Everything Wrong With Dumbo 1941

  • Published on Mar 26, 2019
  • With Tim Burton's live-action Dumbo coming soon, we decided to go looking for sins in the original Disney animated Dumbo. We found a bunch!!
    Thursday: Another D movie.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Comments • 3 313

  • Paul S
    Paul S 2 days ago

    1. Casey would be out of service or scrapped.

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller 6 days ago

    Disney hated God, blacks, Jews and women equally and completely. The only way they got into his and other films was to be belittled, and made fun of. The song about the roustabouts and crows wasn’t accidentally placed there nor was song of the south released without his permission. I am surprised that modern Disney hasn’t edited the worst parts of Dumbo out.

  • no not my name yours
    no not my name yours 19 days ago

    Disney sin
    Their are so many people that think snow white was the *first* Disney movie but it's actually dumbo.

  • סיון קאופמן

    3:05 Because the train was traveling then he could not send the baby from the sky and this stork is just different from the others so she was not with the other stork and she wears a uniform

  • Dr. killpatient
    Dr. killpatient Month ago

    Fucking 1941!!!!( We did get involved in a nice little war.)

  • Snowy Betta
    Snowy Betta Month ago

    When I was little I thought movies came out the first time I watched them.
    If the release date stayed the same, and this fact was true, I would be much older then I am now.
    Wait - is that rude? I might need to take down this comment if it's rude. If it is rude, sorry - and please let me know. I will take this comment down.

  • Snowy Betta
    Snowy Betta Month ago

    I have a sin:
    How in the world does Dumbo fly with his EARS? I mean, he has solid bones, right? Movie logic.

  • CodyScriblyn
    CodyScriblyn Month ago

    I'm really happy you removed a sin because you were crying over a non-existent baby elephant. I'm really happy.

  • Jeremy Harrelson
    Jeremy Harrelson Month ago

    you have to give it to them, this is unbelievable animation for 1941

  • Cpt. Black Dog
    Cpt. Black Dog Month ago

    1:02 This is the Origin of "Florida Man" headlines

  • Crazy_Genius 101
    Crazy_Genius 101 Month ago

    Hey I live in Florida and you're right it is a horrible place to live it's always hot

  • markdodus
    markdodus Month ago

    this is the most infuriating thing I've seen on youtube

  • Warren Ward
    Warren Ward Month ago

    Ya know, im okay wuth the live action remake... Mostly because its, thankfully, not the same as the original.
    Also, while the original dumbo is timeless, it's REALLY boring. Ironically?, i can pnly recall 3 scenes. The stork delivery, the pink elephants, and dumbo flying.

  • William Marcolongo
    William Marcolongo Month ago

    I always thought the line, in that first song, was, "Grab that rope, Harry!" Of course, to be fair, I haven't seen this movie in quite a number of years!

  • Alex the Wolfia
    Alex the Wolfia Month ago

    Wow. I haven't realized until I watched this video that Dumbo drank alcohol, not some sort of weird water... Damn was Disney dark back then!

  • Nicole Johnson
    Nicole Johnson Month ago

    Everything wrong with Casper

  • Luna Raven
    Luna Raven Month ago

    Alright i just got finished watching ras al ghul shit all day cause im addicted and then i try to watch another video thats not batman related... 0:23

  • Lark_ Lore
    Lark_ Lore 2 months ago

    Wait wait why does the stork sound like Michael Jackson?!

  • TonyFilip917
    TonyFilip917 2 months ago

    7:15 proof this guy has feelings

  • Chinwendu Izenwata
    Chinwendu Izenwata 2 months ago

    2:41 made me Subscribe all over again :-D

  • Aj Aguilera
    Aj Aguilera 2 months ago

    Who else cried during baby mine

  • Warren G
    Warren G 2 months ago

    6:45 I side of meat, bandaged to the elephants forehead

  • sad n soggy
    sad n soggy 2 months ago +1

    jeremy: florida is a horrible ass place to live!
    me, a floridian: yeah, fair enough.

  • Anne Scholey
    Anne Scholey 2 months ago

    Kia Ora crows

  • Anne Scholey
    Anne Scholey 2 months ago

    Too much revisionism has plastered the industry for years.

  • Yagi Toshinori
    Yagi Toshinori 2 months ago

    This movie may be sad but I don't cry

  • Ghost Squad
    Ghost Squad 2 months ago

    Me trying to hold back tears: I’m not crying your crying. *proceeds to sob uncontrollably*

  • Jordon Wu
    Jordon Wu 2 months ago

    Where is the movie?

  • The Azoitei Broz / Galaxy Entertainment

    Finally, 78 years later... the sequel comes out.

  • Tom Bennett
    Tom Bennett 2 months ago

    Oh for eff's sake, you dimwits, give it a rest.

  • B. Gone
    B. Gone 2 months ago

    'Dumbo's the GRWAATIST..!'

  • B. Gone
    B. Gone 2 months ago

    There is NOTHING wrong with 'Dumbo' (1941)! EVERYTHING in that movie was a socially accepted 'norm' AT THAT TIME. What is wrong here, is casting today's eye, and critiquing with today's commonly held views of 'social norms'.
    It is what it is. It was what is was. EVERY Disney character has been based on a stereotype - that's what makes it.
    Please, anyone, who has never laughed at person from a different walk of life, come forward, and declare yourself - declare yourself to be a liar or; without sense of humor!
    But, 1st rule of laughing at others, is to be able to laugh at yourself!

  • S.V. Prophetess
    S.V. Prophetess 2 months ago

    If you live in TN...You need, at the least, a gallon of lube a day to keep from suffering all the assf*ckery.

  • Prathmesh Bagul
    Prathmesh Bagul 2 months ago

    Fuck off guys. It's freaking DUMBO. There's nothing wrong in it😤😤😤😤

  • EmmasVarietyVideos
    EmmasVarietyVideos 2 months ago

    I will admit this was funny despite it bashing dumbo which is still my favorite disney movie. Mostly cause it was about being bullied cause you were different, and i can relate to that. Thats probably why i love this movie so much.

  • The Brolic Nerd
    The Brolic Nerd 2 months ago

    Fyi this generations children are who runs the country, let that sink in. Yet you believe racism isn't a thing.

  • Zamolxis
    Zamolxis 2 months ago

    7:16 That voice. Pure Gold.

  • Ted Koclanes
    Ted Koclanes 2 months ago +1

    Do everything wrong with kidnap2017

  • Aaron Bradley
    Aaron Bradley 2 months ago

    The most annoying thing about you guys is the fact that you're so pathetically correct. It was 1941 you don't know how to review things in context

  • Sean Barrett
    Sean Barrett 2 months ago

    you'll pay for your crimes

  • Abby Maddox
    Abby Maddox 2 months ago

    Watch #WynonnaEarp

  • lisa cornelissen
    lisa cornelissen 2 months ago

    7:09 I'm not crying about a
    floating elephant head, you're crying about a
    floating elephant head. No seriously where is his body? You can definitely see that this is a totally differend grey-isch colour

  • Yaya williams
    Yaya williams 2 months ago

    so the flying thing is great but what happens when dumbo grows up into a full grown adult elephant??

  • jenfine
    jenfine 2 months ago

    Speaking of racist Disney movies, you should do “Song of the South”. It would probably break the sin meter. It’s so bad, Disney buried it. You can’t even buy it.

  • Ziyad Sherif
    Ziyad Sherif 3 months ago

    2019: Cinemasins say this 9:46
    Also 2019: Dumbo Reboot dammit

  • Spaatz 1635
    Spaatz 1635 3 months ago +1

    This is one of the best animated movies of all time.

  • Wes Prang
    Wes Prang 3 months ago

    Dear dumbo as fuck dumbo-fucks:
    Damn near every major character in Disney has 1-0 parents.
    Then the half-full orphan is shoved into a time machine, where they emerge as an adult.
    Damn fucking Disney for hating families *AND* childhood.

  • Courageous Bubbles
    Courageous Bubbles 3 months ago

    Florida is fact the worst place to live. And don't you try to name the pros of living there because the cons outway it all. It's ok to visit but in no way ok to live in. I'm so glad i don't live there anymore

  • Parasaur4568
    Parasaur4568 3 months ago

    Damn this movie was a part of my childhood, most of it was Godzilla, Spongebob, And Jurassic World/Park

  • Laurenz Wolfie
    Laurenz Wolfie 3 months ago

    you just don’t like it 🙄😤😤👏👏👏🤬🤬😡😡😡
    These movies are for kids! Not for you to criticize them for NO SHIT OF A REASON

  • KrypNaut
    KrypNaut 3 months ago

    1. Casey Jr. Is God

  • Jonathan Bourdeau
    Jonathan Bourdeau 3 months ago

    10:10 like the lion king ref

  • Ryan Finley
    Ryan Finley 3 months ago

    My thoughts exactly on this whole sequence about pink elephant drunk hallucinations. What the hell was Disney thinking, or smoking?

  • Nikola Nahirni
    Nikola Nahirni 3 months ago

    2:51 Casey rides, Casey rides, faster than my bullet.

  • Nikola Nahirni
    Nikola Nahirni 3 months ago +1

    Actually, Florida was in Mississipi while the Napoleonic Wars were ongoing in Europe.

  • chrism3784
    chrism3784 3 months ago +2

    Florida used to border louisianna, long time ago.

  • SpaceManMonster
    SpaceManMonster 3 months ago


  • David Armstrong
    David Armstrong 3 months ago

    I Cinemasined when I watched this movie at 4 years old. I saw that the part with the flag that Dumbo's hat changed colors

  • Renee Peters
    Renee Peters 3 months ago

    I never really liked this movie. It seemed so depressing.

  • Connor Lowe
    Connor Lowe 3 months ago

    Unpopular opinion: I know it was the early 40's but this movie actually sucks.