Satisfying Floam Crushing Compilation #6

  • Published on Jun 11, 2018
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  • *ally-* Sunshine
    *ally-* Sunshine 22 hours ago

    1:19 I’m green

  • Myrna Simborio
    Myrna Simborio Day ago

    6:55 how they scoopin

  • and i oop-
    and i oop- Day ago +1

    1:00 when you can’t afford a car

  • steam bot
    steam bot Day ago

    I'm sorry 😔😔 I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well today so I will hold you in my arms 💔

  • 10SecondSlideshows
    10SecondSlideshows 2 days ago +1

    *_F L O A M_*

  • RadioActive
    RadioActive 2 days ago

    bet you didn’t read the title correctly

  • F and E TV
    F and E TV 2 days ago +1

    This is how Manny people are scrolling through the comments as the videos playing

  • Liakk Does Stuff
    Liakk Does Stuff 2 days ago

    1:10 When you crush floam

  • F and E TV
    F and E TV 2 days ago

    why do they put sticks in them??????

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 2 days ago

    Every like I add a smile 😀

  • edwin santana
    edwin santana 2 days ago

    At 8:21 me after I drink 10 full bottles of water

  • Samantha Kinnels
    Samantha Kinnels 2 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about 2:40 were they just rewinded that?

  • Wolvi Playz
    Wolvi Playz 2 days ago

    I dont know why but i want to eat

  • Rowan Kittle
    Rowan Kittle 3 days ago

    5:30 - 5:35 looked like teeth coming out of it


    Nobody will read this but if you are you are.......

    Beautiful kind respectful generous gorgeous caring and the best

  • TheKing808
    TheKing808 3 days ago +2

    Who else got thirsty by whatching the dry ones get smoshed?

  • ʟօֆȶ_ӄօʍǟӄɨ
    ʟօֆȶ_ӄօʍǟӄɨ 3 days ago +1

    they might have a new tire

  • SkitZita
    SkitZita 4 days ago

    5:33 what the hell

  • Glitzy
    Glitzy 4 days ago

    1:30 what a coincidence! I’m a Pisces ♓️ and that is my first favorite shade of blue because I love blue !

  • The Kitty Bean
    The Kitty Bean 4 days ago

    Crunch floral foam without gloves and get 1:10!

  • JustinMurr13
    JustinMurr13 5 days ago +1

    1:25 how dare u crush my Aries zodiac

  • tre lewis
    tre lewis 5 days ago

    Like bc this is satisfying like I fell a sleep with this satisfying video okie and put kiss emoji if this was satisfying 😚

  • Cttng
    Cttng 6 days ago +1

    I got mad respect for the people that do these, that's a whole lot of glitter your going to have to get out from under your nails

  • FredGamingxt FnAf
    FredGamingxt FnAf 6 days ago

    Where do you get the foam

  • head over heelies
    head over heelies 6 days ago +2

    "phone dry" d... Do they mean bone dry?

  • corry strong
    corry strong 7 days ago

    This is a very cool video

  • corry strong
    corry strong 7 days ago

    The color is blue and purple

  • gamer squad
    gamer squad 7 days ago +1

    At around 7:10 . I'm waiting for her to finish scraping that cube before I'm satisfied

  • Dallas Kaiser
    Dallas Kaiser 7 days ago +1

    How many hours a day do you crush floral foam?

  • Cygnus A
    Cygnus A 7 days ago

    Gotta say, some of these are dumb asf

  • gacha wolfie
    gacha wolfie 8 days ago

    WELCOME to the pink fingers store ^-^
    What finger would u like.?
    Pink pink pink or pink?

  • Leilani Blossom
    Leilani Blossom 8 days ago

    2:30 my ears are bleeding

  • Julian Gath
    Julian Gath 8 days ago

    My ears love the sound

  • Goatie The demon
    Goatie The demon 9 days ago +11

    people: lets crush this green foam
    cancer: allow me to introduce myself

  • Trixie Anderson
    Trixie Anderson 9 days ago


  • kirby99
    kirby99 10 days ago

    1:09 that foam says it all

  • Christian Rivera
    Christian Rivera 11 days ago

    This wasn’t really satisfying It just helped me sleep

  • Bob Riffit
    Bob Riffit 11 days ago +1

    The cars are like my hopes and dreams crushed

  • gachalifefanforlife :3

    I dont like the dry ones

  • Rodnell Murray
    Rodnell Murray 12 days ago

    Spell satisfying

  • LT Nigward
    LT Nigward 12 days ago

    People be like: for every like I'll add a smile
    Special ed kids be like: *likes 5 sec ago* haha where's the smile u fucking bit...

  • Yarza Aung
    Yarza Aung 13 days ago

    WOW that’s satisfying ... so satisfying

  • Raiyn Jade
    Raiyn Jade 13 days ago +1

    4:00 that kid who sits up the back and cracks his knuckles all day

  • Dashenka Mamidi
    Dashenka Mamidi 15 days ago


  • Dashenka Mamidi
    Dashenka Mamidi 15 days ago


  • PoorlyDrawnDragon *now animating!*

    Who else is tired of those “I’ll add a _____ for every like”?
    For every like I’m not going to add 🐉

  • you already see my profile pic

    they couldvesolved world hunger with that spaghetti

  • Millys Gaming and Vloging Channel

    I'm serious for every single like I will add a 🐭

  • Mr Memes
    Mr Memes 16 days ago +3

    People: we love crushing floral floam!
    All types of cancer:
    *_Allow us to introduce ourselves._*

  • CarNacho 15
    CarNacho 15 16 days ago

    Everyone all saying its satisfying but me I say you know what not satisfying that they said floam and spell foam as phone and they cant get is to break easily making it not satisfying

  • G Allen
    G Allen 16 days ago

    do whole bunch of videos like this

  • Dashenka Mamidi
    Dashenka Mamidi 16 days ago

    oh my goodness... i just can't watch one of your videos without saying "i want to do that"or "Woah" omggg

  • PugaPaige YT
    PugaPaige YT 16 days ago

    where my leos at? i u i xd

  • Emerald Gamer
    Emerald Gamer 16 days ago

    Pause the the video to and then click this 1:10 it says cancer

  • EquestrianGirl 1
    EquestrianGirl 1 17 days ago

    I swear if she does the glitter thing ONE MORE TIME.....

  • Galaxy Oranges:3
    Galaxy Oranges:3 17 days ago

    Who else likes the wet one the most?

  • sum dragon
    sum dragon 18 days ago

    You scums literally replayed clips so you could get a longer so you could get a longer watch time

  • Kill. Me
    Kill. Me 18 days ago +1

    Every like i will give you a dinosaur, trust me im dedicated, now ill start 🦖
    Edit: I’m not adding any more dinosaurs after 1000 likes, I have better things to do than add dinosaurs to a RUclip comment

  • Smtov
    Smtov 18 days ago

    Gender reveal should be wig floral foam and what color it is that's the gender

  • Shh Bang
    Shh Bang 19 days ago

    Can I have a showt out pllllllllllllllz I really want one ok plz do it for me plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllz