Tee Grizzley - Sweet Thangs [Official Video]

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
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  • niau
    niau 11 hours ago


  • Yurr fitness
    Yurr fitness 2 days ago

    How tf this nigga ganna “creep out”

  • William Smyth Jr.
    William Smyth Jr. 2 days ago

    0:46 who stole my car ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ...

  • Uhxzs
    Uhxzs 7 days ago +1

    He made this song in Black Air Force 1's😂

  • Brontay Brazzle
    Brontay Brazzle 8 days ago

    Soon as that beat drop i feel like dancin

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol 9 days ago +1

    Yo I went to my childhood park high and listened to this music and got real nostalgic an in my feels

  • Marlena Bailey
    Marlena Bailey 9 days ago

    Bumper bumber mega ton thumper re Jack re stack

  • Marlena Bailey
    Marlena Bailey 9 days ago

    Scanman Windsor in the hiZzzy rollin and blown bump wave sweet thang

  • Corey Simmond
    Corey Simmond 9 days ago

    This Rap shit than got too evil

  • Mike 1204
    Mike 1204 11 days ago

    I fuck wit T but these rappers these days be snitching on they self all the time

  • Ryan Young
    Ryan Young 15 days ago

    Tee Grizzley and AR-AB
    Need to do a collab together.
    The whole industry would get robbed.

  • Fight2thedeath 12
    Fight2thedeath 12 16 days ago +1

    “Taker her iphone charger” oooof I felt that

  • lilnucc 1
    lilnucc 1 17 days ago

    Tee grizzly harder than yb

  • Awsten
    Awsten 18 days ago

    Modern day Omar

  • Daniel Minex
    Daniel Minex 19 days ago

    Dj khaled can't rap all them mf features he thats what made the albumI'm js 🤦🏽‍♀️😂🤣🏃🏿‍♂️no 👒

  • Thomas Freeclan
    Thomas Freeclan 20 days ago

    Never do business with him but song would make so one do something foolish

    BABY CHOPP 20 days ago


  • That Mf Guy
    That Mf Guy 21 day ago

    The greatest since ASBH📖💯

  • Devin Smith
    Devin Smith 22 days ago

    Biggie reincarnated dont a
    @ me

  • Quinton Sandry
    Quinton Sandry 22 days ago +2

    If you ain't wit the gang then it's open season 😁

  • Dee Pee
    Dee Pee 23 days ago

    Is that everybody hate Chris

  • brown power ranger
    brown power ranger 23 days ago

    Sexy tee

  • Cookie D
    Cookie D 24 days ago

    This beat tight asf Tee Grizz lookin sharp as hell lately DAMN😘😘👏👏💟💟

  • Zoe Sh
    Zoe Sh 24 days ago

    Sounds like a fuckboy

  • Natee Cummings
    Natee Cummings 25 days ago

    Is that everybody hates Chris tho lol

  • MyManzNova TV
    MyManzNova TV 26 days ago

    how is he not on top still 🤦🏽‍♂️ bro stay dropping heat

  • Rayla ray
    Rayla ray 26 days ago

    Tee ain't to be FUCKED WITH 😱

  • Trey Gamer
    Trey Gamer 27 days ago +2

    Him and polo g we need a calab🥶🔥

  • joe rocky
    joe rocky 27 days ago

    Fuck nigga anthem .no honor in that .free 69

  • The Pansexual Pisces
    The Pansexual Pisces 27 days ago

    This shit activating my inner slime ... can’t be listening to this shit lol

    EJ RASPBERRY 15 28 days ago

    Why the guy robbing them look gold

  • Dáñíël Gãrçìâ
    Dáñíël Gãrçìâ 28 days ago

    Supervillain type beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    JAY UP NEXT_ Month ago +3

    Meet my favorite rapper TEE GRIZZLEY🔥💙

  • Pnut DaBeatman
    Pnut DaBeatman Month ago

    yo where this sample from???

  • 3Sheek FPV
    3Sheek FPV Month ago

    The content is wack robbing studios? Foh

  • Christopher Garrett


  • Jonathan Cruz
    Jonathan Cruz Month ago

    half man half beast chain looks sick as heal

  • Douglas Doerr
    Douglas Doerr Month ago

    If you ain’t with the squad then it’s free game

  • Cody Kalashnikov Graham

    On some real shit Tee Grizzly reminds me of the type of dude who acts like they’re your friend, then comes in your garage and steals your roaches outta the ashtray.

  • virt treks
    virt treks Month ago +1

    Why tee grizzly look like the black Randy from my name is Earl in the thumbnail doe 😂

  • Angel Montanez
    Angel Montanez Month ago

    The get mad..if he ask..like why would i do that ..my boy

  • Angel Montanez
    Angel Montanez Month ago

    Bars. ..

  • Count Seppuku
    Count Seppuku Month ago

    Where is the intro with the trumpets from?

  • Fernando Rodriguez
    Fernando Rodriguez Month ago


  • Antonette Harris
    Antonette Harris Month ago +1

    Grizzley ain't letting up on nobody yeeeee!

  • virtuous soulhealer


  • Julien Weeks
    Julien Weeks Month ago

    Tee gang

  • Scrowzinhuツ
    Scrowzinhuツ Month ago +1

    Alguem pelo extremex vs haxshw ?!

  • Adam Pittman
    Adam Pittman Month ago +1

    This niggia T be getting off I’m sorry mane damn

  • Eddie Martinez
    Eddie Martinez Month ago +2

    wordplay fire off tops he can tell a story to 🔥

  • jerryoso shiesty
    jerryoso shiesty Month ago +3

    this why his auntie died he done rob half da damn city

  • Sauce BandzVevo
    Sauce BandzVevo Month ago

    Somebody Tryna Sell A Gun ? I Said Let Me Buy It Brought A Extra Gun w me kuz im finna rob em . he took the clip out gave it to me i up on em ." !!!! Thats The realest fact i ever heard i real live been on nat since idk wen felt him!

  • GunEm Down
    GunEm Down Month ago

    This my shit but why tf was dude painted gold

  • Eugena Brown
    Eugena Brown Month ago

    RIP brotha...

    • I’mRick JamesBih
      I’mRick JamesBih Month ago +1

      Eugena Brown he’s not dead it’s his aunt/manager who got killed

  • Eugena Brown
    Eugena Brown Month ago

    RIP brotha...

  • Allen Drew
    Allen Drew Month ago +1

    Another Dumbass Nigga

  • G-ice Gaming
    G-ice Gaming Month ago +1

    This song cold but the beat sucks

  • Idgaf PIRU D.M.B
    Idgaf PIRU D.M.B Month ago +1

    Now his Aunt dead.. Ain't shit sweet nigga..

  • Tony Edwards
    Tony Edwards Month ago

    Weak as fuk this generation wtf is going on

  • Junior Vasquez
    Junior Vasquez Month ago

    This dude trash....