Make All The Rope You Could Ever Want

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  • Melaz Music
    Melaz Music 9 часов назад

    Rope ganggg💦🤘

  • Pyro_man
    Pyro_man 2 дня назад

    Try winding three fuses together

  • Wolf7104
    Wolf7104 3 дня назад

    Are you able to make rope cables with this thing if you put a hook in the middle with some wire?

  • Jason Reeve
    Jason Reeve 3 дня назад

    Awesome and simple rope making machine

  • Adwait Gore
    Adwait Gore 3 дня назад +1

    That's really a nice way of making rope I liked it

  • Ninja Spatula
    Ninja Spatula 3 дня назад

    It's a reef knot not a square not

  • Damien Finlay
    Damien Finlay 4 дня назад

    So if you have a heavier counterweight then the rope will be tighter

  • PennyMan
    PennyMan 5 дней назад

    What would happen if you pu 3 different sizes if string on it

  • Pluck Yew
    Pluck Yew 5 дней назад

    I went to my local DIY store and purchased 50 yards of rope, it cost half the amount of all the components to make a rope maker... and I saved a full nine yards of time, effort and energy..

  • chunks mclol
    chunks mclol 5 дней назад

    how do you twine those ropes together? it would be helpful to know if you need to make rope longer

  • Victor Rivarola
    Victor Rivarola 7 дней назад

    Nice machine!
    How would you modify it to make an unlimited amount of rope?
    Something like instead of having a moving bar, having it fixed, and instead of pulling the threads from a normal knoght, it would pull it from a roll of thread?

  • Leo NIKE10
    Leo NIKE10 9 дней назад

    not easy but very cool man.

  • oldthrashbar
    oldthrashbar 11 дней назад

    Ow, owww my ptsd. I'm being raped! This video is giving me flashbacks to when we was enslaved by white folk and they forced us to invent and then make all the rope people still use today.

  • John C
    John C 11 дней назад

    wow that was awesome. Might have to make one and myself and teach my scouts how to make their own rope to practice knots too

  • Charles Crippen
    Charles Crippen 12 дней назад

    Wind those ropes together

  • Sally Mustang
    Sally Mustang 14 дней назад

    I think using a rounded file or jewelry bead reamer to make 3 grooves in the wooden nub would make it look even more professional & spare you those first several inches where it didn't twist quite right.

  • AchillesWrath1
    AchillesWrath1 15 дней назад

    What if i need it to be longer than 4 ft?

  • Michelle Stutzman
    Michelle Stutzman 16 дней назад

    that's a cool looking rope

  • Martin Pêcheur
    Martin Pêcheur 17 дней назад

    Great job

  • Vinayak .n.v
    Vinayak .n.v 18 дней назад

    But the length of rope is limited.right?

  • cere tomer
    cere tomer 20 дней назад

    It would be interesting to see you do a tensile strength on those strands of rope.

  • welshpete12
    welshpete12 22 дня назад

    Were I live in Wales GB , there is a lane called , the rope walk were they used to make rope . Using a system very much like this, but of course on a larger scale .

  • Iestyn Devenport
    Iestyn Devenport 22 дня назад +1

    Hi there, I love your channel and all but that knot was a reef not. Thanks

  • Joseph Coffey
    Joseph Coffey 23 дня назад

    Try to make the biggest rope ever

  • MyBigThing2010
    MyBigThing2010 24 дня назад

    Four four sections are not "all the rope you'll ever need" ...and are useless basically...your missing the exponent of scalability and the ability to make runs of rope as long as you'd like by continuing

  • Th3R4junC4jun
    Th3R4junC4jun 27 дней назад

    WD-40 is not a lubricant and is not designed for that. it is a water displacer.

  • Cristóbal Latorre
    Cristóbal Latorre 28 дней назад

    Make a pirate dinghy with those ropes! hahahaha

  • Crazy Asian
    Crazy Asian 28 дней назад

    This was made on my birthday

  • Felix Nguyen
    Felix Nguyen Месяц назад

    Looks at video

  • The Master YouTube
    The Master YouTube Месяц назад

    Turn the orange multicolored and sisal into one single rope from different strands or different types of rope together

  • Progress Karnajit
    Progress Karnajit Месяц назад

    make a rope bull whip

    WOLF BEAR Месяц назад


  • jake harvey
    jake harvey Месяц назад

    For improvements cut grooves into the wooden bumper

  • TheSlideslide
    TheSlideslide Месяц назад

    You could increase production by using a grinder instead of a screwgun.

  • Lywyllyn Lyonaird
    Lywyllyn Lyonaird Месяц назад

    ugh that repetitive music though. also I can almost hear you over the music. otherwise great vid, great project.

  • Dylan
    Dylan Месяц назад

    Chester the Cheetah?

  • TheOrangeCreeper
    TheOrangeCreeper Месяц назад +1

    You should make rope, then sell it. You should call it RandomRope™

  • RdL
    RdL Месяц назад

    you can also just buy a thicker rope.
    its better than buying 4 times the lenght of smaller rope.
    and you dont have to make that contraption

  • Drake Snake Vlogging
    Drake Snake Vlogging Месяц назад

    Hey king of random you should make rope or a fishing line

  • Jerry Oltremari
    Jerry Oltremari Месяц назад

    If it is all just twisted together, what keeps it from untwisting after it is cut loose?

  • Arif Khateeb
    Arif Khateeb Месяц назад

    Thank U Dear

  • ryley gray
    ryley gray Месяц назад


  • uriel salas
    uriel salas Месяц назад


  • haileys hamsters crazy life
    haileys hamsters crazy life Месяц назад

    The cotton rope could be a fire starter

  • lebomm johnson
    lebomm johnson Месяц назад

    Great stuff  -  for 4' lengths of line ! What if you need, say, 40' ? (and no, I'm not about to tie 10 of 'em together).

  • JvGaming
    JvGaming Месяц назад

    Try doing 2 different colors on each hook

  • Ranvir Chauhan
    Ranvir Chauhan Месяц назад


  • Mondo 357
    Mondo 357 Месяц назад

    Dude, I have no idea how I came across this channel, but this stuff is awesome!

  • Exploring With Cam
    Exploring With Cam Месяц назад

    Can you make rope out if cardboard?????

  • zander cruzan
    zander cruzan Месяц назад

    hey king of random make duck tape rope

  • Ali Hamza
    Ali Hamza Месяц назад

    Black and yellow because that's your colors u know

  • Matthew Marr
    Matthew Marr Месяц назад

    Boil the sisal rope.

  • Random Person
    Random Person Месяц назад

    Go outside and make a 50 foot one

  • Jon Rothenbusch
    Jon Rothenbusch Месяц назад

    But I need 100ft of rope, not 4ft! Search videos of Malaysian rope making, not nearly as complicated and they do it in the jungle without tools... who'd a thunk?

  • g Jensen
    g Jensen Месяц назад

    Hey I too was a Boy Scout using that same book to study knots. I am really impressed with your rope especially the tri color. Great Job!

  • phelan hoover
    phelan hoover Месяц назад

    Your awesome dude

  • ABosses
    ABosses Месяц назад +1

    use your coconut rope to make more rope

  • peppuzzo666
    peppuzzo666 Месяц назад

    what would happen if you use copper wires? I mean the metal inside and not the plastic

  • Tony Paulk
    Tony Paulk Месяц назад

    Use super glue and baking soda and it at least 10 times stronger

  • Build Something
    Build Something Месяц назад

    Very useful if you're only looking for one meter of rope

  • TeX Gaming
    TeX Gaming Месяц назад

    Can you please wind rope together?

    Edit-Ok just watched the whole video you already do it XD

  • Austin Rath
    Austin Rath Месяц назад

    can you make charcoal rope

  • Costeno Salao
    Costeno Salao Месяц назад

    Look up vocal fry and then avoid using it...unless you like sounding like a teenage party girl.

  • Maleisha Jackson
    Maleisha Jackson Месяц назад +1

    Can you make a electrical rope for a phone charger with this?

  • Mrz Hyde
    Mrz Hyde Месяц назад

    if you spin the ropes together youll get an even better rope in terms of height it can handle

  • Chance Brittain
    Chance Brittain Месяц назад

    You could probably burn the end to gather rather then tape.

  • bitemyram
    bitemyram Месяц назад

    Here's something cool, if you know any yarn users... "Roving" is just as expensive as "plied" yarn. It's generally much softer and creates a beautifully smooth texture to ones knitting etc. You can buy "bulky" thickness yarn which is simply plied roving, then basically do the opposite of making rope and undo the ply's thus producing large quantiles of roving for a fraction of the price. Un-rotating does not require untwisting of each ply in order to separate. It can be simply unwound as a hole with one entire end in a drill turing in reverse while the other end is completely fixed. Hope you enjoy this tidbit of info... I look forward to watching many more of your very interesting videos. That you so much for making them. :))

  • bitemyram
    bitemyram Месяц назад

    Love this series of videos you made. All brilliant ideas and you've engineered everything very well! As an avid knitter, I engineered a device much cruder than your nicely refined one but did do the trick. The inherent flaw in making rope is distance. In order to make a longer section of rope it can require extremely long distances. I also used my drill to power everything; however, at the opposite end I also threaded the finished product through an opening in the center that would allow for stopping and wrapping the made rope around a spinal. The spinal ultimately ends up being the connection point and its "energy" (the actual term for this type of tension (( who knew haha))) can be released later during usage or by allowing the spindle to rotate after each length of rope is twisted just prior to wrapping the finished rope around the spindle. Give this a try, I think you'll dig-it :) P.S. Each time you add another stand to your rope it's referred to as "ply"... :)

  • Jóhannes Tjaldrastein
    Jóhannes Tjaldrastein Месяц назад

    what if you want to make a very log rope, lets say 300-400 feet?

  • MetalChick27
    MetalChick27 2 месяца назад

    Thank you so much for this!!! I make handmade horse halters and I needed a way to make my own lead ropes. This is how I do it! I even made a 25' one by stretching this across my barn. That was awesome.

  • LeafgreenSniper
    LeafgreenSniper 2 месяца назад

    make duck tape strands and make duck tape rope

  • Terry Buda
    Terry Buda 2 месяца назад

    Grant - you are just awesome. We made rope when I was in scouts in 1974... I think that was the last time I ever saw anyone make their own rope.

    I love that you are part of our quest to turn off the TV / gadgets and get back outside and play!!

    Thanks for all the random coolness.

  • C Peterson
    C Peterson 2 месяца назад

    Did you notice any slipping between the drive wheel and the two connected via the rubber band?

  • Orion Riedel
    Orion Riedel 2 месяца назад

    turn the string into rope, put the rope in liquid nitrogen, take it out and put it in a vacuum chamber, cut it with a 1000 degree knife, melt it in a forge, douse it in water and shoot it from a potato gun.

  • Jack Forde
    Jack Forde 2 месяца назад

    Try making a twizzler rope!

  • Ray LeBlanc
    Ray LeBlanc 2 месяца назад

    Only 4 foot length of rope is not very practical.

  • Rocco Soucie
    Rocco Soucie 2 месяца назад

    How can you make this machine automatic, so you can have it work over night?

  • a grace
    a grace 2 месяца назад

    ...."cotton, twine, twisted mason line......" its poetry!

  • kos ferdinand
    kos ferdinand 2 месяца назад

    beautiful man! this guy is something else

  • AB-CD Almazan
    AB-CD Almazan 2 месяца назад

    You should make it more bigger

  • cal goodson
    cal goodson 2 месяца назад

    plus ez way to make brackets lol

  • C Hug
    C Hug 2 месяца назад +2

    do an experiment with candy and liquid nitrogen
    try to use pop rocks. and the lego gumey candys you mad in anothe vid

  • Steve W
    Steve W 2 месяца назад

    "Profesh"............California much? LOL

  • Walt Lars
    Walt Lars 2 месяца назад

    whats the distance between the blocks to make a 4 foot rope like you have shown ?

  • Clint Whalley
    Clint Whalley 2 месяца назад

    imperial is defined by metric units

  • josh riz
    josh riz 2 месяца назад

    Nice! Additional knowledge to me.

  • oakjt
    oakjt 2 месяца назад

    bind all the ropes together

  • WynterLegend
    WynterLegend 2 месяца назад

    I wonder.... Have you seen the channel "Primitive Technology"? The guy builds a number of structures and tools using only stone-age tools. Sticks, rocks, bark cordage, raw lumber, clay, ash and so on.

    Do you think you'd be able to make a machine similar to this successful rope-braider, using his method, and replacing the drill with a hand crank?

  • DIY Luca
    DIY Luca 2 месяца назад

    and more ropes and more...

  • chrisxd146
    chrisxd146 2 месяца назад

    The Mythbusters could've used this during their prison rope escape episode, well done!

  • Wesley Couch
    Wesley Couch 2 месяца назад

    What if you used 550 cord or paracord!!!

  • c.j. norman
    c.j. norman 2 месяца назад

    what happins if you make tape rope

  • Noham Carre
    Noham Carre 2 месяца назад

    Case advanced weapon amount fit silence organic alone.

  • nick martinez
    nick martinez 2 месяца назад

    Love this video! You should do a video on how to make that machine!

  • Justin  G
    Justin G 2 месяца назад

    Grant, this is an excellent video. Keep up the great work

  • j's bike hacks\ unlucky
    j's bike hacks\ unlucky 2 месяца назад

    wd40 is a cleaner not a lubricant

  • agil Nizar
    agil Nizar 2 месяца назад

    anyone can tell me how "rope making machine" work ?

  • Auden
    Auden 2 месяца назад

    normaly i use plant material and reverse wrap method with my hands

  • Joshua Mcateer
    Joshua Mcateer 2 месяца назад

    The rope is weaker than the sum of the individual fibres. Not 'exponentially stronger'. Winding the fibres into rope puts them in additional tension.

  • charlesmorlan
    charlesmorlan 2 месяца назад

    try using para cord