Eminem - Darkness (Official Video)

  • Eminem’s new album MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY smarturl.it/MTBMB

    Music video by Eminem performing Darkness. © 2020 Marshall B. Mathers III, under exclusive license to Interscope Records

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  • Tiffanie Moglovkin
    Tiffanie Moglovkin 8 hours ago

    Dictanory 📖 ❤

  • exo_L EXO
    exo_L EXO 9 hours ago

    Much Better than the kpop

  • Malaki Maestas
    Malaki Maestas 9 hours ago

    RUclip screws you over you deserve better

  • Roxana Seebeck
    Roxana Seebeck 11 hours ago +1

    As someone from Europe, to those who say “guns are not the problem, evil humans are”, please consider the following:
    “Evil humans” aka. those with the desire to murder or harm people for whatever reason, those people exist everywhere. However, the USA is over-proportionally represented when it comes to mass shootings, accounting for 5% of the world population, but for 30% of its mass shootings.
    Undeniably, something is wrong here.
    So what makes the USA different from “everywhere else”? The fact that guns are so easily accessible.
    Just to give an example: If a guy in Europe had a really bad day, they might start a fist fight in a bar or something. Situations like this can become dangerous, but they don’t produce 20 dead people - they’re small-scale, somewhat controllable crime (I don’t want to downplay anything, it’s just to give an example). People are not afraid that their children may die at school, because the weapons that might kill 20 of them at once are not easily accessible (not saying that they aren’t accessible at all, just that it is a long and complicated road and the average crazy person can’t get a gun - they’re not sold at Walmart for crying out loud).
    And does that make Europe somehow unfree? No, in my opinion, it makes Europe safe.
    I don’t feel like I should have the freedom to kill people.
    In the contrary, the way I perceive it as an outsider (correct me if I am wrong) in the US you might fear that your husband, neighbor or the kid you have bullied at school will snap and come at you with an automatic weapon and kill 20 people. So what do you do? You buy a gun yourself, in order to protect yourself, and the vicious cycle continues.
    My point is, most guns are made for one purpose only: killing people. The more guns are in an area, the more people are going to get killed. Why? Because guns give people power to kill and it’s in the nature of power to corrupt. That piece of metal gives you the power to decide over life and death. A gun makes people kill, who just would’ve started a bar fight otherwise.
    Owning a hundred guns is like keeping barrels of chemical weapons or biological weapons in your basement. What are you planning to do with that stuff? Why are you even owning it? Are you planning on people to get killed? There’s something to be said about the character of the guy that owns 100 guns.

  • Powo
    Powo 12 hours ago

    Darkness: *Offensive graphics*
    3 am, framed: ???

  • niah Moledina
    niah Moledina 13 hours ago

    My god 👏🙏🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Lil' Ansell
    Lil' Ansell 13 hours ago

    Extremely powerful. Speaks volumes.

  • Kang AjungBa
    Kang AjungBa 13 hours ago

    It's something close to genius..
    That's an Art.👌

  • Sally Tate
    Sally Tate 14 hours ago

    love u xx

  • Genya Buyanov
    Genya Buyanov 14 hours ago

    Eminem это английский Оксимирон

  • Mtabs Tai
    Mtabs Tai 14 hours ago

    Rap of god

  • nikolygtx
    nikolygtx 15 hours ago

    I'm not even from Usa and this hurts

  • Mela Coco
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  • keralam oru branthalayam kOB

    Rapsheet=oxford dictionary

  • MrAllesEd
    MrAllesEd 18 hours ago

    I heard that gunsales have increased 4 times, because of Covid19. Man, i fear so much for America right now.

  • Umer Burney
    Umer Burney 18 hours ago

    Em knew isolation is coming. Here's a song to relate if you're in isolation due to COVID.

  • marphis UwU
    marphis UwU 19 hours ago

    Godzila very nice music

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  • John Lingel
    John Lingel 22 hours ago

    Crazy, I was there that night. Lucky myself and all my friends made it out OK. This was done so well but I still disagree with changing anything about our gun laws. Guns are a great equalizer and can give an old woman the ability to protect herself. We all deserve the right to defend ourselves.
    What was so weird about this to me is how the media glorified him. They made him out to be some rich guy with an exotic life of travel, gambling and partying. All they talked about was how rich he was and how nice his hotel suites were. Who cares, what does that have to do with anything? I wish the media would someday be held accountable for the glorification of these shootings. They give the shooter exactly what they want.

  • The average human YT
    The average human YT 23 hours ago +1

    What a song, what a message

  • Husna Khatoon
    Husna Khatoon 23 hours ago +1

    Please make new video based on spider man

  • shoshana love
    shoshana love 23 hours ago

    Naked Girls❌
    Expensive Things❌
    Pure Talent✅
    Great Clip✅

  • lina gonzalez
    lina gonzalez Day ago

    I don't wanna be alone, I don't wanna be
    I don't wanna be alone in the darkness
    I don't wanna be alone in the darkness
    I don't wanna be alone in the darkness anymore
    (Hello darkness, my old friend)
    Here I am, alone again
    Can't get out of this hole I'm in
    It's like the walls are closin' in
    You can't help me, no one can
    I can feel these curtains closin'
    I go to open 'em
    But something pulls 'em closed again
    (Hello darkness, my old friend)
    Feels like I'm loathing in Las Vegas
    Haven't got the vaguest why I'm so lost
    But I'd make you this small wager
    If I bet you I'll be in tomorrow's paper
    Who would the odds favor?
    (Hello darkness, my old friend)
    I'm so much like my father, you would think that I knew him
    I keep pacin' this room, Valium
    Then chase it with booze, one little taste it'll do
    Maybe I'll take it and snooze, then tear up the stage in a few
    (Hello darkness, my old friend)
    Fuck the Colt 45, I'ma need somethin' stronger
    If I pop any caps, it better be off of vodka
    Round after round after round, I'm gettin' loaded
    That's a lot of shots, huh? (Double entendre)
    (Hello darkness, my old friend)
    And I don't wanna be alone in the darkness
    I don't wanna be alone in the darkness
    I don't wanna be alone in the darkness anymore
    (Hello darkness, my old friend)
    Now I'm starin' at the room service menu off a Benzo
    I can hear the music continue to crescendo
    I can see the whole fuckin' venue from my window
    That's when you know you're schizo
    (Hello darkness, my old friend)
    'Cause I keep peakin' out the curtain from the hotel
    The music is so loud, but it's almost as though
    I don't hear no sound, I should get ready for the show now
    Wait is this the whole crowd? I thought this shit was sold out
    (Hello darkness, my old friend)
    But it's only the opening act, it's early, don't overreact
    Then something told me relax and just hope for the show to be packed
    Don't wanna hit the stage before they fill each row to the max
    'Cause that'd be totally wack, you can't murder a show nobody's at
    But what if nobody shows?
    Panic mode 'bout to snap and go motherfuckin' wacko at any second
    'Bout to cancel the show, just as fans below rush the entrance
    Plan is a go to wreck shit, cameras in all directions
    The press is 'bout to go apeshit, bananas on all the networks
    Commando with extra clips, I got ammo for all the hecklers
    I'm armed to the teeth, 'nother Valium fall off the bed
    Hit the ground and crawl to the dresser
    Alcohol on my breath as I reach for the Scope
    I'm blackin' out, I'm all out of meds
    With them benzodiazepines gone
    Now it's just magazines sprawled out on the floor
    Fuck the media, I'm goin' all out, this is war
    (Hello darkness, my old friend)
    And I don't wanna be alone in the darkness (yeah)
    I don't wanna be alone in the darkness
    I don't wanna be alone in the darkness anymore
    People start to show up, time to start the show up
    It's 10:05 PM and the curtain starts to go up
    And I'm already sweatin' but I'm locked and loaded
    For rapid fire spittin' for all the concert-goers
    Scopes for sniper vision, surprise from out of nowhere
    As I slide the clip in from inside the hotel
    Leanin' out the window, going Kaiser Soze
    Finger on the trigger, but I'm a licensed owner
    With no prior convictions, so law says sky's the limit
    So my supplies infinite, strapped like I'm a soldier
    Got 'em hopping over walls and climbing fences
    Some of 'em John Travolta, stayin' alive by inches
    (Hello darkness, my old friend)
    Cops are knockin', oh, fuck, thought I blocked the entrance
    Guess show time is over, no suicide note
    Just a note for target distance
    But if you'd like to know the reason why I did this
    You'll never find a motive, truth is I have no idea
    I am just as stumped, no signs of mental illness
    Just tryin' to show ya the reason why we're so fucked
    'Cause by the time it's over, won't make the slightest difference
    (Hello darkness, my old friend)
    And I don't wanna be alone in the darkness
    I don't wanna be alone in the darkness
    I don't wanna be alone in the darkness anymore
    (Hello darkness, my old friend)
    Yeah, we do have some breaking news from the Associated Press right now
    Just gonna bring that up, because we are hearing
    We have told you that the shooter is dead
    And we have just learned that police are saying that the Las Vegas shooter killed himself
    That is the bartender there at Mandalay Bay
    And I believe we're going to hear more from here
    Yeah, we just wanted to share that with you
    You can see behind me here, this is what he looks like
    Now, we did just tell you that police just earlier
    Metro was telling us that he killed himself inside the hotel room
    Good morning, as we come to you on the air
    We bring you breaking news, a school shooting (crushing news)
    Another school shooting (eleven people dead)
    Reports of a number of fatalities and this time in Santa Fe, Texas
    That is just outside Galveston (that no one saw coming)
    A mass shooting a Southern California school
    We are following breaking news this morning
    Another deadly school shooting
    This one in Santa Fe, Texas, that's just outside Houston
    Twenty-six killed and twenty other wounded (Houston affiliate is reporting)
    At least nine people have been killed (somber words, making it the deadliest shooting in Texas history)
    Five people dead
    The attacker opening fire outside the church during a morning worship session
    He unloaded the chaotic and terror, making his way inside
    This, a deadly shooting at a food festival in Northern California
    Three people, so far, dead
    Breaking news (fifteen wounded)
    A deadly shooting at a newspaper office in Annapolis (a gunman opened fire)
    Newly released surveillance video shows the moments leading up to a mass shooting
    In Dayton, Ohio
    Authorities say the shooter

  • chim choo ree
    chim choo ree Day ago

    Thanks a lot, capitalism. Time for yo ass to go on into the dustbin of history, where you belong.

  • Giovanni Vinluan

    Is this the official channel of Eminem?

  • KoKane
    KoKane Day ago +1

    I don't know why this track is so controversial. We need to talk about the subject matter, even though it's uncomfortable. Especially because it's uncomfortable.

  • Chris R
    Chris R Day ago +1

    At 1:10 he mouths off double entendre

  • lts Frosted
    lts Frosted Day ago

    Shall not be infringed..... don’t touch my god given rights

  • 성원염
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    He is rap god

  • Анна Пожидаева

    ОДеССА с тобой

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  • The Baltic Power


  • abowla 6671
    abowla 6671 Day ago

    I'm glad Eminem is making the case for benzos, antidepressants, and antipsychotics turning people into careless sleeper murderers...

    • The Baltic Power
      The Baltic Power Day ago

      abowla 6671 It’s not just the Benzodiazepines, Antidepressants and Antipsychotics that can fuck up people mentally, there are a lot of other reasons that can do that too as well unfortunately

  • kmusic
    kmusic Day ago

    God damn right I searched for it..This shit is some next level shit right here..Those that don't realize it shouldn't be listening to hip hop.

    • JaySidouMusic
      JaySidouMusic Day ago

      i made a darkness remix, would you like to hear it?

  • D Goody
    D Goody Day ago

    Crazy how em did a song on the biggest government orchestrated bs since 911.

  • Lance Taylor
    Lance Taylor Day ago

    so this is about GUNS ok

  • Sufyan Khan
    Sufyan Khan Day ago

    He is a old no doubt but his 90 songs are 2020 songs

    • JaySidouMusic
      JaySidouMusic Day ago

      i made darkness remix, would you like to hear it?

  • Sufyan Khan
    Sufyan Khan Day ago

    Hundreds of rapper are born but the king will be eminem the legend no one can beat him and also we need 8 mile 2 eminem vs all rappers

  • Дмитрий
    Дмитрий Day ago

    U are so cute with these American gun's laws' but u don't care about people' who can't have it. And psychological problems, WTF? So, where is your democracy? I'm not a person' who don't like u, but just a fan of the reality from Ru, who lives with fucking bastard on the rule, and can't change it. Like in another, some about weed, and everything, that is a big shame on me and my friends. Good luck
    The clip is very actual, as for me. But in Ru we haven't any possibility to take it.

  • No wankers allowed

    Pretty much shows why visiting America for real was never high on my list. At least not everyone's turning a blind eye to the realities of what goes on

    • The Baltic Power
      The Baltic Power Day ago

      No wankers allowed America is actually a very safe country, I definitely wanna visit that place as soon as I can ❤️🇺🇸

  • Jaceton Butterfield

    I would love to put some shots into the shooter myself, im sure other people want to do the same.

    • The Baltic Power
      The Baltic Power Day ago

      Jaceton Butterfield I’ve had thoughts of doing a shooting like that too that Stephen Paddock (The Las Vegas Shooter) did so yeah, I’ve had thoughts of killing 58 humans as well before killing myself with a Morphine, Heroin or a Fentanyl overdose.

  • Hiss Snek
    Hiss Snek Day ago

    Really relating to this song during these dark times..!

    • JaySidouMusic
      JaySidouMusic Day ago

      i made darkness remix, would you like to hear it?

  • Balázs Balázs
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    Magyarok gyertek uraljuk itt is a komment szekciót. Minden magyar likeoljon ha akar és kommenteljetek 🇭🇺❤️🇭🇺❤️Hajrá én bízok bennetek xd

  • Joey Oxygen
    Joey Oxygen Day ago

    Hey Idiot looks like you finally found my comment

  • Omid.BRUCE Habibi

    guys go "Rap" instagram story to vote for best rappers, it's Eminem Vs Travis now

  • Shotgunmad xl
    Shotgunmad xl Day ago

    Oh I guess we should give all are freedoms and civil liberties and submit before the government and be at their mercy because some celebrities are sad. Eminem is a traitor to his people.

  • Lisa Contreras
    Lisa Contreras Day ago

    Dang I sure FELT this song , Love it.

    • JaySidouMusic
      JaySidouMusic Day ago

      i made darkness remix, would you like to hear it?

  • Susan Holt
    Susan Holt Day ago

    Fake song

    • JaySidouMusic
      JaySidouMusic Day ago

      @The Baltic Power i made darkness remix, would you like to hear it?

    • The Baltic Power
      The Baltic Power Day ago

      Susan Holt None of this is fake

    • Brandon Roeder
      Brandon Roeder Day ago

      Actually this is not fake and is the official video

  • Abdulai Al Amin
    Abdulai Al Amin Day ago

    I can't imagine so this is Emenim guys

  • Awakened Alliance

    Yet theirtube censors channels exposing the wuhan wiggle. Everyone has lost their common sense.

  • T R I G O • D Z ヅ


  • Mario Van Gucht
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    • JaySidouMusic
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      i made darkness remix, would you like to hear it?

    JAVI GMP Day ago

    Eminem with no doubt the real slim shady. I want take this time now to tell you youre not alone in this em I feel you. We cant continue to live like nothing is happening. Let the people
    Know what's real.

  • Ahmed Aly
    Ahmed Aly Day ago

    I am an Egyptian, 21 years old, and I am single and unable to form friendship and I wanted a boyfriend or girlfriend

  • Cristiano Mufakir

    Eminem 💕💕💕 Stay Safe Buddy 💕💕💕

  • Manisha Pabla
    Manisha Pabla Day ago

    Thank you Eminem ❤️🥺💔

  • Daniel Whitt
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    Not yet

  • Rix Tello
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    Quarantine vibes

    • JaySidouMusic
      JaySidouMusic Day ago

      i made darkness remix, would you like to hear it?

  • Nina Clark
    Nina Clark Day ago

    i applaud you. this is the truth of it all. "when will it end?"

  • cedric jovin
    cedric jovin Day ago

    Thank’s for that song #eminem

  • ElenaCamposs
    ElenaCamposs Day ago

    Dam song hits deep...gave me chillsss but good song made me cry the last news School Shooting RIP to everyone lost and keep strong all survivors

    THE END Day ago

    ليش مافي ترجمة عربي🚘

  • frito chen
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  • Muhammad Nabil Hakimi

    Fun Fact: This song is clearly reference to the mass shooting including The Las Vegas Shooting.
    1:30 What you seeing right now is the guy who acting as The shooter in the hotel of Las Vegas.
    In the minutes 4:00, The shooter kill himself as the cop get inside.

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  • stizz lable
    stizz lable Day ago

    Rip badazzlbc

  • Nothing Left
    Nothing Left Day ago

    Interesting fact. US citizens legally own more guns then any nation on the planet.. yet rank #30 for the amount of these types of shootings happening.. think about it. It ain't the guns, it's the people.

  • Tiger MC
    Tiger MC Day ago

    🔥 favorite song

  • Okha Hardwi
    Okha Hardwi Day ago

    How many of you here during Covid-19, darkness season?

  • Icy London
    Icy London Day ago

    RUclip doing their best to hide this video 🤦‍♂️

  • Rudeboy James
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    I like how eminem raps

  • M A
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    God bless you EM

  • Grant O'Rourke
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    Rap God.

  • Melanie Murczak
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    Ich werde Bestens informiert. Wer sind diese billigen Hoes eigentlich immer... Hinfort mit denen. Mit Abstand finde ich die sogar richtig witzig, wenn die sich nicht immer so wichtig nehmen würden. Peinlicher geht es kaum.

  • Sympatikus1
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    Nearly as good as Apache 207 😂

  • blindfish 124
    blindfish 124 Day ago +1

    This is not the Eminem i knew as a kid SAD NOISES

    • X3 3
      X3 3 Day ago

      blindfish 124 good that’s called growth something em fans didn’t do he’s 47 and sober not the same person he was 20 years ago

  • Daniel Garcia
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    M&M, are u on some jack Daniel's shit

  • Harsimar Sangha
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    Views: 41M
    My OCD: 😬