🌟🔷Fluffy Stand Up Comedy🔷🌟- Full Show - Gabriel Iglesias Best Jokes

🌟🔷Fluffy Stand Up Comedy🔷🌟- Full Show - Gabriel Iglesias Best Jokes

Fluffy Stand Up Comedy - Best Moments of Gabriel Iglesias
Here you can see the full stand up show with Gabiel Iglesias (Fluffy). You will laugh with tears.

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Автор Mr. Process Server ( назад)
And I can't stop laughing

Автор Mr. Process Server ( назад)
I love this guy he is so so so so 😂funny

Автор Miguel Menjivar ( назад)
"I'm not gonna lie you guys I felt terrible...for like a second". so me.

Автор gregory vega ( назад)
Look at this message that came in at 4:17am. "Put on deodorant, fucker." 😂😂😂😂

Автор Kevin Janssen ( назад)
this is lit bro

Автор Jakob Listro ( назад)

Автор Christopher Poulton ( назад)
I need the common sense class

Автор Jeremy Stone ( назад)
this guy isn't even funny

Автор Bella Black ( назад)
Can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅

Автор MarkiPewdSepticeye KaleKaZaM ( назад)
Wait so paunani is Hawaiian for Beautiful flower, but others like the Jamaicans use it to express women parts like vagina or vulva. To which is he referring to if it is the Hawaiian part of the island?

Автор ClockWise & Tickless ( назад)
I need to my Homework!

Автор stingy rotten ( назад)
I lmao when he said "I pee on you while I do gangnum style

Автор Sery Aimé Camacho ( назад)
One time when I was in middle school in 🇵🇷 there was no school that day & I had forgot bout it like always & I went & got dressed went to school & when I get there I see there's nobody & the genitor told me there was no school & I was so embarrassed when I got to school the next day everybody knew bout it & talk crap 😂😂😂 I felt so dumb 😩

Автор Destiny Robson ( назад)
No no don't clap cause on paper it says he is a genius.

Автор Vishant Rai ( назад)
talk about explosion and panning the camera towards the Muslim woman huh?

Автор Daniel Dupes ( назад)
The fact that he barely even cusses in this is amazing. I'd love to meet this man.

Автор Dallion Koch ( назад)

Автор sudden Apostasy ( назад)
Punani means female genitalia.

Автор Tarek AM ( назад)
In the beginning i think they means roger that...

Автор Danelken Hatlestad ( назад)
I just can't stop watching this, I want a boyfriend like Gabriel Iglesias, he is so funny and down to earth...

Автор Sean Riddle ( назад)
my response of the whole dog talking thing and I've done it when you're done being a child then we can talk

Автор User 28o2 ( назад)
19:50 because it goes against religion.

Автор Ronnie Koh ( назад)
Hmmmm....I didnt know our video sounds like that?? lolz.....anyways....FLUFFY COME BACK AGAIN!!!!!

Автор Ana Owings ( назад)
shoots for t and A

Автор Ana Owings ( назад)
roger that

Автор Neo Blackwolf ( назад)
we want more new stuff from fluffy!

Автор Connor Slade ( назад)
What does punani mean

Автор VI Sice ( назад)
"You'll never see an Indian person committing a crazy crime" Yeaaaaaah, that's why all the scam artists are Indian. Nope, they are so all nice. Totally.

Автор Ariel Ortiz ( назад)

Автор Levi Brouwers-Wilson ( назад)
Fluffy come to nz pls

Автор Mayra Soto ( назад)

Автор Knock Em Dead ( назад)

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