DIY Computer Case - The Ultimate Silent PC (CLOUD UNIT)

In this video I give an overview of my latest scratch PC build project - the Ultimate Silent Gaming PC, Mark II. The greatest feature of the case, I think, is that the graphics card has a MASSIVE cpu cooler on it, which helps to plunge the case into practical silence even while gaming.

Build log: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHoqYBZMc_c

Acoustic Performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3_sy3-c6LM

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Автор ben cos ( назад)
the backup idea is very clever:-)

Автор Join Catman ( назад)
Where did he bourght the Vinyl? Link pls

Автор Mast Maula ( назад)
The fire will not burn down his house
It will give him a nice insurance payday

Автор sevencardz ( назад)
This is the most well designed PC I have ever seen.

Автор z4nY ( назад)
I love that, just a couple of days I told a friend that the mainboard architecture in common pcs is very bad and that it should be rotated so that the hot air exits to the top... and now I find this.
Your videos are absolutely fantastic :)

Автор Massimo O'Kissed ( назад)
Cheap PC case, and it looks better than EVERYTHING made by InWin.

Автор Jonathan Graham ( назад)
This fella obviously doesn't know how gpu coolers work

Автор Jordan Ness ( назад)
Im confused though. First of all graphics cards are silent to begin with. They dont make noise. The fans on the heat sink is what makes noise so that giant cpu heat sink does not actually stop the noise because of reducing heat it stops noise because it removes the small fans from the heatsink. Also using heat sinks like that with no fans directly on them to move the heat isn't great practice. It will work because he has airflow in the case, but its not as effective and like his previous case video where the cpu ran at like 75 C where as normally even under load my cpu would run at about 50 or so with air or 30 - 40 with liquid. This isnt a problem with the case at all though simply the choice to have only intake and exhaust fans rather than including heat sink fans. None of this is any kind of fatal error just extremely weird and not necessarily considered good practice. Also the fabric doesnt worry me so much as a fire hazard as it does a potential source for static electricity which can kill parts. Not that im saying it will because i cant tell from the content how close it is to the actual parts that could be damaged from static. Also as a water cooling enthusiast I must point out that pumps really arent that loud usually unless you have them pushing at max power. I have a water cooling setup in my personal build and aside from fans i run on the radiator its completely silent. I cant even hear the pump. Once again im not bashing anything in this video, im simply giving information because i believe some of this may be slightly off. The concept itself is super cool though and i love that he is coming up with different ideas and giving them a go because thats how innovation happens. I love the video, but this is what i do as a hobby so i thought i would give my own personal observations based on my experience which may very well differ from his experience and cause the difference in information given.

Автор phill80 ( назад)
Handsome and intelligent..... Bastard.

Автор juan granados ( назад)
great heat dissipation by convection. i agree by optimizing fluid dynamics and convection. is better than water cooling

Автор The 3rd Tausk ( назад)
It's gonna implode and set your neighbors house on fire, dude!

Автор linuxmq ( назад)
Very interesting, well spoken and clear. Great video.
I can understand the "vertical" point of the build with the huge heatsink for the graphic card. However, if one needs more PCIe slots to be used for other cards, such as network, sound, raid, etc... then the heatsink is on the way and it would not be possible to get it installed. Although I am not a gamer and very happy with a single video card, most gamer machines have several video cards in their machine. How will you "cool" these cards then? Only the last card facing the end of the case would be cooled that way.
So your design is very interesting for a simple PC and people just using "Word processing" as you said, but definitely not for more powerful requirements.

Автор FPSSnipeEm ( назад)
The heck.. Why does this guy seem so clean...

Автор T horon ( назад)
i bet the cooling performance would match a passive open air setup

Автор HeavyMetal Gamer ( назад)
one would hope that those towels are anti-static

Автор LEZevil ( назад)
My PC isn't exactly quiet when I'm just browsing and stuff. But sounds like a jet engine when I play games

Автор MpchBrwn ( назад)
DIY Perks , Really nice airflow design, such a good work, love the sleek design, and the backup button !!

Автор Patrick Phelan ( назад)
I've been so disappointed in the design features in the recent generations of PC cases. Glass? LEDs everywhere? This => mind = blown.

Автор xXXXxxSePhIROoThHxxxXXXxxx ( назад)
that looks like it will burn down

Автор UreaSmith ( назад)
I never notice the noise on my computer.. I guess there are advantages to getting old.

Автор Geometry Dash Medikat ( назад)
Your computer is going to set on fire and burn your house down

Автор OVD ( назад)
If you want to have a quiet pc why wont you follow this guide

step 1: shutdown your pc

Автор Ashton Joel ( назад)
You should manufacturer that computer

Автор BioCronGamer ( назад)
Can some one tell what that green stuff is ? Please

Автор Stainless ( назад)
doesnt it feel weird to press the power button and hearing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?

at least get a boot beeper!

Автор Simproved ( назад)
Wow! I simply love your channel! Now I wanna use my weird forgotten engineering skills again...thanks for that!

Автор fako fakoson ( назад)
Great build mate, I would only have one suggestion since your purpose for this project is experimentation.

How about enlarging the cutout for the side panel and instead of a lid install a monitor there, say a laptop display to turn this beauty into an AIO unit, plus adding a couple centimeters height at the bottom to install a sliding tray with a keyboard and mouse?

Thus along with becoming AIO it would be a whole desktop system as portable as a briefcase......

Автор Ely Novas ( назад)
I wonder where he hides the bodies...

Автор mienzillaz ( назад)
oh look..! theon greyjoy built himself a PC..! for sure he will not watch porn on it..;)

Автор Neo Alison ( назад)
simply amazing

Автор Hyper Galactic ( назад)
where's the reset button?

Автор DecibelAlex ( назад)
is your house still standing?

Автор nuvaboy ( назад)
This case and setup would be amazing for a DAW. Good job! :)

Автор ideamaker ( назад)
Your house is going to catch fire! That computer is a fire hazard. LOL ;)

Автор Klaudijus Stankevicius ( назад)
great idea looks really unike!!!! but how are the temperatures ? :/

Автор chuckles de clown ( назад)
you sir are clever

Автор Radu ( назад)
ok now how about going 3-wau SLI ?

Автор illidur ( назад)
Frodo after throwing the ring into the volcano.

Автор Megos Hong ( назад)
buy siverstone ft02

Автор arha hugo ( назад)
for red and white lights, toi must change it by ws2812

Автор MrBacknack ( назад)
how to make that backup system in my pc ?!

Автор OP-MS Iron Man ( назад)
"There's a button! 8D" Lol

Автор Nermain Merl. ( назад)
am i the only one who likes his pc to make some noise?

Автор J. Shih ( назад)
what's the graphics card there

Автор Alex Barbu ( назад)
Your house is going to catch fire and burn your computer down.

Автор CalTheTroll - games music and thats it ( назад)
now put 2 of them in sli oh the coolers in the way rip

Автор Ikmel A.A.A. ( назад)
Brilliant, really inspiring.

Автор Dimitri Biemond ( назад)
It really annoys me that he doesn't use Water cooling and SSD's

Автор dirty bandit ( назад)
is this a joke or serious? I really cant tell

Автор Jacob Noori ( назад)
You're so innovative! Loved the whole concept. If a company wants to pay you and make this design actually look good on the inside... that would be a dream case.

Автор Latitude Attack ( назад)
You Sir Are a badass. Chur Brada.

Автор pokeblink ( назад)
Looks good but honestly I prefer my standard stuff. Might be cool for people that literally can't stand the noise I guess. With quality fans, I barely hear anything. And since I live in a busy place, I have no issues because it is noisy 24/7 so the silence would be pointless to me.

Автор Grumpy Cat ( назад)
A quiet PC is a good PC.

Автор Gonz@nline ( назад)
There are some similar cases from the adventorous Silverstone, with 90 degrees motherboard, but they are expensive or ugly. I'm going to try making one myself. Thank you for sharing the experience.

Автор Br1an b ( назад)
make a video of DC12 from the PC power supply

Автор John Paul ( назад)

Автор Grapez ( назад)
"make giant gpu coolers the norm" why? what about the other expansion slots??

Автор 4CCB C7 ( назад)
Just drill a 5 inch hole in the wall just enough to pass wires through and put the desktop pc on the adjacent room, pass the wires through the hole, seal the hole with some dry wall seal, close the door, place the monitor on the desk, hook up the wires and enjoy a quiet free, and a cool room temperature. My three desktops are in my bathroom, you can imagine the heat and noise they generated, but thank God of the idea, it's the best idea he gave me, and i realized that the heat the Pc's made prior, were taxing on my energy, i don't know but i assume if copper and all those other metals being heated generate some kind of negative effect on health through the heat

Автор Finn Andersen ( назад)
i bet that on your free time your are a Spy 001337 . Have to be with that english accent

Автор TheLegend27 ( назад)
Your voice is very pleasing

Автор Luke Evans ( назад)
Very good mod, nicely done

Автор blubidiblupp ( назад)
not groundet case + Psu + psu open. hmmm . But nice project.

Автор Dane Opliger ( назад)
I would like to see how much convection contributes to cooling though. Perhaps run a test of temps at various orientations?

Автор Dane Opliger ( назад)
Great quality and unique content! Sub'd

Автор _ WhereWolf_Engine _ ( назад)
I want to make a case with 2 power buttons because I am making a console with steam os and windows 10(pc mode and game mode) it is ideal for the console gamer who is moving onto pc gaming

Автор TibiaESP ( назад)
Frodo is that you?

Автор Ash Lardner ( назад)
awesome man i always thought mounting the coolers like that could take advantage of convection, i once mounted a h60 on a gtx 660 with zip ties!

Автор Skiv Aazovich ( назад)
Theon Greyjoy builds PC!

Автор tranceformers ( назад)

Автор michael Daley ( назад)
when he pressed the button the video started buffering ..

Автор mrkeefor ( назад)
I was thinking about would it be possible to create a new standard that was better for cooling purposes, now I find this.
Might be a good idea ro put a rubber grommet on that hole near the GPU heat sink

Автор Rmk930 ( назад)
add some gaming mechanical keynoard and mouse and all your attempts to be completely silent will fail

Автор Ben Ivory ( назад)
can I use a towel to make my hard drive quieter? Honest question because my hard drive is really loud. please help!

Автор HTB Dog ( назад)
Awesome pc

Автор Chikon64 ( назад)
damn you're like a genius inside of the pc hobby

Автор Russell Robinson ( назад)
it's like a home made Silverstone. Nice

Автор Mainak Dev ( назад)
Well you could just remove air cooling with liquid cooling, removes the need to make a custom case

Автор Budred123 ( назад)
What did you use for the dust filter material?

Автор Андрей Федосенко ( назад)

Автор Marcus Christensen ( назад)
dude are you wearing makeup.

Автор SKELO # ( назад)

Автор ChrisKadaver ( назад)
This is the "coolest" thing i've ever seen... It almost brings tears to my eyes... for real! :)

Автор HumorVortex Mosco ( назад)
That was such a shame. For anyone who doesn't know, his house was burned down because this computer caught fire :(

Автор Ritesh Patil ( назад)

Автор Henry Yoo ( назад)
Great Ideas!

Автор Random Ryan ( назад)
Modern hardware can be fan-less under low load. where your design excels is under load. Well done man!

Автор sam X ( назад)
awesome job... love it

Автор Berdt ( назад)
This layout is so efficient and clever, i applaud you!

Автор Sam ( назад)
techsource will like ur setup

Автор lishde ( назад)
do a mark 3 and use a 1060

Автор James Wakeland ( назад)
this is pretty damn brilliant..... watercooling is really quiet too but it can be very cashy. i wish i had an old gaming pc to experiment like this on. or the extra money to just get some low end parts and build a test pc. im tryiing to find a way to use peltier cooler to cool my parts.and itd be easier if i didnt have to risk my 1200$ computer for testing hahaha GOOD JOB though man!!

Автор craziii3 ( назад)
goddamn. one of the companies needs to get in touch with you and start selling this thing. I wouldn't mind paying a huge premium to get this.

Автор niven poovanen ( назад)
my man...you are a real genius :0

Автор Boeing AH64D Apache Attack Helicopter ( назад)
You should sell that design fuckin hell, like the exterior look is just wow. And could be a killer budget casd

Автор Exploding Melon ( назад)
441 people don't own a computer

Автор SykoSkwerl99 ( назад)
I remember watching quite a long time ago; In the middle of my water cooling exploration, I remembered this video and thought that it would be a neat idea instead of water cooling. My question, however, is how well this will work to cool more high performance AMD chips that are going to produce more heat?
I could go for "beefier" coolers and more fans, but my idea is to have a quiet (not necessarily as silent as this) PC in a more simple design than the complex water cooling loop I had envisioned.

Автор Wayne Alan ( назад)
I certainly hope you have patented your design. It is fundamentally different in design concept from standard design.

Автор Bernard Ellefsen ( назад)
That gay moment

Автор Matthew Cundiff ( назад)
This channel is like how to void you warranty 101

Автор Dickson Chng ( назад)
I'm trying to build something similar to your concept. But may I ask what was the rpm of the fans at full load and idle?

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