Make All The Rope You Could Ever Want

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  • Communism is Death
    Communism is Death 11 часов назад

    Would it work with multiple hooks? 5 or 9 or 13, etc?

  • Pauk06gannon 124
    Pauk06gannon 124 День назад

    Just when he said the smell of success my sister farted

  • Purple_Panda466
    Purple_Panda466 4 дня назад

    why don't you make a pirate ship and make it over the Couse of multiple time apse videos or make a mini pirate ship

  • J&J Cooking
    J&J Cooking 4 дня назад

    That's really cool!

  • Jeff Swett
    Jeff Swett 6 дней назад +1

    But what if I wanna make like 100 feet of rope...

  • Maria Badger Cole
    Maria Badger Cole 7 дней назад

    how will you cep it to gether!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • littlebubby warlock
    littlebubby warlock 8 дней назад

    I love tht you did Brazil colors

  • AleAgnagna
    AleAgnagna 10 дней назад

    did he just say.....SWIIIIIIIIVEEEEEEEEEL????

  • Pokimez
    Pokimez 10 дней назад

    You the best YouTuber -DJ Iker Gerhard

  • Pokimez
    Pokimez 10 дней назад

    Word of the day professional

  • Martin K. Schröder
    Martin K. Schröder 10 дней назад

    Time to invite a willing girl into the studio and do some bondage.

  • CosmicCorn
    CosmicCorn 11 дней назад

    I cant my parents said it’s too dangerous :(

  • DashMan Films
    DashMan Films 11 дней назад

    Try weaving fishing string

  • baby pug
    baby pug 11 дней назад


    ITS_YE_WOLF! ALEX 12 дней назад

    Can you make a device that u can combine rope in really really strongger rope

  • You can GO PRO
    You can GO PRO 13 дней назад

    can you make a whip plz

  • Cresen Vuelban
    Cresen Vuelban 15 дней назад

    making a rope with a rope
    Lol XD

  • BooManChoo !
    BooManChoo ! 15 дней назад


  • Chromosome #47
    Chromosome #47 16 дней назад


  • Mentelgen Videos
    Mentelgen Videos 16 дней назад +1

    Mate, you can buy rope for pennies per yard, you don't have to make it.

  • Aldo Agnellini
    Aldo Agnellini 18 дней назад

    you can lightly carve three little notches on the knob to help the strands to hold their places on the knob itself

  • evil morty
    evil morty 19 дней назад

    i made this with my eyepach
    i evidently broke my eyepach and killed evil rick....

  • William Poetra Yoga
    William Poetra Yoga 20 дней назад

    DIY rope-making machine: PRICELESS.
    Rope-making machine from China: $1000.

  • Abdelrahman Sayed
    Abdelrahman Sayed 20 дней назад +1

    i really wanted him to take 3 of the ropes he made and turn that into an even bigger rope

  • Jean Aimard
    Jean Aimard 21 день назад

    with your clothes and your look I thought you explained how to win the tour de France lol
    Great DIY nevertheless

  • BlueDragonGames
    BlueDragonGames 23 дня назад

    'square knot' - nah it's a reef knot you knot noob

  • Sam Marks
    Sam Marks 23 дня назад

    You are the David Copperfield of how to bro, now make an elephant disappear whilst making a compass.

  • Pyra Gorgon
    Pyra Gorgon 23 дня назад

    So how do you make a 100 ft long strand of rope?

  • Llaneel Yort
    Llaneel Yort 26 дней назад

    how to add to two small lengths of rope together as one complete rope ?

  • brenyn green
    brenyn green 27 дней назад

    Can you make steel wire with it

  • James Brock-Turner
    James Brock-Turner 27 дней назад

    See how thick of a rope you can make

  • Illicitsleet
    Illicitsleet 27 дней назад

    For synthetic rope, couldn't you fuse the end so that the ending is more permanent?

  • daniel barrera
    daniel barrera 27 дней назад

    hes obsessed with rope cause he has to tie up so many girls in his basement

  • Dark Cave Spider
    Dark Cave Spider 28 дней назад

    i like andrea quadrati's idea but then make a super thich rope by 10 strands per hook then use the rope you made then put it in then put it tgether and make a super thick car moveing rope!

  • Can you drive over it ? ?
    Can you drive over it ? ? 29 дней назад

    Hi grant I think you should do paracord rope

  • Phil Coscia
    Phil Coscia 29 дней назад

    By spooling a plastic (water/soda) bottle to a razor arm and cutting 1/8" strips then provides a ready source of raw material, by using the strand. Flat strand could use a per-twist, also, but not mandatory.

    KABAOTTO EMULSION 29 дней назад

    Thanks for sharing! Awesome!

  • Levi Sadler
    Levi Sadler Месяц назад

    you could steak them into the ground outside so you can make actual length thatd be a cool watch how long can you go !

  • GregJoshuaW
    GregJoshuaW Месяц назад

    Wow, this is seriously cool man! Nice project!!

  • Nate Herrington
    Nate Herrington Месяц назад

    Try not to sound so creepy when you say human hair

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson Месяц назад

    You are such a genius..

  • Jj Morris
    Jj Morris Месяц назад

    Only problem with this is the counter weight will not be enough to wind thicker cord or if you change it to 5 strand

  • Gary Mike
    Gary Mike Месяц назад

    thats cool, now I want to make one, have you tried more lines, like 6 or 12. also have you tried making a rope with a core that is twisted in the opposite direction. (I do rigging sometime and we have to learn about the cables)

  • Julian Valencia
    Julian Valencia Месяц назад

    Can you make a video on how to make your own lanyard?

  • Julian Valencia
    Julian Valencia Месяц назад

    Can you make a video on how to make your own lanyard?

  • Terry Shrives
    Terry Shrives Месяц назад

    Really cool, thanks :)

  • raymond aldrete
    raymond aldrete Месяц назад

    Please make one..

  • Guy Smith
    Guy Smith Месяц назад

    Nice project. Unfortunately, I already own more rope than I will ever need.

  • Renier Bezuidenhout
    Renier Bezuidenhout Месяц назад

    Hey Grant I love your videos is there any way you could show us how to make a red dot sight...please I would be very happy...

  • Obsession Outdoors
    Obsession Outdoors Месяц назад

    How could u make longer strands of rope

  • Piggehs 4 Emz
    Piggehs 4 Emz Месяц назад

    to replace the drill you could go to jaycar (that's an electronics store in Australia Idk if you have it over there) and pick up a motor. we used them in my primary school in grade five I think to make basic robots and toy cars to make the wheels turn. you could use a motor to turn the gears inside to make a more permanent solution and add an on/off switch

  • Justin MacGregor
    Justin MacGregor Месяц назад

    If you set it up with a motor and toggle switch you could set a rod to turn off the motor when it got to the end, benifit being you could set it and leave it to go automatically

  • Steven Hamilton
    Steven Hamilton Месяц назад

    I promise I could use one trash bag my hands and maybe like a stick and make more rope, stronger than a winch cable then you did with all of that you just used!

  • Jerry Liu
    Jerry Liu Месяц назад

    The cost will be high and the rupture strength will be affected. But it's very practical.

  • MrGoatflakes
    MrGoatflakes Месяц назад

    I think next you should make it continuous :D

  • Josh_is_Eljan76
    Josh_is_Eljan76 Месяц назад

    Would you consider trying to make rope with dryer lint?

  • XlifeStyle X
    XlifeStyle X Месяц назад

    Make a rope with braid or mono fishing line. Would it be even stronger and still thin?

  • Adrian Ponce
    Adrian Ponce Месяц назад

    You should make a vid on break strength with all the ropes you made

  • Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this

    For the synthetic material, can you burn the ends and then get rid of the electrical tape?

  • Maria Webber
    Maria Webber Месяц назад

    That's cool

  • John L Bales
    John L Bales Месяц назад

    Now go the full route: build feed end with the strand spools so you can make long ropes. 😁

  • John L Bales
    John L Bales Месяц назад

    Your guide slots should come from the sides. Otherwise gravity will pull the strands to the bottom of the guides, risking fallout.

  • John L Bales
    John L Bales Месяц назад

    WD40 is not an actual lubricant. It's a Water Displacement liquid. Oils and greases are lubricants.

  • Bobbi Hansel
    Bobbi Hansel Месяц назад

    Kinbaku anyone?

  • Bobbi Hansel
    Bobbi Hansel Месяц назад

    But what if you need 5 feet of rope...

  • gilbert de la torre
    gilbert de la torre Месяц назад

    Ever try lint from dryer?

  • Michael Estepp
    Michael Estepp Месяц назад

    How do you use this exact machine to make a 50ft rope? It seems to be limited to the size of the table which in all honesty, isnt very useful.

  • highdownmartin
    highdownmartin Месяц назад

    All the rope you'll ever need in 40" lengths

  • angry gamer
    angry gamer Месяц назад +1

    i want to see long rope at least 60feet ,please

  • zander chiasson
    zander chiasson Месяц назад

    You should see if you can make a gunpowder fuse with this,

  • saborguerito
    saborguerito Месяц назад

    This is one of the coolest things. What about a braided rope? Like, for a candle wick?

  • drunk Hampster
    drunk Hampster Месяц назад

    I love all of your vids there so cool

  • Adam Jeprial
    Adam Jeprial Месяц назад

    Human hair! 😂

  • Joe Mamma
    Joe Mamma Месяц назад +1

    Make all the rope you WANT!!! (That's only 4 feet long) forgot that part.... Not very useful

  • Brenden Sterner
    Brenden Sterner Месяц назад

    Cool. But what if you take three ropes you've already made and combine them?

  • gravelman5789
    gravelman5789 Месяц назад

    Great Stuff!!!
    are u aware of Bruce Grant the author of the braiding encyclopedia?
    Decorative knots galore!!

  • alanmcp4
    alanmcp4 Месяц назад

    Hey Grant, cool machine, but if your tape comes loose the whole thing will unravel.
    If you twist the three strands up tight, then twist all three together in the opposite direction they will stick together better. That's how professionally made rope is done...

  • Emperor Borg Palpatine
    Emperor Borg Palpatine Месяц назад

    How much rope do I need to hang myself?

  • Hikari
    Hikari Месяц назад

    WD-40 is NOT a lubricant.... -facepalm-

  • randy job
    randy job Месяц назад

    I want to see if you could make braided fishing line rope

  • ara mieg
    ara mieg Месяц назад

    Test it. How much weight can it hold before it breaks.

  • Honeysuckle White
    Honeysuckle White Месяц назад

    My bondage skills just leveled up!

  • No Excuses
    No Excuses Месяц назад

    Does it actually stay twisted after removing it

  • No Excuses
    No Excuses Месяц назад

    Try graphite powder instead of WD-40

  • Voltagecat24
    Voltagecat24 Месяц назад +1

    So awesome

  • Matthew The Great Coin Roll Hunter
    Matthew The Great Coin Roll Hunter Месяц назад

    This is so cool!!

  • Beavis ButtHead
    Beavis ButtHead Месяц назад

    rebar tie wire

  • gunfighterzero
    gunfighterzero Месяц назад

    At first I thought why but that is actually pretty cool

  • Inside The Mind Of Matt
    Inside The Mind Of Matt Месяц назад

    a 3d printer might help make some of the odd parts you need :)

  • Mark Spivey
    Mark Spivey Месяц назад

    You can actually use toilet paper and it will be strong enough to hold a persons weight with enough

  • CMAenergy
    CMAenergy Месяц назад

    I looks OK but has one problem ! How do you make a continuous length .

  • The Chronicles of Chadwick
    The Chronicles of Chadwick Месяц назад

    Great series of videos. I'd really like to see a demonstration of how to make longer rope. By running the rope that's made back through the jig and tying it off. Then continue with the next section, adding another length to the end. If you can do that, then you can keep repeating for as long as you need to get any length of rope. Do you understand what I am suggesting?

  • Vance Perry
    Vance Perry Месяц назад

    Grant Thompson is more than ready for the apocalypse and I want on his team

  • uncle monkey
    uncle monkey Месяц назад

    Glad to see another boyscout out there making cool things. I'm wondering if I could get some of my scout boys to make something like this. That would be a great project for them to do for the Cub scouts when they are learning to do knots.

  • Danny Maciel
    Danny Maciel Месяц назад

    Did you say human hair???? Weird lmao.
    Nice project for kids tho.

    DA GRIFFIN Месяц назад


  • bobnojio
    bobnojio Месяц назад

    awesome system, and it looks awesome. one comment - WD40 is NOT a lubricant though...

  • ladyofthemasque
    ladyofthemasque Месяц назад

    Traditionally the "bumper" had smooth-sanded grooves to help channel each rope precisely into place. A little work with a rat's tail file would finish the tool neatly.

  • Adam Blackerby
    Adam Blackerby Месяц назад

    Is there a way to extend the rope beyond the length of the original material? you mentioned coconut husks, those aren't usually very long...

  • Buzz
    Buzz Месяц назад

    Probably cheaper to go out and buy 100m of rope