the last 5 years of his career.. he was considered taboo to work with at the end.. He slept around with multiple celebs and used people too long! they were pushing him out of a good spot he had.. So You Think You Can Dance pulled their relationship with him, he lost his chance to work on Step Up, he lost the CIrque show.. That's a lot of loss..
      It was not just Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake he F'd over.. he f*cked several celebs wives and girlfriends for his personal gain and rubbing on those women rubs the industry the wrong way..
      People that really know him, know what he's about! and don't forget, most Michael Jackson fans were fans of Wade Robson.. Many have actually met and know him.. He frequented MJ events and many fans are dancers themselves.

  • Greg H
    Greg H День назад

    Michael Jackson was a pedophile and child rapist. The people who come here to defend Jackson are disgusting, vile human beings, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    • Greg H
      Greg H 13 минут назад

      Abraham 1 You are defending a homosexual pedophile rapist.

    • Abraham 1
      Abraham 1 11 часов назад

      you are the one that should be ashamed

    • Greg H
      Greg H 21 час назад

      Keep blaming all the victims, and defending your favorite pedophile. It won't do MJ any good though, because he is now in Hell.

    • Greg H
      Greg H 21 час назад

      You can't get any lower than defending a pedophile. You and Babs Streisand should start your own channel.

  • natalijamartina
    natalijamartina День назад

    What kind od parents did those children had? That’s my main question? Parents for whom their own children were puppets for money. 🥵🤮🤐

  • Ellie Pentti
    Ellie Pentti День назад +6

    Bye bye HBO, me and all my friends + relatives have cancelled HBO. You made a big mistake in publishing a film about 2 con artists and their attempt to make money of MJ's state and rob his children of his heritage to them and to the World. We enjoyed seeing Dan Reed get smashed by a real JOURNALIST Olivier Cachin on French TV.. The interview has been fully translated into English for all to see that Mr. Olivier Cachin call the two alleged abused "actors" playing a script and puts Dan Reed into a corner by debunking many of the lies told in this fiction film of yours. I cannot believe that HBO got involved in this.. I can definitely live without HBO, but I will not live without MJ because YOU did not do your job, which was to investigate instead of allowing these 3 train wrecks to come towards you!!!!

  • MaiHead
    MaiHead День назад

    It's crazy how fucking fanatic and toxic michael's fanbase is. It's obvious he was doing inappropriate things to those boys. Weather it was fully sexual or just "touching things", it's still fucked up. The guy was a monster. Money buys a lot of things, including silence in these cases. What kind of a 35 year old man wants to have sleepovers with random ass kids, alone, privately, with no parental supervision allowed? I get that people don't want this to be true, i don't either. But it clearly is lol.
    And you get attacked as soon as you say something negative about MJ. It's like a fucking religion here. People are so obsessed with him like he's some kind of god figure. The world is sick and so are the people who are defending one of the most notorious pedophiles that has ever existed.

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller День назад +1

      to believe Wade and James is to believe in time travel.. what is 'toxic' is believing fictitious stories that can easily be proven with the simplest time stamped facts and call other people 'fucking fanatic'..
      You can't spend thanksgiving with Michael Jackson in California when he was on tour in Australia
      You can't 'honeymoon' in Paris and go to Euro Disney in 1988 when it did not open until 1992
      You can't be molested by Michael Jackson after he performs in NY at the grammys in 1989 when 1. Michael did not attend 2. it did not take place in NY
      I can continue! ?

  • Berni B
    Berni B День назад +1

    He was a big-hearted man. Why it's so hard to accepted this? It is disgusting that after his death they made a film to drag his name through the mire. 😠😠

  • Kostakis
    Kostakis День назад +1

    I've always liked mj as an artist...but its pretty obvious he did it...

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller День назад +1

      its actually the opposite, with a little research.. time stamp proof that they are 100% lying. it's a fact!!

  • Michael Jackson's This is it TV
    Michael Jackson's This is it TV День назад +1

    Oh Bitch Shut up

  • Daniel Diango
    Daniel Diango День назад

    Because he was black

  • Maneki
    Maneki День назад +1

    Where is the Harvey Weinstein documentary ?
    Where is the Bryan Singer documentary ?
    Where is the Woody Allen documentary ?
    Where is the Roman Polanski documentary ?
    Where is the Catholic Church documentary?
    The REAL sexual offenders are out there living happily!

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller День назад +1

      just interesting fact to share.. A Weinstein documentary was set to air at Sundance.. It was pulled weeks prior and the Michael Jackson documentary entered.. And if you look at when the Michael doc entered, it was after the time films were supposed to be submitted.

  • Anupama Padma
    Anupama Padma День назад

    We need to view this in India. Why is it not available in Netflix India?

    • Anupama Padma
      Anupama Padma День назад

      +Truth Teller Or there are too many pedophiles all across the world and the conditioning is so deep to protect these criminals. Why be afraid of hearing somebody's point of view in a documentary?

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller День назад +1

      because Netflix is not supporting this lying documentary.. It is being pulled from various countries because the lies are being uncovered.. They have already edited out 45 minutes of proven lies in some countries that have aired it.

  • Carter Cannon
    Carter Cannon День назад +3

    This is just a FANFIC smh

  • Roberta Alston
    Roberta Alston День назад

    I see all the Michael Jackson fans in the comments rooting for him that's kool I'm also a fan but and a really big butttt now all these little white boys are accusing Mike of touching him this boy didint decide to tell any thing until he was grown he waa acctuly confused he's a child he didint no any better he thou it was right and he thou he was in a hole relationship now every one is mad at Mike they need to be mad at the mothers because if it's true that Mike did what he did he kept the mother's acupide and fuckin happy this bitch let's Mike take her 7 year son in a room and she listening at the door what type of fuckery is that move to l a left her family and all ... don't be mad at Mike these mother's sold they sons, this bitch sitting up there remmermince on the good times Mike showed them first class flights and dinner that's what your sons worth they waa like I would of hurt Mike for doing what he did to my son you know why because they new sold the dam kids

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller День назад +1

      just FYI......
      * James claims him and his family spent thanksgiving of 1987 with MJ at the Jackson family house in CA... He was on tour in Australia!
      * James claims to have been molested after Michael performed in NY at the 89 grammys... Michael did not even attend the grammys nor were they in NY!
      *James claims that in the late 80's he worked with Michael under the Jackson estate (to why they should be liable today)… The Estate was not created until 1991.
      * James claims to have owned the thriller Jacket.. It was actually in possession of Michaels clothing designer until 2011 when it was auctioned off.
      * James claims to have owned the whip from Indiana Jones... It actually was donated to an archeology museum
      I can continue on James or switch to Wade Robson if you'd like!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 69johndz
    69johndz День назад

    If you like diddling little boys, hit that DISLIKE button.

  • A. Delome
    A. Delome День назад

    MJ was one twisted little freak!!!

  • Adrienn Olaszi
    Adrienn Olaszi День назад +3

    Shame!!! He died 10years ago. That how they remember?
    They will go to hell!!! Leave him alone in rest!!!! Micheal Jackson is a Legend. People disgusting and jealous! 😠

  • Maham Tariq
    Maham Tariq День назад +2


  • Wamner Eduardo Arjona
    Wamner Eduardo Arjona День назад +2

    Michael es inocente💜

  • Ourpeterpan
    Ourpeterpan День назад +1

    Okay so u r still making shit on him bc u said "u wanna tell the truth" but then u make a music group. So all u want is attention and money, go to hell and die fucking there u motherfuckers

  • Ourpeterpan
    Ourpeterpan День назад


  • Me Good boy
    Me Good boy День назад

    Oh Michael you piece of shit I’m still listening to your music even if u killed my mother

  • The5thAstronaut
    The5thAstronaut День назад

    Believe survivors until they accuse someone you like

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller День назад +2

      +The5thAstronaut sorry, when you're talked sh** to all day for defending Michael Jackson - you get a little on edge..
      There is a lot but just to share a few facts.
      the Safechucks claim to have spent thanksgiving with Michael Jackson in Encino CA in 1987 but he was on tour in Australia and is actually the day he met Wade Robson.
      James claims to have been molested after Michael performed in NY at the 89 grammys.. Michael did not attend the grammys nor were they in NY.

      James claims he worked for the estate in the late 80's (for his case to be legitimized on why they should give him money) but the Jackson estate was not established until 1991.

      There is a lot more!! but I'll stop for now and see what you have to say!

    • The5thAstronaut
      The5thAstronaut День назад

      +Truth Teller lmao calm down I'm making a joke, would love some proof that Michael isn't a pedo, it'd brighten my day actually

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller День назад +2

      that's a stupid comment lol! or listen to peoples claim, fact check and call out the truth.. Or lies! they lied.. simple as that! It's been proven, there is nothing more to say. It's just a matter of time for the media to tuck the tale and pretend nothing ever happened.

  • Anon73618
    Anon73618 День назад +1

    I watched the documentary. It seemed honest & credible. Well made. I don't know if he's guilty or not, none of us do. Money is a motivator but money is also a strong motivator for keeping people quiet.
    Four children have come forward & said things about Michael, can't overlook that. Don't think we should just brush it off either. Especially when nobody knew what Michael did behind closed doors. I'll remain neutral, because i don't simply know what to think about this.

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller День назад

      it's as credible as a story can get... a "story" that is all it is.. If you actually dive into what they claim, it's very easy to dismiss.. timelines make what they accuse impossible. 100%

    • Joey Tastic
      Joey Tastic День назад +1

      I honestly think its a money grab, Wade’s career got screwed up and wanted money from the estate, James later joined in. Many people watched and DEBUNKED the claims in it. Including this guy, who watched the documentary and studied the cases. ruclip.com/video/zYx0vLfpRYY/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE.html

  • Mary Lane
    Mary Lane День назад

    You motherfuckers can't handle the truth!

  • Sarah Marron
    Sarah Marron День назад +5

    The man should get a lie detector test because I don't believe them

  • affe584
    affe584 День назад

    I think the 3 Gangsters there are here making Money with this Film are leyer. A treatet person nerver didn't have a good life like them. They are manipulate all all people how are fans. This story is very nice story. But not thrue there are very facts statet from the fbi and famous chealdstars. Jakson wasn't very communicativ and he isn't abel to manipulate somebody or to have a good conversation. But the 3 gangsters are able to manipulate. The ressigur and the 2 men and this women. These are not facts i repeat. These are no statments and no facts and no true storys. All of their comments are not true . These is a manipulating money make story. The have a silver mouth and a pokerface. Please.. i give yoz my statement. I am a poker expert. And all of them inclusive the ressigure have a poker face sit on. And that what they say would exactly be that what i would say to kill a good famous man. Its a very perfecg manipulate story!! Please dont belive one word. The fbi should bi involved. Im not very michae jakson fan. But i hate laaier and gangsters