2013 GMC Sierra Denali Snowy & Muddy Off-Road Review

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  • Firestarter
    Firestarter Месяц назад

    they did build something with the attributes of a raptor and power wagon. zr2 f&r lockers, longer travel position sensitive shocks

  • PauliR1159
    PauliR1159 4 месяца назад

    the awd in the denali sends a 60 / 40 split of power to the wheels all the time...

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez Год назад +1

    la gmc sierra denali es 4x4

    • Jeffrey
      Jeffrey 8 месяцев назад

      2013 and below was all wheel drive.

  • Velo1010
    Velo1010 2 года назад +1

    I really enjoy your shows. Yall's professionalism sets you apart from other YouTube videos. And the hosting meets high standards. Keep up the good work, both of you.

  • Mow America
    Mow America 2 года назад

    this trucks like a polaris lol

  • KingBoxer 82
    KingBoxer 82 2 года назад

    The problem is that in order to get traction, you must lose traction first! Great show guys.

  • mictdave1
    mictdave1 2 года назад

    My 2006 sierra with auto 4wheel drive does the same thing. The front tires take a second to engage when the back tires start to spin

  • The Main Event Man
    The Main Event Man 3 года назад

    No thanks, I'll take a Tundra anyday.

  • FordSix LitreLover
    FordSix LitreLover 3 года назад +1

    Screw alcohol. I want the bubba kush!

  • Mar I.
    Mar I. 3 года назад

    do the frontier and tacoma on the ike gauntlet towing mashup

  • Devon Vaughn
    Devon Vaughn 3 года назад +1

    fuck mud! any retard can drink beer and drive fast through a mud hole get that bitch up some rocky slopes see how much that frame will flex

    EGFHOCKEY16 3 года назад

    Gm will never build a truck like the raptor

    • Makin Bacon
      Makin Bacon 16 дней назад

      EGFHOCKEY16 well, I wouldn't blame them. The raptor is a stupid truck.

  • boskey10
    boskey10 3 года назад

    Im just stating facts, are you really that arrogant and simple minded?.

  • Sunhieng sok
    Sunhieng sok 3 года назад

    2013 GMC Sierra Denali Snowy & Muddy Off-Road Review

  • Albert Nagelmueller
    Albert Nagelmueller 4 года назад

    What were y'all saying about gm coming out with a pre runner??? That would be sick af!!!

  • Albert Nagelmueller
    Albert Nagelmueller 4 года назад

    You call that off roading? Y'all didn't even test the limits of ether truck lets see what they really can do in some deep mud not just muddy water

  • Mike Riede
    Mike Riede 4 года назад

    This truck is amazing I wan't one !!

  • DaFonz29
    DaFonz29 4 года назад +1

    I just bought my denali... and it crawls out of things no problems but as they say "one and done" I'll never do it again

  • pcFOREVER89100
    pcFOREVER89100 4 года назад +1

    My dad wouldn't dare take his Denali off road!

  • Harshvardhan Mathur
    Harshvardhan Mathur 4 года назад

    AWD if the back wheels start to slip power will be transferred to the front wheels, you will only have power going to either one back wheel or one front wheel at the best of times
    4WD such as my 4x4 i can have power going to all 4 wheels at once if i want or power going to both back wheels or both back and one front ,AWD is not made to go off road 4WD's are

  • cage mayer
    cage mayer 4 года назад +1

    what is the difference between 4wd and awd

  • krystalb6
    krystalb6 4 года назад

    This new 6.2 litre chevy is going to destroy ford and dodge just like the older one did except this one even better

  • JustPlaying
    JustPlaying 4 года назад

    Man those gm exhaust sound better then anything ford has

  • Jacko Reaper
    Jacko Reaper 4 года назад

    the bumper is too fucking big . if you hit a rock that bumper is flying off

  • boskey10
    boskey10 4 года назад +3

    Heres the deal with a Denali. Its powerful, luxury and has style. This off roading means nothing. Who goes off roading with 20inch rims and touring tires?. I own a 08 Denali and its a great truck for anything. Most guys who by lifted 4x4 trucks, are mostly driving in the city anyways and the highways. No bush roads. I'll take a used GMC over a brand new Ford or Dodge anyday, why? because it has best resale value of any truck.

  • Hydrospx
    Hydrospx 4 года назад

    Ford's 6.2 is more powerful than GM's 6.2. GM's Denali package is nice, but I would much rather take a Ford any day of the week to anything GM makes.

  • Adam R
    Adam R 4 года назад

    there's a gun range that they pass on their way up.

  • Anthony W
    Anthony W 4 года назад

    I have a 95 GMC Sierra, its an amazing offroad and snow beast

  • 4gasem
    4gasem 4 года назад

    RAM has Auto 4wd on their higher end trucks. The RAM Express is a pretty stripped down truck. It's nice for the money, but NOT close to the same class as the Denali. This statement is not directed towards TFL. They know this.

  • chapyhappy
    chapyhappy 4 года назад

    nathan reminds me of jack black

  • firekilller13
    firekilller13 4 года назад

    I hear a gun shoot @ 6:55

  • Alex Chen
    Alex Chen 4 года назад

    can you guys test the ford F150 some time soon

  • charles whippy
    charles whippy 4 года назад

    pair of dump fucks quit so we can all have a better life bloody wankers...

  • Eric
    Eric 4 года назад

    its kinda stupid because the gmc denali is a street truck with street suspension its not ment for off road

  • Dayton Carter
    Dayton Carter 4 года назад

    Knocked the front air-dam off?

  • BigDuks
    BigDuks 4 года назад

    American Top Gear is stupid, but I bet It'd be a lot better if these two were on it.

  • gohst9015
    gohst9015 4 года назад

    love the shirt nathan!

  • bob
    bob 4 года назад

    stfu no one gives 2 shits about your comment if you knew this was going to be retard just dont watch it how hard is that dumb ass

  • massinissa berber
    massinissa berber 4 года назад

    i can drive my hyundai accent in this road "x_x

  • Jorge Monroy
    Jorge Monroy 4 года назад

    This is stupid . So fucking boring . Watch top gear USA . That's a car show

  • Javier Lpz
    Javier Lpz 4 года назад

    that Ram has better looks and also more agresive GMC is just an overpriced truck its ok looking and has some nice chrome on it but to much crhome on it its not for me i had a 2011 lone star that had also alot of chrome on it and it was a nice truck but I trade it in and got me a 2012 Ram Express that I had for over 14 months and I love it same color of the Ram in this video I love Ram trucks Chevy and GMC make good looking trucks also! great video.

  • متعب السلطاني
    متعب السلطاني 4 года назад

    مقاسي هههههههههههههههههههه

  • Kris Demers
    Kris Demers 4 года назад

    Trucks are for work. Anything that isn't for work is just a big car

  • 4244john
    4244john 4 года назад

    This is more of a luxury type of truck, it isn't intended for off-road purposes AT ALL, that is why it's awd. think of this truck more as a cadillac. other than that it's a pretty smooth truck, great control and sounds amazing ;)

  • worldwar11
    worldwar11 4 года назад

    the only good awd is full time awd having a constant 60% rear 40% front or what ever %

  • LCVape
    LCVape 4 года назад

    That looks and definitely sounds like Harris Park! My 07.5 Silverado is a blast to play with back there!

  • Dylan T
    Dylan T 4 года назад

    Gotta admit its a great looking truck but who the hell wants awd on a truck? They need to revise that. Awd should only be limited to cars and crossovers lmao.

  • LikeAnR6
    LikeAnR6 4 года назад

    I'd take the RAM any day lol

  • JTHM-Productions
    JTHM-Productions 4 года назад

    People whining about their little gook jap toy trucks.... our colorado is under wraps BTW right now

  • Tristan Dixon
    Tristan Dixon 4 года назад

    I LOVE u guy's u give honest unbiased reviews just LOVE ur reviews!!!!!

  • footincanuck
    footincanuck 4 года назад

    What are you talking about? GM's small trucks (Colorado and Canyon) are alive and well, heck a diesel version of them is coming to North America next year.

  • Guns Cars and Digits
    Guns Cars and Digits 4 года назад

    Yuck, AWD on a truck. I'm glad I'm on the street side of the truck party.

  • OscarDaGenius1
    OscarDaGenius1 4 года назад

    I kindof feel bad for the denali even though its a truck and thats what theyre ment for

  • Blake Zimmerman
    Blake Zimmerman 4 года назад

    Lol a lot of people shoot out in the woods, including me.

  • leadnsteel
    leadnsteel 4 года назад

    This is what I mean. I know the Tacoma and Frontier are smaller, but Ford GM and Chrysler discontinued their small trucks( Ranger, Dakota, Colorado) in favor of full size.

  • Majed Mohammed
    Majed Mohammed 4 года назад

    i have an awd denali in saudi arabia , with a locking differential, it works very well in climbing a sand hills without any problems and with the 6.2 L , there are no truck can pass me !

  • Duncan Chisholm
    Duncan Chisholm 4 года назад

    Well Toyota Tacoma is smaller isnt it

  • Kris Demers
    Kris Demers 4 года назад

    Trucks should never be AWD! AWD is meant for speed, not hauling!

  • Борис Кононенко
    Борис Кононенко 4 года назад

    Живу в Сибири в России и это реально лучшая машина для нашей зимы и для наших суровых условий .

  • Preston Wong
    Preston Wong 4 года назад

    1:47 you guys snapped the bottom part of the bottom ahahah. Dont go off roading in a luxury vehicle

  • Canakar
    Canakar 4 года назад

    I like your off road videos

  • Steven Stringer
    Steven Stringer 4 года назад

    These are probably the worst automotive journalists on all of youtube.

    Naah i keed.

    Keep up the reviews, with all the other channels it's nice to have multiple opinions and you guys do offroad reviews :3

  • hilldozer
    hilldozer 4 года назад

    Awd is great never have to stop put it in hi or lo awesome in snow and sand too my denali goes everywhere other stock trucks can go

  • nathan adlen
    nathan adlen 4 года назад


  • Ohioan 1
    Ohioan 1 4 года назад

    Good Review, I bet this truck would do better with some more aggressive tread, looks like it has performance street tread tires on it. The Subaru Forester has an AWD system that drives all four wheels at the same time with pretty equal power so their are many different types of systems.

  • nathan adlen
    nathan adlen 4 года назад

    Nope - it was already like that. I did scrape the rear bumper, but it's not damaged.

  • venom5809
    venom5809 4 года назад

    I would buy a Raptor too.

  • Vv hese
    Vv hese 4 года назад

    u both guys r looking innocent..i like u people..May God Bless..I wish i be the first one to watch all ur videos uploaded..

  • Vv hese
    Vv hese 4 года назад

    I'm a subscibed viewer of ur channel...gr8 videos...gr8 vehicles..gr8 trails and locations..and gr8 presentations..

  • danny shmilov
    danny shmilov 4 года назад

    dude you hit the front bumper

  • speterj
    speterj 4 года назад

    get a gopro

  • afsheen75
    afsheen75 4 года назад

    Nice engine! But you know what? it would be much nicer if it was a V8 diesel. Why doesn't GM offer it with V8 diesel? Go diesel GM and forget about the gasoline V8 in your trucks.

  • bmwmsport11
    bmwmsport11 4 года назад

    For some reason I feel that the word AWD isn't as mean and durable sounding as 4WD...

  • nathan adlen
    nathan adlen 4 года назад

    It depends on the automaker and the emphasis they wish to illustrate on various systems. We got no information on the GMC, which has to do with its eminent replacement. Other times, either at press events or press material that comes with the vehicle, they can give us detailed information on every nut and bolt. It all depends.... Thanks for watching!

  • nathan adlen
    nathan adlen 4 года назад

    Truth be told, someone else did that.

  • Jacob Doman
    Jacob Doman 4 года назад

    On the Sierra the ground clearance sucks... As u can see someone dipped in to low and almost took the plastic off!!!

  • tmwall25
    tmwall25 4 года назад

    front chin spoiler comes off before the side runningboards; as we can see; as you guys dmged it in the video

  • G55STEYR
    G55STEYR 4 года назад

    I'm curious, when GM or Mercedes gives you a 4x4 car to test, what info about the system they provide?

  • nathan adlen
    nathan adlen 4 года назад

    You're right. I should have said: "there is no lever or button to engage the transfer case." It's still fully autonomous. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Oscar Bernal
    Oscar Bernal 4 года назад

    I want to take my jeep there can you tell me where is the trail please?

  • TheWanskiz
    TheWanskiz 4 года назад

    I would never take me sierra denali off road, maybe because its lowered on 26's

  • camaroman101
    camaroman101 4 года назад

    what about it?

  • camaroman101
    camaroman101 4 года назад

    the new colorado/canyon is on the horizon

  • joselito1186
    joselito1186 4 года назад

    talking about truck, i would love to see a great video of the older chevrolet silverado ss and do a 0-60 video and how and old truck like those still perform after many years of use please. it would be greatly apreciated

  • leadnsteel
    leadnsteel 4 года назад

    I wish Ford GM and Chrysler would make smaller trucks with v6 engines, not everyone wants big gas guzzling v8 monsters.

  • G55STEYR
    G55STEYR 4 года назад

    So there are 2 types of AWD: with center diff, or with a clutch which engages the axle that is not permanently driven: rear for ex Toyota rav4, and most crossovers, and front axle in this GMC or a 540xi

    The difference is the number of output shafts:
    Clutch 1input - 1output
    Diff 1input - 2outputs
    The clutch wears out because it must take all the torque to that axle, but the diff has a mechanical lock or a multiplate clutch for locking but that takes only the difference of tq betewwn axles

  • Noel Ebbert
    Noel Ebbert 4 года назад

    should have tested subaru forester!

  • G55STEYR
    G55STEYR 4 года назад

    Oh come on, it has a transfer case but one speed. When cars have low range the TC is 2 speed.
    You must make the difference between AWD systems. That in the GMC is engaging FWD with a clutch, like the BMW X5, and some AWD Grand Cherokees, and also the GTR and Veyron. Good for roads, bad for offroad.
    If an AWD has a center diff then the power goes to all 4 wheel instantly, and most of them have a locker on that center diff, so then it's like a 4x4.

  • Oscar Li
    Oscar Li 4 года назад

    What about ford raptor?

  • Ajeeth Uthayakumar
    Ajeeth Uthayakumar 4 года назад

    Theres always a Subaru comment on these off-road reviews

  • The Fast Lane Car
    The Fast Lane Car  4 года назад


  • eb18bulls
    eb18bulls 4 года назад

    awesome videos, always look forward to them! one question, what kind of camera was mounted on the passenger door when you guys drove through the mud puddles?

  • Nick James
    Nick James 4 года назад

    Ford v8 sounds better to me

  • Jonathan Washington
    Jonathan Washington 4 года назад

    what about toyota tundra too big?

  • الشواطي. الشواطي
    الشواطي. الشواطي 4 года назад

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  • DJR5280
    DJR5280 4 года назад

    great video ,it's nice having car reviewers here in Colorado.

  • Flash363
    Flash363 4 года назад

    I want to see a Ram with the 6.4 Hemi and 8 spd. auto!

  • Mat A
    Mat A 4 года назад

    I love this truck and cant wait to see the new one come out i love GM

  • angel garcia
    angel garcia 4 года назад

    hey i have a ? what is the difference between a whl drive and 4x4

  • gravitygun123
    gravitygun123 4 года назад

    Is that Anali Denali version?