Top 10 Worst Games of the 7th Generation!

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The longest video game generation sure produced the longest lineup of stinkers we’ve ever seen! These are the games from the Xbox 360, the PS3 and the Wii that were just plain bad, terrible, sucked hard, glitchy as hell or sometimes indescribably awful! Welcome to http://Watchmojo.com/ and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Games of the 7th Generation!

00:36 #10. “Bomberman Act Zero” (2006)
01:30 #9. “Quantum Theory” (2010)
02:11 #8. “XMen Destiny” (2011)
03:02 #7. “Amy” (2012)
03:48 #6. “Rogue Warrior” (2009)
04:37 #5. “Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust” (2009)
05:28 #4. “Aliens Colonial Marines” (2013)
06:23 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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Автор WatchMojo.com ( назад)
Maybe you want to see how bad they are?
Quantum Theory - Playstation 3 http://amzn.to/2m3Ncrr
X-MEN: DESTINY PS3 http://amzn.to/2n3Bsds
Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor - Xbox 360 http://amzn.to/2m3QoTQ

Автор Chrisjb1983 ( назад)
These games were pretty bad, there were definitely a lot more good games in this gen than in any gen before it though. Shovelware galore.

Автор Z B ( назад)
Only good thing in Aliens: Colonial Marines was hearing the sweet sound of that Pulse Rifle again

Автор Sonic Ranger ( назад)
VideoGameLova1 Yes it is. I'm a big fan of it. You won't believe how many S ranks I got in Sonic 06. The game's amazing.

Автор Danny Hernandez ( назад)
I know most of these games because of funhaus. thanks for the laughs guys

Автор Shnuggles ( назад)
I don't care what anyone says Duke Nukem Forever was a good game to me. I very much enjoyed it's story, multiplayer and even dlc.

Автор Dommy D ( назад)
Vampire Rain is still the worst game I've ever played in my entire life idk how it wasn't number 1

Автор Semi Locon ( назад)
8:33 "Entertaniment", lol

Автор Revolt ( назад)
Again and again WM just can't stop doing these TOPs w/o Sonic being here.

Автор IllusionMaster17 Dilan Lopez ( назад)
Ride to Hell, literally the game speak for itself.

Автор Shadow Wolvis ( назад)
Fuck Sonic.

Автор Terminal Sarcasm ( назад)
I feel like Street Fighter V should have been on this list. Or at least as an honorable mention.

Автор F4ST Productions ( назад)
omg sonic 06 is so old get over it..

Автор Daniel Ortega ( назад)
top 10 Tony Hawk games

Автор Joel Fennell ( назад)
Ride To Hell

Автор Zachie XP ( назад)

Автор WhoisDMK ( назад)
Was I the only one who said "WTF is quantum theory"?

Автор ken ti ( назад)
most of the sonic games are butt

Автор T-zommy ( назад)
leave sonic alone.

Автор Hosea Aldri ( назад)
ride to hell retribution is a game that makes you explode for no fucking reason

Автор Dustin Barlow ( назад)
Just a heads up. I picked up Ride to Hell at a gamestop for $10 and played it over the weekend with a friend of mine and it was awesome!

It is one of the worst games I have ever played but if you go into it already knowing it's bad, you will have a much better experience. I seriously almost suffocated I was laughing so hard! Me and my buddy took turns playing all while making fun of it and it was a lot of fun. It is like one of those syfy movies they used to make a ton of back in the day.

I encourage anybody else to go pick up a copy. They are dirt cheap and sometimes it is nice to sit down with a game that isn't meant to be taken seriously.

Автор Christopher Bateman ( назад)
I actually liked X men Destiny.

Автор calebashton1 ( назад)
I'm surprised Alone in the Dark didn't make it to at least honorable mentions. That game was painful to play. I couldn't bring myself to finish it. Mainly because i kept glitching through the same wall over and over and couldn't beat it.

Автор Evelyn Steger ( назад)
Poor sonic can't seem to catch a break, I mean come on, sonic 06 was forever ago and his series managed to slightly bounce back with games like sonic unleashed, sonic colors and sonic generations. Not to mention that project sonic 2017 looks pretty promising

Автор Ashley1epic ( назад)
I can't believe Arin and Jon FINISHED Sonic '06. Like, how does one do that?

Автор NekuCloudHyugaLagoon ( назад)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 still makes me cringe!😣

Автор Jason Browne ( назад)
sonic the hedgehog 2006 wasn't bad

Автор sirEthereal ( назад)

Автор Shadsy The Hedgehog ( назад)

Автор Keshaun Lawrence ( назад)
You forgot to mention how great the soundtracks are for Sonic 06

Автор Jacob Carpenter ( назад)
You can tell they put Sonic on the thumbnail just for click bate.

Автор Brianna Maley ( назад)
Your 2013 entries should not count since the seventh generation lasted until 2012.
So games in 2013 are from the eighth generation.

Автор saint7502 ( назад)
Sonic 06 is not one of the best sonic games but to call it number 3 as one of the worst gen 7 game? Did you guys even do research, because it's far from being in the top 10 worst game.

Автор Olivier.wmv ( назад)
sonic 06 is not that bad. there were tons of shitty Wii games that could take it's spot

Автор FastPlayers ( назад)

Автор TheyCallMeMightyEv ( назад)
When I saw Sonic 06 on the thumbnail, my mind was like:
"There's a reason why I unsubbed this channel"

Автор Travis Ingram ( назад)
Wow! Hell Ride was a decent movie; if you like the genre. So, I see where it could have been a cool idea, but that game looks awful

Автор Fabian Ramirez ( назад)
Too Human was the worst game I played last generation.

Автор frecklefart66 ( назад)
so quantum theory is EXACTLY like gears of war then.

Автор Smitty werbenjagermanjensen ( назад)
I'm surprised that sonic 06 isn't #1

Автор Plasticpretzels ( назад)

Автор ShuffMomo ( назад)

Автор Sherlock4869 ( назад)
Who guessed Number 1

Автор Feisal Hamza ( назад)
Definitely agree about sonic the hedgehog. That game was full of glitches, bastards owe me 5 ps3 controllers coz that shit made me rage

Автор Maddie Rodriguez ( назад)
I only liked Sonic 06 for the music. That's it. Everything else is shit.

Автор кαωαιι иαмι ( назад)
I saw Sonic O'6 I clicked I hate sonic the hedgehog 2006 but I love Sonic games

Автор BlackFancy ( назад)
Not another Sonic 06 bash... At least the multiplayer was fun o.0

Автор Sonic Ranger ( назад)
Sonic 06 is a really great game

Автор Sonic Ranger ( назад)
Did you HAVE to put Sonic 06 in this video?

Автор RedDragonForce2 ( назад)
Sonic 06 may have been bad, but one of the worst parts was the Beastiality/Necrophilia??
I find that slightly strange, because people put Shadow and Maria together as a romantic couple and people don't flip their lid over it.
And it's the concept, not the execution, because... SonAmy or SonSal for life!!

Автор HydroXLegacy ( назад)
Im gonna guess Ride to Hell and S06

Автор BrandoPlayer ( назад)
Boy I liked Sonic 06 and Duke Nukem Forever!

Автор Marc Baker ( назад)
'VAMPIRE RAAAAAIIIIIIN' It will make you sell your 360.

Автор Jose Torres ( назад)
Me-"man, they give Ride to hell retribution a lot of crap"
Actually plays it-"fuck this is bad"

Автор ItzBill 69 ( назад)
I like it how Sonic has been kissed by more girls than half the people in the comments section

Автор Klinsk ( назад)
I never heard of these games except Colonial Marines.

Автор Doctor Cragmire ( назад)
Here's one important thing about Act Zero that you should've mentioned. There are no saves, continues, or *extra freaking lives* in the *99 level single player campaign!!!!*

Автор Clayton Helms ( назад)
Sonic wasn't the worst

Автор UltraGoku33/Pokemon98520 The Saiyan Elite ( назад)
Is it weird that I love Sonic 06?

Автор Danny Martinez ( назад)
what about sonic boom that game sucked

Автор DREXIS MUSIC ( назад)
Yes sonic06 wasn't the best but the glitches were great and the story sort of linked up but I do agree the romance between Elise and sonic wasn't a good idea. Also I know the lip syncing is really crap but that makes the game sort of "funny" However personally sonic boom should be here not 06.

Автор DREXIS MUSIC ( назад)
Shut up Sonic 06 was actually ok

Автор ShadowKrueger ( назад)
It's amazing how Sega managed to create Sonic's worst 3D game in his career EVER but its still alive and probably generates all the revenue the game should have done day one for the company in 2006 when it was released.

Автор Rares Macovei ( назад)
Dark is the most decent game on this list.

Автор Robin8991 ( назад)
What is the best game of all of these? I fucking love Rogue Warrior, bitch! lol

Автор Robin8991 ( назад)
What hurts about Steel Battalion, is that it was made by FromSoftware (Blood Souls series) and Same with the best bad game, fucking Rogue Warrior (Bethesda).
Where's Walking Dead Survival Instinct?

Автор Sulaiman AL-BaKr ( назад)
Sonic 2006 wasn't that bad I had no glitch in the game beside the ost is amazing and yes that scene was unnecessary.

Автор jock stew ( назад)
rogue warrior, love it.

Автор spongeaang98 ( назад)
Duke Nukem should be in the place of X-Men Destiny off legacy alone. Poor voice acting, dated graphics, lazy and abhorrent writing, archaic gameplay and just complete disrespect to the legacy of the character, DNF should have been shelved years before release to save embarrassment for a game that shows how juvenile games in his era were and how much better they've become. Destiny was at least a playable mess and had fun in some sense. Duke is a overly long shitfest from the moment it begins.

Автор Sawtje2 ( назад)
Yeaah.. here's a fun fact about me; I actually bought the Xbox 360 to play Sonic 06. Kinda a weird reason now that I think about it but I did like the game. I can see how poorly designed it is, but I still do like it. Mostly the soundtrack, but Silver's gameplay is pretty cool as well

Автор Jacob Thorn ( назад)
Dude... I loved Sonic the Hedgehog... Especially the part where you first played as Silver... I miss my PS2...

Автор Billy Billy Bo Billy Banana Fana Fo Filly ( назад)
Top 10 Youtubers Struggling to Stay Relevant

1. Watchmojo.com

Автор Jonathan Carless ( назад)
The only game I have played on this list is aliens colonial marines and it was the worst game I have ever played.

Автор Winduct ( назад)
I think Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) has more of the reputation of being one of the worst games ever made rather than being one of the worst games ever made. It's really not that bad. There are many worse games out there.

Автор David Speelman ( назад)
duke nukem forever wasnt thattttt bad. wasnt good by any means, but i had a decent time playing it.

Автор The ZIRCON 81 ( назад)

Автор Cybion Gaming ( назад)
Good thing Sonic Unleashed saved the Sonic Franchise back in 2008 ... and then 2014 happend with Sonic Boom

Автор Jorge Gómez ( назад)
All those games are still better than No Man's Sky.

Автор Benjamin Stowe ( назад)
I had no problems with sonic 06 with the exception of the multiplayer. I never encountered any of the "infamous" bugs and glitches and the level lengths pushed me to be a better gamer.

Автор Spencer William ( назад)
i liked sonic 06 story but holy fuck was it awful

Автор Denim Harris ( назад)
That thumbnail tho!

Автор josiah ewing ( назад)
sonic 06 looks like a Final Fantasy and sonic the hedgehog crossover

Автор El Nezzel ( назад)
I swear that's matpat from game theory

Автор Emo Life™ ( назад)
I would switch Ride To Hell to number 2 and Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor to number 1

Автор gregory pantos ( назад)
i liked sonic 06's story (well apart from the sonic-elise romance)

Автор THE GREY MAN ( назад)
Well; let's think about it. DARK HAD a shit story towards the end with the two endings, the graphics were bad as well; BUT the gameplay was a good way to waste some time! I actually played it twice to get an achievement! Still; it coulda used some more work yea?

Автор eoriordan90 ( назад)
Alpha protocol worst I ever played

Автор iReece4498 ( назад)
X-Men Destiny wasn't THAT bad. It was OK. Not too bad, not great. And at least Sonic 06 stopped Sonic team trying to be too dark and led to a return to a more fitting lighthearted tone and great games like Colours and Generations.

Автор CostFrost ( назад)
Honestly I loved Sonic 06, but honestly I was about 6 - 8 years old when I played it... sooo

Автор RageRock 101 ( назад)
sonic the hedgehog was one of my favorite games I disagree with it that one game in the list

Автор PixeLTube ( назад)
A good top 10 list pogchamp

Автор Benjamin Plut ( назад)
Sneak king

Автор Flipqy ( назад)
it's funny how people are defending that shitty sonic 06 trash.😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Krish Bhalla ( назад)
I really liked Sonic The Hedgehog

Автор Bluefire Gonzalez ( назад)
I loved the story and gameplay of Sonic06 who else agrees?

Автор Jonathan BarSela ( назад)
These games should really put things in proportions, I sure will try to complain less about games like Dragon Age 2 and Final Fantasy 13.

Автор ToxinSuperheros ( назад)
Why does Watchmojo. Hate sonic so much? He's only had about 4 bad Games
Sonic ATSR/BN,Sonic 06,Sonic Boom,Lost World

And Unleashed and portable Versions of boom were Decent

And what about Sonic 4 Ep1 and 2,Sonic Colors And Generations?

I'm not a triggered sonic fan I just want to point this out but either way 06 still deserves a spot on the list

Автор huntersw2 ( назад)
Oh shit Big Bo at the end

Автор HydroPolitoed ( назад)
Wtf who doesnt like sanic?

Автор Elias Nicolas Miranda ( назад)
original comment
im the only one who hate sonic 06?

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