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It's time to put our machine to the test and make some rope! But will it work?

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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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Автор Anhtien Ta ( назад)
Can you show how to make a noose?!? ... for purposes

Автор Luciano's fishing and cooking channel ( назад)
i am almost going to be working on my eagle scout project can i need ideas for a project can anyone help?

Автор legit gamer ( назад)
Ven you make a slim ball

Автор Krista Hirschman ( назад)
Make a duktape rope

Автор Clay Senn ( назад)
make an hidrolic arm please

Автор Matt Brine ( назад)
I wonder if this could be used with wire as well, like what you get in electronics and what not. I also wonder how well solid core phone/bell wire would work. I know it wouldn't be super strong but I'm just curious if it would work at all.

Автор Cooper Mcbride ( назад)
You should make an even bigger rope with the ones you already made

Автор Dman Red ( назад)
It's only a fail if you quit trying.-Grant Thomson 2017

Автор Devin Green ( назад)
o yea. i have nothing better to do in my day than to make some rope. yep. making rope.

Автор Creeperdude90 ( назад)
combine the ropes into a big strong rope I wanna see dat plz do dat

Автор Mahmoud Ahmed ( назад)
can u make a bracelet using this machine

Автор OHGREATLEADER ( назад)
Could you make stronger rope with paracord?

Автор Gabriel Bulhões ( назад)
at the second rope,i was like braaaaaasiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllll

Автор Trollytroll155 ( назад)
you should combine some ropes together and make a mega rope to make it really strong

Автор rory scanlan ( назад)
why no load bearing test? :(

Автор intro fusion ( назад)
try to use coconut husk

Автор Jawad Ahmed ( назад)
do three of those together and then three of the result of that together.

Автор Cort Lefebvre ( назад)
take three ropes and make one mega rope

Автор apsitively ( назад)
I'd love to see three lengths of your 3 strand made into a 9 strand rope.

Автор Kio Kurashi ( назад)
I wonder if it is possible to modify the counter weight to have a wheel that the rope will automatically be wound on.

Автор Sjoerd B ( назад)
could you do this with thin steel cable?

Автор Alan Brocklebank ( назад)

Автор Adam V ( назад)
You should make a load tester so we can test the strength of our ropes we make using this video.

Автор Brandon W ( назад)
do it with 550 cord

Автор Chanse McBride ( назад)
combine all 4

Автор Syukri Lajin ( назад)
i should be doing my homework, but then here i am watching a video on how to make ropes

Автор Sir.MackintoshVI ( назад)
make rope like this with the coconut fibres and put it in this device!

Автор Austin Ford ( назад)
Just wondering are you a Eagle Scout? Or ever been a scout

Автор Bodhi Chan ( назад)
you should make a homemade fus

Автор brokenjax ( назад)
This is awesome! My great uncle had a rope making factory in Emporia Virginia. I saw how rope was made on a massive scale. I wonder if you could take this further and develop some sort of feed system to overcome the limits of the length of the working space. Thanks for sharing. P.S. I'm surprised by the fact that you were a Boy Scout and didn't whip the ends of the rope.

Автор Angel Adona ( назад)
use all the ropes u made and combine them in to 1

Автор Kenneth Nelson ( назад)
Use a tear drop shape, with three grooves for the rope to slide in.

Автор Edward Morley ( назад)
come on you know wd40 isn't a lubricant.? water displacement  40 can sometimes work as a lubricant a clean new surface isn't really one of those times.

Автор The Gayest Person on YouTube ( назад)
I bet if you went to burning man and got hair samples to make rope it may be just like using hemp

Автор Willow ( назад)
If possible, you should make a tree house, and even use your own rope someway if you can

Автор Terry Nadosy ( назад)
OK, now you have twisted rope together to make stronger ropes (Outstanding feat by itself), can you build/engineer a better stronger rope? that is inexpensive? using the device you built...

Автор Justin Rizzo ( назад)
Hey Grant, it would be cool to see how much the rope can hold, like a break test. Thanks for making this video it was really awesome!

Автор Isaac fasey ( назад)
When he tried to break it😹

Автор Gur Telem ( назад)
Make a rope of of the ropes you've made

Автор StarBlazer ( назад)
I wonder if you could make the three strand rope then use those to make a 9 strand rope.

Автор ZG cuber ( назад)
make a rope from 3 ropes that is made from 3 ropes, try to make it as long as possible

Автор Ramita Shrestha ( назад)
Make a long rop

Автор Welly belly Mole ( назад)
Where's the link?

Автор kattrak 17 ( назад)
you should take it and go out to that desert you go to and run about 100 ft of cicel rope at 4 or 5 strands

Автор Marc Moore ( назад)
it would be really cool if you did something like this with electro-luminescent wire and put a different color LED on each one. Might have to figure a way to put some sort of rubber wire in between each luminescent wire. But I think you could have some pretty cool effects.

Автор kelsey ornelas ( назад)
u can uses this to twist paracord together 👍

Автор Tyler B ( назад)
You should try to wrap earbud in rope using that method so it will make the earbuds stronger.

Автор Scott Lowry ( назад)
Grant, could you try and do a follow up with paracord and weight testing the finished product?

Автор Mark Playz ( назад)
the real question is can you make a whip with that

Автор Skippie4k ( назад)
Nice, now i can hang my self with ease

Автор Nice Guess ( назад)
oknow, how to find sturdy branch.?

Автор Spencer Chase ( назад)
The King of Random should try making rope with different types of ropes not just different colors

Автор robin Thomas ( назад)
Have you thought about using shrink wrap for wire over the electrical tape. To increase the long jevity of your rope ends?

if you made nylon ropes you could kiss the ends w/ a lighter and press the nylon until all the strands were melted together.

Автор Jens Dalum Hosbond ( назад)
This is pretty cool

Автор Lance Pereira ( назад)
make coconut rope into a thicker rope by the rope machine

Автор ognog ( назад)
You should head outside and make a really long version!!! That would be awesome!!

Автор callum mcfadyen ( назад)
Please make a flashlight but charged by shaking!

Mama's coming!

Автор Youqun Xue ( назад)
wot da ****!!

Автор It's YoBoy'sTech / Life, Reviews and Much More / ( назад)
The first one with the electrical tape burn the tip of it so it will bond together and remove the tape and will not unwind

Автор Peter Oslington ( назад)
You say you were a scout? Why aren't you demonstrating an alpine butterfly, rather than a reef knot?

Автор help me ( назад)
what if you cut nots in the ball Gide thang and the rope is going to be better

Автор Ninja Tabi ( назад)

Автор Joey Costello ( назад)
Hey you should take a coconut and make professional rope from the coconut husks with your rope maker

Автор Raul Larios ( назад)
what if you make a rope in a rope

Автор Captain K ( назад)
King of boring....😐

Автор ShadeMedia ( назад)

Автор Austin-Taylor Maschke ( назад)
Hey kingofrandom you should take those small ropes and combine them to make bigger ones btw i love all of your videos

Автор Devin Smith ( назад)
You should make a video on how to make homemade liquid nitrogen!!

Автор No name T ( назад)
King of random plz use hair or extreme dry ice experiments

Автор Kedron Parker ( назад)
The music at the start is the end theme for Kwebbelkop

Автор Aiden Francisco ( назад)
WD40 is a degreaser not a lubricant

Автор Kevin Chiem ( назад)
is there any way to make longer rope without a bigger table?

Автор Dennis Nelson ( назад)
Use mono filament fishing line or knitting yarn.

Автор Justin Saulnier ( назад)
can you test your ropes to see the breaking points of your ropes?

Автор Luca Gacy ( назад)
You should make coconut rope with this!

Автор That one dingus Derp ( назад)
You can make paracord braclets using square knots

Автор SuperMetalhead17 ( назад)
Next video should be combining small ropes into a larger rope, like sailboat caliber rope.

Автор Cyndacate ( назад)
Now use paracord and make SUPER-ROPE!

Автор Crip Skillz ( назад)
weak not even enough length to jackoff with..puffffff

Автор Dulloyd ( назад)
sell the rope you make

Автор Claire H. ( назад)
I want to see rope made from hair!

Автор Ryan Payne ( назад)
Grant the reason I subscribe to you is for projects I would appreciate if you put out one a week

Автор OMG GAMING ( назад)
how to make it longer

Автор Jordan Krabbendam ( назад)
You should use the cotton rope to create a fuse. Would it burn slower than your regular fuses?

Автор Infertiletick50 The Gamer ( назад)

Автор wither face ( назад)
will you please come to my den den 1 pack 43

Автор Jaden CM ( назад)
It's not exponential. It's linear.

Автор Nano Nerfer ( назад)
Can you take simulated water( its found at craft stores its a two part solution that sets up and looks like water) Could you take that and purify it with the pressure chamber and possibly make a clear pokeball, heart or brain or anything that would be cool like that.

Автор Braeden Detz ( назад)
You should make a homemade rc car or go cart

Автор Jason Ngo ( назад)
Yea u should have

Автор isaak craig ( назад)
try small stranded cable

Автор Isaac Westawski ( назад)
sweet smell of success? you mean the sweet smell of wd-40?

Автор Elliott Bork ( назад)
what do you do with short rope other than bondage

Автор Porter Reynolds ( назад)
Hey you should try and make a fuse using the rope maker.

Автор Tyler T20 ( назад)
50,000th like

Автор PhilOVdaFewCha ( назад)
Hey gran
, check out Cayman Islands thatch rope, it was the main export of the Cayman Islands from 100 to 400 years ago. Thatch rope is made in a similar fashion but with old techniques.

Автор Isaiah215 ( назад)
Hi there

Автор Alun Jones ( назад)
This is begging for a follow-up demonstration where you show crown knots and splicing. End splices, eye splices, and splice joins.

Автор LoganD cardenas ( назад)
also make shoe laces

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