Make All The Rope You Could Ever Want

It's time to put our machine to the test and make some rope! But will it work?

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Rope Making Machine: https://goo.gl/gstLxE
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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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Автор Ailito Suirad ( назад)

Автор Frano Jam ( назад)
try to make a street length of rope

Автор Aksh Patel ( назад)
I know how t d this s. have different ne this before

Автор Markus NL. ( назад)
why would i make my own robe when i buy 20m for 5$

Автор J. Garcia ( назад)
you're the best. this is glorious. i haven't ever thought 'hey, now i can make rope' until the coconut husk video. now i can make rope by myself for days.

Автор Riley R ( назад)
Try using a strong rubber cord instead of a counterweight to keep the rope tight. Like a stretchy physical therapy cord.

Автор BHBalast ( назад)
Please make toilet paper rope, and test it. :D

Автор sunil reddy ( назад)
why am i watching this? I definitely don't see myself making ropes in my life.

Автор sari bsunt ( назад)
make a look for plastic string

Автор ady 133t ( назад)
use this instead to build coil for vape..

Автор Kassepi Rai ( назад)
This is so cool!!

Автор Nishant Raj ( назад)
what to do if You want to make it thicker?

Автор Javier Alvear ( назад)
Try the ropes

Автор Raymo Figuieras ( назад)
I'll buy rope...even though I have not needed to use rope in about 15 years. Thanx for wasting my time!

Автор XxGalaxyGamerZxX //Gaming ( назад)
I made 6 colorful ropes that is 15 inches and i taped them to a wooden handle and made it a wip

Автор alkipop pop ( назад)
Will the length always b the same

Автор darkcaliber ( назад)
I just noticed you used KwebbleKop's end of video music.

Автор Kent Thomas ( назад)
How do I make the string? Another question is it possible to make grids?

Автор Ira Eley ( назад)
You should show your dad

Автор conman34i5 ( назад)
just so mighty and high!!!!!!!

Автор Jacob Brinker ( назад)
Can anyone tell me why he tied the square knot wrong?

Автор TheAlexhizzle ( назад)
"Round knob" that's a butt plug

Автор Redstonecrazybot ( назад)
Make char cloth with the cotton rope

Автор Basmatibeats ( назад)
is the rope tightness as tight as the weight of the bottle so would a heavier counter weight make the rope binding tighter ?

Автор Aiden Huston ( назад)
best video ever

Автор big dog ( назад)
grant wouldnt the rope that your making hold the wood thing in place, that way you can eliminate the guide ropes?

Автор Juan Potgieter ( назад)
When you follow the instructions for Grants videos and you make the same mistakes and corrections along with him.

Автор Steven Feil ( назад)
I notices that the swivel still was not spinning but the trailing rope was.

Автор cyndinn ( назад)
I can't fall asleep because of this channel...

Автор Mich ( назад)
what if you used flash string, would it make a very long fuse.

Автор Superguy77777 ( назад)
If you know anyone who is Brazilian give them that multicolor rope it looks like the Brazilian flag

Автор marzel agustin ( назад)
can you make a sniper gun that shot pencil

Автор double falcon ( назад)
you should weave the smaller strands together too, and then those strands aswell. twine to cord, cord to rope, rope into stronger rope. I'd buy a rope making rig from you if you sold them

Автор Belen Rodriguez ( назад)
how do you join the rope together

Автор Curt Herrera ( назад)
you should try putting steel wire in the jig and making steel cable.

Автор Brady Overley ( назад)
u should see how thick you can make the rope

Автор Lag Seeing ( назад)
can i hang my self with this?

Автор Jaedon Productions ( назад)
my phone is on 4% battery and I chose too watch this

Автор Tommy Durrant ( назад)
square knot..... isnt that a reef knot

Автор Austin Gaddy ( назад)
Today on the king of random, Grant fails to cut a glass buttplug in half.

Автор Ian Rios ( назад)
cutting the glass was the most awful sound I've heard in a while

Автор Gaming Clash ( назад)
So true

Автор AK_TheCreeper ( назад)
test out the strengths of the ropes

Автор AK_TheCreeper ( назад)
Make the biggest rope you can!

Автор Mark Brinton ( назад)
how do you make the rope unlimited length

Автор Thomas Varela ( назад)
i dont understand the construction of the machine, sorry my english

Автор Anthony Alden ( назад)
He said he doesn't know what "wood"nt

Автор Izzakhikay ( назад)
if you can make a rope that is so and make a thicker rope again
Please 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Автор Gilbert Romero ( назад)
very very tight I like it! lmao 😉😂😂

Автор nssheepster ( назад)
Bind the ropes into thicker ropes!

Автор gabriel lauent ( назад)
how strong gets a ducktape rope ???

Автор Stormwatcher ( назад)
When he started the machine, it sounded like a guy screaming "AAH!"

Автор Simeon Sullivan ( назад)
try it with metal ( eg copper aluminum) wire

Автор Rayna Ritchie ( назад)
Has anyone watched this and actually made his mad scientist rope making machines?

Автор Brooke Blakes ( назад)
Slipknot lol. 💀💀💀

Автор Money Luser ( назад)
Second video I have seen where you misuse the term "exponentially". FYI this word is not a synonym for "alot" "bigly" or "humongously". It means something very specific. In loose colloquial terms: growth where the rate of growth is proportional to current size.

Автор Martin Andreen ( назад)
That wood thingy looked like a tampon

Автор opakedragon ( назад)
how about an experiment to test the string's vs the made rope's break limit? and then iterating the rope process and testing the break limits up to three iterations?

Автор Rampster27 ( назад)
i am literally watching a guy make rope.
what am i doing with my life?

Автор Wuuii ( назад)
now you can hang yourself

Автор Michael Livsey ( назад)
Instead of the ball, why not Washers? Also, instead of tge water bottle counterwieght, would a Spring work?

Автор Leo Messi ( назад)
Lol hemp smoke da rope

Автор nail's queen ( назад)
eres el hombre con más tiempo libre del mundo 😄😘

Автор Micaela Weyrich ( назад)

Автор zZLOCOZz ( назад)
Grants gotta wait and bleed as he makes that Slip Knot.

Автор Timo m ( назад)
what about a composite rope from 3 different materials?

Автор GameGuruPlayz ( назад)
why not use the rope you created then do that process again.

Автор Pita ( назад)
you cant really twist rope thats already twisted. It makes it go all distorted and uneven

Автор Blakehx ( назад)
If you used some pulleys you could probably figure out how to make extra long ropes!

Автор Blakehx ( назад)
Very cool thanks! I want to see some tests, show how much these ropes can hold!

Автор Figgy Winks ( назад)
i've never been so interested in rope

Автор Gambling Gamer ( назад)
it's called line not rope...

Автор Cheeki Breeki ( назад)
Wanna make some rope? Start off by buying some rope.

Автор bigy N ( назад)
this is kwebblekop theme song

Автор Mael Barre ( назад)
Lip crack through uywdd debt toy warrior mode OK.

Автор A very personal android ( назад)
with these upgrades, you never stood a chance...

Автор へりこかる ( назад)
how about a rubber rope? and use it on a slingshot or bow.?

Автор Reed Palmer ( назад)
that was awesome

Автор steve williams ( назад)
if you wrap 3 pieces of paracord that would be crazy *standard 550 paracord can support about 500lbs of weight, in theory you could get a rope that would support 1500 lbs of weight which is absolutely insane*

Автор Furious Chicken ( назад)
Boy Scouts!!!

Автор XwaneZ Gt ( назад)
make a rope from a electrical wires

sry if the words wrong cause im bad at English

Автор phsycomist23 ( назад)
What happens when you wanna make a longer rope

Автор Hobo Shoe ( назад)
I would totally live in a universe where grant invented everything

Автор Adam Valent ( назад)
i am a scout

Автор Amber Rose ( назад)
an idea I had: could you turn the cotton yarn rope into char-cloth?

Автор Erin Bragg ( назад)
I'm going to see if the guys I'm hanging with Sunday want to make this.

Автор Sunbo Lee ( назад)
Roman! Dale!!

Автор Roronoa Zoro ( назад)

Автор Copes White ( назад)
how would you taper the sissel to make a whip

Автор Dustin Clark ( назад)
Hey Grant Thompson, you can cut glass with a tile saw.

Автор DanDSI ( назад)
Could u do more pls
It's really fun to watch

Автор Kash Davis ( назад)
Make a huge rope with three of the biggest ropes u can make

Автор Miriam Quintana ( назад)
Since the first ropes were made with grasses, could you use this machine to turn grasses, or palm fronds, into rope?

Автор Tommy Mx ( назад)
Why the duck do I want all the rope

Автор crazy t ( назад)
the look of when you put 2 colours on the same hook is really cool.

Автор Yad ( назад)
Lol it'd be awesome to see you take every rope you've ever made and wrapped it into one.


Автор Backalley ent ( назад)
I want to build this to help with making my paracord dog leeches

Автор Unknown Person ( назад)
Do you have a background in engineering?

Автор Martin Rimoch (Student) ( назад)
Mace a fight spiner

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