Lil Uzi Vert Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

Lil Uzi Vert goes sneaker shopping at A Ma Maniere in Atlanta with Joe La Puma and talks about what it was like to have his song in a Jordan Brand commercial as well as being inspired by Marilyn Manson.

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Автор GLO GANG ( назад)
I wonder how tall uzi is

Автор Hey Gurl ( назад)
And I don't have friends but my friends 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Young Jefe ( назад)
It look lik some body smoked these

Автор Akira Nievs ( назад)

Автор اي زد AZ12 ( назад)
what are the pink shoes on left called at 0:30??? i REALLY need to know 🔥🔥

Автор StillHdz17 ( назад)
this nigga looks like the gay version of Omarion

Автор Jonte Chance ( назад)
He doesn't have friends because they're all dead...

Автор TheComet ( назад)
Uzi is lokey cool

Автор Sync ( назад)
Uzi low key a mastermind

Автор Ethan Brighouse ( назад)
Damn she looked bothered as hell when he handed her the card

Автор nada mormia ( назад)
He doesn't even have friends cause they're dead

Автор Irma Nava ( назад)

Автор Sonia Sandoval ( назад)
This nigga missin a tooth n shit lol

Автор Tameka Williams ( назад)
a lot of my friends thats into it but i dont have friends. 😂😂

Автор last anna ( назад)
I don't even have friends.all my friends have this shoe.2K17 logic👍🏻

Автор Kiamba Mokenela ( назад)
"Luv is rage 2 coming soon" Y u always lien

Автор Tristian Lent ( назад)
Damn that intro music is awesome lol

Автор Cremoh ( назад)
Next do lil yachty would be fitr

Автор DVYBOI Gaming ( назад)
Do Conor McGregor

Автор noah rust and csgo ( назад)
Yo my grand maw gets me most of my shit 2 she got me some addiads today the memory foam shit looks clean as hell

Автор Tropical Gal ( назад)
Guy:"How did that come about"
Uzi:"Man I don't know I found out when you found out"

Автор Jacari Clark ( назад)
Sneaker shopping with fabolous

Автор Falcons1275 ( назад)
Lol, he's so funny

Автор Skeezystickman ( назад)
That boy just spent 2000 dollars

Автор suleman durrani ( назад)
3:43 the reason why he don't have friends is because ALL HIS FRIENDS ARE DEAD 💀

Автор ERIC 1 ( назад)
He's weird as fuck man

Автор Noah Lyon ( назад)
Lil uzi very is fucking hilarious

Автор Naz Thrower ( назад)
do xxxtentacean

Автор Naz Thrower ( назад)
yo I really like new balances I'm from Philly South West

Автор Nitosha Morris ( назад)
all my friends are dead all youre friends were here tho

Автор Sammy G ( назад)
nigga reminds me of my uncle! 😂

Автор Andrew Miller69000 ( назад)
I hope he was high and not just retarted

Автор Luca Rahm ( назад)
beat at 6;20 ?

Автор Jake Foster ( назад)
Lil Uzi is like if you gave a kindergartener a bunch of money, a bag of candy, and a mic

Автор Hunter Lashley ( назад)
I fucking love uzi

Автор Zaot ( назад)
"All my friends uhh wait I don't have friends! Remember that!"

Автор TellUrGf Yt ( назад)
This nigga petting the tiger😂😂😂

Автор jjkillaf150 ( назад)
I thought all his friends were dead?

Автор EvO ChatterBoxx ( назад)
all my friends are died push me to the x

Автор Toby Harrison ( назад)
i thought all his friends are dead

Автор John Molina ( назад)
This niggas chopped

Автор BPHD ( назад)
uzi seem like a dope dude to chill with

Автор Crispy Donut ( назад)
lmao nigga was high asf

Автор O.G ME ( назад)
Any one else recognize the Barry Tale music.

Автор Big Bubba ( назад)
Stop fucking censoring shit

Автор Andy Thomas ( назад)
Lil Uzi the type of guy to drop 600 on a floor mat

Автор Andy Thomas ( назад)
Lil Uzi the type of guy to drop 600 on a floor mat

Автор howard stewart ( назад)
When tf did a v2 cost $220????

Автор Amaya Zelaya ( назад)
Can't stunt that was a sick outro, with the dirt bikes!

Автор Amaya Zelaya ( назад)
" A lot of my friends and I don't even have friends..." Realest shit I heard this week!

Автор Romit Patel ( назад)
He doesn't have friends bc all his are dead

Автор Tommy Aiir ( назад)

Автор aen ( назад)
I'm Lil Jakuzi

Автор Shaaaroonn cidd ( назад)
Lmao so this nigga took off on his bike after, but where tf them $2k bags of sneakers💀👎🏾😂

Автор Kino ( назад)
hey said he don't have friends
current song says all my friends are dead

Автор Bruno Artus ( назад)

Автор Yeh Boiii18 ( назад)
"All my friends are dead"

Автор snead34 ( назад)
"When you see me like this, take a picture. After that, I'm never changing" no need to take a picture then my guy 😂🤔

Автор Patrick Petteway ( назад)
j cole should drop jays.... called dreamvilles with like a cloud logo. ill cop

Автор Leonard Andersen ( назад)
A $500 floormat? fuck naa

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
aww he's small

Автор Bahji- ( назад)
dam uzi seems chill af 🤘🏽 he look high af too lmaoo he be doing to much drugs tho he be having mood swings and shit 😂 like at the end with the bitch when he made a joke or sum and she ain't laugh, he stopped laughing and was like "just kidding" and walked away 😂🤣

Автор John He ( назад)
Forget this whole video and Lil Uzi Vert, explain to me how the store had Top 3 Ones for retail??

Автор Trinity Janae ( назад)
"Man I found out when u found out"

Автор Conor Lyons ( назад)
He is so high is this

Автор Almir Sulejmani ( назад)
This nigga gay

Автор Supreme Being ( назад)
"i aint got friends, remember that" - now in XO Tour Llif3

Автор XxSinnerZxX 34 ( назад)
This nigga smoked a pound of weed before the fuckin' video.!.!!😂🤣😂🤣

Автор Skylazerath Minecraft - Pokemon - and More! ( назад)
Red shoe

Spilled paint


Автор Preme ( назад)

Автор Hugh Mongus ( назад)
the af1 high dope and ppl sleep on it

Автор Rory o hanlon ( назад)
next one with me Kendrick Lamar

Автор The real mvp ( назад)
I thought all his friends are dead😐

Автор LFCHRIS Hernandez ( назад)
Lil uzi vert doesn't even seem like a real human

Автор Mr. Reverseking ( назад)
How this nigga get home?!

Автор Hugo Inzunza ( назад)
lil uzi sounds and looks like ed from goodburger

Автор Connor Ward ( назад)
he's short

Автор Dxt Kt ( назад)
So, he said he have no friends but ask that his friends come....

Автор eoin molloy ( назад)
make one of these with lil boat

Автор Rasheed ALWARD ( назад)
Pause at 0:55

Автор Ziyan R ( назад)
575$ for a fucking door mat

Автор It Wathn't Me ( назад)
This nigga really done got himself a $575 Floormat smh

Автор Musty Frankie ( назад)
Lil uzi the only rapper who can speak english

Автор Tidas Kirishima ( назад)
this dude really bought a floormat for almost 600.

Автор Chad Greene ( назад)
"A lot of my friends... and remember, I don't have any friends... hate this shoe." Uzi killing me tho

Автор Chad Greene ( назад)
Has uzi always had a nose ring or am I just trippin?

Автор Nicholas Anagbogu ( назад)
3:39 something u didn't know about uzi that ihs friends died in northern philly thats why he always says he doesn't have friends his friends died

Автор iCrossBoss V ( назад)
how can his friends come if all his friends are dead

Автор Unique Steves ( назад)
lil did he know... all his friends would die

Автор Spenser Mitchell ( назад)
@3:43 "A lot of my friends are into it, and I don't even have friends". = "All my friends are dead" ......

Автор Izzys ( назад)
The word sneaker is so gay lol

Автор John Wall's Half Cousin ( назад)
Uzi: I don't have friends
Me: cuz they dead

Автор Mariam Malutiku ( назад)
Lmao he said he has no friends because all his friends are dead😂

Автор абвгдђежзијклљмнњопрстћуфхцчџш ( назад)
$575 for a floor math that says "bathing ape"

Автор loco nueve ( назад)
all shoes ugly as hell

Автор That One Kid ( назад)
Get xxxtentacion to come to complex

Автор Tristan Martone ( назад)
hes the most chill rapper

Автор Joaquin ( назад)
i barely realized "i dont have freinds" its like a hint for Xo tour lif3

Автор Alamin Bankole ( назад)
Could you do sneaker shopping with lil yachty

Автор Aysiah Tatiyana ( назад)
Lil uzi you can be my friend!

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