Here's Why Tana's Friends Don't Trust Jake Paul | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21| Episode 2

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • When Tana rebounds with controversial RUclipr Jake Paul, her roommate, Ashly, worries she’s moving too fast with the wrong kind of guy.
    Plus, Tana goes head to head with Justina Valentine as a guest star on ‘Wild ‘N Out.’
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Comments • 7 016

  • Audrey Swain
    Audrey Swain 11 hours ago

    I miss tana's editing

  • Bill Eyelash
    Bill Eyelash 2 days ago

    Omfg Tana did so good on wild n. 😍❤️ it was so nice of Justina to do that, she knew tana was nervous.

  • wangpup nika
    wangpup nika 9 days ago

    Always the best friend has a gutt feeling about that guy

  • how to trow stuff eagerly

    Tana's bffs silently judging and inspectioning jake is me with my friends

  • Chyaniss Pate
    Chyaniss Pate 11 days ago

    I swear it seems like that other guy is so jelly of Jake. 1:42 for example and in other episodes

  • Elena Rodriguez
    Elena Rodriguez 12 days ago

    I love how tana is described as a “celebrity RUclipr” and jake is a “controversial youtuber” yet they both have a shane series

  • bust down kat
    bust down kat 13 days ago

    who tf talks abt washing their hands

  • Taylor Correllus
    Taylor Correllus 15 days ago

    Controversial youtuber lmao

  • Traveling Soul
    Traveling Soul 15 days ago

    Friend- I've never seen them interact off camera...while meeting him again on camera...

  • Dylan Majors
    Dylan Majors 15 days ago

    but now that i’m saying that it’s to late jake is already rich mtv is for more people who aren’t so well none

  • Dylan Majors
    Dylan Majors 15 days ago

    my would of mad way more money if they would of did a jake no filter

  • Shelly Liban
    Shelly Liban 16 days ago

    So having a FAKE as wedding means your maturing??? I’ve never seen a more gross personality! So immature it’s rediculous!!

  • Shelly Liban
    Shelly Liban 16 days ago +1

    Tana looks like her vagina REEKs!! She’s so gross!! Ugh!

  • Makayla Crenshaw
    Makayla Crenshaw 16 days ago

    where's tanas blue sweater from?

  • Jordan Hodges
    Jordan Hodges 18 days ago

    Is this the MTV show? If not how do I watch

  • LaToya Smith
    LaToya Smith 18 days ago

    I hate these people!

  • Thea Staples
    Thea Staples 18 days ago

    Shes so annoying, her little wanna be sexy baby voice is irritating af.
    Like shes gross af..I feel like her pussy definitely stinks and her panties are crunchy at the end of the day🤢🤢🤢

  • Ashlei Davis
    Ashlei Davis 18 days ago +1

    When she kissed him and he went oo like he didn’t want to kiss her

  • Gail Alexandra
    Gail Alexandra 19 days ago

    “Here’s why’s tanas friends don’t trust Jake” ...
    Seems like they were right 👀

  • DJ Black
    DJ Black 20 days ago

    Ashley and tana look to much alike

  • Taryn
    Taryn 20 days ago

    The only reason I wanted to watch this series is to see why she cries and falls out of the car but she was pretending to be crying...

  • Breana Amburn
    Breana Amburn 20 days ago

    Jordan is fucking hilarious and does not get enough credit

  • Juju Sc
    Juju Sc 20 days ago

    Tana:“We are taking things slow”
    Also Tana:”Im GeTtInG MaRrIeD”

  • taz foreman
    taz foreman 21 day ago

    Jake Paul
    *controversial youtuber*

  • megbro
    megbro 21 day ago

    Justina ❤️

  • Alexisizzlee
    Alexisizzlee 22 days ago

    They all said it wrong it’s WYLINOUT

  • danesha chantel
    danesha chantel 22 days ago

    ughh Ashly needs to shut up🙄ur so dramatic dude

  • Tessa Powers
    Tessa Powers 22 days ago +6

    Ashly and Jordan kinda seem like they would be a good couple 🤔 in some sence 😂

  • Jo Q
    Jo Q 22 days ago


  • Jennifer Lim
    Jennifer Lim 23 days ago

    I hate tanas voice

  • Mckenzie Mahal
    Mckenzie Mahal 24 days ago

    Shes so damn annoying uughh. 💀
    Why am I watching this? Lmao. I need more yhings to watch on RUclip.

  • kleenexpuffs
    kleenexpuffs 24 days ago

    best friends always know best.. now look

  • Courtney Gordon
    Courtney Gordon 24 days ago

    2nd season without Jake would be worth watching.

  • Hannah White
    Hannah White 24 days ago

    Justina fake hood persona is cringe

  • Hannah White
    Hannah White 24 days ago

    Jake needs lip fillers

    CHSNY 24 days ago

    In this she says she hit up jake and in her wedding day grwm she said he hit her up

  • The Chef O' Jenkins Family

    I’m a just say the truth I’m not a Jake Paul fan but I agree with what Tana’s friends are saying about him Bc Tana doesn’t see that she married a sociopath 🤦🏽‍♂️ and he’s going to ruin her life one way or another 💯

  • Lauri Osterlund
    Lauri Osterlund 25 days ago +4

    Tana is falling for Jake but Jake is using her for clout

  • Amber Atkins
    Amber Atkins 26 days ago

    Tana: “What if I get roasted and look like a complete dumbass on national television”
    Tanas manager, “tana mtv wants to partner to do a series for your 21st birthday, I think it’s our big comeback”

  • KG
    KG 26 days ago

    I hate how she talks in the interviews it’s so unnatural :( u know

  • Alaa Atari
    Alaa Atari 26 days ago

    Justina has always looked like a mix of tana and bella to me

  • gemma xo
    gemma xo 27 days ago

    I wouldnt trust Jake Paul as far as I could throw him. I'm taking a bit of a liking to Tana now though but she can do a lot better than Jake Paul.

  • whoisjesusionlyknowbaeksus you know

    'Take pics, photoshop me in' love Imari 😂😂😂

  • Sj Sj
    Sj Sj 29 days ago +1

    13:58 *...and then they got engaged...* 💀

  • erica moore
    erica moore 29 days ago

    i feel like tana thinks she’s more famous than she actually is

  • Vic Cruz
    Vic Cruz Month ago

    Jake Paul (controversial RUclipr )

  • Turtle_T
    Turtle_T Month ago

    I would take Imari on a dope ass date he is so cute .

  • Raul Garza
    Raul Garza Month ago

    Tana and Jake are the Stacy and Chad on the Internet and people who rag on them are just people who will never be that successful in their own life

  • Allan Duncan
    Allan Duncan Month ago

    I bet Tana pussy stink all that Frozen cum she has in that pussy her dusty ass she look like a sex doll with her mouth open waiting for a big fat dick to go in there

  • SkyTangerine :D
    SkyTangerine :D Month ago +3

    I love how they labeled Jake "Controversial RUclipr"

  • Kim Picot
    Kim Picot Month ago

    Ok please someone tell me what "plan b" means??

    • AzuraeSkye
      AzuraeSkye Month ago

      It's an emergency contraceptive pill that can be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex

    RAIN HAVOK Month ago

    So gross. I can smell her from here.

  • room messy
    room messy Month ago

    I feel like tana wanted to be a porn star, but her voice was too deep

  • Ashley S
    Ashley S Month ago

    Jake Paul "controversial youtuber"

  • mormor'sWorld
    mormor'sWorld Month ago

    There saying it with a D its not wielding out it wild´N out

  • scary scary
    scary scary Month ago

    14:50-14:54 i need a gay boy bestfriend to do that with me

  • Scotty Hov
    Scotty Hov Month ago

    "what if I get roasted and look like a dumbass on national television"... Too late already do

  • b0sslady247
    b0sslady247 Month ago

    How in the hell does she have all of those dislikes

    • pocket lock
      pocket lock 24 days ago

      b0sslady247 people love to hate her but they stay watching.

  • Brandon Babesz
    Brandon Babesz Month ago

    I love Ashely’s outfit 😍😍😍🔥

  • The Starseed Mystic

    the way tana looks now is really scary i'm sorry