Epic Missile Rocket Launch From the Ships

  • Epic Missile Rocket Launch From the Ships
    U.S. Navy ships LIVE FIRE
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Comments • 3

  • C Smith
    C Smith Year ago +4

    Rockets are cool.
    I learned something very important, if your standing on the deck of a ship, and you see a little plastic cover pop off, you're screwed.

  • beefyoso
    beefyoso Year ago


  • alex
    alex Year ago +2

    nice waste of tax dollars right there.

    • Ryan Yarnevich
      Ryan Yarnevich 2 months ago

      Europe is a shit hole right now overrun, America in danger of being overrun as well.

    • Outgunned Unicum
      Outgunned Unicum 8 months ago

      Let's be real here, unless your salary is in the upper 25% of the country, then on average the services that you're using cost more than what you paid.

    • Amazing Water World
      Amazing Water World  Year ago

      Who you are? USA? If you think so, then you still do not know what is happening in Europe

    • alex
      alex Year ago

      @Amazing Water World true. But I reckon the aggressee 🤣 We are almost always the aggressor

    • Amazing Water World
      Amazing Water World  Year ago

      This is a great way to show your skills to the aggressor.