Thinking with Portals! (New DLC Update!) - Forts RTS [155]

  • Published on Jun 24, 2019
  • Hello there! Project Incursus here!
    A brand new Forts DLC was just released! Come check out all the new strategies and wild new toys! Moonshot DLC is available now!
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    Intro Music: Kai Engel - Anxiety
    Outro Music: Electro-Light - Throwback
    Forts is a physics-based RTS where foes design and build custom bases, arm them to the teeth and blast their opponent's creations to rubble.
    Build an armoured fort in real-time and arm it to the teeth. Collect resources, develop your tech-tree, unlock advanced weapons to target your opponent's weak points, and feel the satisfaction as their fort comes crashing down.
    Forts's Steampage:
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  • AlexTheUmbreon
    AlexTheUmbreon 7 days ago

    I just realized: You don't need to tier 3 anymore, you can just set up a portal that angles the shot up.

  • Millinson Lee
    Millinson Lee 15 days ago

    That shot that killed the back base with the portal was perfect

  • Trey Corthell
    Trey Corthell 20 days ago

    rlly wish tht there was more short videos than streams coming out recently

  • Franco Regnani
    Franco Regnani 21 day ago

    What about teer 3 howitzers?

  • Dark Lightning Müller's

    22:01 You had him suicidal

  • Persona Slates
    Persona Slates 29 days ago +1

    Audio from other people = bad

  • goldensupman z
    goldensupman z Month ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The cannon no u moment

    Made the comment overused

  • Jyrish
    Jyrish Month ago

    Best shot i have ever seen in forts Ever!

  • Crazy Titan
    Crazy Titan Month ago

    Team treeeees

  • TC Parrotsticks
    TC Parrotsticks Month ago

    21:51 Pausing at this moment, what the hell is this design? A fiendish trap where you fire a shot at their front, assume maybe it'll hit some armour, or a weapon, but instead it goes straight up their own arse

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen Month ago

    Wow that trick shot

  • Calamatias
    Calamatias Month ago

    I used the portals in combo with the Atom cannon.i made a T3 in a other way than expected

  • Jesse Shady
    Jesse Shady 2 months ago

    21:42 no you.

  • Mighty ISD MK.2
    Mighty ISD MK.2 2 months ago

    It is soo satisfying to see you build! :D

  • basilis gkotsis
    basilis gkotsis 3 months ago

    Do it for the MRLS

  • Nabil Mohsin
    Nabil Mohsin 3 months ago

    is this apex legends wraith portal? oof

  • ethicalfive
    ethicalfive 3 months ago

    Portals make everything better

  • MisterDireWolf
    MisterDireWolf 4 months ago

    Wait a minute
    This video doesn't belong in the starcraft 2 playlist

  • Ordinary Knife
    Ordinary Knife 4 months ago

    If there were straws in this game, the turtle technique wouldn’t work at all

  • Brony with a fedora
    Brony with a fedora 4 months ago

    The thumbnail is wrong, the angle of the round would be farther up since the round entered a portal that was vertically straight and then exited a tilted portal.

  • Ashmodai
    Ashmodai 4 months ago

    saved to favourites... that cannon reflection is just crazy.

  • The Muffin Man
    The Muffin Man 4 months ago

    Portal 3

  • Waxoff Waxon
    Waxoff Waxon 4 months ago


  • Pedro Tangerino
    Pedro Tangerino 4 months ago

    18:06 That is *VERY* Cheesy

  • lolololol lol
    lolololol lol 4 months ago

    T3 mortars with portals

  • Sean Taggart
    Sean Taggart 4 months ago

    21:45 *achievement unlocked return to sender*

  • Cole Macklin
    Cole Macklin 4 months ago

    Why don't you do that spaceship thing again and use portals to airdrop projectiles and lasers from above?

  • Evangeline Athanasia
    Evangeline Athanasia 4 months ago

    Try playing with portals for defence only

  • exemida
    exemida 4 months ago

    Portals and airships would be interesting. Portal on the ground connected to a portal on an airship.

  • adam seekell
    adam seekell 4 months ago

    ever use their own weapons agents them? reverse railgun

  • Russell Ragland
    Russell Ragland 4 months ago

    Wow that... backfired

  • Russell Ragland
    Russell Ragland 4 months ago

    Wow that... backfired

  • alnise Schrenkek
    alnise Schrenkek 4 months ago

    *gravity + batteries* => shoot battaries!

  • gijsd2
    gijsd2 5 months ago

    15:41 he didnt x everything

  • Quinn Carmichael
    Quinn Carmichael 5 months ago


  • big man
    big man 5 months ago

    that was a pretty impressive suicide there at the end

  • Klonter77 von Planet77
    Klonter77 von Planet77 5 months ago

    21:43 "Nope"

  • Klonter77 von Planet77
    Klonter77 von Planet77 5 months ago

    Wtf, lets just play with the KARL mortar

  • Brenden
    Brenden 5 months ago

    13:40 that's a hard oof

  • Pamela Giles
    Pamela Giles 5 months ago +1


  • Quax
    Quax 5 months ago

    finally, a hard counter to cannons

  • AJTheWizard
    AJTheWizard 5 months ago

    This is a stupid game that robs people of their stupid intelligence

  • SayHelloToYOU
    SayHelloToYOU 5 months ago

    it wasn't actually the reflected shot that killed him, the reflected shot destroyed the portal then the player fired a cannon and with nowhere to teleport went straight into his core.

    • Tom Leys
      Tom Leys 5 months ago

      Go back to 21:56 and watch carefully. The shot goes into the portal at the bottom left and comes out into the flak cannon on the bottom right. It goes up into the back of the opponents base from the bottom right, up through the batteries and directly into the core.

      I had to watch the video a few times myself to understand what was going on.

  • Clark Gardner
    Clark Gardner 5 months ago

    aslo, YELL YELL YELL. do the campaign

  • Cyber K
    Cyber K 5 months ago +1

    22:30 Shenanigans is the right term.

    That cannon shot was hilarious

  • Ukilop
    Ukilop 5 months ago

    I don’t care how but I want to see some kind of projectile stuck in a infinite portal loop/room

  • Markie A.
    Markie A. 5 months ago

    Always a fun episode to watch.., Project Incursus Gaming..! :D ;3 ^^
    (10/10. Overall Content & Entertainment. :D )
    I look forward to watching more forts content from you.., again.., soon..! :D ;3 ^-^

  • Just Iron
    Just Iron 5 months ago

    Shut it down boys it did not work it did not work.

  • CrimsonNinjaTV
    CrimsonNinjaTV 5 months ago +1

    Idea: Full On Portal Defense. No weapons, just Portals, let the enemies destroy themselves with their own weapons >:)

  • Warren Goddard
    Warren Goddard 5 months ago

    PLEASE do more portal builds. There are so many possibilities!!!

  • Warren Goddard
    Warren Goddard 5 months ago

    Can’t believe he died by shooting himself!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • DKlett
    DKlett 5 months ago

    21:50 that was one of the biggest ,no u, moments ever

  • void wanderer
    void wanderer 5 months ago +3

    "While I was out investigating, I found a fascinating new test element. It's never been used for human testing because, apparently, contact with it causes heart failure. The literature doesn't mention anything about lump-of-coal failure, though, so you should be fine." (and so begin spamming glados quotes in the comments. FOR TESTING ONLY.

  • Michael Morrison
    Michael Morrison 5 months ago

    You gotta do something crazy with these portals man. Like use a portal to move your core potentially back and forth or something. This technology was made to be abused!

  • General McGuffin
    General McGuffin 5 months ago +1

    Can you portal in the wind for ur turbines tho

  • bailey jerman
    bailey jerman 5 months ago

    now your thinking with portals

  • Dars
    Dars 5 months ago +2

    japan in the end of ww2: 20:47

  • Undying Zombie
    Undying Zombie 5 months ago

    Now you are thinking with portals.

  • nukefile779
    nukefile779 5 months ago

    this is WW1 all over again

  • someguy someone
    someguy someone 5 months ago +1

    Are there new upgrades in this update?