Top 5 Scariest Things Caught on GoPro Camera

  • Published on Dec 2, 2017
  • In this top 5 scary videos countdown, we take a look at the scariest things caught on camera by GoPro.
    Mysterious videos and scary things caught on tape.
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  • robert houston
    robert houston 6 hours ago

    fuk up wank

  • Mariola Medina
    Mariola Medina 9 hours ago

    It the clown

  • Mr 1nk3d
    Mr 1nk3d 10 hours ago

    The last video is creepy af

  • 907 250r
    907 250r 11 hours ago +1

    So there was nobody there, no cell phone flashlight. Why the hell was this number 1.. absolutely nothing

  • Boosted B5
    Boosted B5 13 hours ago

    Why the fuck don't you two(proper people) carry a gun just in case.

  • Trawldogs Music
    Trawldogs Music 23 hours ago

    If the asylum is in the middle of nowhere? What are the lights just down the road T 11.31 ?

  • Black Bubble
    Black Bubble Day ago

    I'm here because of chris "anybody elks" D'Elia

    GOAFEE Day ago

    Come here Misha!

  • jordan baldridge

    probaly drug deal

  • Why, hello fellow human

    The just 🐻 wanted to hang with the boys!!

  • Diego Ezel
    Diego Ezel Day ago

    You should not go in tran tunils because you will by did

  • shelly yastagirl

    Ok that was stupid why the heck would u enter a train track thats just asking for it..

  • 1manuscriptman
    1manuscriptman Day ago

    All of these are REAL stupid. These are all contrived pretty much. Nothing happened to anyone.
    1. In the first train situation, for example, even if the morons had stayed in the tunnels and stuck to the walls they would have been ok.
    2. A bullet hits a helmet in a war zone. Welcome to War.
    3. Everyone knows that the sewer and drainage systems of all major cities are overun with homeless people.
    4. The Bear didn't get anyone.
    5. Why are they scared of someone visiting the Asylum? THEY are there as well. Shouldn't the other person be afraid of them?


    LAME 😒 👎

  • The Most Beautiful
    The Most Beautiful Day ago +2

    Question: What human being would root for the train in number 1? Answer: No human being could root for the train, because they can't possibly be human.

  • Mandross
    Mandross 2 days ago

    You only have his word that he went in the tunnel alone

  • Sam Chapman
    Sam Chapman 2 days ago +1

    This is BOBS. Bunch of bull shit.

  • ItsAmbus
    ItsAmbus 2 days ago +1

    Yeah the first thing you want them to do is answer you back 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ or you even interacting with them

    • Darnel W
      Darnel W 46 minutes ago

      ItsAmbus huh???

  • Ellis Timothy
    Ellis Timothy 2 days ago

    I've been there with the train! I know the feeling!

  • Occam's Razor
    Occam's Razor 2 days ago


  • chris soto
    chris soto 2 days ago

    Probably a homeless guy screwing with him lol 😂
    also if your in bear country carry a medium caliber pistol
    Last clip you guys probably bumped into either a hookup or drug deal 😂

  • Diago
    Diago 2 days ago

    this is nonsense

  • David Snow
    David Snow 2 days ago

    why are all the videos in the dark does anyone ever search places in the daylight?

  • Andrea Washington
    Andrea Washington 2 days ago

    You could have died

  • Freebird
    Freebird 2 days ago

    What a bunch of BS!

  • Emperor Hett
    Emperor Hett 2 days ago +1

    What happened to the video you were going to upload yesterday.

  • Sergio Gonzalez
    Sergio Gonzalez 2 days ago


  • Gavin Lafleur
    Gavin Lafleur 2 days ago

    Hey guys

  • Melody Mullis
    Melody Mullis 2 days ago

    Yo yo

  • SAW6351
    SAW6351 2 days ago

    i thot that they
    Were gowing to get hit by the trian

  • Dominique Charriere
    Dominique Charriere 2 days ago

    I did once explore a series of tunnels and caves of WWII in HK Tai Tam (on top of the upper reservoir), using the light of my mobile phone. Now I remember it as a very stupid thing to do.

  • adankseason ADS
    adankseason ADS 2 days ago

    Number 5 looks like a damn reflection.

  • Adnan Jusic
    Adnan Jusic 2 days ago

    so the tunel was made only 10 cm wider than a train?

  • dasilverwelshman
    dasilverwelshman 2 days ago

    "That was a person, but he had a phone... Why is there a person here!?" Uh, how rare that someone in this day and age would have a phone! Maybe the "random person" was out there for the same reason the guys who made the video were also there in the first place?

  • Jari Gustafsson
    Jari Gustafsson 2 days ago

    And the Darwin award goes to................................. The 3 stooges entering a railroad tunnel...

  • slim404
    slim404 2 days ago

    Ppl push homeless ppl to these remote locations and then question why they're there? Would you rather them be in your backyard or in your face at the exit ramp?

  • Smelend
    Smelend 2 days ago

    haters would say the last one was fake.
    It's fake.

  • Derek Bialy Blaustein

    What's I've learned! Always explore with weapons, flashlights that aren't going to run out of batteries, and have a full team with you!

  • miss
    miss 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who had anxiety when the solider took his helmet off 🤔😩

  • slim404
    slim404 2 days ago

    That thing in the dark tunnel was obviously triangle 🔺 head from *Silent Hill* dragging his behemoth blade. Just watched that movie last nite on PlutoTV. ☺

  • Brendon Johnston
    Brendon Johnston 2 days ago

    Fuck you guys are pussies

  • Glassgothgirl
    Glassgothgirl 3 days ago +2

    Of course I only watch these videos at night.

  • Bman Chu
    Bman Chu 3 days ago

    This is unbearably sh*t. N word.

  • Andrew Lopez
    Andrew Lopez 3 days ago

    oh shit....train train train! lol

  • Jory Ferrell
    Jory Ferrell 3 days ago

    If you go exploring dark places, it's always a good idea to pick up a camera that can capture and display infrared light, and have a super-bright infrared LED flood light to illuminate the area around you. This will make it easier to avoid accidents on the terrain AND help you spot people or animals...

  • Dark Poet
    Dark Poet 3 days ago

    7:52 it's a good thing he did stop cause at this point in the clip you can still see the bear as it crosses the trail and continues on. In this spot the bear is bottom center of screen beneath an outlying branch. Just back the footage up and watch and you can see the bear moving in a straight path away from them. If the guy hadn't stopped he would have collided with the bear for sure.

  • 永康 占
    永康 占 3 days ago


  • Mandy Elliott
    Mandy Elliott 3 days ago

    all i gotta say is dumb fucks for the train

  • Jose Peixoto
    Jose Peixoto 3 days ago

    Ain't worth a dime...

  • D Shel
    D Shel 3 days ago

    2 notes on the first vid: 1 - Didn't know anyone actually ever yelled "Run for your lives" when in danger. And 2 props to homeboy for not pushing his slow fat friend down

  • thinkofwhy
    thinkofwhy 3 days ago

    Train: just lay down on the side. Sillies.

  • Axel Nilsson
    Axel Nilsson 3 days ago


  • marit bangen johnsen

    holy moly holy moly

  • Rhonda Ro Strickland

    Me: I'm bored i need something to do.
    Me: I know what i can do, i'll go down into a dark sewer and travel through its dark tunnel all ALONE!

  • Airnest Cudjoe
    Airnest Cudjoe 3 days ago +1

    5:18 This is Gta 5 exploring the Los santos tunnels😂😂

  • Valkyrie Ziege
    Valkyrie Ziege 3 days ago +1

    ; Honouring the Darwin Awards!
    Going strong since 1985!

  • SeiichiroAoki
    SeiichiroAoki 3 days ago

    The bear probably wasn't moving to cut them off. They're a lot more skittish than you'd think.
    It was quite possibly just loping around and gunned it (equally as scared) when it saw the bikers

  • Andrew
    Andrew 3 days ago

    If that would have been a US sniper his head would have been off

  • Michael Whisman
    Michael Whisman 3 days ago

    The guys in the tunnel are not only stupid but cowards. Why are they screaming??

  • David Czajkowski
    David Czajkowski 3 days ago +3

    Actually believe the bear video to be real. The bear actually steps on the bike path. If manipulated, I would suspect those straight lines would have been used as a dividing point.

  • electrcguy
    electrcguy 3 days ago

    only thing better is if those dipshits in the train tunnel were destroyed so they never procreate....fucking idiots...a train in a train tunnel? say it ain't so!

  • Peter Souriall
    Peter Souriall 3 days ago

    Train one, pedestrian 0.

  • gravey07
    gravey07 3 days ago


  • _Rushin _
    _Rushin _ 3 days ago

    The bear is fake 100% authenticity fake

  • Tevan's Music
    Tevan's Music 4 days ago

    Dude in front was slow af 😂

  • Fame Killer
    Fame Killer 4 days ago

    That last one didn't seem that isolated. There seemed to be other lights outside at 11:30 and 12:21 that looked fairly close by. Just someone else up there snooping around.

  • tommy murphy
    tommy murphy 4 days ago

    If you find a backpack with nobody else around then leave unless you have a death wish which I do.

  • blondwiththewind
    blondwiththewind 4 days ago

    Train tunnel. Not scary. Just plain dumb. Darwin award nominees.

  • Nathaniel Napier
    Nathaniel Napier 4 days ago

    Hey nuke top 2... 3 of those were fake

  • Andy Graves
    Andy Graves 4 days ago

    Hmmm turn sideways as the train goes by? Not that hard

  • ClutchEastwood
    ClutchEastwood 4 days ago +6

    "So what do you want to do tonight?"
    " Well, let's wait until it's really dark and go walk through an abandoned asylum." "Okay."

  • cfcdaviddcfc
    cfcdaviddcfc 4 days ago

    wtfs up with that intro :/

  • C mack
    C mack 4 days ago

    I dont why people in these videos are shocked to find something. Omg i got shot at on the battlefield. Omg a train in a tunnel. Woah a bear in a forest. Why is there someone in these abandoned buildings. But the main question is why do you think your the only one out here doing dumb shit

  • Robert Dawson
    Robert Dawson 4 days ago

    Maybe the other person was exploring just like they were. They also could of parked in the other direction and they could of been scared by them and went back to their car.

  • ajrules450 AJ
    ajrules450 AJ 4 days ago

    no hate at all, but you gotta do a better job bleeping the cuss words out XD

  • Lemon Pie
    Lemon Pie 4 days ago

    The first one..

    *Bear Grylls WhO*

  • Kevin Gulling
    Kevin Gulling 4 days ago +3

    That bear was like "oh sht two humans!" and booked it the other direction

  • Fahad Ali Khan
    Fahad Ali Khan 4 days ago +10

    #3 is BS. No one saw anything. Anyone can edit in that sound. #1 is BS too. Saw a bright dot in the distance. Wow. Sounds legit.

  • Xelixy
    Xelixy 4 days ago

    Saw something big and black OH SHIT Shaquille O'Neal

  • Gin Saitama
    Gin Saitama 4 days ago

    Chutiya video

  • Jonatan Trudeau Hazzard

    Did anyone come here because of D'Elia?

  • filzzy
    filzzy 4 days ago

    you can just move to the side in tunnels...

  • Kenya Booker
    Kenya Booker 4 days ago

    Baby boys I will never do that period 💔

  • Jose Bravo
    Jose Bravo 4 days ago

    No reason to be there?
    maybe homeless people you fools?

  • Gisella hayes
    Gisella hayes 5 days ago

    holiy shish

  • NR
    NR 5 days ago

    The train tunnel was obviously fake. No one running for their life turns the camera back to catch a view of their friend behind them. They likely timed the run.

  • Jimmy Chonga
    Jimmy Chonga 5 days ago

    Jesus loves you

  • Diki Permana
    Diki Permana 5 days ago

    #1 indeed. they are stupid

  • Heathen Wolf
    Heathen Wolf 5 days ago

    And the Darwin Award goes to.....

  • Jake Oliver
    Jake Oliver 5 days ago

    OMG PAUSE AT 9:15

  • Lil Apple
    Lil Apple 5 days ago +1

    Anyone else think of the family Guy scene with the train entering the tunnel?

  • tamotabanora1
    tamotabanora1 5 days ago +2

    that dude is moving the large stick like the games on computer i used to play

  • Johnathan Rivera
    Johnathan Rivera 5 days ago

    The Seward tunnel and the abandon asylum people were pussies. Sometime people find those spots before you do and they just don't want to be bothered. I doubt there was a guy in the building it was just the reflection from his own light he saw. If there was someone there they aren't a fucking murderer. Who they going to murder way out there? The few idiots that almost never show up? These people probably scared the shit out of the person already there. They never expected somone was just going to show up with no life exploring shit trying to get murdered.

  • diji dog
    diji dog 5 days ago

    any who were rooting for the train are dark entitys

  • Danielle Rae
    Danielle Rae 5 days ago +3

    Holy shit these are some scary situations. I'm not about that life. 😐

  • Diverse Sjit SFW
    Diverse Sjit SFW 5 days ago +1

    i think you forgot one video from 15. mar. 2019 xD

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown 5 days ago

    Why is a person here? Uh, dumbass why are you there? I'm pretty sure that was a reflection in a mirror but these guys are dumb enough to be afraid someone's going to attack them but still want to find out who it is. that's dumb horror movie character 101

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown 5 days ago

    Yea lets stop riding with a bear a few meters from us. Or maybe ride back the way you came and get away from the animal ready to use you as its toy

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown 5 days ago

    Tunnel video seems fake ass Fuck. Dramaticized, nothing happened. The same as those stupid haunted house videos

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown 5 days ago +3

    Why are we uploading video of near death experiences in the marines? Can we stop romanticizing war? It's serious shit and we treat it like a game. Not to mention we only fight wars for money now. Our soldiers are being sacrificed