• Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Pack Opening, see yesterdays video here:
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Comments • 744

    TWOSYNC  Month ago +120

    JESUS CHRIST LOL! Let's smash 10k likes!? Watch more 👉

    • Titanfall 2
      Titanfall 2 Month ago

      By augero Chris 280k cracking PLUR

    • Conor Jarman
      Conor Jarman Month ago

      Get inform coutinho instead of Jesus, start him up front for chemistry surrounded by the Brazilians

    • George Hall
      George Hall Month ago

      Imagine being asked 50k to have if sane n then it's the shite 1

    • Gianmarco Morroi
      Gianmarco Morroi Month ago

      A players stats for goals and assists only count for online games this year so they don’t count vs friends or squad battles

    • Jambo Fan page
      Jambo Fan page Month ago

      What a knob end

  • Dark master
    Dark master 26 days ago +1

    This video was the funniest for a long time.

  • Toby Smith
    Toby Smith Month ago

    Videos make me laugh

  • RobotxGirl
    RobotxGirl Month ago

    imagine every year making the same content and the same game, lol you guys are really dumb, kind of retarded honestly

    • Hutch the hitman
      Hutch the hitman 13 days ago

      RobotxGirl your a nnnnnnnnoooooooobbbbbbbbbhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd

    • zaker
      zaker Month ago +4

      RobotxGirl then don’t watch judgemental eh

  • Majella Cox
    Majella Cox Month ago +1

    De ligt plays for juventus they signed a contract with pes there called that now

  • Joe Dawson
    Joe Dawson Month ago +2

    Get aguero

  • Toby Bridgeman-Daw
    Toby Bridgeman-Daw Month ago

    Chris drinking that tea did make me chuckle

  • Henry Procter
    Henry Procter Month ago

    buy aubameyang chris

  • Dennis1268
    Dennis1268 Month ago

    Got Kanté untradeable from a 2 players pack. Get him chris he’s class

    • Sam Grant
      Sam Grant Month ago

      Dennis1268 still untradeable tho

  • Msl M
    Msl M Month ago +1

    Lol this is like watching a children’s comedy show very funny

  • J Ferguson
    J Ferguson Month ago

    Chris scrap Matt 😂

  • Shane Faris
    Shane Faris Month ago

    Your boarding me now

  • Charlie Strohmeyer
    Charlie Strohmeyer Month ago +1

    chris you need to get 88 David Silva for CAM he is a cracking plur i have him in my team

  • Bradley Kelly
    Bradley Kelly Month ago

    Great vid lads and with the French anthem 😅😅🤣🤣

  • Inter Greggs
    Inter Greggs Month ago +1

    Loving the content lads

  • 2RS-CJ
    2RS-CJ Month ago


  • VvSClout YT
    VvSClout YT Month ago +3

    I forgot yall existed. Havent seen a video since 2015...

  • Scott Entwistle
    Scott Entwistle Month ago +1

    Play super Sunday with bronze players there will be so much rage

  • T vlogs
    T vlogs Month ago

    matt what a knobheaaaad

  • Joshua Pevy
    Joshua Pevy Month ago +2

    I’d love to see pranks, but really good pranks like in Fifa 15 with the air horn prank and discarding players(maybe not that extreme but stuff like that)

    • Joshua Pevy
      Joshua Pevy Month ago +1

      TWOSYNC No I did see it and it was brilliant but I mean a similar ones from (as I said) fifa 15 that’d be great! (Like when Chris is out say you’re gonna discard his club, or the one where Chris put matts controller in jelly)
      Dunno if I’m even making sense at this point 😂 but nice video keep it up and cheers for the reply 👍

      TWOSYNC  Month ago +3

      Check previous video!!

  • Raphael
    Raphael Month ago +1

    Anyone know why I'm not getting any points for playing squad battles today and yesterday???

  • michael Deasy
    michael Deasy Month ago +1

    matt deserves get nobhead certified

  • Connor Wilson
    Connor Wilson Month ago

    Someone count how many songs that was in this video

  • UK leave the EU
    UK leave the EU Month ago

    Sell pogba and buy kante

  • Johannes Kalvøy
    Johannes Kalvøy Month ago

    Buy Steven gerrard

  • Jordan
    Jordan Month ago

    Chris should just get loads of loan icons just to troll

  • HarvAndHarv
    HarvAndHarv Month ago

    Chris get walcott

  • Brent Stibbard
    Brent Stibbard Month ago +1

    Thanks for 500 likes

  • DemisBoy123 HD
    DemisBoy123 HD Month ago +3

    who remembers the days when they would put comments on screen and people tried to get featured... the good old days....

  • Haydon Wilson
    Haydon Wilson Month ago

    pie fc is actually Juventus lol. :)

    • Infinity
      Infinity Month ago

      they know they were joking 🤦‍♂️

    • Mister Macho
      Mister Macho Month ago

      Haydon Wilson really...

  • Robin Mõtt
    Robin Mõtt Month ago

    Callum wilson is a cracking plur. Played 13games scored 26

  • Jack Burford
    Jack Burford Month ago

    Cracking vid

  • Tom Pendlebery
    Tom Pendlebery Month ago +1

    Chris get Aubamayang

  • Saifullah Ghani
    Saifullah Ghani Month ago +1

    I'm the 12,999 subscriber just made it 13,000

  • herbie a
    herbie a Month ago +1

    Piemente is Juventus

  • olly keene
    olly keene Month ago

    Save up for 87 bergkamp he is amazing

  • Jason Redmond
    Jason Redmond Month ago

    Totw Jorginho only 31k

  • Jenson Holker
    Jenson Holker Month ago +1

    Virgil van dunk

  • Brian O Donnell
    Brian O Donnell Month ago +1

    For super Sunday they should do 2 videos 1 before super Sunday and 1 of the match
    Like if u agree

  • Big Calum fitzsimons
    Big Calum fitzsimons Month ago +1

    you should do a super sunday with only the players you pack ! i also love your vids ❤

  • Sean Bryden
    Sean Bryden Month ago

    do a squad builder showdown

  • JJ
    JJ Month ago +5

    Can u please do more gameplay not packs👊🏻

  • Rob O.T.B
    Rob O.T.B Month ago +1

    Is it just me or does Chris look like Chris Ramsone lol 😂

  • Danny Goddard
    Danny Goddard Month ago

    He should add a extra 10nner as he technically touched the cup

  • Xeno 'Turner' Vegeta

    Remember when you got messi in a 5k pack, that face you pulled chris was godly!

  • TasK Endurance
    TasK Endurance Month ago +2

    Chris is f*cking hilarious

  • Benjamin Lahdo
    Benjamin Lahdo Month ago +1

    Get kevin de bruyne at middle cam

  • LmgBros74
    LmgBros74 Month ago

    Get aubameyang move zaha to cam

  • Daniel Baykal
    Daniel Baykal Month ago +1

    Buy kante my bro

  • goathpb
    goathpb Month ago +1

    NGL I don’t even play Fifa anymore but I still find these vids entertaining AF 👋

  • CBBC Trolling
    CBBC Trolling Month ago +11

    Can you do a tour to see how close your rooms are

  • Oleg Soltan
    Oleg Soltan Month ago +1

    Harry Kane for 43k he’s a beast 91 shooting

  • Charlie Hughes
    Charlie Hughes Month ago

    Chris swap firmino and Lucas round

  • J Woolly_
    J Woolly_ Month ago

    Buy inform golovin he is a god

  • Joseph McDonnell
    Joseph McDonnell Month ago +2

    Packed Messi yesterday bois

  • Njabulo Marhwa
    Njabulo Marhwa Month ago +1

    Should I get kane or agueroo

  • Njabulo Marhwa
    Njabulo Marhwa Month ago +4

    You guys should do a super Sunday of which u use all goalies in 1 squad in mystery ball

  • James Grice
    James Grice Month ago +2

    These videos are fucking harlirious

  • Julius Mogensen
    Julius Mogensen Month ago +1

    use joe gomez

  • Liam Townson
    Liam Townson Month ago +2

    The team that De ligt plays for is juventus but fifa don't have the rights to use their name because they gave the rights to pes