How to travel the world with almost no money | Tomislav Perko | TEDxTUHH

  • Опубликовано: 9 фев 2015
  • Many people daydream about traveling the world, but all of them have the same excuse - lack of money. Tomislav, after traveling the world for years with almost no money, shows how it is possible for everyone to do the same, if they really want to.
    Tomislav Perko, 29, is a travel writer from Croatia. After a career of a stockbroker, broke because of the financial crisis, he hits the road and turns it into his home. He uses alternative ways of traveling - hitchhiking, couchsurfing, working/volunteering, and manages to wander around the world with just a little bit of money in his pocket, meeting the most amazing people on the way.

    Five years later, he publishes a book “1000 Days of Spring” and goes around giving lectures about what it means to live on the road. Find out more on his website:
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • melek canbay
    melek canbay 8 часов назад

    I'll hope I'll have that courage one day as a woman. Because travelling with hitchhiking is my biggest dream... :")

  • New Age Horror
    New Age Horror 9 часов назад

    It sounds horrible but I give him credit for having balls

  • Flacko
    Flacko 9 часов назад

    so essentially all you have to do is pretend youre homeless

  • Dean Daniel
    Dean Daniel 21 час назад

    I hitchhiked across Canada in the summer of 2009 with a girl i met after i worked at a hostel in vancouver.
    That summer was nothing short of magical.
    I remember we walked from medicine hat all the way almost to Jasper.
    but on the other hand we had a trucker give us a ride all the way from thunder bay to calgary. he woulda brought us right into vancouver but we had friends to see.

  • Andy Rogers
    Andy Rogers День назад

    Where are u now

  • Paris Too
    Paris Too День назад

    all gold!

  • jerish joseph
    jerish joseph День назад

    how to hitchike flights

  • Philosopher of Nature
    Philosopher of Nature День назад

    there is a rule actually, which is made by myself

  • simmy dabas
    simmy dabas 2 дня назад

    Congrats ur team win 3-0

  • dhruv bhingradiya
    dhruv bhingradiya 2 дня назад +1

    I think he better humorist...

  • Karl Hoerr
    Karl Hoerr 2 дня назад

    I'm inspired to dumpster dive live in parks and bum rides and food from hardworking people. You inspire all hobos! I love you man! I'm getting a text today!

  • Karl Hoerr
    Karl Hoerr 2 дня назад

    You're a worldwide bum. Bum rides, bum places to sleep, YOU ARE A BUM! GET A JOB YOU BUM!

  • MOHAMMED Intekhab
    MOHAMMED Intekhab 2 дня назад

    wooow lovely

  • Alla Zakharenko
    Alla Zakharenko 2 дня назад

    For me traveling is not heading from point A to point B and so on, it is about experiencing something unusual. Sometimes it is for free or small sum of money, but it is really often so that it costs a lot. Having headed to let's say Galapagos and haven't seen its beauty on a diving safari is not a good trip for me, I would rather don't go at all if I can't afford those "must see" things. For me traveling is not about duration of trip or quantity of countries I've seen, it is more about what I've seen/felt, it is really necessary for me to experience the top attractions the place has to offer, otherwise I will be very disappointed at home that I've spent money AND time and haven't seen something I was so eager to see.

  • Sankek
    Sankek 2 дня назад

    i travel a bit in my home country - Russia and home is the best place and dont like to talk with people, they all are same, its boring

  • Αρετή
    Αρετή 3 дня назад

    its okay ill stay at home

  • shabbir balaiyawala
    shabbir balaiyawala 3 дня назад

    But what about Visa?

  • BLU WhaleBoi
    BLU WhaleBoi 4 дня назад

    I would love to be able to travel like this, but I am a woman and it would be too risky for me to try and hitch hike or do most of this stuff alone without fear of getting assaulted.

  • Sophie Gauthier
    Sophie Gauthier 4 дня назад

    Hitchhiking in middle east, riiiight

  • ViktorR KissimoV
    ViktorR KissimoV 4 дня назад

    nhaha, I`m from Bulgaria :D :D :D
    this is an awesome guy!

  • India & The world
    India & The world 4 дня назад

    No limits, no boundary, Then everything becomes beautiful

  • Pankaj Pandey 4d
    Pankaj Pandey 4d 5 дней назад

    Beautiful experiences

  • Deen Gold
    Deen Gold 6 дней назад

    you shod ask siriyan people

  • Ille Smolanko
    Ille Smolanko 6 дней назад

    The hydraulic press guy knows what he's talking about!!

  • Thai G's
    Thai G's 6 дней назад

    So another words you just bumbing around the world of people

  • Cannell of Glory
    Cannell of Glory 6 дней назад +1

    Hitch hiking is illegal here in Ireland

  • aakriti tiwari
    aakriti tiwari 6 дней назад

    awesome man! I totally love this guy!

  • Ashley Pepper
    Ashley Pepper 6 дней назад

    The world is your oyster and love that he has found affordable options to explore the world. Seeking opportunities. This incredibly fascinating and mind blowing world. Couch surfing 🙌🏻 air bnb🙏🏻 hostels!! Minimize cost of Food, transportation, and accommodation!! You’ll live cheaper than at home!! Love it!!

  • Xuân Huy Quách
    Xuân Huy Quách 6 дней назад

    Its very hilarius story

  • uttam mondal
    uttam mondal 6 дней назад

    What about the visa, ???

  • Stefan Bogdan
    Stefan Bogdan 7 дней назад

    Guide to live like a homeless...

  • Melissa Rubio
    Melissa Rubio 7 дней назад +1

    What if you are a girl and you hitchhike? Wouldn't drivers think that you are prostituting or something? Well this is my thought, if you aren't why worry about it, focus on your goal. This man is absolutely amazing and inspiring! Definitely a must do on my summer-bucket list.😜

  • TheSassi42
    TheSassi42 7 дней назад

    Did he speak all the languages or was English enough?
    How do the French react, when you say «Bonjur, do you speak English?»

  • TheSassi42
    TheSassi42 7 дней назад

    I wish I could travel like this. But it is probably harder with type one diabetes. Dumpster diving for food is one thing, but with insulin it surely does not work that way.

  • Abelly TV
    Abelly TV 8 дней назад

    👏👏👏 i loved this guy's story

  • Jasmine Crump
    Jasmine Crump 8 дней назад

    love it. this is the only ted video I watched all the way through.

  • Alan Araujo
    Alan Araujo 8 дней назад +1

    I’m 17 I want to travel the world I’m a junior in high school going into senior year I will be saving up money working hard want to go alone don’t know where to start in this world I want to make videos on this journey and put them on the internet and keep traveling

  • Raz G
    Raz G 8 дней назад

    tomislav is the name of a minigun in team fortress 2

  • Ida Earl
    Ida Earl 8 дней назад

    Sleeping in most parks will get you arrested. So will drinking in the park.

  • Zhansaya Baturbek
    Zhansaya Baturbek 8 дней назад

    It's the best
    speech I've ever listening. His humor is so amazing.

  • rahulsingh kshatriya
    rahulsingh kshatriya 9 дней назад

    you know what you should be united nations brand ambassador

  • German Montana
    German Montana 10 дней назад

    Nothing short of amazing & inspiring

  • Jovana Spasojevic
    Jovana Spasojevic 10 дней назад

    videla sam da se zoves tomislav pa sam znala da si iz balkana. iko drugi? ja sam iz srbije

  • Watch me eat/ Fat, belly dancer
    Watch me eat/ Fat, belly dancer 10 дней назад

    The first Ted talk worth my time
    l bow to you sir for surviving and sharing. thank you

  • Arif Shariar
    Arif Shariar 10 дней назад

    music at 3.58 = all my days by alexi murdoch

  • Barbara De Rubin
    Barbara De Rubin 10 дней назад

    Wow. Wish I was a white man.

  • Jatin Rajpal
    Jatin Rajpal 10 дней назад

    How many of you think that he resembles Yuvraj Singh 😁

  • chuck flores
    chuck flores 10 дней назад

    but if you don't look good i doubt you can hitch a ride

  • 김미영
    김미영 11 дней назад

    oh Please anwer my question !
    what does it mean last frontier~~?

  • Ankur Jain
    Ankur Jain 11 дней назад

    It's osm, Fantastic

  • masta splinta
    masta splinta 11 дней назад

    im thinking of quitting my job in a couple months and backpacking south east asia i just want to get away from here and have some fun adventures :)

  • El Viajero Armeni
    El Viajero Armeni 11 дней назад

    u made such an amazing video :_*

  • Angelle Ann Abenes
    Angelle Ann Abenes 11 дней назад

    what's the title of the song in the hitch hiking guide vid? 😊

  • Janhavi Devari
    Janhavi Devari 12 дней назад

    Watch the mountain trekker !

  • White trash
    White trash 12 дней назад

    People always tell me I’m crazy when I say I want to travel the world, I bought a vw van and fixed it up for travel and I have 15,000 saved up and I’m trying to get 30 thousand to travel the world for 5 years with my girlfriend I’m 17 and this video gave me hope and made me realize that I’m not crazy for my dreams :)

  • lookwhoscomin
    lookwhoscomin 12 дней назад

    Step 1: Be white

    DEBAYAN CHATTERJEE 12 дней назад

    Indians didn't warning about anyone..thats great

  • Spencer Chase
    Spencer Chase 12 дней назад

    How many of you guys know walking 🙋🏻‍♀️ haha

  • Travel with Dutta Debashis
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  • Larissa Alves
    Larissa Alves 13 дней назад

    amazing but i don't think it would work for women

  • abhishek attigundikar
    abhishek attigundikar 13 дней назад

    hello from india!!

  • TJ
    TJ 14 дней назад

    India: The Final Frontier

  • AnaMaria Costea
    AnaMaria Costea 14 дней назад

    You re such an amazing source of inspiration ❤️ thanks, you gave me at least 10% motivation to challenge myself.

  • Lu cie
    Lu cie 14 дней назад

    What I'll remember from this video is Tip #1 : don't be a woman

    RIZWAN AHMAD 14 дней назад

    What about all the VISA and stuff how does that get taken care of like going from country to country dont they require a VISA for entrance?

  • Zara Popo
    Zara Popo 15 дней назад

    i wish i was a man sometimes

  • Melanie Marcos
    Melanie Marcos 15 дней назад

    That’s great but as a women, I believe. That’s quite dangerous....I guess I have to learn karate before traveling 😂

  • Ariana Barrett
    Ariana Barrett 15 дней назад

    I don't think a girl can do this so easily, not in all countries

  • Guy X Travel
    Guy X Travel 15 дней назад

    Anyone interested in traveling to India or Nepal in October,2018 I want to hike and see the Himalayas and maybe Goa

  • Techno Land
    Techno Land 15 дней назад +1

    Because we Indians are awesome 😉

  • Places 2 Go Travel
    Places 2 Go Travel 16 дней назад

    Sleeping bag + Tent + walking = very low cost travel 😎👍❤️

  • AD ForKnowledge
    AD ForKnowledge 16 дней назад

    🤘🤘🤘👌👍 thanks buddy for the info... U have good humor.. 😀🙂 I hail from last frontier BTW 😀😂

  • Punyo Muhammad
    Punyo Muhammad 16 дней назад

    One like can give u a thousand blessing😇

  • skrt cobain
    skrt cobain 16 дней назад +1

    “No matter how long you wait; the right ride will come.” Applying that to everything

  • anas zafar
    anas zafar 16 дней назад

    amazing,,,,plz give me some more tips??

  • jayram dahal
    jayram dahal 16 дней назад

    wow.. nice try to go nepali mountain as well

  • Potato tomatoes
    Potato tomatoes 17 дней назад

    I usually travel with 3 friends backpacking, I love meeting new people in other countries. Guess I need some more people to travel withh

    BOHOBUTTERFLIES 17 дней назад

    I am 18, my boyfriend and I started out long distance four years ago. He has now lived with me in Indiana for 2 years and in 14 days we are traveling across country to live in Utah.

  • Alisa Baxter
    Alisa Baxter 18 дней назад

    I would love to go traveling eventually. The only problem is that I live in canada and would have to fly across the ocean to get to the rest of the world. Maybe I could travel in a shipping container? (Only partially kidding)

  • ratherbedeadthancool
    ratherbedeadthancool 18 дней назад

    This is so damn beautiful

  • Gus Gyovi
    Gus Gyovi 19 дней назад

    How to get all those visas?

  • Bachir Bnr
    Bachir Bnr 19 дней назад

    When the all have a passport like you have,
    Nice pics and video.

  • Bachir Bnr
    Bachir Bnr 19 дней назад

    When the all have a passport like you have,
    Nice pics and video.

  • Punyo Muhammad
    Punyo Muhammad 19 дней назад +1

    At first I thought he's a yuvraj Singh during his cancer period😅

  • High Calibre
    High Calibre 19 дней назад

    Unless you're in Australia and Ivan Milat picks you up lol

  • Tamy Talks
    Tamy Talks 19 дней назад

    Great video! After moving abroad myself numerous times, I created a video about the mental preparation prior to moving abroad, hope someone finds it helpful :)

  • pinkbubbles22
    pinkbubbles22 20 дней назад

    Funny how we tell children to stay away and don't talk to strangers and then as adults we hitchhike with them lol! Why on earth even take that risk?! Not a gamble I would want to take on my life. Getting into an unknown persons vehicle, brilliant!

  • Afinati
    Afinati 20 дней назад +1

    Yeah, your apartment has to be worth sharing. You probably lived in a major city to start with.

  • Asadullah Qamar
    Asadullah Qamar 20 дней назад

    I'm really interested in that job he said he worked in Australia... How can I apply? Haha

  • Pico De Gallo Crazy Gamer
    Pico De Gallo Crazy Gamer 21 день назад

    Rule #1 never hitchike in America, place is filled with lunatics

  • Software Testing Forum
    Software Testing Forum 21 день назад

    Man, I love you

  • Ethical Hacker
    Ethical Hacker 21 день назад +1

    actually, this guy is better then my all teachers he teaches so many in a very little time He really open new ways of thinking in my mind

  • John Pepper
    John Pepper 21 день назад +1

    I love this, in the seventies, and I am a woman, I hitchhiked across the. US. It was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. I was relying on my woman's intuition, on whom I rode with. I heard great stories and in the end I had some great stories to tell myself. Stop being afraid and take a step forward.

  • i lovaraju
    i lovaraju 22 дня назад

    His life is fulfilled

  • Naomi Samantha
    Naomi Samantha 22 дня назад

    My parents have picked up a few hitchhikers before. It was a fun experience

  • Geard Corapi
    Geard Corapi 22 дня назад

    Maria Juana.... slick one ;)

  • siddharth kothari
    siddharth kothari 22 дня назад

    how u manage visa from all these countries...??

    • Michael F
      Michael F 10 дней назад

      The main thing he didn't mentioned: you should be from the 1st world country

  • jack zason
    jack zason 22 дня назад


  • T Liptak
    T Liptak 23 дня назад

    he doesn't wear a belt, weird.

  • utchiha madara
    utchiha madara 23 дня назад

    this guy is awesome and super funny in his own way lol what a joker