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  • Published on Apr 22, 2018
  • Once again I dove into the comments section to see what medical tv drama you wanted me to review next and it seemed like Dr. House or House M.D. was the next most popular choice. Get ready TV Doctors, because Dr. Mike is coming for you =]
    Full disclosure, I have watched a few episodes of House before but this was probably 10 years ago so I decided to go ahead and start this tv medical drama review off with the first episode ( House MD episode 1 ) of the series. I was really curious to see the difference in watching the show now that I am a licensed doctor. The last time I watched the program I was in high school and knew a tenth of the medical knowledge I know now!
    Honestly, I love this medical tv show series because I think it allows us to laugh at some of the crazy situations Hugh Laurie gets himself into. Plus It gave an interesting look at what life is like as an infectious disease doctor especially one as highly regarded as Dr. House. Obviously, the way that he practices medicine is not realistic or accurate because we don't break into people's homes nor do we treat them without explaining what we are doing. All in all, I think Dr. House is a must watch tv show if you're into medical dramas just for laughs alone.
    I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches House M.D. / Real Doctor Reacts to House M.D. If you want me to continue making this series please like the video and leave me a comment on which show or episode you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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Comments • 30 735

  • E P
    E P 10 hours ago

    Going back to watch this i realized how much houses voice changed from season 1 to the later seasons. I guess it’s just cuz Hugh Laurie got more used to doing the American accent. But in the first episodes it kinda sounds like he has a cold lol

  • Rebecca M
    Rebecca M 11 hours ago

    4:33 though🤩

  • dontmessupmykokobop
    dontmessupmykokobop 14 hours ago

    I don't know why MRI's look so big in medicine dramas, cause they're really narrow and you can't really move about much in them. I've got prolactinoma and I've done multiple MRI's. I don't find it scary even though they kinda lock my head down so I can't move it. I just listen to the music in the headphones and close my eyes. I've almost fallen asleep in there 😆

  • Jay Ateeq
    Jay Ateeq 18 hours ago

    Do you know Hugh Laurie is a real Doctor......

  • 58Kym
    58Kym 23 hours ago

    Have a second cousin who had two tapeworm larval cysts removed from his brain. Not that rare obviously. He was very young, about 6. He got them from the pig hunting dogs that were caged outside near the driveway. What amazed me..... they didn’t shift those dogs and had 2 more kids after this one.

  • Mr. Wayne
    Mr. Wayne Day ago

    mike ur cool n all but ur conclusions arent too far from my own, & I didnt go to medical school

  • Lala Zy
    Lala Zy Day ago

    Llegué aquí por recomendación de Un Dentista en You Tube y la verdad me encantó el canal. ¡Felicidades!

  • Kitty Ayala
    Kitty Ayala Day ago

    What's the machine that circles around? Every time I have to go in I smell something nasty and no one even doctors or nurses know what I'm talking about and once I went home after being in the hospital for hours and still smelled it and threw up

  • Andrea May
    Andrea May Day ago +6

    In German medical school the “when you hear hoof beats” saying is “Häufiges ist häufig” which means “common things are common” 😂

  • David Melena
    David Melena 2 days ago

    Well it's a TV show. Do you know how many wrong things happened in Top Gun
    I know I am a fighter pilot hahaha

  • Paige Bowser
    Paige Bowser 2 days ago

    I have had about 20 MRI'S. (I have a cyst on my left temporal lobe - benign) throughout my life.
    When I was 16, I developed an allergy to ivp dye.
    The last MRI I had, they decided to try GAD dye. I got really sick and don't remember what happened after I started to choke in the MRI.
    Apparently, I had an anaphylactic reaction to the dye. I don't remember it, but my husband said the nurses looked scared when they told him what was going on.

  • glitter rave
    glitter rave 2 days ago +2

    Dr.mike is like mc dreamy from grets anatomy but with better hair
    Please dont hate on me

  • Savannagh Ryane
    Savannagh Ryane 2 days ago

    That is his character.

  • Missy W
    Missy W 2 days ago

    As a mama of special needs you are, by far, my favorite doctor (and we have quite an impressive team at CCF!)!

  • Shreyas Surve
    Shreyas Surve 3 days ago

    If you look closely at 14:39 you'll find a handsome spy in there 😉

  • Scott Godwin
    Scott Godwin 3 days ago

    Such f****** pansies

  • jhon renault rocios
    jhon renault rocios 3 days ago

    How does the tape worm seen on a plain X-ray and as far as i know tape worm is less density in contrast with muscles. 🤔

    • jhon renault rocios
      jhon renault rocios 21 hour ago

      Yeah absorption coefficients or hounsfield unit are best factors in contrast scales or spatial resolutions and maybe you'r right. I just review the clip the tapeworm in her leg was 4 years ago, so it grows

    • Ab Cd
      Ab Cd 2 days ago

      Tape worms do appear on xrays. I can't be sure of why but it should be noted that x Ray's are not based on just density but also on absorption coefficients of materials which is tied to density but isn't 1 to 1.
      It's also possible that what's actually appearing is the immune response and fluid build up due to tissue damage.n

  • Angelica Hollingsworth
    Angelica Hollingsworth 4 days ago +3

    "Don't give the kids the worms" 😂 I died 🤣

  • Patricia Mckee
    Patricia Mckee 4 days ago

    I love Greys reaction... but this one is better

  • Lipstick Lullabies
    Lipstick Lullabies 5 days ago

    Dude that smile! You are sooo gorgeous!

  • Jennifer Duffield
    Jennifer Duffield 5 days ago

    Have you watched season 2, episode 13? If not, DOOOOOO IIIITTTTTTT! I’ll be staying tuned.

  • Darth Ballz
    Darth Ballz 5 days ago +1

    Dr name is also Mike..btw House is taking Vicodin. Vicodin ofcoarse is hydro with ibprofen i believe Lortab has Acetaminophen. Both have hydrocodone tho. I know you know that already but to answer the question it was Vicodin. Lol also he has good insurance for that price.

  • Lucky Love
    Lucky Love 5 days ago

    plz react to 'the night shift' 😍

  • Auch das noch!!
    Auch das noch!! 5 days ago +5

    Nearly every medical case of Dr House starts with a seizure.

  • Skbowling2003
    Skbowling2003 5 days ago

    Do a review of every episode!! I’ll watch all. I’m subscribing

  • Tori Tortuga
    Tori Tortuga 6 days ago

    UGH! I HATE contrast! I've got a sensitivity or something, and anything they tried just made me more and more nauseous. Finally, I ended up throwing up on me, on my nurse, and the MRI machine....whoops.

  • SpectralBread3
    SpectralBread3 7 days ago +1


  • Vanessa Rivers
    Vanessa Rivers 7 days ago +1

    My son and I are very into the show "monsters inside me"
    It also makes you very paranoid so swimming in any type of water.
    Curious to Dr Mikes thoughts on the subject and cases

  • Jade Bola
    Jade Bola 8 days ago +3

    "Insensitive" from House. The patient is a girl who can't feel any pain!

  • Neo Twist
    Neo Twist 8 days ago +1

    "this reminds me of growing up in brookland" "or is that just a jail?" XD

  • John A.
    John A. 9 days ago +2

    House MD happens to be one of my favorite modern medically related shows. Its not the diseases that (are probably not treated well) captivate me but the character of House.
    It might be far too old and even less about the medicine, but my personal favorite medical show, maybe my favorite show period, is M.A.S.H., and I would be interested in seeing a review of some of those episodes. Though again that show isn't really about the medicine but more about the state of humanity in tough situations.

  • Kathleen Watson
    Kathleen Watson 9 days ago

    I’ve had so many MRI’s over the last 15 years and I fall asleep haha

  • Don't Worry be Happy
    Don't Worry be Happy 10 days ago +2

    Doctor Mike binge 2019 :-)

  • billiegirltoo
    billiegirltoo 11 days ago

    AWWWWWW MANNNNNNNNNNNN. MRI woulda been fine for me but i made the mistake of opening my eyes. they should invent a mask that fits over your eyes that doesn't interfere with the machine. that was TERRIFYING. and i'm not claustrophobic at ALL! crowd-a-phobic (parades, concerts - too many things can go wrong - sorta) YES but not claustrophobic. woooo, i still have flashbacks to that.

    • Ab Cd
      Ab Cd 2 days ago

      Also they have more open design ones now.
      As for masks you can probably just ask for a sleep mask. It shouldn't effect the image quality depending on region of the scan

    • Ab Cd
      Ab Cd 2 days ago

      @billiegirltoo you could be allergic to a specific protein in the milk that denatures during heating.
      It's not that strange you would be alergic to egg whites alone as the substance of the yolk is very different so again your likely alergic to a specific protein or structure.
      Im sorry you have had bad experiences with imaging as a person who works with scanners and scans and has been in them I fully get where you coming from

    • billiegirltoo
      billiegirltoo 11 days ago

      yes. apparently when i had my grand mal seizure there was a former rn in the building and she turned me on my side, etc. i went the next day and asked her so i could give the doctor details. when i was in this dumbass meeting (tedious job where you basically had to raise your hand to go to the bathroom) it was a closed off and warm room but it wasn't that - it was those overhead sorta moodlight inset lighting thingies (don't know what they're called) and the lights were yellow and set to dim. there were about 30 people in a room meant for a meeting of about ten people. they were doing some sort of opinion assessment for the job it was for ACA at the time and i had been noticing that my motor skills were waning quite a bit for a while. i chalked it up to being tired - started early and ended early and i'm an evening/night person. but in that 'meeting' i was answering the questions and suddenly my writing was difficult. i could barely focus. i woke up in the hospital and they explained. people in the room said i stood up and screamed and then started having a seizure ... that was right after i noticed my writing becoming nonsensical on the page

    • billiegirltoo
      billiegirltoo 11 days ago

      replying to my own self again and to the video. i actually have a lot of allergies but not generally food allergies and found out (side note i've been having lots of health problems) i'm mildly allergic through the blood test that i'm allergic to milk (i assume not cheese or yogurt since i'm not lactose intolerant and have not had a problem previously and don't drink milk and don't even like it), egg WHITES - which seems weird, and wheat. only the former two ever caused me issues when i was a baby

    • billiegirltoo
      billiegirltoo 11 days ago

      replying to myself, thanks for the anti anxiety recommendation. i have to see the neurologist tuesday so if i have to do MRI in the future i will ask for that

  • billiegirltoo
    billiegirltoo 11 days ago

    while i disagree with one of hte comments you made regarding black skin (all humans have different sensitivities and densnesses - spelling/grammar - of skin, i think you are probably an excellent doctor. i've lost TWO GPs to leaving my clinic and both were traumatic for me. now i have to get to know a new doctor over the course of three years all over again. it sucks.

  • billiegirltoo
    billiegirltoo 11 days ago

    i'm going to respond, i'm not a doctor or nurse or anything close - i've seen nearly episode but can't remember all of them, i mostly remember the backstories and drama and the mystery of it all. guess one: alcohol abuse (not drugs), or head injury, or some sort of blood clot

  • billiegirltoo
    billiegirltoo 11 days ago +1

    ok, first of all, i will have sex when i feel like it

  • Tami
    Tami 11 days ago

    Lots of auto immune diseases. : ) Are you still there? Last comment was a year ago. I didn't realized auto immune diseases came on so fast, as to present as an emergency.

  • angrycat
    angrycat 12 days ago

    9:35 Jesús fucking CHRIST

  • Oil_ve Mey
    Oil_ve Mey 12 days ago +1

    Creo que pude encontrar una mejor forma to learn English, I love every in your videos

  • Jose Giron
    Jose Giron 12 days ago

    How is been compared a show to the real thing

  • Comrade Vadim
    Comrade Vadim 13 days ago +10

    It would be cool to have someone tally up all tbe HIPPA violations in the series or even just one episode

  • Cassandra McVay
    Cassandra McVay 13 days ago

    I always find these interesting. When you're watching a show that involves your particular field, you really have to just let it go and enjoy the show. Both my significant other and myself work in the tech field... We find ourselves rolling our eyes a little at some of the "techno babble" we hear on shows. However, I will say that Mr. Robot is fairly accurate. No people, you cannot brute force your way through a password in a few seconds with a thumb drive. Brute forcing can take hours, days, and sometimes even years unless you have a super computer, which are still as large as rooms. Not very portable lol.

  • Corrine Donovan
    Corrine Donovan 13 days ago +4

    As Boney M. Said
    *Oh those Russians*

  • Raymond Dowd
    Raymond Dowd 14 days ago

    House is a remake of "Dr Kildare" a few changes but its same idea.

  • Kanwal Zahra
    Kanwal Zahra 14 days ago


  • Samko Ca
    Samko Ca 14 days ago +1

    I loooooove the part when you pretend, you didnt see episode before , hilarious .

  • Samko Ca
    Samko Ca 14 days ago

    I think ur here to gain attention and points which is hypocrite and second , if house character would be real ull be not even close to his toes 😉

    • Ab Cd
      Ab Cd 2 days ago

      Probably not. Mike would still have a job can't see why he would be visiting a rehab center to see house.
      Also what is hypocritical?

  • Tyler V
    Tyler V 14 days ago

    On the point of patient autonomy, don’t most doctors require a signature stating the patient is discharging themself against medical recommendation? I’m assuming to avoid a malpractice issue or Morbidity and Mortality conference?

  • NeoHD23
    NeoHD23 15 days ago

    He's so gorgeous that my finger violently push the subscribe button!!

  • Conner Broeker
    Conner Broeker 15 days ago +1

    House will misdiagnosis a patient and almost kill them multiple times and then wonders why the family doesn't trust him

  • 김Daniellè
    김Daniellè 16 days ago

    House is a maniac 😹😹

  • ephabouyed
    ephabouyed 16 days ago +2

    What about Becker? Have you ever seen that show?

  • shaw miserix
    shaw miserix 16 days ago +1

    hey um i have a question should i listen to my mom who has never worked in a hospital a day in her life that my sharp constant chest pain that i've had for three days and keeps getting worse is just a pulled muscle and not a lung infection or something far worse or demand to go to a doctor

  • James Smith
    James Smith 17 days ago

    Least he’s not an army doctor

  • K Stone
    K Stone 17 days ago

    its always crazy to me that the editing team let that episode go to the network with THAT colour grading. Its like they honestly just isolated orange and the desaturated everything else

  • Gerva Rod
    Gerva Rod 17 days ago +2

    Just wondering, why does a Doctor these days dont think we have worms that can cause some medical problems to us. But yet they just say its something else and then call us Crazy if we say to test us for worms.

  • BCshooterFMJ PRIME
    BCshooterFMJ PRIME 17 days ago

    Hey pal... Sharp fucken tie.

  • no pe
    no pe 17 days ago +2

    House started the opioid epidemic 💀😭😂

  • hardik sinha
    hardik sinha 17 days ago +4

    This makes me start watching Dr House again for the 3rd time