The story we tell about millennials -- and who we leave out | Reniqua Allen

  • Published on Jul 29, 2019
  • Millennials are now the largest, most diverse adult population in the US -- but far too often, they're reduced to the worn-out stereotype of lazy, entitled avocado toast lovers, says author Reniqua Allen. In this revealing talk, she shares overlooked stories of millennials of color, offering a broader, more nuanced view of the generation. "Millennials are not a monolith," she says.
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Comments • 458

  • Luis Altamirano
    Luis Altamirano 9 days ago

    "Estadounidense" Ethno centric speech about an identity given to a broadly and vaguely defined group of people

  • nickolas miller
    nickolas miller 10 days ago

    A lot of people can’t go to their “dream school” because it’s too expensive wtf kinda point is that? “Cant be mediocre at your job like their white counterparts? Okay you shouldn’t be mediocre at your job regardless why would you want to be? Do you expect to get a promotion being mediocre, or would you be fired overlooked for a promotion... a lot of context missing from that incredibly vague statement....

    Yes you probably would get different roles acting depending on skin color, you wouldn’t play a Viking in 980 as a black man, nor would you play an African tribesman as a Norwegian.. and the same goes if you’re too
    Short for a role, or fat, or ugly or pretty... that’s the point you’re portraying an image and if you don’t fit that image than well.. you’re not getting that role.

  • Doyinsola A
    Doyinsola A 26 days ago

    Feel sorry for Troy from high school musical

  • Artur Androsov
    Artur Androsov 29 days ago +1

    weird off topic racism inductive conversation, haven't seen this kind on ted before

  • Benedikt W
    Benedikt W Month ago

    i know i'm white therefore i have to be racist pointing out that she conveniently chooses the ethnicities in her statistics conveniently.. excluding asians everywhere where it suits her case of "systemic racism".. beside the fact that in my opinion marriage rate and house ownership for example doesnt mean anything for itself

  • jacob gorham
    jacob gorham Month ago

    this videos about black people

  • bearnurse1
    bearnurse1 Month ago

    You should address the effects on the health of the people who took the drugs he sold

  • mmisbach
    mmisbach Month ago +1

    Society has a blind spot for Millennials of color. Study shows many people view them as less intelligent and lazy. Their story needs to be told and listened to. #TEDTalk

    HEX METAL Month ago

    "There's something wrong with the black man's mind"

  • Elizabeth Jones
    Elizabeth Jones Month ago +1

    Good message, but I’ve been watching these videos for awhile and it annoyed me a bit that she stood in the same space the entire time speaking in such a clinical, monotone and reading from notes instead of preparing to speak from the heart which is really how people connect and relate. Especially because of the subject matter.
    The interesting speakers always work the room by utilizing the stage and offer some banter. I actually thought I accidentally stumbled across a sociology class for a second. I’m typing as the clip is playing because I’m that disinterested.

    • Padrier958
      Padrier958 Month ago

      Yeah, being a good speaker is a very different skill from what most people do. Having to learn how to express the things you research and work with is extremely hard.

  • tartan deck
    tartan deck Month ago

    What do u gain from confusing innocent pple. Poverty is affecting Millions of homeless multicultural pple with a large population of whites.
    Everybody is suffering n u know that.

  • MrJamininja
    MrJamininja Month ago

    Booty game is strong with this one .

  • Devon Osborne
    Devon Osborne Month ago +1

    This is about black kids ONLY not millennials in general?...

  • Noah Mcmahon
    Noah Mcmahon Month ago +4

    The beginning was good then she says the some bull and tells Simon says stories

  • Arcux [Bear Claws]
    Arcux [Bear Claws] Month ago +1

    A good way to overcome that pesky incarceration rate is to ... um ... not commit crimes.

    • Arcux [Bear Claws]
      Arcux [Bear Claws] Month ago

      @Ariana Parry Are you suggesting the majority of people sent to prison are innocent? How does the "prison system target poor people"?

    • Ariana Parry
      Ariana Parry Month ago +1

      It seems like it should be that way, but it’s not that simple. The prison system targets poor people to use them for cheap labor and other financial gain. I’m not even speaking racially here... Even when a rich person goes to prison they tend to have preferential treatment.

  • Sin Pre
    Sin Pre Month ago +1

    I think it isn't a surprise that people of colour are labelled less educated and less intelligent. When people are told that everyone has the same chance when they work hard enough they come to this conclusion. If they don't make it, then they are not smart or uneducated. Still, many people don't see that not everyone has the same chance, no matter how hard they work. Being a white person still gives you a head start in society.
    We should stop saying that everyone has the same chance till it is the truth, and right now it isn't.

  • Mozzy M
    Mozzy M Month ago

    its not just black ppl racist women. sorry racist women is too nice, its more like horrible racist b...

  • Michał Fabich
    Michał Fabich Month ago +1

    When people from TED finally understand that people are not equal and never will? This is nothing but utopia, void slogan. We can have equal rights but evolution and genes make people unequal from the first day of conception. Whole man's life is a fight to be unequal: we achieve education, we strive for better job, for better payment, for better car, for better life.

  • James
    James Month ago +1

    These are the kind of talks that keep racism alive. Stop worrying about skin color.

  • J B
    J B Month ago +2

    They are a bit lazy, not all but most 😂 cultural issues, thats why those rates 😁 boring TEDx. 👎👎👎👎

  • Jade Bombay
    Jade Bombay Month ago

    I'm so tired of avacados toast. -_- ... It doesn't even deserve an emoji.

  • Marat B
    Marat B Month ago +98

    behind each millennial snowflake there is a babyboomer with six figure salary who cant open a pdf file

  • SkywalkerExpress
    SkywalkerExpress Month ago +3

    He save up money to buy a CAR and selling stuff on the social media. Thats not how you fulfill your American Dreams, thats Millennials Dreams. They all wannabe overnight instant startup billionaires.

  • Apocalypto
    Apocalypto Month ago +11

    Ahh more focusing on race? We’re never going to be able to move forward while stuff like this is constantly forced down our throats. I am a black millennial myself and this is all getting ridiculous now. We gotta stop playing victim constantly to truly overcome our race issues. Pls stop promoting women like this.

    • Luvin Itall
      Luvin Itall Month ago

      I agree: people need to STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM. This kind of talk does NOT unite - it does the complete opposite - it polarises and merely creates a racial and generational division. Especially when so many of the examples she gives for successful black millennials aren't actually millennials!

  • MsLeiki
    MsLeiki Month ago

    As a white minority in black county. I am born and raised in. They are murdering and rapping "the minority " like animals. So shut your mouth. Why cant blacks talk about anything else then being black. And yes.. we smiled and work hard too. Please tell me when and where i can collect my "white privilege". money.

  • sazicha
    sazicha Month ago

    Black millennials

  • Hardin9
    Hardin9 Month ago +9

    👽 How on EARTH does this have ANY relevance to Technology, Entertainment, or Design?! I'm surprised to see as many DISLIKES as this video has, not as many as it SHOULD, but more than I would have expected.
    She's incorrect about the generation. The Millennial Generation ran from 1980-1999. Generation Z began in 2000, and ends this year. All of the named generations run for 20 years.

  • 徐茂伟
    徐茂伟 Month ago

    Everyone of Millennials have the right to pursue their generation dream,we should pay respect to them.

    • Joshua Bartikoski
      Joshua Bartikoski Month ago +1

      It’s true that we have the right to, but some of us have disadvantages and systemic oppression that makes it tougher to “succeed” or do your dreams

  • OceanVox
    OceanVox Month ago +1

    Esta charla no es nada incluyente, por el contrario, solo divide y segrega y no habla sino de una sola raza y no de los Millenians.

  • Jo Bob Swanson
    Jo Bob Swanson Month ago +6

    Yep, less than 2mins in and it's hot garbage.

  • Miss. Eyesabell
    Miss. Eyesabell Month ago +7

    “It used to be worse”
    “meaning it can get even better”

  • Derrick Wortman
    Derrick Wortman Month ago +38

    The title of this video is very misleading.

    • B D
      B D Month ago

      Anya Mae when did she say black people were the ONLY ones left out?!?!?! Stop putting words in her mouth. White people always wanna insert words that aren’t there to misconstrue what someone is saying just bc you don’t wanna hear it. Just stop it

    • Anya Mae
      Anya Mae Month ago +1

      @B D EXACTLY, PEOPLE, not just black people. Thats why making it all about race is so ignorant and uneducated.

    • B D
      B D Month ago +3

      Anya Mae People are left out. You just refuse to see it.

    • Anya Mae
      Anya Mae Month ago +2

      @Kay Thorn Because other videos aren't based on race.

    • Kay Thorn
      Kay Thorn Month ago +3

      Anya Mae well you’ve never seen it because others videos on millennials aren’t about “who is left out” as this video is. Do you have a comprehension issue?

  • B D
    B D Month ago +2

    Great perspective!

  • Nate Hoffman
    Nate Hoffman Month ago

    I kind of felt that my Gen X people were slightly less racist than millennial, but now I have a graph to prove it. In all fairness, schools were a little bit better everywhere when I was young and now they're the same if not a little worse in the suburbs and much worse in the urban areas. Just speaking for my state, but we just got rid of Brownback.

    • Nate Hoffman
      Nate Hoffman Month ago

      @Anya Mae Racist like how? I think white people are superior? Confused.

    • Anya Mae
      Anya Mae Month ago

      If its anyone racist here its you guys..

  • Fanny S
    Fanny S Month ago +2

    How privileged must you be to be paid for talking/writing (complaining) about how all your problems are caused by the color of your skin?!

    • Fanny S
      Fanny S Month ago

      @B D Oh you definitely can see how much money someone has just by looking at them. Just like you can see age, weight, most disabilities, gender and sometimes even religion, political affiliation and sexual preference.
      You could also immediately see that I'm a woman and my half brother is not, whoever gets the privilege is depended on the context. We both work in tech and in that field a being a men is more important than being white and/or asian. I also needed his company to walk trough certain neighborhoods, where I couldn't safely walk on my own as a woman. One of the biggest privileges all my sibling have over me is that they can drive a car and I can't (medical condition).
      By the way, I'm not the only one who does not understand it because my siblings agree with me. We all faced discrimination more than once.

    • B D
      B D Month ago

      @Fanny S No, the only one struggling to understand is you. Lighter skin is treated different than darker skin in this world and that's an undisputed fact. It happens across races and within races. Yes it's messed up but that is the unfortunate reality! So when you ask do you have more or less privilege than your half-black siblings, the answer is MORE. This world is colorist and specifically anti-black so they will navigate this world completely different from you and they will have to deal with things that you will never have to deal with. How you were raised has nothing to do with anything because when someone first looks at you, no one know how you were raised, BUT they immediately see your skin color. So yes it's different. It's completely different....

    • Fanny S
      Fanny S Month ago

      ​@B D Please explain, I'm a Asian-European, lighter than white, woman raised from a young age by my black stepmother from Suriname. Do I have more or less privilege than my stepsisters? And how privileged would my half-brothers be compared to me and my stepsisters according to you? Please keep in mind that we where all also raised by my white dad and no other parental figures where around for most of our lives. We ALL struggle to understand this whole privilege thing.

    • B D
      B D Month ago +2

      How is being in a systemically disadvantaged group a privilege? How is advocating for that group and calling out obvious disparities “complaining”? The only one complaining are white people who can’t even handle being called out on their bullshit. 🙄 #WhiteGuilt #WhiteSensitivity #IDontCareAboutYouBeingUncomfortable

  • Luiz Fernando Sanchez
    Luiz Fernando Sanchez Month ago +2

    Mi mi mi mi mi mi

  • Gia
    Gia Month ago +9

    💡Slavery ended in 1865, but its aftermath lingers in American life. Millennials, let's not be like our predecessors and ignore this issue. Like Reniqua, let's talk about it, let's feel it, and begin to enact change. Yes, we are 'one' group and we vary in many ways. We can be the generation to break racial inequality but first we must honestly acknowledge it exist. Jaded comments like, "we all struggle", take away from the fact that communities are being left behind. We must look at this honestly if we want to make true progress and find real solutions.

  • michaelluke
    michaelluke Month ago +3

    need to change the title to "the story we tell about black millenials"

  • sharms888
    sharms888 Month ago +2

    FFS it's 2019 and people are still playing the racism card, this lady needs to take her head out of her A##. Respect yourself respect others, be happy within yourself be kind to others, study hard work hard and you will be Free & Fruitful regardless of your race !

    • Wanda Yonder
      Wanda Yonder Month ago +1

      She stated some facts and presented her research, made some good points. You sound ignorant.

  • Matteo Carotta
    Matteo Carotta Month ago +2

    Simon, sure let's talk about Simone how is a conscious person with many passions in his life but black and millennial hence not allowed to follow his true passion. Interesting indeed. All people from other age groups and ethnicity are obviously given the choice to keep the income of a CEO while working as a photographer, come on...!

    • Anya Mae
      Anya Mae Month ago +1

      @Joshua Bartikoski yeah many white people like me! Or any other color of skin. Stop being racist..

    • Joshua Bartikoski
      Joshua Bartikoski Month ago +1

      Many people aren’t able to have a choice on their career. That’s why they’ve chosen a field that pays the bills, not that they necessarily want to be in. Life can be very tough, and when it comes down to getting a check or following your dreams, you sometimes have to take the money over happiness so that you can pay for necessities a little while longer.

  • Fendula Ratsq
    Fendula Ratsq Month ago +12

    Let me tell you a story about millennials, but only from black millennial view, can someone phone irony?

    • Elise Z
      Elise Z 9 days ago

      Anya Mae someone needs to go to jelly school

    • Anya Mae
      Anya Mae Month ago +1

      @B D lol you are the only racist here. Nobody should be getting a scholarship for just being a specific skin color.

    • B D
      B D Month ago +2

      Anya Mae wtf are you talking about? I’m talking about being left out of the narrative so why are talking about scholarships?? And here’s a clue, when you apply for ANY scholarships you have to write essays, or submit a project, and meet requirements. Just like any other scholarship. They literally have scholarships for being left handed or for being a golf caddy or for anything. So once again WTF are you talking about?! Stfu racist deplorable

    • Anya Mae
      Anya Mae Month ago +1

      @B D except they don't get left out they get free diversity scholarship wich is litteraly an insult to anyone who got it.

    • B D
      B D Month ago +1

      The point of the talk was to highlight the voices that get left out... it’s literally in the title

  • SkippingLegs
    SkippingLegs Month ago +5

    TED has fallen rock bottom.

    • Wanda Yonder
      Wanda Yonder Month ago

      You didn't like the truths you heard?

  • Judas Priest
    Judas Priest Month ago

    Millennials, most are brats that think that everything should be handed to them, stop the bullshit and tell the truth!!!

  • Vijay Iyer VJ
    Vijay Iyer VJ Month ago +2

    Racistz have disliked this video..

  • Austin Johnson
    Austin Johnson Month ago +1

    This felt like a good college presentation but a misleading title. And I see you ppl in the comments that missed her message bc she didn't talk about YOU but even so to know ALL of your brothers and sisters are important

  • Willem Trevor
    Willem Trevor Month ago +1

    Ugh, I see why the like/dislike ratio is so close; the Whites are triggered.

  • Val Lore
    Val Lore Month ago +1

    Yes, blacks and whites do live in very different worlds. Most of one world has the advantages of a father in the home; the other, more often than not, doesn’t. That is the real issue.

  • Simon Ho
    Simon Ho Month ago +4

    the story I tell about --""BLACK"""-- Millennials -- and who we leave out (everybody else) | Reniqua Allen

    • Mystery Yoghurt
      Mystery Yoghurt Month ago +1

      @BRYBRED6 SJWs are a strawman invented by anti-SJWs.
      You're literally strawmanning a strawman right now.
      Do you have any idea how stupid anti-SJWs look?

    • BRYBRED6
      BRYBRED6 Month ago

      -Every SJW ever

    • Mystery Yoghurt
      Mystery Yoghurt Month ago +1

      - Every anti-SJW ever.

  • Red_Tuke _Guy
    Red_Tuke _Guy Month ago +66

    So this is actually a race talk, not a millennial talk

  • Cyberdyne Systems: Skynet

    Black people: We don't want to be included in your narrative! Our story is different!
    Also Black people: Why aren't you including us in your narrative!

  • James McCormack
    James McCormack Month ago +8

    Honestly? I came for millennials, this is not.

  • Samuel Pakhnyuk
    Samuel Pakhnyuk Month ago +2

    Maybe they're employment rate is smaller because there are less black people?

    • Amani Kilumanga
      Amani Kilumanga Month ago

      @Samuel Pakhnyuk the unemployment rate for black people is simply (number of unemployed black people) / (number of black people). So the rate is normalized to the group population size, so you can compare the rate with other groups.

    • Samuel Pakhnyuk
      Samuel Pakhnyuk Month ago

      @Amani Kilumanga explain then

    • Amani Kilumanga
      Amani Kilumanga Month ago +5

      That's not how rates work.

  • Dustin Reynolds
    Dustin Reynolds Month ago +36

    We all struggling. Instead of standing up for one side, why not stand for all.

    • barry weber
      barry weber Month ago +1

      You missed the ending for obvious reasons. Wonder why...

    • Mystery Yoghurt
      Mystery Yoghurt Month ago +5

      We are standing up for all by standing up for one. This isn't a commune. We are different people.
      Minorities ARE a part of the all. Pretending they should just suck up the junk because you find it easier is incredibly selfish.
      You aren't standing up for the 'all', if you're going out of your way to disparage the 'few' for daring to talk about their life experiences.

    • Matteo Carotta
      Matteo Carotta Month ago +2

      sides are conflicting by definition, if you stand for one you are probably going against the interest of the other. You got to choose, choose wisely or think out of the box, out of the system of sides if you can find a better way.

  • Penfry7
    Penfry7 Month ago +1

    Btw why are u telling us about persons skin coulor? Isnt that the definition of racism? Why would u use racism to combat racism? Plzz read some books or listen to some smart ppl before going on stage and start blaming folks gurl. The first red talk i disliked ever

  • Penfry7
    Penfry7 Month ago

    Stfu dude, iam a white Male who didnt decide to sell drugs too earn money. You give energy and u gain energy, if u wanna climd the ladder of honest work then go study a proffesion which u wanna work with and get good at it. Personally iam a engeering student who works every weekend to pay my studies, but if u feel like taking a risk/shortcut too earn money then go afakking head. Take responsibility and stop blaming other for your failure

  • Forty Four
    Forty Four Month ago +3

    this is not about millenials...its about young black men and woman. All these "statistics", then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I am hearing in this video a victim mentality and even some "pokes" at white folks. Im white. I dont treat anyone of this generation differently nor do I expect anything more or less from any of them. Reniqua.....what do you want? What is this talk really about?

  • PC Henderson
    PC Henderson Month ago +3

    Welcome to the club. The baby boomers called Gen-X "Slackers" and "Lazy" and "Entitled" too. Any generation that is not the baby boomers will be labeled as lazy and entitled. It says much more about the baby boomers themselves than it says anything about any of the other 3 generations: Gen-X, Millennial, and Gen-Z. Stop listening to the boomers as they seem to have a Chicken Little "Sky is Falling" mentality. Gen-X learned to ignore them and we gave them the proverbial finger so they pick on Millennials now.

  • Apfelsaft
    Apfelsaft Month ago

    What an utterly stupid human this woman is.

  • Panda
    Panda Month ago +2

    It weirded me out a bit when i was half-paying-attention and heard "44% of millenials are foreign" and I went "Well yeh, there's people that age all round the world??? of course a chunk of ANY generation aint gonna be where you are???" THEN I realise she specifies In America.
    I get this speech, but I've paused at 4 mins in to write this comment and I'm like "If you think the gap between middle class whites and working class black people is big, just WAIT to we talk about Chinese sweat shop workers!"
    I mean, isnt the big story with millennials just how amazingly diverse this generation is? that you cant just say "oh yeh 70s, disco music, this fashion, this diet" because this is probably the first, if not second, generation where everything is massively inconsistant, that there are very few culture spanning norms because of how diverse everyones tastes are!

  • Piotr Wiśniewski
    Piotr Wiśniewski Month ago +6