Dr. Phil Reacts To Lilly Singh Hate Comments

  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
  • If you ever need someone to call out your haters, Dr. Phil is the best person for the job! 🤣
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Comments • 737

  • Lilly Singh
    Lilly Singh Month ago +1006


    • Heather Nicoletti
      Heather Nicoletti 4 hours ago

      Lilly Singh thank you!

    • Matt Millson
      Matt Millson 4 days ago

      Hey Lily why didn't you show the top comments from your videos? You know the ones that actually have real points about your show.

    • Wayne Rembert
      Wayne Rembert 15 days ago

      As per usual, Lilly ignores legitimate criticisms. Which BTW are 90%.

    • Fantastic Fouzi
      Fantastic Fouzi 16 days ago

      Love you Babe

    • Mel Gibson
      Mel Gibson 16 days ago

      How is your show so bad, it’s the worst thing on tv

  • A M
    A M Day ago

    4:54 damn, look at his face. He did NOT want to be there 😂

  • Emily Allison
    Emily Allison 2 days ago

    I would love to see what dr phil looks likes without all that face paint on him

  • Emily Allison
    Emily Allison 2 days ago

    She's very manipulative and controlling of her employees

  • sandru demetra
    sandru demetra 2 days ago

    now i expect a colab with Michael Jackson or the qeen

  • Eric W
    Eric W 5 days ago

    But why so unfunny? Most of us are just saying that the humour is bad. You’re ratings show it, it’s the truth.

  • Cholo Garcia Vitug
    Cholo Garcia Vitug 6 days ago

    Damn...i pitty dr phil looks like he doesnt want to be there at all.. damn

  • Liam Dunphy
    Liam Dunphy 8 days ago

    Dr Phil looks so bored haha

  • The Coconut Cabbie
    The Coconut Cabbie 8 days ago

    How did this person get a show?

  • dehydratedcactus
    dehydratedcactus 9 days ago

    how dare you rope dr phil into this.

  • Meenakshi Rajeevkumar

    I like how they chose the worst of the worst comments.

  • Animelytical
    Animelytical 9 days ago

    She wtches and gives notes? Does she find her show funny?
    Edit: I feel like that joke that the guy Taylor was editing was actually close to being funny. IDK if the delivery wasn't right or what. The concept of her being drunk and partying and suddenly judging the work ethic of her friend seems like it reay *should* be funny. Maybe they are doing too many episodes over a short amount of time?

  • Pearlie Grace
    Pearlie Grace 10 days ago

    u review every episode of ur show and take notes and somehow ur show still isnt improving??

  • A Dempsey
    A Dempsey 12 days ago +1

    It's almost like she's accepted everyone hates her and now wants to annoy those people even more

    • Elisa Castro
      Elisa Castro 12 days ago

      It's not really acceptance if she keeps responding in an attempt to demean people who don't like her show.

  • Do not cum for me
    Do not cum for me 12 days ago +2

    *Girl you're not funny!*

  • Omara Oliver
    Omara Oliver 13 days ago +1

    How did she get rid of the discoloration, spots and double chin? What am i doing wrong?????

  • perdykool
    perdykool 14 days ago

    Quality control. Yes you're awesome. I love your videos. I'm like yes, keep having a say in what you do. And Dr Phil is awesome.

  • Wayne Rembert
    Wayne Rembert 15 days ago +8

    As per usual, Lilly ignores legitimate criticisms aka 90% of criticism.

  • Karmen Kandola
    Karmen Kandola 16 days ago +1

    One time I was sad because I got a negative comment on musically and I watched your how to make a sandwich video and that really helped me so thankyou Lilly Singh

  • Mel Gibson
    Mel Gibson 16 days ago +2

    You’re not funny and annoying to anyone who’s not brain dead

  • Nami
    Nami 16 days ago +1

    Why is she so self unaware

  • Asha Holla
    Asha Holla 16 days ago

    Did they just.....compare hand sizes?😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Suavecita
    Suavecita 17 days ago +102

    “ThIs WaSNt CrItIsCisM” yes because they went through and only chose bad ones to showcase so they can look better 🥴

  • Clan Grimshaw
    Clan Grimshaw 20 days ago +39

    It seems like she can't respond herself so she needs to rely on someone else to do it for her

    • Clan Grimshaw
      Clan Grimshaw 8 days ago

      @_gacha_mint _ that's not very gamer

    • _gacha_mint _
      _gacha_mint _ 8 days ago

      First: It's none of our business
      Second: she has made more videos about hate comments
      Third: think before you comment

    • I am Spartar
      I am Spartar 16 days ago

      @Elana Vital I get your point but you do realise when she says she's choosing hate comments she's going to chose those that bother her or she finds offensive enough to put on her videos and if you really want that much recognition then I suggest you ask for it. I mean if you're scared I'll even do it for ya

    • Elana Vital
      Elana Vital 16 days ago +3

      @I am Spartar She does that almost as a footnote, but handpicks the worst of the worst to focus on. It's like she's trying to stroke the ego of mainstream media by confirming their biases against internet culture, when that's the very thing she built her career on!

    • I am Spartar
      I am Spartar 16 days ago

      @Elana Vital She thanks her viewers and all the people who comment positive things on her videos she does that on almost every video. Now on this specific video she's talking about HATE comments so if you didn't want to hear her talk about HATE comments then you shouldn't have watched the video

  • Alison Chin
    Alison Chin 20 days ago

    this is amazing, ahah.

  • conrad black
    conrad black 22 days ago +2

    it couldn't possibly be the fact the show and Lilly in general simply is not funny. its because of racism and misogyny why she is getting panned by viewers and critics. im sure this revelation will turn the show around once our bigotry and racism has been revealed. good luck with that

  • Nelida Amedee
    Nelida Amedee 23 days ago +2

    Lilly you awesome. Stay as you are. You made me love Toronto when I lived there. Love to see you do your kind of entertainment.

  • NTandon77
    NTandon77 23 days ago

    Peeps don't be mean

  • Mbali Kobo
    Mbali Kobo 23 days ago +1

    love you lilly
    (❤just spreading love❤)

  • Anandi Ganguly
    Anandi Ganguly 23 days ago +1

    Guys she's obviously not gonna respond to the fair critisisms. She probably looks at them, tries to correct them. Why on earth would she address them in this video where she's making fun of the mean comments? She already has a recent video where she says that this was her first season, she learnt a lot and will keep on improving. stop digging.

    • Elisa Castro
      Elisa Castro 12 days ago

      That's not an excuse to try to paint ever one as blind haters. If she really wanted to improve, she'd listen to actual criticism instead of painting this victimhood narrative all the time.

  • Themoonman
    Themoonman 24 days ago +1

    LOL that was my comment

  • Elan Krefeldt-Stewart
    Elan Krefeldt-Stewart 24 days ago +1

    how much do you think lilly paid phil to do this 1 million

  • Elan Krefeldt-Stewart
    Elan Krefeldt-Stewart 24 days ago +1

    dang right you cant speak english

  • Chizelle Otta
    Chizelle Otta 24 days ago

    People still hate Jesus, so am so not surprised... I love you LILLY💜

  • XxYolowoooxX
    XxYolowoooxX 24 days ago

    Lilly is having so much fun reacting to hate comments + wanting to rub Dr. Phil’s magic bald head 😂😂😂 I mean, you do an amazing job keeping us entertained 💕

  • Fifa pro
    Fifa pro 25 days ago

    Go back to the basement. yo that's funny.

  • cdogg82
    cdogg82 25 days ago

    dr phil should be a comedian

  • Johnley vidz
    Johnley vidz 25 days ago +1

    Remove noise ring please

  • Not The Polar
    Not The Polar 29 days ago

    Lily singh i have a classmate named Jaspreet Singh shes indian

  • Kyla Knight
    Kyla Knight Month ago

    Dr. Phil do this with domo next!

  • Chiroptera
    Chiroptera Month ago

    I started to watch your channel earlier this year, you are funny and Indian and i think it was something about one of your sketches where you do your family. It was soo funny and being a Indian but adopted and i'm curious so you actually teach me stuff. And you have beautiful hair and a lovely smile and a great sense of humor. So thank you and Merry Christmas

  • sharon collins
    sharon collins Month ago

    Lilly congratulations on your New Talk Show !!!!!! I watch your show every night!!!!

  • sharon collins
    sharon collins Month ago

    Dr Phil you Rock!!!!

  • sharon collins
    sharon collins Month ago

    I love you guys!!!!!

  • Syarmini Kalidas
    Syarmini Kalidas Month ago

    How the heck can they talk about Scarbro like that????😡....he is super cute .....why do you guys hate her ??? She is one of the best human being...

  • Noreen Ali
    Noreen Ali Month ago


  • Rele Dosd
    Rele Dosd Month ago

    Lilly's jawline is poppin❤

  • Faith Jay
    Faith Jay Month ago

    You didn’t bring your laugh track with you. Always get a laugh when they cut off your laugh track

  • TheDpoppop
    TheDpoppop Month ago +1

    Be honest . You’ve picked the comments that were bowled underhand here. These are not typical of the type of ‘hate’ comments you get

  • How to play
    How to play Month ago

    *John quinones has entered the chat*

  • Jessica Whittle
    Jessica Whittle Month ago

    They should have called this "Dr. Phil roast people with hate comments."

  • Kaitlyn Winslow
    Kaitlyn Winslow Month ago

    8:35 she couldn't brush her own hair

  • jephte Yiphtah
    jephte Yiphtah Month ago +1

    Old white men are bad. Until you need them to make you feel good about your silly show

  • Isaac A
    Isaac A Month ago

    I love Dr Phil

  • Coretta J Gray
    Coretta J Gray Month ago +1

    I wanted the talk show to be good, but it is overly scripted and doesn't play to your natural strengths.
    Cut the monologue. It is cringey.

    • Seeker of Peace
      Seeker of Peace Month ago

      It has to be crafted and scripted in such a way that it only offends *Conservative Caucasian Heterosexuals **-Males-* and never anyone else whatsoever.

  • Hoho
    Hoho Month ago +1

    She have so many yes men aroumd her, other thing--she have over 10 mln subs and only 630 comments??? Dead channel

  • seakermac
    seakermac Month ago +3

    It's at the point where I feel bad for Lilly. Not bc of online criticism but bc her show is genuinely unfunny, and she's in too deep and has to see it through at this point. I hope she can rebound from this debacle of a show

  • Rose belle
    Rose belle Month ago +1

    Not really in support of hate comments but you don't have to brush it off like it means nothing it really just doesn't appear genuine like she would probably feel better if she actually confronted the hate and dealt with it What's worse is a psychiatrist is right beside her and supporting it

  • Alaiza Irani
    Alaiza Irani Month ago +1

    Best collab everrrrr💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • r/IP3 On Reddit
    r/IP3 On Reddit Month ago +1

    This girl is a flop