Flume - Amber

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • Flume - Amber
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    I made a mixtape with some of my favorite artists.
    It’s 38 minutes of music, with a visualizer created by Jonathan Zawada.
    We hope you enjoy :)
    Full mixtape visualizer here: flu.me/HiThisIsFlume/RUclip
    Mixed by Eric J Dubowsky
    Mastered by Matt Colton
    Shot by: Matsu
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Comments • 301

  • James Rekula
    James Rekula 20 hours ago

    Too short...

  • Jaimz
    Jaimz 4 days ago

    Sounds like EVE from wall-e

  • Jorma Hampshire
    Jorma Hampshire 9 days ago

    Need to find more

  • Nicoestuvoaquí
    Nicoestuvoaquí 10 days ago

    I like real sounds from FLUME influence

  • Dat Vu
    Dat Vu 12 days ago +3

    this sounds like an abstract painting

  • Blaankket
    Blaankket 14 days ago

    Didn't love the intro but it got better.

  • Christian Dejesus
    Christian Dejesus 16 days ago

    Makes me wanna blow some brains

    NTRL FG 18 days ago

    Fuck !

  • Perry Thomason
    Perry Thomason 19 days ago

    This song gives me absolutely orgasmic frissions.

  • Penguin from Space
    Penguin from Space 25 days ago

    This song hits at x2 speed

  • Sebastian Darko
    Sebastian Darko 26 days ago

    speed up to 1.75 you'll thank me later

  • Aurelio Oakenfold
    Aurelio Oakenfold 27 days ago


  • Jonathan Long
    Jonathan Long Month ago

    I won't give up on what I want. As I try my absolute best to pursue and try hard. No matter how many times I fail I will get back up.

  • JJ Nuñez
    JJ Nuñez Month ago +1

    0:42 this part sends me to heaven every time I listen to it!

  • stretchy sloth
    stretchy sloth Month ago


  • Mr. Bung
    Mr. Bung Month ago

    Fucking Incredible

  • Christian Dejesus
    Christian Dejesus Month ago

    How could this not appeal?

  • Fathallah wael
    Fathallah wael Month ago

    I tought i was alone, but since i read all the comments, where are you all guys from i wanna meet you

  • Crying Doggo
    Crying Doggo Month ago

    Konkrete brought me here.

  • King Dub
    King Dub Month ago +1

    this shit gets me so excited to have a car with subwoofers... just talking about it gives me full body chills

  • sovereign775
    sovereign775 Month ago

    God damn Flume, your music is so damn good! Thank you for making my time through Harvard med school easier

  • pbfamous07
    pbfamous07 Month ago

    1.45on is so fukn tasty.

  • Master Simz
    Master Simz 2 months ago


  • Shubham Majmudar
    Shubham Majmudar 2 months ago

    Had a mental breakdown at 0:37

  • Sebastian Ospina
    Sebastian Ospina 2 months ago

    1.35 for gas where’s this at???? I’m omw

  • Angela Beyer
    Angela Beyer 2 months ago

    I am missing Flume at Red Rocks in Morrison Colorado. Because of my hateful ex bf / friend. Neither anymore.But hes got a new girl. Not even 2 weeks later. Its lame! But I am making the best of it.

  • simon de leersnyder
    simon de leersnyder 2 months ago

    0:42 one of the most harmonic parts in elektric music

  • Kibk
    Kibk 2 months ago

    this is the most beautiful thing i have ever heard

  • Albert Lee
    Albert Lee 3 months ago

    Good to see unleaded is only 135c a litre

  • Gwiazdoreks
    Gwiazdoreks 3 months ago +3

    Musical genius. Open air concert in my earbuds. Insane

  • Mouad Saadi
    Mouad Saadi 3 months ago

    This brought me here

  • zNaomo F
    zNaomo F 3 months ago


    SAY NULL 3 months ago

    Whatta journey!

  • riley
    riley 3 months ago

    the first 40 seconds sound like the terraria soundtrack was on cocaine

  • JoJo
    JoJo 4 months ago +1

    in my opinion someone needs to rap on this someone with a Slow Flow

  • Aniima
    Aniima 4 months ago

    them gas prices tho got damn.

  • Ariel de oliveira
    Ariel de oliveira 4 months ago +3

    0:42 Es cuando mi corazón late

  • Myers
    Myers 4 months ago

    You are not human! This shit is insane man!

  • maglerdon
    maglerdon 4 months ago +1

    This whole mixtape is so unique and innovative. For those who want more innovative/progressive music check out Ekcle, specifically their latest EP “Yoja”
    It’s not too similar to this song but the way they progress through each song is artwork. “Crafted in Ice” is like a journey through space and around 3:14 in “Moonstone” is a pleasure on my ears. Not trying to advertise just a fan of unique music trying to introduce other people to more of it

  • Hartmann
    Hartmann 4 months ago +1

    Somehow at x1.5 speed this has a different vibe to it. Awesome.

    • maglerdon
      maglerdon 4 months ago

      Hartmann 1:49 at 1.5x speed is so awesome

  • timakkk
    timakkk 4 months ago +1

    konkrete killed this

    OMAR ALI 4 months ago +2

    SPEED UP :- 1.5x
    U R WELCOME!!!

    • Manqoba Shongwe
      Manqoba Shongwe 3 months ago

      You are a genius!
      I found 1.25 to be the sweet spot for me.

  • Pedro Augusto
    Pedro Augusto 4 months ago

    Second drops is, FUCKING REAL future bass track

  • syntra
    syntra 4 months ago

    I don’t know how you give me such visionary and surreal synesthesia. Thank you

  • M A
    M A 4 months ago

    I get ideas for an animation video for flume's music but I have no idea about making animation movies

    • Hartmann
      Hartmann 4 months ago +1

      that's called inspiration

  • Devon Stevenson
    Devon Stevenson 5 months ago

    What else do you consider dubstep 🤤

  • Maciej Kopczyk
    Maciej Kopczyk 5 months ago

    You should get all awards from all country for this album

  • Leonardo Marcotto
    Leonardo Marcotto 5 months ago

    the best one

  • Amos Gachiri
    Amos Gachiri 5 months ago


  • delfian wiguna
    delfian wiguna 5 months ago +2


  • Quinn B. Jones
    Quinn B. Jones 5 months ago

    My God...My Flume!!! In that order🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • madeon
    madeon 5 months ago


  • mricardo96
    mricardo96 5 months ago

    Flume has been listening to some noisia

  • B W
    B W 5 months ago +3

    🔥 so immense. it feels like it's pressure that wants to escape out of every sound.

  • Damola Ade
    Damola Ade 5 months ago +3

    1:16 - 1:49 belongs in a film score

  • Zoli.
    Zoli. 5 months ago +2

    This is not music...this is art.

  • Devon Stevenson
    Devon Stevenson 5 months ago

    This is gunna be a song they show kids in 2300 in music class

  • Lost Island Productions
    Lost Island Productions 5 months ago +5

    crispy in parts smooth in others

  • Teletubeastz
    Teletubeastz 5 months ago


  • Mr. Meow meow
    Mr. Meow meow 5 months ago

    When your high: 0:00