GoT Fans Share Extremely Blunt Reactions To The Series Finale

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • In the game of thrones, you win, or you die, and a lot of fans apparently saw their hopes for a good ending go down in flames with the series finale. What did people have to say about the series' controversial conclusion? Here are some of the more searing reactions.
    Tragic, ironic, and maybe inevitable, Jon Snow ended his arc not sitting the Iron Throne, but instead as the slayer of both his kin and his queen.
    Jon's stabbing of Daenerys in the destroyed throne room of the Red Keep is exactly the kind of story turn we've come to expect from Game of Thrones. But the turns it took to get there felt pretty rushed to a lot of people.
    One poster expressed sympathy for Daenerys as a character, writing,
    "a moment of silence for daenerys targaryen, a victim to horrible writing and a rushed story. may she rest in peace"
    Others took the conclusion of her story personally, with more than one poster expressing real frustration. According to one commenter,
    "daenerys deserves SUCH a better death. after all she’s done, good and bad, she’s one of the most iconic characters in television history...and that death did not do her justice AT ALL. I’M MAD."
    Even people who liked the finale seemed to express some frustration with the speed at which Daenerys' story developed.
    "Initial GameOfThronesFinale thoughts: An excellent finale. I still think Dany's decisions were rushed but the outcome was satisfying and there were strong character moments for just about everyone, especially Tyrion."
    Some wondered just where Dany's guards were during her final encounter with Jon, who was able to easily stab the queen during a private moment, at a time when the loyalty of her advisors was actively being questioned. As one writer put it,
    "why did Tyrion have more guards then Daenerys? Why did they take Jons weapon away when he saw Tyrion but not Dany?"
    One commenter broke it down as follows:
    "That was terrible. Like she'd just wander off to the throne room alone without some Unsullied or Dothraki guarding her, especially from the likes of Jon Snow, whom she said betrayed her and was the biggest threat to her claim to the throne."
    Others outright rejected the idea that Daenerys would have gone so mad so fast, still feeling the sting of her sudden heel turn in the previous episode, "The Bells." Immediately after the finale, the overall impression was that even if her turn to villany could have worked, the story felt just too sped up. Keep watching the video to see how GoT fans share extremely blunt reactions to the series finale!
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    Arya goes west | 3:06
    Jon pets his dog | 3:45
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  • Looper
    Looper  Month ago +318

    Are fans piling on now or on the whole do you find the criticism justified?

    • Matthew Del Toro
      Matthew Del Toro 14 days ago

      L Ashy I see what you’re saying and I would completely agree.
      IF it wasn’t so rushed through. I am totally fine with EVERYTHING that happened. My issue is not that it didn’t end the way I wanted it. If I wanted it my way I should write my own story I can’t expect someone else to write what I want. Anyone that is upset cus it didn’t follow any fan theories miss the point. So I hate bran stark? Yes he’s a one dimensional robot with no emotion who is only relevant when the plot needs exposition. He’s a lazy character who didn’t even use the power he was given. That being said my extreme hatred of him is irrelevant because it’s not MY story. But they brushed over EVERYTHING. Almost EVERY character was fucked over. Case in point Jaime’s redemption arc tossed away. I can reconcile with any ending provided it is built up and supported. The writers failed and that’s an objective fact not my opinion. They were obviously more focused on ending the show so they can go mess up Star Wars too

    • L Ashy
      L Ashy 15 days ago

      @Matthew Del Toro I disagree - Bran did say he couldn't take over the North - just the north. And as for helping - when has that ever mattered in GOT - or in real life for that matter. To me he's the perfect king as he could take care of people and not just his own family. Plus as Tyrion said he can remind them of their faults from the past. As for Dany - remember the boy who she had beheaded - plus her brother (who was a dick) but surely didn't deserve to die for his big mouth! Plus I don't agree with Tyrion being stupid - he just didn't do what millions of fan theories wanted him to do. Do you think GRRM had no say in the way Thrones was to end or the way that characters changed throughout the series - I don't think every character would change for good. But then I have lots of arguments about Thrones because I loved it so much - me and my daughter are still arguing every day as she mostly agrees with fan theory too! Never mind... I'm still upset it's finished!!

    • 54markl
      54markl 15 days ago

      It’s justified.

    • Matthew Del Toro
      Matthew Del Toro Month ago

      L Ashy ok for bran he said he couldn’t take over the north because he wasn’t a stark anymore but then he takes the iron throne. He was a character that had ZERO interest in the throne. Not to mention he didn’t do anything to help AND since he sees the future he KNEW he would be king so sat there doing nothing smh. As for dany yes she had anger. Yes she killed people. BUT they were all people that were against her or betrayed her. That is FAR from murdering innocent women and children after a city surrenders. Jaime’s amazing redemption arc is thrown away just so he could go back to the death scene with cersei (not back to her it was literally for the death scene). Apparently he didn’t care about innocent people. Then he becomes once again the asshole he was at the beginning of the show AND he was rightfully hated by the kingdoms because he didn’t kill the mad king for the people. Tyrion is inexplicably stupid. Cersei is no longer a complex character she is a simple villain you can see her twirling her mustache.

    • L Ashy
      L Ashy Month ago

      @Matthew Del Toro I'm not being awkward I just want to put the pieces together in my head. For example someone on here wrote that Bran said he would never be the king - I just don't remember him saying that. And with Dany - her anger was always there - throughout the whole series...

  • Dave Sackenheim
    Dave Sackenheim 2 days ago


  • Naula Tyler
    Naula Tyler 2 days ago

    Jon should have been king! Or better yet, ruled along side Daenerys. The ending was just terrible.

  • Gloria E
    Gloria E 7 days ago

    Did they really have two years for that? 😼😼😼

  • Rajashree Nayak
    Rajashree Nayak 12 days ago

    For almost 7 seasons, they showed us how good Daenerys was...& in the last 2, in order to have an fast ending they just reversed the direction of her character!!!
    & honestly I didn't even know why they have to show us Jon was Targaryen.... because this truth neither has any impact in the plot of d story nor it make him the king...
    & Sansa became d queen of North as she wanted badly to be a queen from her childhood..
    & Bran who never did a single thing except for just sitting & watching became the king...
    So it's more like the whole kingdom was ruled by the most undeserving Stark brother & sister..
    & This is what they called ending!!!
    For crying out loud we had been watching for 8years just to see this type of ending!!!!😡😡

  • 54markl
    54markl 15 days ago

    BRAN: I will wear the crown, though my wee-wee doesn’t work.

  • 54markl
    54markl 15 days ago

    The problem was that Benioff and Weiss are not good writers. They are mediocrities. Martin’s writing also had problems, but these guys are just Bad.

  • nivlac Horn
    nivlac Horn 24 days ago

    The writers knew that they could get away with this b.s. I wish we would just banned these writers from ever writing another story. They had the chance to make this show the greatest show ever. Now the rerun of this show will not get its just due cause people are just through with it now.

  • Devan Hawkins
    Devan Hawkins 25 days ago

    GOT is a massive bait and switch scheme. Seriously, dumb and dumber should be sued for fraud. Now HBO is going to do a sequel... why? After the dumb ending GOT is worthless. Very very bad sci fi shows on at 3 am in the morning and were made on a budget of $5 have better endings. Edit... sequel should have been "prequel".

  • Anya Lazarek
    Anya Lazarek 27 days ago

    I am just going to pretend that the Long Night is the final episode. Still leaves me with a lot of questions but it’s better than the shitty ending D&D gave us.

  • Asmus Kirchner
    Asmus Kirchner 29 days ago

    Reminds me a bit on the x-files ending, seems most long lasting series go down that way. Tired and burned out writers, bad franchising whatever. So, my intention to get this last season on Blueray - ZERO. Fanciless, don't has to be rewarded. I was a fan not to be another victim. No further thoughts about that whole thing or wasting time for dust in the wind of Westeros.
    Now probably can't even get rid of my collection in a garage sale.
    Shame - Shame - Shame

  • Marc Gies
    Marc Gies 29 days ago +1

    So, to those who think that Daenerys` change in character was rushed in season 8
    She didn`t feel anything when her brother was killed
    After she found the crucified children, she let 133 measter be crucified.
    She looks up traitors with her dragons. She burns people with her dragons.
    Moreover, she threatens everyone who may betray her, e.g. to burn them alive.
    The gods toss a coin when a Targaryen is born and in Dany`s case it landed on madness and in Jon`s on greatness! But well, who would have seen that coming, it was just bad writing, right! … right? *Irony off*

    • Asmus Kirchner
      Asmus Kirchner 29 days ago

      You are absolutely right , the ending was logic. But i watch a show to be surprised, didn't happen.

  • nashieka drysdale
    nashieka drysdale 29 days ago +1

    I didn't even bother to watch it.. cause it made no sense.. imagine she could have destroyed kings landing from before.. but she went to protect the north loss two dragon.. and they refused to bend the knee

  • jay storm
    jay storm Month ago

    Just go to show, you can't please everyone. I'm just wondering why those that are bitching didn't write the books themselves...oh yeah, they didn't, because their big babies😐

  • robert cockey
    robert cockey Month ago +1

    GOT jumped the shark when they passed the source material. It’s like Benioff and Weiss started the show and said George is almost done with The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring will be done by the time we get there and then panic when they had to figure out how to get to the ending themselves.

  • Lalruatpuii Khiangte
    Lalruatpuii Khiangte Month ago +3

    Bran refuses to be Lord of Winterfell because he is the three eyed raven but accepts the throne?!!’ 💩💩💩

  • Pete Wilkerson
    Pete Wilkerson Month ago +1

    Hey Bob yeah Bill let's just get the money and run.

  • Matt Foley
    Matt Foley Month ago

    The directors should be drakaried

  • Cat Bat
    Cat Bat Month ago

    How did that bitch useless Sanza become queen , her character is the most boring and zit poppin

  • aaronsande
    aaronsande Month ago +1

    Fucking babies, I swear. You crybabies ruin everything. Her madness is wholly explicable and telegraphed. All of this was clearly coming.

  • ruthieo54
    ruthieo54 Month ago

    Drogon burning/demolishing the iron THRONE was the BEST THING about the ending. Everything else was very rushed. A hard on for dragons breathing fire and destroying everything. No homage to developed characters ESPECIALLY GHOST. Pitiful.

  • Matthew Del Toro
    Matthew Del Toro Month ago

    Guys I found a way to like the ending. If you see it as Tyrion being an absolute manipulator then it’s perfect. He made bran be king because as the hand he will practically be king. He put the women and children in the crypt and only armed himself and Sansa. Well you figure that one...

  • Dan Shannon
    Dan Shannon Month ago

    Bro the fact Cersei just dies getting crushed under a building is the biggest RIP OFF IN THE HISTORY OF STORIES. Whether it be a TV show, a movie, a got damn book, a f*cking dream someone had... Cersei should have at the very least been choked out by Jamie or Tyrion, slayer by Arya, or been burnt alive in or had her head chopped off by Jon in the same spot that Nee Stark lost his... can I change my name to disappointed GameOf Thrones

  • Tong Pa Fu
    Tong Pa Fu Month ago

    Just because of how stupid GOT ended, I will no longer read any books of game of thrones or watch any prequel or sequel that is to come. And I'm not gonna watch or read anything that Dumb and Dumber produce ever.

  • Kimberly Moore
    Kimberly Moore Month ago

    Bottomline the ending did nothing for the first 7 seasons. We could’ve done without it.

  • Ross Meldrum
    Ross Meldrum Month ago

    I have not read the books or seen the series, but just watching that dragon reek havoc is beyond ridiculous. Why would you need any kind of army, siege engines or help when that one dragon is literally an atomic bomb in the flesh. Talk about having a Dragon Stu!!

  • ramblings of a 20 something

    Imagine if the Harry Potter films ended differently to the books

  • Altrim J90
    Altrim J90 Month ago

    One word SUCK

    TDAKS Month ago

    Onward I would love a series with Jon and Arya who both went into new lands. A prequel is a rubbish idea.

  • Florence Judiel Rafael

    Minadali kasi masyado

  • Mark Geeter
    Mark Geeter Month ago +4

    At least I had Marvel's, End Game; that's how you finish an epic run.

  • Alphonse Capone
    Alphonse Capone Month ago +3

    Amazed all the feminists didn't jump on the band wagon.
    Morale of the story:
    MEN ULTIMATELY RULE in the end🤣

  • Josh B
    Josh B Month ago

    Title of the video barely matches the content. Most of this is apologist garbage.

  • Damian Davis
    Damian Davis Month ago

    I didn't have an issue with the direction the story went or even the outcomes, the biggest issue in my eyes with season 8 was that it was too much in too few episodes. The show writers tried to squeeze 2 seasons worth of story into 6 episodes.

  • citizen 1888
    citizen 1888 Month ago

    Let's all jump on the bandwagon and pretend we'd of done better or just watch the TV program then deal with your REAL life issues and grow up?

  • christian tan
    christian tan Month ago

    arya goes west meaning america my friends because westeros is basically europe she will become a bounty hunter of wyatt erp

  • Tammy Elizabeth
    Tammy Elizabeth Month ago

    Best of luck with star wars

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    The previous 7 seasons were of no relevance to writers of season 8. Waste of time and money. Poor ending to such a brilliant series.

  • Michael Angelo Soltis

    A waste of a decade's series!

  • Wickedcityrips
    Wickedcityrips Month ago

    So they kept building how Jon snow was the rightful heir to the throne, and bam that whole back story doesn’t mean a thing now. Let’s just give it to someone random decided in two minutes. I don’t think the writers even watched seasons 1-7

  • Ryan E.
    Ryan E. Month ago

    What gets me is why banish Jon Snow to The Nights Watch when there is nothing to watch. They won the war against the Night King. Bran is now the new King and Sansa is the Queen of the North an Independent Nation by the way, so none of them couldn't take him in or pardon him? Pathetic. Then he leaves the wall to go North with the wildlings??? Huh... really? I could of wrote a better season 8, trust me you wouldn't be disappointed. Jon is the one true king and right to the throne, that's how it should of ended. Dany doesn't die but returns to Mereen. Queen Cersei ends up back in prison. Bran goes back being the 3 eyed raven. Tyrion remains in Kings Landing as hand to the King. My story would be a 1000x better.

  • K Jason
    K Jason Month ago +11

    Bran: "I'm not really Bran Start anymore. I mostly live in the past now."
    Writers: Lets make him King

  • Zecks
    Zecks Month ago

    So i guess Nymeria's wolf pack showed up for no reason at all in season 7.

  • Tiny Rick
    Tiny Rick Month ago

    As soon as Arya trampoline-jump killed the Night King I should have said “No thank you” and stopped watching. I actually wish I didn’t watch the final season so that the books woulda been that much more surprising.

  • ghettobeats
    ghettobeats Month ago +2

    Sansa goes on to become the Dark Phoenix, Arya becomes Dora the explorer and Jon Snow rides off into the snow.

  • AvatarEnd777
    AvatarEnd777 Month ago

    Here is what they should do to continue the story and keep the money coming in (I'm on board!) .... Do an alternate ending where John Snow reaches for his blade but stays his hand. All of the rest of the episode was what Bran saw IF John had killed Danaerys. But for some unexplained reason, he doesn't. Perhaps because he's been dead himself and doesn't want her to go there.

    Continue on with John and Daenerys and their struggles ruling the 6 Kingdoms together as husband and wife.

    Continue on the story and introduce a Khal Drogo look alike to challenge John Snow for the affections of his wife.

  • the2step
    the2step Month ago

    Man as a big fan of the series this last season has been such a let-down they could have easily done a full season. Just so rushed

  • squalltheonly
    squalltheonly Month ago +1

    This is why I dont give money to anyone. I torrent everything. Fuck all of them!

  • Sheri
    Sheri Month ago +1

    I thought Bran was James Blunt.

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee Month ago

    Truly my only issue with the ending was sending Jon back to the wall and I wished someone else had killed Danny, anyone but Jon. Jon should have been King I realize this is not something he wanted however it was his duty and responsibility and Jon was all about responsibility Bran didn't want to be king either and frankly it was not his position it was Jon's as being the last Targaryen I don't think he should have been made to go to the nights watch again

  • lynn ruebush
    lynn ruebush Month ago

    Bran the Broken....what a shitty name to give the king

  • quackxhead
    quackxhead Month ago

    Bran cant see the future. Only the past and everything that's currently happening

  • Florian Laur
    Florian Laur Month ago

    Didn't they make it a point that Bran CAN'T see the future? Just the present and past? If he could see the future, he sure is the biggest jerk and worse than Dany.

  • William Poole
    William Poole Month ago

    If I produced the kind of quality DB Weiss and David Benioff did in regards to season 8 at my job I'd be fired. The industries are different, of course. These two "showrunners" should be run out of town. Do not let them touch anything in Hollywood ever again for the sake of American cinematic history. No more failure. Stop giving people like this money. Rian Johnson.... look what that fool did to the latest Star Wars movie for gods sake. That scumbag still has a career and it makes me giggle like a little bitch.

  • FYRFOX198
    FYRFOX198 Month ago

    Bran is the equivalent to an Illegal Alien crossing the border and getting better benefits than the Citizens for absolutely nothing except being ILLEGAL. Bran the ILLEGAL, thanks to Tyrion the Democrat.

  • Evan Arv
    Evan Arv Month ago

    The writers should not have the right to do the star wars series after they butchered the season they thought of there selves over the fans that made this so popular we paid the money for hbo an the DVDs merchandise .....such bs

  • projecttopman29
    projecttopman29 Month ago

    Great acting. Terrible plot and writing. Jon kills Danny and no scene of him being captured. No scene with Jon and Sam saying goodbye. Loads wrong. Pity.

  • MrSuperman2307
    MrSuperman2307 Month ago

    People forger they filmed both seasons 7 and 8 at the same time

  • MrSuperman2307
    MrSuperman2307 Month ago

    Cersei and Jaimie needed a better death as well

  • Coffee Time
    Coffee Time Month ago

    I only pity Dany, everybody else got what they wanted. Jon wanted nothing, he got nothing. Bran wanted to be King, he got it. Sansa wanted to be Queen, she got it.

  • Incog2k6
    Incog2k6 Month ago

    People may mock the fact that Bran became the ruler, but he will be unstoppable. Ironically, "Bran, the Broken" has a second meaning. It doesn't only refer to him being a cripple. Remember, he is basically omnipresent and omniscient due to being the 3-eyed Raven. He will always know if someone plots to assassinate him, and he will be able to prevent any coups or wars. Heck, he will even know when his guards are jerking off. His powers make him overpowered as hell, or to be more precise, BROKEN. Dude's about to become an unstoppable ruler OR tyrant, if he turns evil. Again, he will see ANY attempt at his life coming from a million miles away.

  • John Garzota
    John Garzota Month ago

    Jon Snow the Kinslayer AHAHAHA

  • Andria Ryder
    Andria Ryder Month ago

    Dany died. Good enough for me.

  • Susan Havens
    Susan Havens Month ago

    I feel betrayed. The greatest show ever on TV to utter trash. I'm done.

  • Matt McC
    Matt McC Month ago

    B O O H O O

  • Crsig Cowie
    Crsig Cowie Month ago

    The worst thing about s8 is we waited 7 seasons for winter and the long night. Then it was suddenly summer.

  • Brian Anderle
    Brian Anderle Month ago

    As Dr. Seuss once said: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

  • Maaz Khan
    Maaz Khan Month ago

    The conclusion was very bad for me the dath of dany and sending jon to the was a terrible idea to end the most iconic season

  • pindypop
    pindypop Month ago

    Where’s the integrity of the actors or indeed anyone on the show. You all know it’s a rubbish ending, own it, you ruined a great series and your all complicit in this cack.

  • Yvette Norris
    Yvette Norris Month ago

    I had a problem with the ending, though I am not one to poop on the showrunners because I am plenty grateful for the show. But I will say, bluntly, that this ending was soft ... and the road to it was a jumbled mess that absolutely felt rushed. Writers, you gave yourselves some time to get it right. You should have taken it. I was with you when Danny turned. Fine, she lost Misandei and felt in danger of losing the crown that she had risked EVERYTHING for thanks to the North getting behind the newly discovered Targaryen heir.

    She thought she found the throne, love, and her people but then it all went to hell. But then, my fine writers, you had the army of the dead decimated in an hour and a half. You leveled King's landing and slaughtered innocents in the next episode. Then you killed off Daenerys roughly 35 minutes into an episode then gave us a quiet episode where an emotional Grey Worm engages in a tense but generally tame standoff with the heads of other houses where they essentially discuss moving toward a version of democracy (thanks Samwell Tarly.) Then you writers rescued the last untarnished popular character (Tyrion.) Probably the most reasonable thing you did is to have the heads of houses pick the one person they perceive as the lesser of all evils in Bran to be King.

    So no war from a group (the Unsullied) who know nothing but war. Then you split up the Stark kids, banishing Jon to a place where he feels pretty much at home ... but wait, you had them deny him marriage and wealth, which he never really had to begin with. Mind you the guy had already lost Ygritt and has to live with the guilt of taking the life of his second love. I don't see how not jumping into a third relationship is going to be difficult. This is sad?

    But it's not sad that Arya is walking toward the unknown by sailing west of Westeros ... Lord knows what the hell she's going to encounter but that's something to celebrate. And Sansa's likeability had started to teeter in my eyes ... but she's queen now. That felt like a "shruggable" thing to me.

    And the scene of the new royal council discussing the rebuilding smacked of mild "Marx Brothers" slapstick because immature "kids" are minding the store (minus Brienne ) and start talking about brothels and such. This is really just my 2 cents. I do respect other people's opinion on this. I was tired in the end and just moving on with the memory of the whole series. Sadly the ending is not where my thoughts go when I think of the total beauty of Game of Thrones.

  • Tatsuya Miura
    Tatsuya Miura Month ago

    Yes ok, season 8 was vomit. Just forget about it, the hype can never come back. So many years of endless speculation and agony on what’s going to happen, absolutely ruined. I don’t care who and how. It’s done. Whoever was the decision maker should be fired, black listed and never go back to film making. But the hype is over anyway.

  • Vegan & Sons
    Vegan & Sons Month ago

    I was going to buy the box set.....up until the final two episodes.

  • Keith Baz
    Keith Baz Month ago

    Jiff!!?!!1!? Unsubscribed.

  • Meto W Roy Thabah
    Meto W Roy Thabah Month ago

    Now I hate everyone,so all can go to seven hell. Amen

  • hoshang wadia
    hoshang wadia Month ago

    I miss Cersei without her got is so boring.

  • jacksputrid
    jacksputrid Month ago

    The last season felt like a biased fans version. Why the FUCK would Jon snow do that..character ark wise he would never have done that. First off all she was a conquerer sure, but a tyrant? Not even close. Fuck Jon snow dude he ran game on her to use her armies then stabbed her when her dragon was outside KISSING her. Fuck Jon snow he was evil apparently the fuck nothing about the ending makes sense it was all shock value

  • Jonathan c
    Jonathan c Month ago

    People are ok with how it ended lmao??!? People are ok with weirdo brand as king and the real heir to the throne outcast to the north ??!?? Why would you ever be ok with that it’s like John being the heir to the throne only mattered for 2 episodes

  • Vuk Subotić
    Vuk Subotić Month ago +1

    The ending was excellent. It shows reality that even crippled boy is better ruler than woman ruling. Take that Hilary Klinton

  • nuntana2
    nuntana2 Month ago

    Was rushed but questionable editing too - long discussions and pauses where we needed other things happening + real closure. Main characters seemed to have free reign at the end (this can happen when stars get too big - scared directing). Dany had to die of course, but Night King end too quick. I just about liked it at the end but can’t help feeling a missed opportunity. Frustrating really; many books have disappointing endings as the writer struggles. One mustn’t denigrate the whole GoT experience though, because overall it was awesome!

  • scorpion528
    scorpion528 Month ago +1

    You've heard of the age of Aquarius? Well, we are now in the Age of whiney ass?

  • David Price
    David Price Month ago

    So you guys who's looking forward to seeing Dipshit and Dumbfuck rape Star Wars' corpse?

  • Ivana Jovanovic
    Ivana Jovanovic Month ago

    Jon Snow desert better!

  • pppscooby
    pppscooby Month ago

    One good thing to come out of this rushed season is that i am not going to miss the show.

  • Patricia
    Patricia Month ago

    What a horrific season, felt old and tired, even the directing matched the listless writing, like watching two old white guys run for president. It had no pacing, took forever to get through the scenes. But this all makes me appreciate the Americans even more, now THAT was a brilliant ending. Shocking and yet familiar, what better way to end than by going focused and small and contained, a couple on the river bank looking over at Moscow, and then her line, We could have met on a bus. So simple and sooo elegant! Shoulda hired those guys.

  • shmaveyea
    shmaveyea Month ago

    People being mad about any TV show are legitimately pathetic.

  • Martin Westerhof
    Martin Westerhof Month ago

    The final season is a GREAT season, for a normal show. For GoT one expects better. It's one of the biggest shows to date, so of course people expect more than an ending of normal TV show.

  • Sushi Time
    Sushi Time Month ago

    It only took me 1.5 seasons to see what a mess this was going to be, what's wrong with the rest of you?

  • Alexis Ale
    Alexis Ale Month ago

    I prefer The night King would kill all in Winterfell as the finale’s last episode. I wish the s8 didn’t exist!

  • Fangles
    Fangles Month ago +26

    Season 1: Winter.
    Season 2: Winter is.
    Season 3: Winter is coming.
    Season 4: Winter is COMING!
    Season 5: Winter IS COMING!!
    Season 6: WINTER IS COMING!!
    Season 7: WINTER IS COMING!!!!
    Season 8: WINTER IS... oh.

  • Peter Washington
    Peter Washington Month ago

    I am so fucking done with it all! I am not watching any prequels or read any of the books. I am not into stories with fucked up endings and character killing just for cheap shocks. I'm so fucking done with it.

  • Oman Oman
    Oman Oman Month ago

    This episode 8 is nonsense how Brant become a king?
    He know everything what happen to the feature..but he choose quite at all for fhe reason...Daenerys will die for the feature or Stark clan and lanister..tyron btrayed Kalisi , jhon snow all the tgenpoeple kalisi trusted to whom..this is the fault of the 2 Dirictor of GOT....i love the Autor of the book but i hate him the derictor is very very bad ending

  • adam walker
    adam walker Month ago

    Even dexter had a better ending

  • andy ahong
    andy ahong Month ago +3

    The Most Useless man....being King

  • Bernard Steyn
    Bernard Steyn Month ago

    Did this chick really just say "jifs" ?

  • Joshua Morris
    Joshua Morris Month ago

    Where did dracarys take dany?

  • God of F.
    God of F. Month ago

    GOT = complete waste of time, money and even oxygen that actors/actresses wastes for years. It took fuking 2 years them to record this 6 bullshit episodes of season 8 and this was what they created for all that money and time!
    Game of Thrones was a overrated show anyway, which had huge advertising budget to waste around to make every body (All youtubers, TV Channels etc.) to talk about (Each bullshit episodes) like it is a big deal and something huge happening in each episode but no bloody shit happens in reality.
    When there is too much British (Actresses, Actors, Producers, Directors etc.) involvement in a Video Production (TV Show, Movies etc.) and you also give that show to also two cheap ass slimy producers, of course result gonna be non sense mess...

  • Richard Rampage
    Richard Rampage Month ago

    Bran can’t be Lord of Winterfell because he’s the three-eyed raven, but he’s perfectly willing to be King of the Six Kingdoms. Can someone explain how that works?

  • Purneemaa Thirugnanasambandam

    I am saying this one last time...... Ghost is NOT a dog...... He is a direwolf for heaven's sake........

  • Vinit Patni
    Vinit Patni Month ago

    GOT has set such huge standards of story telling in its last 7 seasons that it couldn't live up to the expectations of fans in its finale. Remember As a fan its easy for us to balme showmakers but its not easy for them to keep everyone happy.

  • Joe DuRant
    Joe DuRant Month ago

    This just goes to prove that GOT fans are the whiniest ever. This constant chorus of "I don't like this, this is what should have happened and the show should have followed my lamebrained predictions" is getting extremely old. I have heard that George R.R. Martin didn't like the ending and so what? He drew his royalties and set on his ass and did not finish the series, so I think he has waived all rights to complain.