Sneaker Shopping with Lil Uzi Vert | Complex

Lil Uzi Vert goes sneaker shopping at A Ma Maniere in Atlanta with Joe La Puma and talks about what it was like to have his song in a Jordan Brand commercial as well as being inspired by Marilyn Manson.

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Автор roger ( назад)
lil midget

Автор RYAN LAMBERT ( назад)
220 for yeezys????

Автор SKY SANE ( назад)
Look out for Luv is rage 2, coming soon.....
3 months later...
Yo when he droppin that shit

Автор Jose Maciel ( назад)
I guess you can say all his friends are dead

Автор gloom ( назад)
napoleon's complex

Автор NubTube ( назад)
My man was buzzin 😂😂😂

Автор Fallyn Augustus ( назад)
He look so serious at 6:20

Автор firsts names alana last names lit ( назад)
that one strand of hair in the back of his head that was sticking out was hella buggin me .

Автор Zach Lefefe ( назад)
Uzi be high as hell

Автор Samiya Burkley ( назад)
They be doing to much (Uzi, yatchy, savage, etc)

Автор MellyDatKidd ( назад)
Do famous dex

Автор Diego Rivas ( назад)
I thought when he asked "where did u get the money to get fresh " i thought he was gonna say i use to jump ppl😂😂(not trying to get racist)

Автор Tom 2500 ( назад)
this dude started petting the tiger statue

Автор Baby. Doll ( назад)
I wanna se nicki minaj on here

Автор Coty Reyes ( назад)
Boi why is lil usi look like silm jimmi with that hairstyle

Автор Abdull Abdull ( назад)
he said yees

Автор Abdull Abdull ( назад)
go 3:28 bro i died

Автор Abdull Abdull ( назад)
lil uzi was high asf

Автор bobby buktz ( назад)
I was waiting on him to say sum stupid shit like, where the sketchers at

Автор VARDO 360 ( назад)
I didn't know he was that short 💀

Автор Jahmier Grays ( назад)
go sneaker shopping with ayo and teo

Автор Becky Beckertons ( назад)
can someone explain the chamillionaires a liar part? what did he lie about?

Автор Zach ryder ( назад)
00:25 bro its lil uzi vert

Автор Sebastian Nunez ( назад)
So are his friends dead or some shit now

Автор bia ( назад)
"a lot of my friends- keep in mind i aint got friends" well make up yo mind u got friends or nah? smh

Автор SkittlePlays ( назад)
its stupid that they invite over rated stupid talentless retards ( lil uzi retard )

Автор X Hacker 118 ( назад)
uzi is high as fuck

Автор Shotsaspo ( назад)
I see him I think him saying AHEM


Автор Alex Dahlen ( назад)
Lmao he summoned his friends "FRIENDS!!!!" This dude a fool

Автор DoublePain115 ( назад)
who tf spends $600 on shoes with a paint splat on it, just buy a paintball gun

Автор Chop Sticks ( назад)
This dude lil uzi is weird that nigga like wtf is this dude on💀😭

Автор Armani Brown ( назад)
lil uzi my favorite rapper

Автор Joel Lopez ( назад)
Lil Uzi look like both guys from rea sremmerd with the hair and Gucci and 21 with his faciel tattoes

Автор ChillingWithBri ( назад)
lmao he sounds like joanne the scammer

Автор gediatheguitarplayer ( назад)
4:47 to 4:55 is easily the weirdest moment in this interview

Автор john hoever ( назад)
Great video

Автор Santa Clause ( назад)
5:02 man just casually pets the tiger 😂

Автор Matthew Henry ( назад)
He's an idiot

Автор 23PRODIGY23 ( назад)
i can imagine lil uzi vert saying im batman😂😂😂

Автор _TooMuchSauce_ ( назад)
its probaly true all his friends are dead

Автор Rorriz Ferroriz ( назад)
This dude is real.

Автор franPT69 ( назад)
wait wasnt his all his friends dead?

Автор pule lebajoa ( назад)
Joe please get Drake on the show

Автор Derrick Huynh ( назад)

Автор butt_saggington ( назад)
sneaker shopping with molly brazy

Автор cashmoneymulla ( назад)
The girl at the end was not fucking with him😂😂😂

Автор Sharma Arbow ( назад)
They don't like it... And i got it

Автор Kevin Garcia ( назад)
5:01 his ass was petting the cat

Автор Kevin Garcia ( назад)
Theres no purses uzi dont even try to to find them

Автор devin erl ( назад)
Uzi is so cocky and fucking dick

Автор xxxtent ruto ( назад)
I ain't got freinds

Автор edward chavez ( назад)
he lowkey looks like ray j from the side

Автор JR. Clownm8 ( назад)
Shoes to lil Uzi is "it do not matter"

Автор SMSV2008 ( назад)
$578 for a freakin doormat!?!????!!!

Автор XmasonONmainX X ( назад)

Автор Kevin Leyerzapf ( назад)
I feel like there sooo much goin on in dis niggas head

Автор Kentrell Collins ( назад)
3:28 Uzi looked disgusted that he would even ask that question lol

Автор Javier Garcia ( назад)
do a video with g herbo

Автор IAM B ( назад)
But I thought All your Friends Wer... Nvm

Автор Nate diamonds ( назад)

Автор Synonym Rolls ( назад)
3:42 "All my friends are dead" fuckin love this doode

Автор Johnathan _8371 ( назад)
"Top" go hard AF

Автор i People ( назад)
4:36 the interviewers calves are dumb big

Автор Kys fgt ( назад)
get this gay ass nigga out of here lmao

Автор William Cobb ( назад)
he's baked

Автор Strix ( назад)

Автор Mr Woofles ( назад)
I swear I have lebron 12s Lebron 10 Kobe 9s Kobe mentality 2s and kd 7s none of them I spent more than 50 $ they all brand new to

Автор Fuad Abshir ( назад)
the next Kevin hart

Автор TD Boi ( назад)
lmao he aint got no friends, they all dead

Автор Jayda Edwards ( назад)
Am I the only one that clocked that he was stroking the statue😂😂

Автор krish2626 ( назад)
The Fuck, He paid $575 for a bath mat, FML!!

Автор Joshua Maddox ( назад)
If I could describe lil Uzi verts look it would be "wtf"

Автор Tony flamingo ( назад)
Ive never noticed how short this niggah uzi is

Автор Jaelon Mycyk ( назад)
3:45 he said he ain't got friends😂

Автор Sengül Özenc ( назад)
lil Uzi is such a cutie

Автор Gandhi Manzano ( назад)
Fame getting to shawtys head

Автор Ghelo Gringus ( назад)
Cool lil uzi they're just using motorbikes lol

Автор icee ( назад)
Fun fact lil uzi vert first grill was bout by his grandma

Автор Nathan Brown ( назад)
Uzi personality funny af 😂😂😂😂

Автор LomeliHype ( назад)
Homeboy fruity af

Автор WILL ( назад)
i need a blanket watching this, so much ice

Автор David Goldfeld ( назад)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 😂

Автор asf90s ( назад)
Celebrity Deahmatch was 🔥

Автор Driqqy ThaKid ( назад)
How he said "yeah" 😂

Автор Ankush Humpal ( назад)
Sneaker shopping with drake!

Автор Alex Huinac ( назад)
So these the niggas that died R.I.P. 🙏🏼

Автор EMIT. ( назад)
anyone know if luv is add?adhd?

Автор iGod ReAp3r ( назад)
i like his hair down

Автор Angela Mula ( назад)
Lil uzi💀💀💀

Автор Shakira Brown ( назад)
That last dread on his head erkin me 😭

Автор CrimZon Edge ( назад)

Автор _eli_ ( назад)
5:03 lmfao

Автор zyeria walker ( назад)
I expected lil uzi to wear a crop top with some shorts how girly he act

Автор Tatyana Villegas ( назад)
did anyone notice lil uzi vert pet the fake tiger on the shelf when they went upstairs ? I was dieng LMFAOOOOOOOOO

Автор manu singh ( назад)
damn i have those exact margiela jeans just hanging in my closet, youtube search inclined fashion, my other account, I made a video.

Автор Maxwell Craig ( назад)
Do one with curry

Автор Brian Herrera ( назад)
This nigga Uzi got a big ass head

Автор Jaime Ramirez ( назад)
Complex do one with lil yachty

Автор All_Of_A_Sudden_Fam ( назад)
lil uzi is a weird nigga, but he seems cool

Автор TheDolanizor ( назад)
he paid retail for the yeezy boots when you can get them half off but paid retail on the masterminds when they really cost like 3x as much lmao

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