►Best of CHIPTUNE Mix August 2016 ◄ \( ゚▽゚)/

  • Published on Aug 23, 2016
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    ►Wallpaper: i.imgur.com/GIlzv8O.jpg
    ►Track List:
    00:00 - sasakure.UK - Granblue Fantasy Battle Tune 3 Chiptune Remix
    04:38 - Anova - Nerd Table at the High School Cafeteria of Life
    07:30 - Kommisar - Spider Dance (Gameboy Cover)
    11:57 - SpellingPhailer - Science Blaster
    14:18 - FalKKonE - Fairy Tail
    15:49 - Rolemusic- Touhou Remix
    19:48 - FalKKonE - Crossing Field
    21:14 - Yousuke Yasui - Old World
    25:22 - FalKKonE - Mousou Express
    26:50 - Tombofry - Chaser
    30:27 - Toni Leys - Speedstar
    35:10 - TQ Jam - Karakuri Night
    38:41 - Tombofry - Losing Balance
    41:48 - Bulby - Super Smash Bros. Melee Theme 8 Bit
    44:50 - Kick the Jet Engine - Super Mario World Levels
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  • ZewdPlays
    ZewdPlays Day ago

    Slip in that monogatari got my music dick hard bro

    DIS A ROBBERY 3 days ago

    ( ゚▽゚)/ (つ°ヮ°)つ

  • Simon Tong
    Simon Tong 4 days ago +3

    Whos here after watchin Marques Brownlee's video on Retro Tech?

  • RedDragonGamingHD
    RedDragonGamingHD 4 days ago +4

    Just here from MBHD's latest video

  • teruteru neko
    teruteru neko 7 days ago


  • Danny Betkowski
    Danny Betkowski 8 days ago

    Is FalKKonE - Crossing Field properly credited? I can't seem to find that song when I look it up on his channel.

  • Atom
    Atom 26 days ago

    Me: making fanart for Game/Film theorists while watching this.
    (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ "A GAME THEORY!!"

  • Avonire
    Avonire Month ago

    Why is this miles better than Ultimate's official art.

  • PJade
    PJade Month ago +1

    First time I've heard a Sword Art Online chiptune.

  • SpectreLegion
    SpectreLegion Month ago


  • Omariux ñe
    Omariux ñe 2 months ago

    but nobody came...

  • Gab
    Gab 2 months ago


    ALEXIS BUSTAMANTE 2 months ago

    y derepente un comentario en español :v
    que buen mix LPM

  • Loni
    Loni 3 months ago

    That video background poster. D i d i t p r e d i c t s m a s h

  • Martin Leipold
    Martin Leipold 4 months ago

    Mein aktueller Lieblingstune ruclip.com/video/RMvo68V31nQ/video.html

  • Ajax
    Ajax 5 months ago

    the fuck... what is this

  • Jackson Sanders
    Jackson Sanders 6 months ago

    420th comment. 🚬

  • Portal Minecraft's
    Portal Minecraft's 6 months ago

    I like Muffet song.

  • Vangar01
    Vangar01 7 months ago

    I just had a flashback of turning on my gameboy pocket, entering a town in Links awakening and just falling asleep to the music in the car as my parents drove home late at night.

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C 7 months ago

    No anamanaguchi?

  • Noé Gracie
    Noé Gracie 7 months ago +2

    Granblue Fantasy Battle so beautiful T_T

  • Tavian
    Tavian 7 months ago

    Old World is my favorite track! Takes you to a whole different world! :D

  • HappyBy XD
    HappyBy XD 7 months ago

    Wait what?!? FalKkone making chiptune??

  • jinggo78
    jinggo78 7 months ago

    Pit is so cute in this pic. Stepping on mario and looking so innocent.

  • DigiNomNom
    DigiNomNom 8 months ago

    finally, a youtube mixer with TRACKLISTS!

  • BlueBerry Videos
    BlueBerry Videos 8 months ago

    NO U

  • Orange singer
    Orange singer 8 months ago

    11:57 n-nani?

  • Kevin kang
    Kevin kang 9 months ago

    i like to game while i listen to your tracks. man when my hero academia song was playing i was so hyped!

  • Youtube Minute
    Youtube Minute 11 months ago

    Is there a way to download this video?

  • Tim Sarbin
    Tim Sarbin 11 months ago

    18:05 you're welcome

  • yuri mendes
    yuri mendes 11 months ago

    great channel i only listen to your music while on pc ty good job ;D

  • Demetry Wolfox
    Demetry Wolfox 11 months ago

    19:49 Is SAO!!! \(0u0)/ ♡♡

  • botman7
    botman7 Year ago


  • David
    David Year ago


  • pyrokazama
    pyrokazama Year ago

    13:55 That's game theory's theme.

  • nelson mandela
    nelson mandela Year ago

    13:00 BuT hEy, tHoT jUsT a ThEoRy, a GeIm tHeORy

  • Matthew Meower
    Matthew Meower Year ago

    Much rad. Such gasp

  • neon music panda
    neon music panda Year ago

    I loved the whole track, especially nerd table at high school and science blast. I was like "OMFG! GAME THEORY!"

  • Music Resources, Gaming, Nicole Marie T

    Nice chiptune mix!

  • Lord Lordington
    Lord Lordington Year ago

    This is great music for PT runs. When a tune comes on that I recognize, it fills me with determination.

  • Ikonium
    Ikonium Year ago

    Bowser got the bunny ears power up :v

    MF DOOM Year ago

    this is the most virgin music I´ve ever fucking heard

  • Great Cinnamon
    Great Cinnamon Year ago

    This music all just sounds like that one song mr krabs wanted to be played again

  • 요한 마요즈Johann Mayos

    Mousou express!!

  • Luka Puka
    Luka Puka Year ago

    The Chiptune rendition of Crossing Field is just pathetic tbh; many wrong/empty chords, tacky percussion, and the melody is way too low

  • Nathan V
    Nathan V Year ago +5

    If you like chiptunes, you should check out my track, Nostalgia Beach!

    • Pyriel
      Pyriel Year ago


    • D3MDAS Official
      D3MDAS Official Year ago

      Nathan V well... I make my tracks on fl studio, but recently I've mixing on Medly (an app for iPhone, idk if it's for android too), and this is my most recent work: soundcloud.com/2ice-14/jftn
      I think I'll post a new song at this weekend (like an experimental track, made on my smartphone), so stay tuned too✌️😅
      And I'll look to ur songs too :D

    • Nathan V
      Nathan V Year ago +1

      2ice 14 I make my tracks in LMMS. It's a free DAW/sequencer, and it comes with a lot of useful built-in tools and instruments for all sorts of styles.
      You should check out the rest of my stuff: ruclip.com/p/PLEE4t7a1enIIB05VWChTfDTlBJ9ZLyte4
      I also have another song I'm releasing soon, so keep your eyes open!

    • D3MDAS Official
      D3MDAS Official Year ago +1

      Nathan V haha thanks man!!!! How do you make ur tracks??? .-.
      And also do you like other styles??? Like trap and house???

    • Nathan V
      Nathan V Year ago

      2ice 14 That's good stuff! I dig how full you made it. For mine, I was sticking to just four tracks, just like an old console.

  • PepsiSardines
    PepsiSardines Year ago

    19:48 - FalKKonE - Crossing Field
    Where have I heard this? It's from an Anime. Where??!!!

  • PepsiSardines
    PepsiSardines Year ago +3

    "It's just a theory, a GAME theory!"

  • Brisa Ochoa-Saldana

    *14:18* *FAIRYTAIL?!* *OMG!!!* I'M A fairytail fan people...

  • ネコlove
    ネコlove Year ago


  • T@wesomE

    I hope that i can use a part of those for a video of mine,i will also put those links tomy description as well.Cool video also thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

  • I'm obsessed with anime

    WHERES KIRBY??!??!?!!?!!?!??!!?!!??!!
    ( I play and always win with Kirby)

  • Waffle AD
    Waffle AD Year ago


  • Waffle AD
    Waffle AD Year ago

    i love this wide variety of music, its great!

  • the lucky cheese
    the lucky cheese Year ago +2

    all of them remands me of undertale lol

  • YourMomz07
    YourMomz07 Year ago

    hahaha at around 12:00 I'm like... damn this is so familiar - I know I know this....
    13:44 ...OMG!!! GAME THEORY!!!

  • SofieSings
    SofieSings Year ago

    The 7th made me think of asgore from undertale

  • Senffabrik
    Senffabrik Year ago

    looks like there is a huge Nintendo and Sega fan

  • Jaspis V
    Jaspis V Year ago

    I'm playing this in the background of skyward sword and it works kinda well.

  • Oliver Stewarts
    Oliver Stewarts Year ago

    Just as I was about to draw Muffet, Spider Dance comes on...

  • LadAussie
    LadAussie Year ago

    Half these songs i cant help hearing Donald McDonald singing, too much colab i guess haha great mix though.

  • Mr. Oscar
    Mr. Oscar Year ago

    Well now I'm inspired to make Chiptunes, go who knows, You might see NecroCannon up here someday

  • Daniel Kobec
    Daniel Kobec Year ago

    Somone Undertale?

  • C P
    C P Year ago +8

    var I = me;
    if (I === listenToChiptune) {
    var I = "happy";
    } else {
    var world = null;
    if (like) {
    var thumbsUp = true;
    } else {
    var iLoveYouAnyways = false;
    ......iLoveYouAnyways = true;

    • Mister Hipster
      Mister Hipster Year ago

      Ease-of-use does not determine quality. Soon CSS will surpass JS in almost all aspects.

    • Austin Timmerman
      Austin Timmerman Year ago

      Mister Hipster css is so easy though, it's not even a programming language.

    • The Angry Otaku
      The Angry Otaku Year ago +1

      The nerd is strong with this man.

    • Mister Hipster
      Mister Hipster Year ago

      CSS will always be better than JS.

    • Austin Timmerman
      Austin Timmerman Year ago

      Lol, I'm coding while listening to this mix now

  • Darkrunn
    Darkrunn Year ago

    Huh. So that's what Game Theory's intro is called.

  • Kuro Just kuro
    Kuro Just kuro Year ago

    I feel like im on a megaman level

  • poy1poy
    poy1poy Year ago

    first time I'm hearing about this music subgenre and I'm already thrilled

  • Fuzzy Muzzy Beast

    7:39 Wondering where I know this from...

  • Chica Chicken
    Chica Chicken Year ago

    Game theory?

  • AbdullahKemer
    AbdullahKemer Year ago

    Kommisar da best

  • Shu
    Shu Year ago

    365 Indies :D

  • Lord Adriøx
    Lord Adriøx Year ago

    Can someone tell my why luigi is not in the picture? Or if he is... Where?

  • The Casual Subculturist

    Mousou Express Kreygasm

  • Coop Media
    Coop Media Year ago

    This is g.a.y

  • rtyrty12
    rtyrty12 Year ago

    Pretty sexay

  • Acuatic Galaxy
    Acuatic Galaxy Year ago

    Thanks a lot !! I'll use it in my outro

  • Ody -Chan
    Ody -Chan Year ago

    The 'Touhou Remix' isn't that song Bad Apple!???

  • Daddyocunt
    Daddyocunt Year ago

    Is pit standing on Marios head? XD

    • Daddyocunt
      Daddyocunt Year ago

      Christian Donnelly oh ok

    • Nezayy
      Nezayy Year ago

      Yeah thats a reference to the super smash bros brawl campaign

  • whightOPS10
    whightOPS10 2 years ago

    ah! what song is it at 16:49

  • Muro West
    Muro West 2 years ago

    Wow just GREAT!!!

  • Austin Orr
    Austin Orr 2 years ago

    What is this art style of the background, who is the artist, omg ive wanted to draw something like that my whole life...like since melee came out ive been trying. I MUST KNOW WHO DREW THIS!

  • MaGCian
    MaGCian 2 years ago

    what op of fairy tail is that on 14:18?

  • HwaJeong Jeon
    HwaJeong Jeon 2 years ago

    Is this call a chiptune? isn't it 8-bit song?

    • L'homme des citrons
      L'homme des citrons Year ago

      It's called chip tune because 8-bit and 16-bit systems use dedicated micro controller chips to generate sounds because they couldn't handle it themselves

    • Nezayy
      Nezayy Year ago +1

      8 bit music and chiptune are the same thing, basically

  • WaterlemonTheArtist
    WaterlemonTheArtist 2 years ago

    Hold on a minute...
    See, being an Undertale trashbag pays off sometimes.
    Wait- Game Theory and Touhou, too??? Is this the most magical track or what!

  • Goomba Pie
    Goomba Pie 2 years ago

    loving Masou Express and Chaser :)

  • doctorbootstrapjohn
    doctorbootstrapjohn 2 years ago

    am I the only one who thought that Touhou remix could also be in Castlevania

  • Michael Henriksen
    Michael Henriksen 2 years ago

    Super Smash Bros. Melee is one of my childhood favorites, in the same time, i really didn't grow up well with Mega-Man.
    However, Bulby - Super Smash Bros. Melee Theme 8 Bit IS SO MEGA-MAN! XD

    • Michael Henriksen
      Michael Henriksen 2 years ago

      ......And immidietly after i wrote this comment, there were a part of the track that was completely Kirby's Dream Land XD

  • John Pyper
    John Pyper 2 years ago

    So many GXSCC MIDI fake-bit tunes in this video that it's almost embarrassing to call them chiptunes. :-(

  • Danae Lum
    Danae Lum 2 years ago

    y does this hurt my ears...

  • StubbyDoesThings yay
    StubbyDoesThings yay 2 years ago +6


  • Daf Bebeldajo
    Daf Bebeldajo 2 years ago +1


  • Luminy
    Luminy 2 years ago

    RIP headphone users

  • David Erlandson
    David Erlandson 2 years ago +1

    holy crap im in love with that crossing field mmm

  • Mohammed Kilany
    Mohammed Kilany 2 years ago

    That's so good
    I need a download link

  • Kuraiomo
    Kuraiomo 2 years ago

    Maaannnn... I love chiptune so much. Great songs you put here :D. Recently I started to learn how to make chiptune. Wish me luck guys >_

  • Introspective Beat
    Introspective Beat 2 years ago

    The last song counts as chiptune?

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 2 years ago

    18:07 Bad Apple!

  • TheClumsyGamer
    TheClumsyGamer 2 years ago

    19:48 was epic

    • TheClumsyGamer
      TheClumsyGamer 2 years ago


    • TheClumsyGamer
      TheClumsyGamer 2 years ago

      Bitch I don't even know what the fuck fairy tale is and attack on titan is so over rated like fucking attacking on titan was good then but now its shit bitch.

    • Kyle Hogan
      Kyle Hogan 2 years ago

      At least in my opinion

    • Kyle Hogan
      Kyle Hogan 2 years ago

      TheClumsyGamer FAIRY TAIL IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE SUPERIOR!!! (But Attack on Titan is better than both of them)

    • TheClumsyGamer
      TheClumsyGamer 2 years ago


  • bedroomed
    bedroomed 2 years ago

    yall getin brnwashd