How I Made $1 Billion

  • Published on Jun 12, 2018
  • A self-taught computer coder created Instagram in 8 weeks selling it for $1 Billion dollars. This is the Origin story (formerly Guess Who) of how Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger made one of the most successful social media apps in the world.
    Learning from the two, they both took an enormous risk in pursuit of an idea. Each quitting their jobs to make their idea come true, they had no idea if they would succeed or fail. But during a time when mobile applications were beginning to grow, they took a chance and went full in. Posting photos on social media with your phone sounds like such a simple idea, but their idea was so much more than that. They revolutionized the mobile phone industry showing the need for better cameras and stronger software to process photos. Before Instagram, a mediocre photo would do just fine. After Instagram, a well-taken photo is everything.
    Kevin Systrom graduated from Standford University. While in his undergraduates degree he interned at a tech start-up, Odeo, where he would eventually meet the founder of Twitter. During this time, he began to feel an itch; the entrepreneurial itch. He wanted to create something of his own. He quit his job from Google and devoted everything to his mobile app idea. Bringing aboard his good friend Mike Krieger, the duo spent a relentless 8 weeks building an app that would eventually be bought for $1 billion dollars by Facebook.
    Staying true to their original community, Instagram is still the number 1 photo sharing application. Everything from food, travel, beauty, and personal blogs can be seen on Instagram creating an entirely new community. The next time you open your Instagram app, just remember, Instant\ telegram = Instagram ;)
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