MORTAL KOMBAT 11 STORY MODE Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (MK11)

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • Mortal Kombat 11 (Mortal Kombat XI) Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a MK11 Review, Story Mode Chapter 1 from the Full Game for PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and PC. Thanks WB for Mortal Kombat 11! My Mortal Kombat 11 Gameplay Walkthrough will feature the Full Game Story Campaign. Mortal Kombat XI will include a Review, Story Mode, The Krypt, Customization, Cut Scenes, Cinematics, Full Game, Bosses, Single Player, Campaign and more until the Ending of the Single Player Story.
    Following Shinnok's defeat at the hands of Cassie Cage in Mortal Kombat X, a corrupted Raiden plans to protect Earthrealm by destroying all its enemies, but a mysterious woman named Kronika, known as "The Keeper of Time", is attempting to bring order to the universe through any means necessary, including getting rid of Raiden for tampering with the events of the past, as seen in the previous game.
    Mortal Kombat 11 was developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the two parties also involved with the game's predecessor, Mortal Kombat X.
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  • theRadBrad
    theRadBrad  Month ago +2430

    Appreciate any and all likes you drop on this fam! I’d love to finish this quick just before Days Gone begins so I’ll just see how the video goes. Much love fam

  • Android 07
    Android 07 5 hours ago


  • LDS TV
    LDS TV 12 hours ago

    Ferra tor

  • John Nike
    John Nike 13 hours ago

    you sound like muselk

  • Kendrick Cleveland
    Kendrick Cleveland 13 hours ago

    Scorpion is my favorite

  • Pushp Infotech
    Pushp Infotech 16 hours ago

    at 2:07 he looks like thanos

  • Rick Hall
    Rick Hall 17 hours ago


  • Ali Zeineddine
    Ali Zeineddine 17 hours ago

    Since when Raiden is red? And why the fuck he looks like iron man? What’s that suit? !!!!

  • haranjit singh sanghar

    hmm raiden changed like a hero from the injustice games

  • selwan Adly
    selwan Adly Day ago +2

    I like the way u playing and the way u sharing every detail of the game with u . u rock dude!
    Magnific 😎

  • Yea Man
    Yea Man Day ago

    Cassie cage can just beat up everybody huh wow Liu kang included lol

  • Gamer boy
    Gamer boy Day ago

    My favourite player in Mortal Kombat series are Raiden and Liu Kang

  • gamerboyjosh 130

    Noon saibot

  • Candice Moore
    Candice Moore Day ago


  • Bren Washington
    Bren Washington Day ago

    It's gonna be Nasty & what did Shinok do to Raiden ! wow Kronik controls Time

  • BlackHoleGaming
    BlackHoleGaming Day ago

    my favorite’s smoke

  • HarlenQuinn89
    HarlenQuinn89 Day ago

    23:33 liu kang in your face

  • George Duncan
    George Duncan Day ago

    My favorite character is kenshi

  • Aarush Gaming
    Aarush Gaming 2 days ago

    My favourite character is Scorpion

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 2 days ago

    Got my ass shot in the face. "Commander Cage reporting for duty."

  • SilverSquad Forest20

    "Fuck. You." That moment you knew she was so damn pissed at Liu Kang.

  • Neo1o2o Rage
    Neo1o2o Rage 2 days ago

    Noob saibot

  • Hephzibah John
    Hephzibah John 2 days ago +2

    My favorite is sub zero and Liu kang

  • Beatdown Gamer
    Beatdown Gamer 2 days ago

    Sub zero

  • The Xplennations
    The Xplennations 3 days ago


  • Pablo The Toe Taker
    Pablo The Toe Taker 3 days ago

    Tbh he made Cassie's playstyle look smooth and balanced but in reality she's ass.

  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia 3 days ago


  • angel avila
    angel avila 3 days ago

    osea si esta en ingles por que putas ponen los subtitulos en el mismo idioma eres retrasado o que

  • Robert Richards
    Robert Richards 3 days ago


  • 2k Space
    2k Space 3 days ago

    Sub 0

  • NaAa
    NaAa 3 days ago +1

    OMAIGADDDD!!!!! RAIDEN!!!!!!! OH HOW MUCH I MISS YOU!!!! My first love😍😍

    Fangirl much....

  • Lil Flames
    Lil Flames 3 days ago +1

    I prefer let's do this to let's get this

  • Showycrake305
    Showycrake305 4 days ago

    Mine favorite is subzero

  • SSSniperking40
    SSSniperking40 4 days ago

    subzero has been my main for a while

  • The winterton
    The winterton 4 days ago

    Sub zero

  • Boss 1215
    Boss 1215 4 days ago

    Sub Zero!

  • Avraam Hanna
    Avraam Hanna 4 days ago

    Erron Black. I dont like him.. I fuckin love him man
    Edit: You're the best

  • Secured Gamer
    Secured Gamer 4 days ago


  • Rage virus and zombification are 2 diverse concepts

    I love MK 11 it's epic and it feels like a movie ^.^

  • Random Cool things
    Random Cool things 4 days ago

    Kano is the best

  • Anirban Gogoi
    Anirban Gogoi 4 days ago

    My fav is Liu kang

  • jill Platipodis
    jill Platipodis 5 days ago


  • JBroZ Tv
    JBroZ Tv 5 days ago +4

    Meanwhile In a alternate timeline:
    Forgets to mention Warner Brothers,
    *Big Chungus breaks through bedroom window at 3 am*

  • Frosty
    Frosty 5 days ago

    Cassie Cage Got No Chill. Initiating Fights With A Shot To The Knee.

  • Frances Carey
    Frances Carey 5 days ago +1

    My favorite mortal kombat character is raiden

  • Royal Henderson 4
    Royal Henderson 4 5 days ago +1

    Scorpion is my favorite because he can rips someone spine from their body

  • Stephanie Brown
    Stephanie Brown 5 days ago

    My favorite character is scorpion

  • Diego Velazquez
    Diego Velazquez 5 days ago +1

    sub zero and i like the vid it was good keep it up

  • Napoleon Marrietta
    Napoleon Marrietta 5 days ago


  • ItsChorizo Gaming
    ItsChorizo Gaming 5 days ago


  • Zaiden Hammons
    Zaiden Hammons 5 days ago +2

    Ps4 my favorite character is scorpion. And I want it because I cant buy it

  • Trey Mayers
    Trey Mayers 5 days ago

    Jax my favorite

  • Shayna Heer
    Shayna Heer 5 days ago

    I love you

  • Isaac Stephens
    Isaac Stephens 5 days ago

    Want copy need ot &****

  • Tw1st3d_Ish
    Tw1st3d_Ish 5 days ago +1

    They changed the animation and how the characters looked compared to MK X

  • Finland Alliance
    Finland Alliance 5 days ago +10

    I've followed Rad since he released Arkham City.
    Time flyes fast.

  • Saurab Bisht
    Saurab Bisht 6 days ago

    Raiden is my fav character

  • Ricardo Jacobs
    Ricardo Jacobs 6 days ago

    Raiden for sure

  • Zahari Damatov
    Zahari Damatov 6 days ago

    My favourite mk character is SUB-ZERO

  • MugUrMum69
    MugUrMum69 6 days ago


  • Serjio Smith
    Serjio Smith 6 days ago

    Liu Kang

  • ShadowsOfDarknnes
    ShadowsOfDarknnes 6 days ago

    Noob Sabot

  • QweffL
    QweffL 6 days ago

    For some reason, I thought it was Johnny Cage with his daughter at 10:10 mark. And when they started making out I was like "WTF??" Had to rewind back to get a better context.

  • Kyle Barnett
    Kyle Barnett 6 days ago


  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 6 days ago

    There are 2 Justin Y's. Be careful

  • Derick Daniel
    Derick Daniel 6 days ago

    My fav character is Raiden

  • Hollywood Movies
    Hollywood Movies 6 days ago

    Anyone African here

    MUKTIKANTA SWAIN 6 days ago

    Jason voorhees is actually my mkx mobile......

    NIK NEEX 7 days ago


  • Ganesh Kamat
    Ganesh Kamat 7 days ago

    Am I the only one who has no idea of Mortal Kombat Universe and is still watching just because how cool this game is??

  • jackal golden
    jackal golden 7 days ago

    Reptile my favorite mortal Kombat character

  • Sleek Victor
    Sleek Victor 7 days ago

    Love this channel

  • xlilxhomiex 32
    xlilxhomiex 32 7 days ago

    Lu kang

  • OdinThorX6
    OdinThorX6 7 days ago

    Shao khan returning is the best part of the story

  • Yoshi Green
    Yoshi Green 7 days ago

    I like Scorpion

  • Joshua Parfitt
    Joshua Parfitt 8 days ago


  • Doushi Turner
    Doushi Turner 8 days ago

    Noob saibot or scorpion

  • abi Charles
    abi Charles 8 days ago +1

    I'm sub-zero. The cold has alwats been apart of me.

  • Taco Brockelbank
    Taco Brockelbank 8 days ago

    My favorite characters are scorpion and Jade, though I’m coming around on Kenshi. So excited to see them in this game!

  • RjTheKing 314
    RjTheKing 314 8 days ago

    My fav is Kabal and Liu kang

  • Shooting_star _4u
    Shooting_star _4u 8 days ago

    In game I main scorpion but I think my favourite design is ‘thanos’

  • Oscar Lucio
    Oscar Lucio 8 days ago

    My favorite mortal Kombat 11 character is baraka

  • Meovee
    Meovee 8 days ago +1

    Kitana is my favourite, I've always loved playing as her!!

  • Deondre Manantan
    Deondre Manantan 9 days ago


  • Twoeasy_Ty Tutu
    Twoeasy_Ty Tutu 9 days ago


  • Kyle Richard
    Kyle Richard 9 days ago


  • Dev D.
    Dev D. 9 days ago

    Can you do krypt and other stuff please

  • cod lexier 2
    cod lexier 2 9 days ago

    Favorite character by far: cyber subzero

  • Alex Popoca
    Alex Popoca 9 days ago


  • LusT_Raptor Xx
    LusT_Raptor Xx 9 days ago

    Cassie cage I ment

  • LusT_Raptor Xx
    LusT_Raptor Xx 9 days ago

    Kassy K

  • tegbir jaswal
    tegbir jaswal 9 days ago

    Raiden looks dope

  • C PM
    C PM 9 days ago


  • sria
    sria 9 days ago

    My favourite character is scorpion

  • night Candle
    night Candle 10 days ago

    Games a cinematic let down. it looks good. that's it tho. the kinetic movement is sluggish. the rhythm there-for becomes monotonous and boring. the impact force and connection between players is damp and fudgy( because theyve speant all there money on sucking in on the market with CGI). honestly apart from the map designs (which i love) the game's nothing compared with mkx.just 50 £ for new graphics and worse mechanics - dont lie to yourself.the games a goodlooking flop. let down.

  • brandi Standrew
    brandi Standrew 10 days ago

    My favorite character is Baraka I would love to play with him plz Huntsman24208

  • Mr original 163
    Mr original 163 10 days ago

    Sub zero

  • sonny cervantes
    sonny cervantes 10 days ago

    Scorpion and Erron Black

  • aaron herrera
    aaron herrera 10 days ago

    Sub to pewdiepie

    MSK FROSTBURN 10 days ago